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Raiz Australis

Raiz Australis

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#1817842 Recon Before Battle (A'den, ME Combatives)

Posted by Raiz Australis on 30 June 2018 - 03:20 AM

Remaining quiet throughout the entire talk, smiling behind his visor as his gaze locked upon A'den Kyr'am during the entire explanation of the objections, he stood still and solemn, however as he emphasized that the only opinion that mattered to him was that of their Mand'lor, Yasha Mantis, Raiz turned to face their leader, and when turning back to catch the glare being put upon him, the Mandalorian could not stop himself from laughing at the entire scenario put before him. It seemed to be a very amusing thing indeed, however as soon as the laughter came over him, it soon left him and what replaced it was a clearing of the throat before a harsh tone escapes his throat. "Pompous old osi'kyr, neither you or your plans are above the criticism of those who are not the Mand'alor." he spits out, though soon seems to compose himself slightly. "Four man team... I refuse to risk the lives of Yasha Mantis, and Kaine Australis, on the words that this secret passage will hold true. If we are going to do this, and as Mand'alor herself said, we are going to do this, then I want either myself, or a member of Death Watch, will go in the Mand'lor's place. I refuse to risk her life over such a mission."




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#1816749 Recon Before Battle (A'den, ME Combatives)

Posted by Raiz Australis on 28 June 2018 - 05:32 AM

"We are standing here, are we not?" the man asked out aloud, taking a couple steps forward as to be seen more clear. "State your three objectives and their respective plans, hurry and make your case." the tone in which Raiz Australis spoke was not entirely too kind, however the emotions of Mandalorians who weren't his wife were irrelevant to him and thus weren't going to hold him back from stating what he wished to. After simply looking towards his Mand'alor, Yasha Mantis, and then back to A'den Kyr'am, he raised a hand and motioned as if to infer that he wished for the man to begin talking sooner rather than later.




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#1816463 Common Strains (CSA/ME)

Posted by Raiz Australis on 27 June 2018 - 07:38 PM

A sudden outburst of laughter seems to echo the place, a laughter that many of those within the area have not heard for months, and it's source came from a Mandalorian clad in his Beskar'gam with the colours of Clan Australis. Raiz Australis was striding towards his Mand'alor, Yasha Mantis, and stopped beside her- Such an action showed that, whilst she was the woman that he would happily die for, that they also saw one another as equals, such would also be seen as he did not for a second even consider kneeling towards the Queen, nor the self-proclaimed Admiral. Raising his hands, the man removes his helmet and attatches it to his hip to hang by his side, the Mandalorian's facial features were somewhat light and very much like the man he once was. "You, an old man, speak of our Mand'alor in such a disrespectful way- You of such a aged despiction, here stands Yasha of clan Mantis, by the age she could walk, she was much more fearless than you have ever been. By the time you've been soiling your pants due to old age, our Mand'alor had the Emperor on his knees. Do not dare speak of fear or intimidation, when every darkness around the corner makes you flinch, you katwu'ure osi'kyr." at that Raiz spat down on the ground before looking up at the man with clear defiance behind his eyes, the pent up anger of the man seems to be venting towards the slight made upon the one he has sworn everything to.




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#1811406 A Terrible Catalyst

Posted by Raiz Australis on 19 June 2018 - 05:35 PM




The day started out like any other day within the household of Cassiopeia and Raiz Australis, with the exception of two excited pattering feet rushing towards the master bedroom, and without delay the large bed was bombarded with the bodies of their beautiful twins, Demetrius and Lily-Grace. The pair could not hide their enthusiastic nature, not giving either mother or father the chance to gather themselves before shouting with all the strength five year olds would, begging the two to get out of their warm beds and to fulfil the promise that their dear dad had given them the night before, an adventure of their choosing to wherever they so wish- Of course they had to finish all their supper and complete the training set out for them, however to even their mother’s surprise both had finished such, and as they do not believe in empty promises, the sleep-deprived parents both grumbled as they pulled themselves out of bed.


“Come on, my little angels. We'll go make some pancakes while your dad gets ready, alright?” whilst Cassiopeia spoke to her children in a very gentle and adoring tone, she slowly slipped into a dress gown and approached Raiz, leaning in to gently kiss the man’s lips with a loving smile afterwards. “Don’t take too long, these young Mandalorian warriors will eat everything and leave you nothing.” such a comment made Raiz smile amusedly, causing Cassiopeia to give off a gentle chuckle before ushering the children out of the bedroom and off to the kitchen. As the door was shut behind the trio, Raiz took in a deep breath and took the moment to reflect on his life thus far- Taking time to recall the moments which brought him great happiness, from meeting Cassiopeia, to marrying her, and finally the happiest moment of his life, laying beside his beautiful wife within the hospital wing, both holding their incredibly tiny and fragile babies, a memory that will never be forgotten.


Slowly the sounds of footsteps carry from the master bedroom to the kitchen, Raiz had put on his clothes and finally entered the kitchen, where both Demetrius and Lily-Grace were already halfway through the stack of pancakes that Cassiopeia happily made, the beautiful lady sipped at her coffee and smiled up at her husband who sat across the table from her and without a word, scooped the rest of the pancakes onto his plate and in spite of his children's outcries, proceeded to eat them with barely a breath of interval, which caused them to screw up their faces and leave the table, heading to their rooms to get dressed. Whilst the children’s reactions were of disgust, his wife could not help but let out a giggle at such a site, during their early days of courtship such a thing would of made her disgusted, but the man’s mannerisms have become not only tolerable, but added to the love that she feels for him.


Moments later, after Raiz had finished his pancakes and Cassiopeia had finished her coffee, both their children returned to the kitchen fully dressed and ready. “Alright, we will put on our armour on the ship, and decide where to go there.” and before their father could finish the sentence, Demetrius had rushed out of the house with Lily-Grace chasing slowly behind, and with a heavy sigh, the man looked towards Cassiopeia with a somewhat defeated gaze. “Hey, they got that from you not me.” she would say in a soft tone. Both stood and embraced one another in a hugged which only lasted a moment, but felt as if it was hours within each other's arms. With that, Raiz followed the pair out and walked to his ship, which both his children were eagerly bouncing from foot to foot as to enter and begin their day out with their father. “So, put any thought into-” “Myrkr!” the twins bellowed out before their father could ask the question, and with a shake of his head, Raiz opened the ship and the three headed in.







As the ship filled with Raiz Australis, and his twins, Demetrius and Lily-Grace, landed upon the forested world of Myrkr, it didn’t seem to occur to him that he should be somewhat careful when visiting the world that he only recently assisted in defending from an onslaught of offensive attacks, but the world was within the influence of the Mandalorian Empire, to the Australis man that meant he had no reason to believe his life in any threat. Once the ship doors opened, all three Australis exited wearing similar painted armour but clearly different capabilities in terms of usage. “Do not-” and without a word, the twins rushed off into the forests which surrounded the forests and after them rushed Raiz, shaking his head whilst he followed soon behind the two.


It did not take long at all for the man to catch up to his children, especially so as they had both stopped before a rather peculiar tree which seemed to have bark which moved, but it wasn’t bark, it was furry lizard beings that seem to happily live upon the tree’s surface. “Ah, you found an Ysalamir tree, those are very beautiful creatures.” as Raiz said this, Demetrius proceeded to remove his helmet as if to have a better look at the animals. “Don’t touch them, we don’t want to disturb them.” though despite such, the young boy waddled closer to the tree, whereas Lily-Grace walked back to her father and stood close to his legs. Before Raiz could protest, Demetrius had already lunged forward and grabbed hold of a Ysalamir, turned and held it up to show his father. “Ha, I caught one dad, look I-” his sentence being finished for him by the sound of a blaster.


Suddenly everything ahead of Raiz seemed to freeze, with the exception being Demetrius’ body slowly falling towards him, and the very second it connected with the leaf littered ground, his senses were bombarded with the immediate return of reality. As the screaming of Lily-Grace pierced the air, another blaster shot was heard, only being met with a numbed grunt from the dazed man as it hit him dead center upon his armour, however as adrenaline coursed through his body, and without giving a second thought, Raiz forcefully picked up his girl before picking up his young boy and began rushing back to the ship. The sounds of blaster fire returned for a short time after, there was no telling how long, as every moment seemed to last hours, but what was for certain is that he had to make it back to the ship.


When one is in a rush, and their mind is clouded, the world around them merges within itself, and such a thing happened to Raiz. His eyes begged the UI in his helmet to locate his ship, his arms begged that they would find the ship soon as they began to tire out from carrying the two bodies, and his ears begged for Lily-Grace to cease her screaming which had not stopped since Demetrius slumped to the floor, he was not uncaring at her emotions and it wasn’t due to the physical pain of hearing her, it was that he could feel his heart tearing itself apart. Finally, as the blaster fire either stopped or went out of range, the man came across his ship and entered it. Raiz, placed Demetrius upon the bedding within, and forced a unsettled Lily-Grace into the co-pilot seat and strapped her in, he had no intention of letting her see her brother until they had returned home, to Westralis.







The ship landed nearby the household of Cassiopeia and Raiz Australis’ house, with little effort or care to the welfare of the ship. The sound of the ships feet hitting the ground seemed to echo the nearby area, enough for Cassiopeia to exit the house and walk towards the site of their ship. Something was off, she could easily feel it within herself and all around her, such a strong emotional feeling of both sadness and intense anger. The ship’s doors open and without warning, out ran an unarmoured Lily-Grace, face covered in tears and snot, immediately running into her mother's embrace and babbling incoherently, clearly in immense sadness that she was unable to speak, and before Cassiopeia could open her mouth to ask what was wrong, Raiz exited the ship. In full armour, bar his own helmet hanging on his hip, and within his arms he held Demetrius, helmetless and limp.


Silence devoured the area, the only thing which dared disturb such an eerie depressed filled silence, was the sobbing of the young girl, and the boot steps of the man walking towards his wife. Raiz’s face was intensely neutral, however behind his eyes showed a man that was fighting himself to not cry and was eating himself up inside. “I couldn’t save him... I failed him as a father, you as a husband, and Australis as a Mandalorian.” the man struggled to speak, and soon after slumped to his knees, placing the boy before his mother’s feet, before laying his own head down beside his unmoving son and fell silent.


#1810686 [Please Archive] Zethrux & Arkoni

Posted by Raiz Australis on 18 June 2018 - 05:38 PM

Moved to Factory Archives - If you want to remove from the archives, please feel free to tag Jamie Pyne, Zef Halo or Lily Kuhn.

#1809811 POLL: Mando Force Use: Give Us Your Opinion!

Posted by Raiz Australis on 17 June 2018 - 12:58 PM

I am skeptical on what we should be doing in this regard, so I think it may be best that I comment on this as purely an out of character opinion in regards to the faction. It is no real shock that the whole force user debate is a polarizing one to some, and to others they could really not give two hecks one way or the other. Personally, I like the idea of a Mandalorian Knights organization in which regardless of their creed (or in this case, force speciality), that they come under and in service to the Mand'alor and strictly follow the resol'nare. However, that is my personal opinion, and I am the type who prefers to put the faction's best interests far above that of my own opinion, thus I believe the best course of action would be to continue on the way we are with option 2. In retrospect, nothing is stopping a Mandalorian Knights splinter group from forming and joining the Mandalorian Empire, as long as they follow the laws of not utilizing your abilities upon the planet of Mandalore. The only difference is that you wouldn't be an officially backed organization by the Mand'alor, which may cause some slight problems, but hey- Role play conflict is an interesting thing.


My two cents on the matter.

#1808507 Cabur Beskar'gam | Armor of the Protectors

Posted by Raiz Australis on 15 June 2018 - 09:32 AM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

#1808506 The Polite Interjection

Posted by Raiz Australis on 15 June 2018 - 09:32 AM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

#1807209 Ison Corridor Manufacturing

Posted by Raiz Australis on 13 June 2018 - 01:39 AM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

#1806808 Ison Corridor Manufacturing

Posted by Raiz Australis on 12 June 2018 - 09:35 AM

Madelyn Lowe


Put 'Tier II' in the threads tags please.

#1806801 Ison Corridor Manufacturing

Posted by Raiz Australis on 12 June 2018 - 09:23 AM

Under Review.

#1803364 The Sins of the Father

Posted by Raiz Australis on 07 June 2018 - 07:58 AM

Raiz let out a heavy sigh, going to look at the hand which collided with his father, opening and closing it for a moment before sighing heavily. "If those eyes touch Cassiopeia, I'll gut you with my hunting knife, I'm good at it as you should know, you taught me." the man's tone was clearly in jest as he looked up to his father and shook his head lightly. "We need to address the mythosaurs in the room, the Clan and MandalArms." as he says this, Raiz gets himself comfortable on the seat once more and finally takes the glass he was poured, taking a gulp from it. "I'm acting Alor, and that's it. I refuse to take on that mantal permanently, not until you pass away, and I swear to Mand'alor herself, you stopped her child from the touches of it- So you better do the same for yourself, if not for yourself but for the clan's sake." the younger Mandalorian takes another gulp before chuckling. "Raiz Australis, Alor of Clan Australis- Yeah, kark that, not yet but I will hold it temporarily. I'm not planning on expanding the clan, not till you return, I will keep it stable, however what of MandalArms? Running without the Chief Executive Officer has raised some eyebrows among the management."



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#1803295 The Sins of the Father

Posted by Raiz Australis on 07 June 2018 - 03:43 AM

As Kaine spoke, Raiz remained silent with his gaze seeming to drill into the wall, and as the mentioning of his grandfather came about, his body seemed to shiver, as he recalled times in his childhood where the topic was more than off limits. Whilst it was clear that the younger Mandalorian was taking the information in, and had some signs of struggling the comprehension, he stayed still and listened thoroughly. As the man's father finishes, a silence washes over the pair, and after a moment or two Raiz begins to move as to look into the eyes of his father, his facial expression showing confliction behind his eyes but an underlying expression of love for Kaine. "You... Did this to save a baby- To give it a chance at life, but what sort of life will it live? You've been given the cure, and have been imprisoned here, but that is not enough... You condemned a child to- Whatever comes from this, but you saved her..." as Raiz finishes talking, he lets out a heavy groan as to indicate that his head was hurting him and the entire topic was causing him distress. "For me to... Be at ease with this, I have to..." without a word more, the younger Mandalorian sends a fist towards his father, with intentions of hitting the older Mandalorian's gut. "... You're to protect that child- Forever, as whatever has come of her... Is on your head."



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#1802694 Looking for DnD5E players

Posted by Raiz Australis on 06 June 2018 - 07:11 AM

Tathra Khaeus


If you are open to an Aussie buckethead, count me interested. My discord is; RideTheSky#0001.

#1802350 factory submission help

Posted by Raiz Australis on 05 June 2018 - 08:32 PM

A'den Kyr'am


I am willing to help you mate, whether here in a pre-factory thread, or in discord- RideTheSky#0001