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Cim Salro

Cim Salro

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The Rise of the Black Bha'lir [Open to CIS]

15 May 2018 - 06:54 PM





As if Cim Salro’s escape from Korbin was not dramatic enough, once the Sultana of Spice fled the First Order’s seizure of her kyrf plantations, the Anzati’s ship crashed more than halfway to Wild Space, her chosen destination.
And on Tynnashe’d met Nydo. Nydo Aschansa. 
The planet itself was nothing to write home about. A frigid world, its main inhabitants were Tynnans, small rodent-like creatures who were no match for the criminals which had taken root in the city of Lutris.
These criminals were led by Nydo and his smuggler’s society called The Black Bha’lir.
And after a tense firefight one cold night, near Lutris Lake, Cim surrendered to the Bha’lir, yet no Stockholm Syndrome was needed to keep her with them. She immediately fell for Nydo. And her spice operations swiftly began again with only one hiccup - their proximity to the Galactic Alliance. After a bit of research, Cim told the head of the Bha’lir:
“I have a tip, Mah ji muna. There’s an island on Maramere. Very hidden but large enough for what we need. We could go there and begin to expand. Only the Confederacy has the coordinates. But I have a tip that we can find these on Geonosis. And both of us can stop running.”
The Black Bha’lir had been on Tynna for years, but Nydo agreed. It would be a matter of months before the Alliance assisted the Tynnans, and that meant being uprooted. “Let’s build something together,” whispered Cim, all honey, promises and Anzati hypnosis.
“Sounds perfect,” he agreed in a gravely baritone. “The Rites of Retribution demand we remove an old member, and he just happens to be hiding in the CIS capital.” 
Present Day...
The small contingent of smuggler’s and criminals flew into Geonosis undetected and set up in an abandoned Geonosian cave. They’d picked up some newcomers along the way, and it was time to get to know the crew.

Cim Salro

17 April 2018 - 06:14 AM

NICKNAMES: Sultana of Spice
RANK: Spice Queen/Pirate
AGE: 255 (Adult)
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’8”
WEIGHT: 124 lbs
EYES: Black irises, that turn amber when she’s feeding
HAIR: Dark and kept long past her shoulders
SKIN: Grayish to tan depending on her time in the sun
FACE CLAIM: Lorenza Izzo
  • Her skin is cold and corpse-like as Anzati generate no body heat or a pulse. Sometimes Cim uses this to her advantage when she wants to “play dead” or is trying to trap someone to feed on them.
  • Needs to suck the "Sea of Memory” from human and alien victims in order to stay alive.
  • Has very little interest in the illegal spice in which she deals. She prefers the more living intoxicants and takes pleasure in the pain and fear of her victims
  • Racial traits including quick reflexes, stealth, hypnosis and enhanced strength
  • Gets hangry if she hasn’t fed for awhile, loses temper and can become reckless and prone to bad decision-making. This coupled with her constant paranoid of being betrayed gives her the personality of a murderous mind-witch.
Cim resembles a human female for the most part until her proboscises emerged, and then for most familiar with her alien race it would be apparent (perhaps too late to escape even) that she was an Anzat about to feed.
Cim’s life began on the planet of Anzat, a dangerous world for those not of the native race. Lucky for her she’s 100% pureblood Anzati, daughter of parents in the lucrative business of peddling spice addiction. In this particular scheme a victim would become enslaved to illegal substances and therefore a slave to the particular Anzati who provided their supply, giving the supplier an endless life source on which to feed.
In an effort to strike out on her own, during her early years, Cim was in charge of a floating spaceport located just outside the atmosphere of Anzat which became a hotbed of spice trade and crime. Unfortunately a rival gang eventually drove the scheming alien away where she established more of a presence in the Unknown Regions slowly taking her business to the Core again.
Cim Salro is now the head of a smuggling operation that deals with illegal spice, thus earning her the nickname of Sultana of Spice throughout the Inner Rim, particularly between the planets of Korbin and Shasfath, neutral planets unoccupied by neither the First Order or the Galactic Alliance. In addition to her normal customers and trade routes, Cim recently took her gang planetside to Korbin and systematically over a couple of years using assassination, threats and your typical criminal mob mentality took hold of the lucrative Kyrf plantations, bribing Cross-Galactic Mining to begin working with her and her business partners (pirates).
The addition of the alcoholic beverage that could be made with fermented Kyrf provided a healthy revenue stream in addition to her spice trade and she has no plans to move off of Korbin despite the locals complaining about the increase in crime on the planet because of the Sultana’s presence. There is also a persistent rumor that she’s either under-paying the plantation workers or using slaves.
Naturally Cim uses her racial traits - telepathy, hypnosis and strength - to keep both her staff and business contacts in line.
Cim possesses a Sith Artifact called the Oracle Stone which she won in a Mystery Auction.