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Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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Today, 05:59 PM

Jamie Pyne


Thanks for everything, you've done amazing. Factory won't be the same without you

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Ahtemis don't forget these guys

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Name Of Sub-account(s) I wish To Get Rid Of: Dan Tray Arthur Raven

Name Of Account I wish To Merge Into: Tom Taff

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  • Intent: To create a lightsabre whip for Rachel Taff
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber, Lightwhip


  • Manufacturer: Rachel Taff
  • Affiliation: Rachel Taff
  • Model: The Unusual Silver Whip
  • Modularity: (Can components of this submission be swapped out for other components? Is it especially easy to modify? For most submissions, put 'No'.)
  • Production: Unique 

  • Material: (What is it made out of? Certain materials are more resistant, or vulnerable, to certain weapons. Example: 'Durasteel, blaster components.')


  • Classification: Lightsabre Whip
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light



  • Cutting power - Can cut through many materials with relative ease.
  • Under the Sea - Operates under water.
  • What is this? - As an unusual version of a lightsabre, it is most likely that only Rachel can use it.
  • It zigs and it zags - The Dahgee crystal makes the blade zig zag helping the whip be even more unsual.
  • Piercing defences - The hurrikaine crystal makes it so the balde can penetrate defences


  • That dang metal - Cortosis will short the blade if in contact.
  • It needs to be short - Hilt is shorter than normal, allowing for only a single handed grip.


Rachel was attempting to make a light sabre blade with the help of Asaraa Vaashe, She eventually figured out how to create a lightsabre whip with a dark silver lightsabre blade. Although she never said where she got the crystals from nor why they were broken enough to be in a lightsabre whip it is possible it was from her nephew tom Taff. The hilt was made short so she would only use one hand to use the whip. It also has the curse of all lightsabres that it is cut short by cortosis.


However in making this lightwhip she found that, the blade zig zaged making it more effective at surprising an enemy and catching them off guard. The blade also was found to get through defence easier than most lightsabres. She added a bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse due to the fact she knew that a decent amount of worlds had places underwater as well as the fact she had watched her nephew practice with being able to manipulate water enough to turn it into creature that could do various things. Having made a rather unusual weapon most people didn't know how to use it properly meaning she could surprise people with it but it also meant no one else could really use it.

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Yesterday, 04:10 PM

Irajah Ven


Added to weaknesses to show the downside to being force dead