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Cao Cao

Cao Cao

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#1871052 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 13 October 2018 - 12:00 AM

Thanks to Milo it reminded Cao of the fact that he did have a sled when he needed to go savaging himself. Perhaps his beverage was making it hard for him to think straight. Getting up from his chair he went to the second room of his, the Forge. Rummaging around in it for a good second he came back out with it. It was a simply sled with some tarp and sacks with it. "Here you go, and don't mention it."


Now with his new acquaintance suited up to an extent for the short journey ahead. "If you fork over that First Order credit of yours you may be able to catch a ride to the star destroyer and back. Some of the sacvengers commute together and some even make a profit off of the travel. It's not necessary but it beat the desert to most of them." He advised.


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Milo Corr

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#1870724 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 12 October 2018 - 01:25 AM

"Of a sort..." He said, referring to the scrapper question. "When there's no one to bring in salvaged metals and what not I do I myself. Then I bring it here and smith useful tool and items for Cratertown."


Leaning in some from his seat, Cao realized he was practically the same height now with him sitting down. "I'll make you a deal. Bring me back some salvage from the old rebel star destroyer North East of here for me to forge and I'll give you enough to get to the next spaceport and some. How's that sound?" Cao figured that it was a very fair deal, they get to help each other out. 


By now Cao was able to start feeling the effects of his beverage. Feeling his connection to the Force wither for the time being. "Also one more thing..." Getting up some the large Epicanthix rummaged through some of the metal and picked out some metal mugs. "I made these for the Inn in town. If you deliver them and let them know they're from Cao, I'm sure they'll let you stay for the night, since I don't have room to house you."


Milo Corr

#1870703 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 12 October 2018 - 12:17 AM

Looking down at the man he saw the small, lone coin, even leaning down to get a better look at it. After leaning up he spoke. Cao asked, clearly thinking that if suitable he could aid him in his forge. "Follow me." Leading him some more they'd pass the town and to the outskirts of it to a small homestead.


But then Milo asked another question, turning to look back at him he spoke. "I'm not from here...." He said, leaving it at that without answering anymore. Clearly something was up that he didn't want to talk about at the moment. Getting to their destination Cao opened the door to his house and spoke back to Milo. "Come on in, sorry if it's a little messy." It was a small room with some furniture and lots of salvaged metal.


Reaching down on a small shelf with several bottles he picked one up and got himself a cup. Pouring himself some of the fermented Tuanulberry beverage. After that be picked out a small red tube and poured that into the cup, mixing the two liquids. "You want some, I'll warn you though it's not very good." Nonetheless he'd pour another cup, this time without the added red liquid in case either Milo wanted a cup or he'd wan't another round.


After all that he took a seat on his couch and spoke once more. "So, tell me, are you any good at working with metal?" He said before taking his first sip.


Milo Corr

#1870643 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 11 October 2018 - 08:10 PM

Cao would try and made sure his long strides didn't outpace his new acquaintance. Walking, he'd listen to what Milo had to say after introducing himself. "You're on Jakku..." He said, eyes shifting to his side to look at him, an eyebrow cocking as he did. He wasn't gonna ask how he got here since part of him felt like they didn't even know. Then the shorter man asked how tall he was.


"Well the last I checked I was over 8 feet by imperial measurements." He was actually 8.2 feet. "And don't worry, my neighbors still have a hard time getting over my height. When you're not around you kin it can be kind of strange being so large." Soon after leading Milo over some dunes they made it to the settlement of Cratertown. "Sadly there's no spaceport here in town, but the next one over does. There's an inn in town if you care to rest before catching a ride out if you wan't. It's just that night rides cost extra." Cao explained to the man the best he could how to get to a spaceport from here.


Milo Corr

#1870550 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 11 October 2018 - 02:24 PM

Tilting his head some Cao was able to understand now that why he was sensing someone all the way out here. They were lost, and these Dunes were the worst place to be lost in. The desert could've proved fatal since they were wondering in the wrong direction towards civilization. Bringing up one of his large arms Cao waved him over as a sign to follow him. "This way, we're fortunately not too far from Cratertown. I can help you there." Cao told the lone wanderer. 


Feeling that the stranger was of no harm to him he turned his back some and began to lead the way back to civilization, there he could help this man find his way back to wherever he needed to be. "I'm Cao Cao by the way, but you can just call me Cao, it's very dangerous to be out and about like this, just from the elements alone." He said over his shoulder to the man.


Milo Corr

#1870538 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 11 October 2018 - 01:41 PM

Standing still in his forge Cao froze. He felt something, something he had never felt before. Like someone was around, but when he looked he saw nothing. Yet Cao still felt it. Was there danger in the sands this evening? The very large individual stepped out of his Forge and into cool, dry evening air. It was still there, yet he saw nothing. This must be something with the Force, what else could it be. Anytime there was something extraordinary he pointed the finger at the Force.


Stepping inside quickly he grabbed his sword and head back out, closing up the shop and forge before he did. He'd hate for his home to burn down while he was gone. Stepping outside and into the shifting sands Cao could feel the sense getting stronger. Looking around he'd gaze upon the horizon, and the dunes that spotted them. Still not seeing anything he continued.


However, after not getting too far from Cratertown Cao found what he was in search for. An individual, walking along in the ridge between two large dunes. Making sure his sheathed sword was on him, he'd approach.


Milo Corr

#1870386 A Silent Call For Help

Posted by Cao Cao on 11 October 2018 - 03:34 AM



Over 800 and a half years and there was still worth while junk on the planet. Seriously, say what you want about the Galactic Empire but at least they indirectly allowed Cao to make a living. Creating so much hardware only to leave it all in the sand would probably be considered irresponsible anywhere else. But here, let's just say people wouldn't be here if there wasn't any. As the desert began to cool with the sun going down Cao could leave the door and windows to his forge open to let out some of the pent up heat and let in the cooler desert air. On his little estate and in his forge Cao hammered away on the metal today's scavengers had delivered to him. The sound of metal on metal being the only noise to cut into the air on this night, as well as many others.


I was tiresome work, but it was good for him he thought. I allowed him to kind of turn off his mind and let time pass without dwelling on the past. It was like a drug for him almost, a drug to make him forget, if even temporarily. It was that "meditating", which he always thought he was doing wrong since it never calmed him down. If anything it made him angry. He heard that an angry user of the Force was a Sith, does that mean he's a Sith? No, he can't be, but as far as he can tell he ain't no Jedi. At least from his understanding of what a Jedi was. He doesn't thing he could ever be one, he believed he was too far gone.


It was then Cao realized his work was slowing down. He had to wave these thoughts away from his mind, at least for now if he wanted to complete his work. After that he can ruminate all he wants, and suffer another nightmare because of it. Having one once a week was normal right?

#1779355 Cao Cao

Posted by Cao Cao on 03 May 2018 - 12:03 AM





NAME: Cao Cao

RANK: Force User/Hermit

SPECIES: Epicanthix

AGE: 24

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 2.5 meters

WEIGHT: 220 lbs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Black

SKIN: Tan-ish






STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Form V

+ Smithing and Metal Working

+ Natural Mental Shield to the Force.


+- Defensive


- Loner

- Cruel

- Inexperienced


Force and Combat Skills

Apprentice Knight Master


Shien (Employing a highly amateurish style of form 5 combat with dual blades of differen't sizes, his dedication to defensive fighting with counters is what shows promise.)

Force Sense

Force Speed

Force Imbue



Force Jump

Force Heal

Force Push/Pull

Force Stasis


Probably the most noticeable thing about Cao is his over eight foot stature. This along with his other features typical of this species. He has a rather muscular tone given his background in manual labor, and is missing his left eye. Typically he can be seen wearing a very ancient style and set of warrior armor.


BIOGRAPHY: Cao Cao was born on Lah'mu with a very limited background and understanding of the rest of the galaxy. Not knowing of the greater civilizations and conflicts raging out in the stars. Instead Cao was born and raised a Nerf Herder for most of his life. Having about the same amount of knowledge of the outside world as a Tusken, and the reason for his was bandits. If it wasn't for them he would've never really know that the greater galactic community existed, since his parents were refugees that wanted to keep him away and safe from the violence of the great warring factions. Even as a kid Cao new there was something special about himself. He could sense things no one else seem to, his speed and agility were always better then anyone else he knew. But he could also move things without touching them. As amazed as he was, he was also worried. No one else seemed to be able to do the things he could do, so he either wouldn't do these extraordinary things, or he'd do them in secret. Like late at night in his room, or out in a field by himself. Moving rocks and nick knacks about in the air with mere thoughts.


Cao's family was the newest addition to a loose coalition of homesteads in their area. Where they would peacefully get along work their own land. However, this changed when a group of bandits arrived on the planet, knowing fully well that they had the firepower to subjugate collection of farmers and ranchers. Which they did for years, taking whatever, and whoever they wanted. Cao, being one of the youngest members of the community advocated that they fight back. But the older generations would have non of it. They understood what violence could bring.


However, he was gonna try and push back against their encroachments on his home. But when he confronted the bandits the moment he got even slightly militant in his vocabulary, he was quickly stunned with a blaster. After this short lived confrontation Cao, although mad was a little less willing to go against the bandits. Although, they weren't through just yet. After being ridiculed by his elders Cao was tasked with preforming a rather long trek with his families Nerfs. But this wasn't just some punishment, this was them trying to save him. Because when he got back from his herding, he came back to his homestead in ruins. The bandits seemed to believe that his family had nothing to offer him anymore, and with the little stunt he pull they pillaged the land. He understood soon after that his parents sent him out to save his skin so he wouldn't be around the next to the bandits came back.


But they'd crossed the line...


Deeming that now was as good as time as ever to put his strange abilities to the test he grabbed one of his families garden hoes and marched alone into the dusk in search of his parents killers. Putting his sub-par tracking skills to the test he came to realize that the bandits when they would arrive always flew east from his household, considering this Cao headed east, shortly enough he found the bandits camped outside their light freighter. He knew he could get the jump on them sense they were relaxed and unprepared for a one man raid. Without even really taking advantage of the dark of night he marched up to their encampment, hoe in his hands and determination in his mind he commenced his rage upon the bandits. Rushing and swigging he made rather quick work of them, any time they armed themselves he'd simply use his ability to yank their weapon from their hands and counter attack. With his improved speed and agility he was able to strike at one at a time and making quick work with them. Bashing them in with his gardening tool until only a mess remained. Even as the last one tried to run into their ship Cao caught up and the bandit accidentally locked himself inside with the fast and blood thirsty farm boy. Cao showed them no mercy however, where was the mercy they should him, his community, or his family. Swing after swing made contact with his target until the only noise heard in the ships metal walls was the wet thuds of a gardening hoe hitting a body.


After all this he left their corpses and ship behind without looking back, simply dragging the dulled tool behind him as he walked back to what was his home with a furious mix of negative emotions. Shame, sorrow, regret, and anger just to name a few. Thinking over and over about what had just happened until he made it to his ruined home. There some of the other homesteaders came to check on them only yo see the land in ruin and Cao coming back, broken and bloodied. They had no need to ask what when down. They could see it with their own eyes. Cao, their youngest had delved into the world of violence, and there was no coming back.


7 years later...


He regrets what he did, being much too rash, what if he got himself killed which he very much could've. Then the bandits would've been more then willing to kill off the rest of his community. But he can't changed the past and can only work on making the future a bit better. Vowing to himself and his old community before he left never to act in aggression again


Now Lah'mu was many light years away but the memories still haunt him. But now he has simply moved to one backwater planet to another, that being Jakku. There he can keep to himself pretty much all he wants and gets by from mining Kesium Gas and smiths for the people Cratertown There he simply keeps to himself. Mainly spending much of his time meditating with the Force after learning about it from leaving his home world.



During his time on the planet he discovered a small, sport ball sized meteorite hidden in the dunes. Instead of opting to just sell the space rock for the metals inside it, he was going to make something out of it. While making sure no one saw him, he used the Force to pick up the heavy space rock and bring it back home. During his time learning of the Force he learned that there were people who used it and wielded something called a lightsaber. A blade said to be of pure light. However, there was a second option as well, the ability to imbue a weapon with the Force to improve its ability to amazing degrees. So with the meteorite in his small home forge, he got to work. Spending a great deal of time he forged a blade made of it. Because of it coming from the void of space, he aptly named it, Umbra.