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Immortal Cyan

Immortal Cyan

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#1842884 The Conscript/Slave Soldier

Posted by Immortal Cyan on 10 August 2018 - 03:53 AM

So, I have a concept for a character that I'm looking to explore for a military-minded/combat-oriented RP group. In essence, the concept surrounds an extremely low-ranking soldier who was forced to fight via conscription or slavery against her will. The character would come from an extremely destitute and impoverished background, where she might have worked as a farmhand if she was from a less developed world or a scrumrat/dishwasher/wage slave if she originated from a more urbanized planet. Regardless, the core concept is that the character has never left her home planet (or even her home city/village), before being enslaved and/or conscripted by a military of any kind. Ideally, after being conscripted, the character is quickly (perhaps poorly) trained, placed into a non-elite and/or poorly equipped regular frontline unit, and sent off to fight the wars of her unseen masters across the galaxy, which of course, have absolutely nothing to do with her previous day-to-day existence. Finally, the character would have no hint of force sensitivity and her initial combat training would ideally be incredibly shoddy.

Of a few things to note, I'm not looking to have this character placed into a hyper-elite fighting unit or something like that at this stage in her development. Also, I need for the character to start at the lowest rank possible in whatever military/fighting force she is forced into. Over time, she'll develop into a professional/skilled soldier, but for now, this is where she'll start.

Anyways, if you've made it to this point, thank you for reading for reading this, and if there are any groups that can accommodate this type of character, I'll be grateful.

#1778001 Hello Wonderful People!

Posted by Immortal Cyan on 30 April 2018 - 10:24 PM

Hi everyone!


This site seems super cool, and I absolutely love the extremely detailed (and diverse) factions that I see written about. I intend to join one (or maybe more) of them, perhaps an Imperial-type one. I really like the concept of having factional territories, invasions, and expansions. It seems like there is plenty of opportunity for PvP and combat roleplay, and I always find myself attracted to that sort of thing.


As for a few things about myself...I'm a transgirl, and I started text RPing about a year ago, in April. I enjoy K-Pop, Classical Music, basketball (Go Celtics!), reading, and science-fantasy roleplaying.


That's all I have for now, but I can't wait to meet the rest of y'all!

#1777973 Fel Empire Propaganda

Posted by Immortal Cyan on 30 April 2018 - 09:32 PM

I am interested...but, I want to know more about how I can create a character that would fit in with the flavor of this faction, while also learning about the history behind it.