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Cim Salro

Cim Salro

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Today, 11:09 AM

The thrill of the auction was over, but that didn’t mean there were not more thrills to be had afterwards. One Darth Metus, Vicelord and Leader of the Confederacy had invited Cim for dinner. Since the Anzati had special dietary restrictions, she’d brought along her own meal in the form of a spice-addicted Zeltron who would let her feed upon her for credits and giggledust.
The balcony seating was perfect and would afford the privacy needed as the sultana knew not all dining guests would enjoy viewing the predator and her prey.
“Pardon my dinner companion. I’m sure you know much about the Anzati and our particular feeding habits.”
As the powerfully-built Sith Lord made himself at home, starting with a sanguine glass of wine, she grinned like a feral jackal at Darth Metus’s assessment.
“Oh? I hope that’s a good thing.”
The Zeltron shifted nervously in her seat, but Cim treated as coldly as though a potted plant sat in the chair.
“What do you fancy in the way of a meal?” she asked him.

In Topic: SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Today, 05:10 AM

Oh I'm winning that vehicle, thought Cim, and if it turns out to be a sandcrawler I'll bedazzle the feth out of it.


"Lot L 100,000 credits and the deed to a large and profitable Kyrf Plantation on the planet of Korbin (you just have to wrest control from the First Order)." Gray Raxis


Elated that someone retracted their bid, she typed on her datapad for the bidder to come find her so she could hand over the plantation deed. Perhaps the Black Bha'lir could help the bidder get it back from the First Order through regular or aggressive negotiations. Domino

In Topic: The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Yesterday, 03:50 PM

At least the bird had some sense in him. But Cim thought the others may be hard to control at it related to Code One. Son of a Sith harlot, couldn’t I have fallen in love with a handsome, rugged smuggler who enjoyed killing sentient beings, too pleasure even in it like she did?
While Kingsley tried to cozy up to Ms. deWinter, Jorge slid in beside her.
“I’ll be honest with you, I have not been with them very long. But Nydo, one of the Old Guard has been the leader as far as I’ve known. There is a Tribunal he reports to but their identities remain a secret, even to him.”
She powered up the speeder, and they zoomed off towards the Ministry of Science. “The pay is good and is dependent on what sort of jobs we take on. Salary is determined by the Tribunal. Apprentices like you will receive upwards of 20,000 credits per mission. I hope that’s enough for you. You do seem like an enterprising type, Jorge.”
It did not take long to reach the Geonosian Science Headquarters, but it was eerily quiet outside, as though the facility had been abandoned. Cim’s stomach growled audibly, which made her wonder if Jorge would not mind the feeding advances of an Anzati, but he seemed a bit skittish already. Better not push it. Not yet.
“You go on in. I’ll wait for Nydo here,” she said, keeping the speeder engine on. Under the noise of the vehicle she could hear the faint hum of security droids.

In Topic: SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Yesterday, 03:33 PM

Though the bidding was getting slightly too rich for her memory-soup filled blood, the Anzati kept going, swept up in the anticipation of actually winning something. Typing up a message to only those bidding against her, Cim wrote:
"Lot L, 80,000 credits and the deed to a large and profitable Kyrf Plantation on the planet of Korbin (you just have to wrest control from the First Order)."
Lot F, 60,000 credits."
"Lot M6, 20,000 credits and a case of Kryf."
"Likewise I will offer a Kyrf Plantation deed to anyone intrepid bidder who wants to retract their claim on my item."

In Topic: SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Yesterday, 01:26 PM

Cim wrinkled her nose and typed out her newest bids with a territorial snarl.


"Lot L, 70,000 credits and Lot F, 25,000 credits."


"Lot M6, 5,000 credits."


Adrian Vandiir Gray Raxis

Julius Sedaire