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Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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#1845441 IC Resources

Posted by Tom Taff on Today, 05:00 AM




Ahtemis don't forget these guys

#1843147 RIP, Dad

Posted by Tom Taff on 10 August 2018 - 06:02 PM

Thurion Heavenshield


Sorry for your loss. The world will be a lot poorer without someone so great within it.

#1842356 Commenor Survives: Rebel Rising

Posted by Tom Taff on 09 August 2018 - 04:26 AM


Tom was among the number of people who had joined on this quest against the Sith. His father had promised to help the CSA, Tom was not about to reign on even a dead man's promise. Even one that had turned evil and one he missed deeply. He had asked Mykes not to come with him. This was personal business. Tom recognised Kaine Australis although he didn't say anything to the man. He hid his face further under his hood instead. He had heard stories and had been present during the siege. He may have not been able to do anything but he also knew when he left things were not as they seemed within the ME. Words of the mand'alor threatening another society and then allowing the Sith to destroy the CSA didn't bode well. 


He knew he would be recognised if he spoke so instead he simply left a message in the captain's office that said.


Dear Veiere Arenais,


I owe the CSA a promise. A promise made by my father who may have passed before my eyes but a promise none the less. Please consider myself and any of my assets at your dispose should you require it. My apologies for deciding to contact you this way but unfortunately there are others who I no longer wish to know my movements. However should you ever need me or my force don't hesitate to call. After all a Taff always keeps their promises even those of the dead.


Your hopefully

Tom Taff.


Tom would leave it on the desk before quietly climbing into an air vent and disappearing. His promise had been made and no one apart from the leader would even know he was here.


#1842158 The War for the Harlem Shake Button

Posted by Tom Taff on 08 August 2018 - 09:12 PM



Let us defend the button

#1841816 The Testing Grounds

Posted by Tom Taff on 08 August 2018 - 05:00 AM


He nodded to the lizard man ( Vorkaliin Barass ) who went and tested out the PR-20, one of his favourite guns he had down sized he himself used it quite a bit. As did many of his customers. Including the first wolves, however with the FE dying it was unlikely he was going to get a major contract in a while, so some minor type work suited him just fine for the moment. He had after all never been given a contract with the ME. Even after producing many droids personally for them. But he shrugged it off, some times business went his way, other times it didn't. 


He turned to the man standing before him speaking, he had heard tales of the man Death Adder but had never met him in person. "Of course I can good sir, I have in fact a small workshop where I will see to your droids personally. Just make sure to come by Noverskaa when they are finished for you." He would say with a smile. He hoped the man would like his work, he found most people generally did.


He smile politely at the duros man who showed up. "You wouldn't mind showing me some of your weapons would you gun smith? I was hoping to see more wares than my own on display today. I had half expected at least one or two other companies to show up. Maybe the Donna's influence isn't as great as I had though." he said with a shrug. It really didn't matter to him as long as he could see some guns at least. Candez Stoon


He saw a man with four droids off to the side but he ignored him at the moment as he was met by the Donna herself Ahtemis . He smiled "Of course it is Donna, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't and no need to sound so sweet we both know my preference." He gave a smile thinking about his soon to be husband Mykes. He looked down at the ring mykes had gotten him it was so beautiful and amazing just like Mykes. He saw the Donna show him her right hand side. He never did understand why she did that. "Choose anything you like, I do hope some more of your friends with companies show up. I can't be the only one."


He looked at the woman who pointed at three items the first two he understood the last one was a material that he had brought as an example of the materials he had. "The first two are free of charge, the last one however if you want more than one use of you will need to do a deal with me. But that is why I am here to do deals." He said with a smile "Trust me the first two have been paid for by my work with you lot in The Family." Xiang Vang


What he thought of the strange man with the droids Equinox, he kept to himself. A man who didn't speak with others was his speed but he preferred animals to droids.


#1841515 Sith Imperial Rule

Posted by Tom Taff on 07 August 2018 - 06:31 PM

....Beth got caught....well time to go open up the sith jails then.

Beth Australis-MantisLady Kay

#1841099 The Twin Burners

Posted by Tom Taff on 07 August 2018 - 12:01 AM

Gir Quee


Okay I did a bit of an overhaul on all the rating. Sorry for misunderstanding what you meant to begin with. Hopefully this is better.

#1840051 I'd Like to Formally Introduce You...

Posted by Tom Taff on 05 August 2018 - 04:40 AM



I remember my father speaking about an adventure with you. How curious

#1839898 The Testing Grounds

Posted by Tom Taff on 04 August 2018 - 10:21 PM


Location - Unknown

Time - Unknown

Objective - Help The Family test weapons.


......Following IP from Holonet ........

IP Corrupted

Attempting to find location .........

Communications: Jammed unable to comply.


Opening Invitation 


Welcome to a top secret testing grounds of REDACTED. Companies who are selling their weapons to The Family are welcome to arrive on the planet REDACTED. Please make sure you have brought enough wares for people to test out your weapons. Otherwise feel free to do deals between each other and The Family. 


Closing Invitation 


Virus Detected.......

Invitation Destroyed......


Tom decided to follow the invitation to the area described with a cargo ship filled with his weapons and wares. He set-up and awaited members of The Family to arrive as well as any other companies that had decided to help them out. Hopefully people had read their invitation before whatever virus had destroyed his before Genesis could do anything. However he stood in full armour knowing that even with an invitation there was a chance this was a trap.


Gear and weapons offered from here http://starwarsrp.ne...11-mirdirmorut/

Didn't bring vehicles 


#1839440 Hidden data pad

Posted by Tom Taff on 04 August 2018 - 03:09 AM





  • Manufacturer: Mirdirmorut (concept) The Family (production)
  • Affiliation: Mirdirmorut The Family Closed-Market 
  • Model: Hidden data pad
  • Modularity: No
  • ProductionMinor

  • Material:  DION Fiber





  • Hard to Hack - Very hard to hack and has a encrypted holonet connection
  • Hyperwave communicator - able to communicate to anywhere in the universe
  • Small and easy to hide - is small and easy to hide
  • DION Fibre - Resistant to Ion and EMP damage



  • Small and crushable - it is easy to crush
  • Jam Sir - Can still be jammed like anything else
  • Track me - If you can track hyperwave communications you can track these pads


Mirdirmorut was commissioned to create these by their current CEO Tom Taff. It is unknown why he decided to create them or where they occasionally get shipped too or at least the board has no idea. But they don't care as long as they get money. Tom was actually contacted by Ahtemis the Donna of The Family with an idea for her small group. Tom agreed that it was a good idea and based it largely on his droid brains with a few modifications. He hopes they are to her liking.


#1838433 Sith Imperial Rule

Posted by Tom Taff on 02 August 2018 - 08:19 PM

Lady Kay


The Sith won't keep me down. Trust when I say I stand for a free Commenor

#1838318 The Taffing Workshop

Posted by Tom Taff on 02 August 2018 - 04:28 PM



  • Workshop Name: The Taffing Workshop
  • Location: Lesorskaa City Noverskaa
  • Specialty: Personal Droids and Weapons
  • Tier: Tier II. 

The workshop is setup for Tom to basically just mess around with resources and gear outside the eyes of the Mirdirmorut board. He has an AI Genesis who runs the holostore along with her many other jobs and pings Tom when they have a new request. Otherwise most people generally decide to show up to the workshop itself for any gear they may require. Tom decided being loyal to anyone was a bit silly when it came to selling weapons and droids. Tom is willing to sell to anyone who walks in through his doors personally. If it is a request from a holonet source however he will double check who and why. If however Tom knows them personally and they contact him through the holostore he will begin the project for them almost immediately. 

Tom decided Mirdirmorut was large enough as it was as a company. So he made a area for himself within Lesorskaa City on Noverskaa to give himself the ability to make some specialised work for multiple people. He has done several droids for Kaine Australis and several weapons for himself.

#1838028 Family Time!

Posted by Tom Taff on 02 August 2018 - 03:46 AM


Tom watched Mykes Vatak go red even further but didn't press it until Calithea Taff had begun back to the city in front of them. He gave Mykes a quick kiss on the cheek. "got you back. Yes melondrama, that's what they decided on." He gave a giggle "Mine is Tom's Tango. It's actually quiet nice to, they do a good business." He would say smiling happily, things couldn't get any better than this.


#1837994 Factory for The Family

Posted by Tom Taff on 02 August 2018 - 02:18 AM











  • Fire at will - Adept at marksmanship and fire rapidly.
  • Loyal till the end - Much to their owner's delight, the droids are exceptionally faithful.
  • Weapons galore - it has been given a lot of weapons to help it deal with different situations.
  • Mirdirmorut Droid Brain - Has the ability to think up tactics on the fly.
  • DION Fibre - is resistant to Ion and EMP attacks.
  • Ray and particle shielding - Ray and particle shields to help with blaster fire and lightsabres.
  • Noverskaa Steel - Helps with Sonic, Blasters and lightsabres.
  • I'm invisible master - The stygium crystals help create a stealth field around droids.
  • Nykkat Coating - Reflects Light, Air, and Hyper-spectrum Frequency "essentially invisible to anything electronic"



  • Mirdimorut droid brain - Can be jammed stopping it from communicating with base as well as jam the hypercomm.
  • Please don't hit me with your hammer - has no protection against kinetic damage.
  • Maintenance required - This droid constantly needs to repair and maintained.


Tom was approached by a strange man in his workshop one day who asked him to make four of the best possible assassin droids he could. He took this as a challenge and equipped it with much of the gear he had lying around from Mirdirmorut his company. He made them good at just about everything but for an added touch he made them nigh invisible.


The perfect assassin droids. Who can not only cloak but are also invisible to electronic sensors. The only way you would find one of these droids is if it happened to be wearing it's harness around and you were force sensitive and even then Tom loaded them with enough defensive measures to give anyone a good kicking before failing. He handed them off to the man with a word of caution. "Nothing is unhackable."


#1836999 Sentinel Brand Medium Armor

Posted by Tom Taff on 31 July 2018 - 06:13 PM



  • Intent: To create a set of armor for Tom, Prize for bidding in Auction
  • Image Source: Royal Guard
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Yusanic Ironworks
  • Affiliation: Tom Taff, Any he wishes to use it for
  • Model: Sentinel Brand Medium Armor
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: 


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances 
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • Ion/Electric: Average
    • Sonic: Low



  • Jack of All: As a medium suit of plated armor, it was built with the mindset of being able to defend itself well against just about anything you throw at it. While it is a little tougher with energy and kinetic resistances than most. This is for the simple reason that those are the most used weaponry types of the galaxy. 
  • Echani Allies: As the armor was created by the Yusanic works, they integrated quite a few items that would normally be used by the Echani into the armor. Namely both shielding types, updated fiber armor, as well as a special set of belts and sheathes to prevent usage of the force against the weaponry upon the belt. This means while it is plated and fairly heavier compared to the Lighter armors of the Echani, it still retained full mobility for those who use it. 


  • EMP, Ion, Sonic: While the shielding unit attached can defend fairly well against EMP and Ion weaponry, it can drain the shields much more quickly comparable to standard weaponry. As listed, the shield can also defend against sonic based attacks. However, this is rather low compared for the weapon type. It is meant to prevent lethal damage from being ... well lethal. However, this can still be broken through if multiple shots, or a barrage of higher powered sonic weaponry were used against the wearer. 
  • Ultra-Fail: The Ultrachrome used within the armor can reflect small arms weaponry to quite a degree. It can even defend rather well compared to Lightsabers. However, the problem lies in its reflective nature. As the armor uses its entire surface area as a linking between one and the next to make sure that the wearer is protected, the armor can fail should too much energy damage be taken. A massive undertaking of blaster fire, constant contact with a lightsaber, or constant connection to some energy output weaponry can melt the metal and also melt through the armorweave and harm the user more than it is protective. 

Yusanic Ironworks and Forge is a company that prides itself on being able to make items for others who may need it. As a bidding started for others to receive Unique and Semi-unique items were bidden over the span of a week, It was with the purchase of Tom Taff, a young Echani who has been taken under the wing of a Chiss father that has won two bids. This one in particular was for the use of a Medium armor suitable for a guard, or special operations unit. 


As the Echani have not yet expanded into stealth technology, A superior guard unit uniform was created. Plated and environmentally sealed, the armor was created to the specifications of the young man. Attached to the armor as it was shipped out to the man at his desired pick up point, was a letter directly to the man. 


"May this armor protect whom that use it. Be mindful of your surroundings, and keep your swords sharp."