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Thomas Garon

Thomas Garon

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Who are you ?

16 April 2018 - 03:30 AM

Tatooine,The Sleeping lady Cantina, this slug planet was full of thugs, outlaws, and criminals . Thomas Garon has been on the run for the past few days, he stole the wrong skiff speeder from the Hutts. He was an outlaw just like them, and it seemed he had put himself in a stupendous situation. With what little money he had , he ordered some corellian ale his favorite, from an ewoke bartender ​"Eh, I would like some corellian ale.I have credits. "  ​. The ewoke looked at him , slowly, top to bottom, the tension made things worse. With cantina music blaring, it was enough to make a being like him lose his mind,was his cover blown? He stared back at the ewoke, sweating, before his drink was delivered to him swiftly.



He knew he had to change, he had to become better then this. However he was on his own at the moment, the crowd was large enough to hide him for the moment. His fear of being discovered would not become a realization today. All various members of different races had appeared, some gambling, while others were drinking. This backwater establishment was the only place in town to get food, and booze. The blue eyed being had a slight tick of nervousness that then passed, he was relaxing now.He was in his standard outfit, wearing padded foam pauldrons designed for blunt weapons, and his standard black cloth, and flight pants for piloting. He was unarmed, but as a mandalorian could handle himself in a fist fight. While he tended to be smaller then most males in the crowd, it was obvious he was athletic and very active.



He possessed a boxers body, which was lean, toned, and muscular. The agile outlaw tended to be more blanced in speed , strength, and agility. Eventually when he would develop down the line, he would be having a taller body,and bulkier frame, resembling a muscular juggernaut. However, this was three years away, as he was considered a late bloomer of his race. Shorak's were sub humans that had immense physic strength and size, that rivaled even wookies . However, this would not happen until he experienced his growth spurt, which was deemed to be later. The ship thief, was alone, bearing no company. Little did the outlaw know, that he would meet someone that would become very important to him. 


Willow Ike

Thomas Garon

16 April 2018 - 02:44 AM

NAME: Thomas Garon



RANK: Lowest Rank






SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 5’10 (expected to be 6 when an adult)




EYES: Blue


HAIR: Black


SKIN: White




Wanted: Alive, 50000 credits for multiple ship theft’s


Relationship with(IC): Willow Ike







STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+Pilot: Hotshot pilot, the Shorack knows his way in a cockpit

+Ship thief: This Mandalorian is well trained in stealing and gaining access to others ships.

+/- Age/Race: The Shorak has not gone through his growth spurt yet. This gives the being time to develop and mature into a better trained warrior by the time he becomes an adult as a mandalorian. When he fully is grown into an adult, he will naturally have elite strength , and more size to deal with when he becomes an adult. What will work for him now, will not work later for him when he is developed , and has a bigger frame. Earlier in his age he will be significantly weaker then most races, when he ages however. This will reverse and be the opposite of his youth, where he will naturally be bigger and stronger then the majority of his foes.

+/-Muscle Tightness: Beings who are autistic are also naturally tighter muscularly then other individuals. This is why many of them who become athletes end up being wrestlers, due to being almost impossible to move in such a tough contact sport. Thomas has less of a range of motion in closer range combat, but is such a harder being to move because of his natural tightness.

+/- Training: With little to no training this Mandalorian youth has yet to be trained by one of his clan members. Thomas Garon is a welp, a dog, and a new blood to the clan. However when he receives Mandalorian training, there’s little doubt that Thomas has a future amongst them.   

-Autism : Thomas has Autism, which is a learning disability that makes things harder for him to learn and understand. Whether this be socially , or academically. This makes it harder for him to make friends, and keep friends. He is less likely to interact with larger crowds, and is has few friends unless they are among Clan Garon. When being trained he will be more frustrating to train , due to how his brain is wired to understand information.

- Motor Ticks: Some individuals with autism experience motor ticks. Motor ticks are involuntary movement/jerking that is hurtful and harmful. This is caused because the brain signals the body to be unnecessarily tight. In battle, these ticks can cause the individual to lose focus from the pain, causing him to miss his targets from time to time.



Most Shoraks by the teenager’s age are known to be taller, bigger and more muscular at Thomas’s age. This individual is shorter, and has a more athletic , and leaner tone to his body. The
Garon has blue eyes, and black hair weighing around 185 pounds, and at a height of 5’10.


Thomas has always had a harder life then most. He was abandoned as a baby when he was born, left to die. Fortunately for the Shorak, a member of Clan Garon had adopted him into the Mandalorian clan. Before his father had died , he had been trained to become a combat pilot in hopes of later learning more skills of how to be a warrior later down the line. The Mandalorian orphan had manage to learn the Mandalorian language through the Clan member before his death. With nothing but a ship, and pilot training the Mandalorian orphan has traveled the galaxy aimlessly. Stealing ship, after ship to get to different locations. This Shorak had a natural talent for ship stealing , and being an excellent combat pilot. He longs for the day he can have a family again.


His life consists of stealing multiple ships to get his way across the galaxy. He has become a wanted and infamous ship thief in the galaxy. Many bounty hunter look for him today, attempting to collect his bounty for being alive. While he has been indoctrinated as a Mandalorian he has little connection to his clan, only believing his deceased father to be the last one in the galaxy. The hoodlum kept little thought on what was going on in the universe, and continued to use his talents to survive , via stealing food in ships he “borrowed” . While also using stealth to avoid trouble . Should Strider Garon find out about one of his rogue clan members causing a muck in the galaxy. Thomas may render his attention, and be confronted by the legendary warrior.   


SHIP: None yet.


KILLS:not yet