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Life's a Beach

26 June 2018 - 02:27 PM

Harper Kade


There was an air of familiarity around the Praxeum now. Vera had been here long enough that she had gotten to know the many people around the grounds on a first name basis, which to her was amazing. Silver Rest had been so huge that she hadn’t even been able to remember half the people’s names, but here they all felt a bit like one big family; close-knit and warm. It reminded Vera of home in a sense, and while the thoughts of her mother and father were still prevalent she felt that they no longer were as intrusive as they had been when she first got here.

She had people around her to fill their place. People who came from all different walks of life, and when one of those people got knocked down they would find that the collective as a whole came around to pick them back up. Harper, Alden’s friend, was no different in that regard. As Alden’s apprentice it surprised Vera how little time she had managed to spend with Harper, but given the nature of what had happened around the time she was brought in it wasn’t really all that surprising at all.

Harper had seen hell, and she had marched back home afterwards for better or worse. The part where she had suffered would end, and now came the part where she would get better. With time, it would be a bad memory and things would return to what they once were. Or so Vera hoped. To hope was one of the few things she could do given the nature of it all. In the end recovery was up to Harper herself, and that was something Vera could only help affect to the degree which Harper would let her.

At least that’s what the Masters around the praxeum grounds had said. Vera let a careful knock sound against the door to Harper’s room before she reached for the door to open it up. Her tiny white-haired fox was with her for this one and Vera wouldn’t have it any other way. In her hands was a tray with a warm water kettle, two cups and a wide assortment of teas. It was what her mother used to treat her children to when they were sick, and while Harper wasn’t sick Vera hoped that she would find comfort in the beverage much like she did.

“I’ve brought you tea.” Vera said and beamed a smile at the injured blonde. “And company, if you don’t mind.”


26 June 2018 - 02:05 PM

Yula Perl


The cold winds swept through the canyon with an unwelcoming breeze. The sound of a nearby brook had followed the two Jedi along their trail towards the last known location of their lost compatriot in the mountains. It carved its way through the ground and shaped a small crack that seemed to split against the surface of the mountain. From the top to the very bottom where it had thinned out into a small lake. There was a steep fall to their right, and a steep climb to their left, yet the reports mentioned that this was the path that the knight that they were out looking for had taken on his pilgrimage.

Given the view it wasn’t hard to understand, but given the signs of wildlife that Vera had picked up all over the place since they had begun to scale this mountain it was also one of the dumbest things he could have done and she had made sure to point that out to Yula when the first few potential problems started showing. It was all there in the animal dropping, the leftovers of animal carcasses and the way they seemed to have been there for quite some time. Had he traveled in a group things might have been different, but when you traveled alone in territories such as this you were in danger.

Perhaps that was why they had sent her and Yula out then. Vera was certainly good in her field as a hunter and tracker, she would never let anyone tell her otherwise. And Yula from what Vera had seen was very capable. Together they would have no problem whatsoever finding this person and bringing them back

Coming up on the place indicated on their map, Vera took a look around.

“Well, I can’t see any trace of them here.” She said and frowned at their disposition. “Are you sure the map is correct?”

Eyes looked back down the ways that they had come from. “Because that was a long climb.”

Food for Thought

16 June 2018 - 03:05 PM

The moonlit sky above the temple grounds offered little in the way of actual light as the moon seemed to weave back and forth between one cloud to the other. Though the brisk and chilly winds carried them away from prying eyes, the clouds didn’t seem to grow any smaller as time passed. If anything it seemed to grow thicker as the moonlight began to flicker in and out of its already barely visible existence like a torch in its dying light.

Honest people had since gone to bed, at least most of them. The calm of a campus in dreams or heavy meditation spread a quiet around the grounds that seemed to elevate one’s own awareness of their own heartbeat and the sounds in your immediate surroundings. It weighed on your ears like an anvil with a sense of intrepid anticipation that something was about to happen, almost as if you were out on a hunt and knew that your quarry was somewhere very close to you and that each passing breath was the difference between your quarry spotting you and running away or not.

Perhaps it was just Verana who was kicking it right back to where she had grown up, but the fact still remained that she was out hunting something except that this time it was close to home. In fact this time it was actually right at home. Or rather, it was the Praxeum grounds, but in terms of where home was these days it was as close as Vera would get with the descriptor. This was where she slept and practiced, that meant it was home, right? Right.

So someone was stealing from them, and the culprit had kept getting away with it. The girl had signed herself up first chance once she caught mention of the assignment. It was going to be tiring and most likely frustrating, but damn if it didn’t feel like this something that was right up her alley in terms of what she could actually do. If it was an animal doing this she was most likely one of the most qualified members of the Order, and if it was something else… Well, that was why she had the backup.

Her knee remained planted against the harsh stone ground of the warehouse as she kept a lookout from behind a crate with her friend for the evening. She gently turned his way and let in a quiet breath to draw his attention.

“They focused on our food deliveries you said?” She whispered at Ember and looked over at the food crate that had been ever so conveniently placed in the middle of the room almost like a trap. Which was because, you know, it was a trap. “Think this will work?”


Ember Farseer

Childhood Memories

14 June 2018 - 06:45 AM

The grounds seemed quiet. The signs of construction work and maintenance still lingered a little bit everywhere you turned but it was certainly shaping up to become something new and invigorating for the faith as a whole. If one would call it that. What did you actually call the Jedi faith thing? Faith to Vera had often been a belief in false idols and symbolism, the kind of stuff her parents had raised her to see past.

The Jedi faith seemed to go a bit beyond that, what with its ‘power’ being something actually observable from the sidelines. Maybe they were just guidelines? That was what Irma had said when they both tried to make sense of it back when they had first joined the Silver Jedi. And now here Vera was, not even part of the Silvers anymore on a planet that felt even further away from home than Kashyyyk ever had.

Still, she had Alden here, and Harper too. She had good people that surrounded her even if they were admittedly people she still hardly knew. So, what better way to get to know people than to babysit them? Right? Vera knew it was a mistake, she had never been a great watch dog when it came to her own siblings, but she wanted to put the effort in to be useful to more people than just Alden and those that they surrounded themselves with.

And today, that meant taking care of some Zak Dymo kid. She had been warned, she had been told to be patient, and Vera had listened to what they had to say. But in her pride she had waved their concerns aside. She had grown up as the middle child, she knew how to take care of both elder and younger siblings. This kid was in good hands.

But they had tried to warn her. It was not the kid who was in her hands, but she who was in his.

The day was young and the patience at top. Though the question remained for how long.

Zak Dymo


13 June 2018 - 09:51 AM

The sound of the firepit crackled through the drips of rain that patted against the muddied ground that had begun to cover the small group’s boots with dirt and grime. Thunder rolled above in the distance yet was somewhat muted by the rustle of the winds as they dragged themselves through the branches and leaves above the group’s heads. Around the small camp there was an air of joviality and care that could both be heard and felt through the air that simmered between those who had come to attend the excavation.

It was a small excavation, but one that had managed to catch the attention of several different Jedi orders nonetheless. There was no real expectations that they would really collect anything of real importance here, but it was seen as a good way for people of different cultures to meet and exchange their views on the force and other philosophies. Most attendees seemed to be Padawans, but there were a few Knights or even Masters thrown in there for good measure. All in all, it was a good time for those who attended even if the weather wouldn’t seem to imply as such.

That was, what it would seem to imply for most. Vera had grown up with rain aplenty on Kiara. While the others had sought out the portable, makeshift homes and shelters that their orders had set up she had remained out in the open to poke at the fire and seek warmth in the best way she knew possible. It reminded her of home, and given the way the galaxy seemed to be at the moment she’d take any chance she got at reliving those memories again.

Sadly Vax was not here, but with all the mud around that was probably for the better. It was always nearly impossible to get this kind of mud out of his white fur. It took baths for days, and quite frankly they could both do without those.

Poking at the fire with a stick she managed to get it to catch on fire. Vera raised the burning tip in front of her and squinted at the glow before she blew it out and went right back to poking at the heat again. She didn’t mean to seek solitude like this, it was just a habit. Made it easier to hear the sounds of the wildlife around you, and for the moment it seemed like a great majority of said wildlife was asleep for the evening. At least the diurnal ones. The hunters had certainly come out to play, but for the time being Vera felt none in their immediate area.

“Should have brought mushrooms to cook.” Vera mused quietly to herself and held the stick above the fire as if to cook something. “Maybe I should go forage tomorrow…”

Her head bobbed. “First light, foraging. Then excavating the ruins up ahead. Sounds like a good plan.”

Jyoti Nooran