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Cim Salro

Cim Salro

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#1827023 Container Wars | Corellia Digital Supply Run to the Outer Rim Coalition via R...

Posted by Cim Salro on 15 July 2018 - 09:45 AM

It could be either a powerful depressant, or in Cim Salro’s case a potent narcotic, which caused her to re-fuel her desire to reign supreme as one of the leading spice dealers in the galaxy. Trouble was the sadness she felt over her lover’s death, had lent a recklessness to her endeavors, and instead of helping The Black Bha’lir to congeal into a tight-knit smuggling group, the devastated Anzati tore it apart once more.
Kingsley, the alcoholic Hiitian, remained her only companion out of the group, mostly because she was too disgusted to feed upon the life essence of the greasy-feathered bird. The other Bha’lir had been subject to too many attacks by Cim, as her hunger appeared to multiply with her grief, and most of her loyal smugglers - which hadn't been extremely loyal in the first place - had fled because they’d rather not be culinarily assaulted by an Anzati. Yes, it was difficult to make friends when you would rather eat your companion’s brain than make lively conversation with them.
Piloting a junky G9 Rigger-class freighter, Cim and her avian colleague departed from Maramere to one of the more unstable parts of the galaxy right now - the Rimma Trade Route. With the unraveling of the Galactic Alliance and the slow progression of the First Order to seize and subdue planets, resources and other assets in the area, the space lane was a perfect location for piracy. Cim had a shipment of glitterstim for Terminus, but instead of going to the Hydian Way, she passed the crossing and continued past Eriadu and Clak’dorr VII. 
It would be clear by now to Hittian that they would not be going to Terminus.
“Do you like joyrides, Kingsley?”

#1794389 The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Posted by Cim Salro on 26 May 2018 - 04:30 PM

It was ironic really that Cim spent much of her life, holding onto a limp body, watching in gleeful anticipation as she drained the soup from them, feeling their pulse slow, a flutter of death upon their eyelids. But thinking of it in terms of Nydo?
Devastated. No other word came close to how she felt.
But she raised up, dusted herself off and unholstered her blaster. And you know that little speech where Cim said to keep the pistols on stun? The Anzati completely ignored her own advice, her grief making her into a lethal weapon.
If only she had organic targets.
“Feth it, anyone have an ion blaster? Nydo was supposed to show up with a crate of them.”
Sprinting to catch up to Jorge, she also wiggled through the hole in the wall that Petra had created and said, “Be careful. I need you alive later, human.” The new Old Guard of the Black Bha'lir, taking upon the mantle of leader for the group, led the way into the facility towards the databank which held the coordinates.

#1792769 The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Posted by Cim Salro on 24 May 2018 - 05:31 PM

All legs, the Anazti exited the landspeeder, blaster at her hip. She surveyed the scene outside of the science facility, her preternatural senses picking up sights and scents a normal human would not. Jorge prepared himself, ,and Cim started towards the Ministry of Science.
A jawa scuttled over to Cim, seemingly out of place on Geonosis, though it was a desert-ish planet.
“Are you Ms. Salro?”
“Nydo is dead.” The mysterious jawa showed her a holopic of the human’s corpse. She began to breathe heavily a shallow, hollow sound, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Tears pooled in her eyes, her face twisting into a tortured mask of pain.
Falling to her knees, Cim screamed, “Nooooooooooooo!!!!” and let out a feral, blood-curdling, soul-shattering howl. Any type of security would now be alerted to the presence outside of the science facility.
“Jorge, go! Get the coordinates.”
Cim picked herself back up, a bewildered look upon her sinister features. One knee of her leather pants had a huge hole in them, and her pale skin was exposed like the raw grief she felt over being told that her lover was no more.

#1792722 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 24 May 2018 - 04:40 PM

A blue-skinned Twi’lek strolled up to Cim, and she was immediately reminded of Modeste who she’d lost in the escape from Korbin. Politeness did not factor in. The Anazati was all business.
Pulling out her datapad she pulled up the deed to the most profitable plantation on Korbin that manufactured a sweet alcohol called Kyrf. “I own this property and it’s now yours. But the First Order seized it and drove me out of the Inner Rim. If you need help getting it back, the Black Bha’lir can help you but for a price. Might need a few extra mercenaries too.” 
“Details?” Once Domino sent her information Cim would transfer ownership.

#1790604 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 22 May 2018 - 05:10 AM

Oh I'm winning that vehicle, thought Cim, and if it turns out to be a sandcrawler I'll bedazzle the feth out of it.


"Lot L 100,000 credits and the deed to a large and profitable Kyrf Plantation on the planet of Korbin (you just have to wrest control from the First Order)." Gray Raxis


Elated that someone retracted their bid, she typed on her datapad for the bidder to come find her so she could hand over the plantation deed. Perhaps the Black Bha'lir could help the bidder get it back from the First Order through regular or aggressive negotiations. Domino

#1790161 The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Posted by Cim Salro on 21 May 2018 - 03:50 PM

At least the bird had some sense in him. But Cim thought the others may be hard to control at it related to Code One. Son of a Sith harlot, couldn’t I have fallen in love with a handsome, rugged smuggler who enjoyed killing sentient beings, too pleasure even in it like she did?
While Kingsley tried to cozy up to Ms. deWinter, Jorge slid in beside her.
“I’ll be honest with you, I have not been with them very long. But Nydo, one of the Old Guard has been the leader as far as I’ve known. There is a Tribunal he reports to but their identities remain a secret, even to him.”
She powered up the speeder, and they zoomed off towards the Ministry of Science. “The pay is good and is dependent on what sort of jobs we take on. Salary is determined by the Tribunal. Apprentices like you will receive upwards of 20,000 credits per mission. I hope that’s enough for you. You do seem like an enterprising type, Jorge.”
It did not take long to reach the Geonosian Science Headquarters, but it was eerily quiet outside, as though the facility had been abandoned. Cim’s stomach growled audibly, which made her wonder if Jorge would not mind the feeding advances of an Anzati, but he seemed a bit skittish already. Better not push it. Not yet.
“You go on in. I’ll wait for Nydo here,” she said, keeping the speeder engine on. Under the noise of the vehicle she could hear the faint hum of security droids.

#1790152 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 21 May 2018 - 03:33 PM

Though the bidding was getting slightly too rich for her memory-soup filled blood, the Anzati kept going, swept up in the anticipation of actually winning something. Typing up a message to only those bidding against her, Cim wrote:
"Lot L, 80,000 credits and the deed to a large and profitable Kyrf Plantation on the planet of Korbin (you just have to wrest control from the First Order)."
Lot F, 60,000 credits."
"Lot M6, 20,000 credits and a case of Kryf."
"Likewise I will offer a Kyrf Plantation deed to anyone intrepid bidder who wants to retract their claim on my item."

#1790054 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 21 May 2018 - 01:26 PM

Cim wrinkled her nose and typed out her newest bids with a territorial snarl.


"Lot L, 70,000 credits and Lot F, 25,000 credits."


"Lot M6, 5,000 credits."


Adrian Vandiir Gray Raxis

Julius Sedaire

#1789448 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 20 May 2018 - 03:41 PM

“Thank you,” Cim responded back to Darth Metus, the grin spreading to a wide smile, almost unsettling in such a bright shade of red. She pulled out the lipstick tube, turned it upside down and read the label. “It’s called, Love Starved. Funny little name, isn’t it? I suppose I may be slightly hungry, but not necessarily for love.” She didn’t want to broadcast that she was an Anzat, so she selected a small canape that floated by courtesy of a serving droid.
“Bid still at 55,000 on Lot L, I’m withdrawing my bid for M3 and M4.” Aedan Miles Gray Raxis Runi Verin
"Bid raised to 10,000 for Lot F and 5,000 still stands on Lot G.” Domino

#1789404 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 20 May 2018 - 02:15 PM

“Raising to 55,000 on Lot L, 10,000 a piece on Lot M3 and M4.” Aeden Miles Gray Raxis
"My bid still stands on 5,000 a piece on Lot F."
Ms. deWinter looked adorable and smelled delectable. Luckily Cim had just eaten before they’d arrived, but she was grateful for the company.She gave the girl a feral grin and said, "I would not be too upset to take home a crate of bombs. And if you’re lucky, I won’t put you in the cargo hold with them.” 
"Nice to meet you, Darth Metus." Cim shook the enormous man's hand with the grace of a socialite.

#1789304 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Cim Salro on 20 May 2018 - 10:14 AM

Cim wasn’t a huge fan of mystery actions, but she needed ships for The Black Bha’lir, and the Anzati caught wind of an Arceneau Trade company one happening upon on the Narayana Galactic Trade Station. Dumping the rest of her loot from the Korbin kyrf plantations into this would hopefully be more fruitful than those stupid wine trees that the First Order now had in their possession.
With a sigh, she realized she’d easily be outbid on the vessels though. Time for a bit of gambling then. With plenty of stock left hopefully she’d return to Maramere with something useful.
“30,000 on Lot L, 5,000 a piece on Lot F and Lot G, 5,000 a piece on Lot M3 and M4.”

#1789256 The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Posted by Cim Salro on 20 May 2018 - 06:34 AM

Cim looked at the group before her - some polished, some on the mangy side. This assignment would be a true test of her leadership skills, and while Nydo had a network of smuggler’s already interconnected with the Bha’lir, in a way she would be helping him to build something from the ground up, versus striding around her plantation, underpaying workers and mistreating them as was her normal day-to-day existence.
To be honest the codes were quite rigid for the Anzati’s cruel nature, but for now, she would obey. 
“Working with us is fine,” Cim said nodding to Ms. deWinter and Ms. Cavataio. “The Bha’lir welcomes your support be it man, woman... bird, or material. For the rest of you who are part of the society or joining we can suss out the roles once we get to Maramere.” 
Jorge did not have a stun mechanism on his weapon, and with the Anzati’s hunger rising she felt herself with the urge to snap at him. But she remained calm and said, “Your normal blaster is fine. Just remember self-defense.” Only her low and husky voice betrayed a bit of irritation and anticipation for the trip.
With no more questions but a bit of weird back and forth between the witch and the Duros, Cim set off in a land-speeder which had room for whoever wanted to join her. Various vehicles were provided for the others to follow - swoop bikes, jump speeders, armored ground cars, whatever they had been able to scrounge up and not draw notice from the CIS.
OOC: Feel free to continue interacting with Cim on the journey to the facility, or head straight to the Ministry of Science to retrieve the island coordinates. 

#1788201 Rank Titles Here!

Posted by Cim Salro on 18 May 2018 - 09:50 AM

Just beautiful! Many thanks!!!

Asha Hex

#1788200 The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Posted by Cim Salro on 18 May 2018 - 09:49 AM

While Nydo fared well with the Black Bha’lir moving from this place to that, Cim did not enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. While she could smile and pretend, the Anzati knew that a Geonosian cave with very little protection was not the solution and all the more reason to find that fethin’ island. She'd lived on a rambling plantation before with luxury decor and the finest of everything. She was anxious to get out of this dusty hole-with-furniture.
The sultana welcomed Scherezade deWinter with a cocktail and a grilled arch grub on a skewer. A new recruit named Jorge also entered along with Cyran and William. The Anzati felt both overwhelmed with gratitude at the interest in the Bha’lir and a little bit hungry at all of these new sources of food for her.
It didn’t take long before some of the smuggler’s were drinking or already drunk. Cim side-eyed the bird, but his loss of motor function might be her gain later when she needed to drink the sea of memory from him as distasteful as that sounded. The Anzati also scanned the room for the strongest sentient and picking her target, tucked that information away for later.
Though Cim wanted to hear more about Petra’s offer, she addressed the group:
“I could not be more pleased at the success of this gathering.” She pulled up a holomap of the Ministry of Science’s floor plan. “Before we begin, I want to make sure you are all aware of the Black Bha’lir’s smuggler’s codes. We don’t have to go over them now, but if these are broken, you become an enemy of the Bha’lir.”
The Anzati pointed to a couple of entrances to the facility, and a small dot glowed where the target was. “We’re breaking into this building to steal coordinates which are located in a databank in this particular room. Do whatever you deem necessary to retrieve this information but remember the number one code: Never profit from the weakness of others. We are only to kill in self-defense. Otherwise please use your stun blasters.”
In the past, Cim did not think twice about killing an innocent bystander. She’d done it for years herself in order to keep herself alive, but there was something about Nydo - and her loyalty to him - that had changed her for the better. She checked her datapad and saw a text from him: “Meet you at the MoS.”
“Any questions? If not, let’s move out.”

#1786986 The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

Posted by Cim Salro on 16 May 2018 - 12:50 PM

Already the Black Bha’lir had made its mark upon Geonosis as a Dathomirian witch approached Cim and Nydo's cave, offering her services. Normally this would make any smuggling group nervous, but the Bha’lir needed to arrive with a bit of swagger, a bit of their bad reputation preceding them. Of course Cim did not want a repeat of the quick shutdown of her activities upon Korbin as the First Order had done, but a small buzz about the Bha’lir was extremely good for business.
In the short time the smugglers had been on Geonosis, their lair had been transformed from empty, dusty hole to a quaint hideoutcomplete with a makeshift encrypted comms system, and a few pieces of luxury decor.
Cim’s dark eyes drank in the female figure in the brown robe, though her hand hovered over the blaster on her hip. “Welcome guests,” she said, rising from the sofa, where she’d been entangled with Nydo. She wore skinny black leather jeans and a slinky slate-grey shirt which, given the Anzati’s leggy form, caused her limbs to resemble a spider's. Not to mention the fact that to the Sultana of Spice, anyone was prey. Even the leader of the Black Bhal’lir himself.
“Come in and have something to drink. Spice?” 
The squawk from Kingsley startled the Anzati slightly, and she turned to him. Aside from the feathers and the molting and the often distasteful smell, the bird had turned out to be a decent henchman so far. Time would tell if Kingsley or even Cim would adhere to the four principles of the Bha’lir. The Anzati spice queen assumed the vulture would have a problem with number one as she often did - Never profit from the weakness of others.
“Nah, let’s see what our new friend has to say for herself. I’m very intrigued-”
Nydo suddenly rose from the couch, shuffling past the three Dathomirians and slipping out of the exit.
“Prepare the way of the Retribution,” she murmured as the leader of the Black Bha’hir left them to perform an execution of a former member. 
“Please make yourself at home,” Cim said to Petra. “I am interested to see what you may have to offer.”