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Cyrus Nova

Cyrus Nova

Member Since 04 May 2018
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#1832970 Looking for more thread

Posted by Cyrus Nova on 24 July 2018 - 11:01 PM

You can join me and some other padawan one special task force is you want Jaräel il'Belaerys

#1824811 Villains?

Posted by Cyrus Nova on 11 July 2018 - 04:59 PM

As we get the final members of the jedi task force together I started thinking about first missions. I want to find a sort of rogues gallery for our padawan to fight. So I’m looking for any villianous scum out in the galaxy especially sith to be the antagonists to our heroes. Also any young padawan still looking for a place we’re always recruiting.

#1817982 Introduction Thread

Posted by Cyrus Nova on 30 June 2018 - 12:35 PM

Hi I’m Barrien Siegfried’s new padawan just here for some classsic Jedi action and to hopefully work my way up the ranks.

Btw love your avatar Ever Dawnracer

#1811244 Assembling a Task Force (Padawans/Knights Interest Check)

Posted by Cyrus Nova on 19 June 2018 - 11:33 AM

Love the idea as soon as Cyrus get some more training I’d be down to join.

#1780027 Looking for a Master

Posted by Cyrus Nova on 04 May 2018 - 02:54 AM

Hi, looking for someone to train me in the ways of the force. Preferably a Jedi, but if you're a Sith with interesting ideas or plans feel free to hit me up. I'm looking eventually write this character into a pyrokinesis master so anyone who knows how to do that is a plus.

#1780026 Cyrus Nova

Posted by Cyrus Nova on 04 May 2018 - 02:50 AM

Cyrus Nova



NAME: Cyrus Nova




AGE: 18

SEX: Male



EYES: Brown

HAIR: Black





+Resourceful: Makes do with what he has to either fight his way out or escape

+Fast-learner: Uneducated but intelligent, Cyrus can learn new skills and trades quickly


+Warrior: Cyrus is always ready for a fight, no matter what he's doing combat is at the back of his mind

-Trouble: Gets himself into trouble all the time with his quick wit, but big mouth

-Power: Acts like he doesn't care, but deep down he craves power

Cyrus is fit enough to hold his own in a fight. He seems to have a perpetual smirk, leading people to believe he has something up his sleeve even when he really doesn't. His hair is a unruly mess, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Cyrus has been on his own for as long as he could remember. He grew up on Tatooine drifting from village to village looking for salvage or something easy to steal. One day he was captured and sold by the Hutts as a slave after getting caught stealing from them. He was rescued by the Jedi at 16 after being a slave for 6 years. 
He is always ready for a fight, constantly training and honing his skills while alone. After being a slave for so long Cyrus felt a lack of control. His Jedi training makes him feel control again, although this isn't always a good thing. To most he comes off as care-free and mostly aloof, but very few close friends have noted alarming signs of darkness. They always dismiss it quickly because of the good he does. He seeks strength because he wants to save everyone he can, or at least that's what he tells himself. Cyrus relishes in combat as it comes so easily to him.


Green Lightsaber