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Skice Variger

Skice Variger

Member Since 01 Jun 2018
Offline Last Active May 19 2019 12:07 PM
Hutts gungans may be dumb but at least they can FIGHT! Updated 06 Feb · 0 comments

About Me

Name: Skice Variger


Homeworld: Corellia


Species: Mirialan


Age: 19


Faction: Outer Rim Coalition


Affiliations: Jedi Order


Balmorran Resistance


Outer Rim Coalition


Weight: 141lb


Height: 5,12ft




Description: Silver hair with black highlights (Natural color: Brown)


Yellow Eyes (Sith eyes)
​Dark cloak with a hood


Wields an orange Saberdagger



Ranks: Exile, Sorcerer, Outer Rim Coalition







Extensive Combat training:


Having been apart of the jedi order the balmorran resistance and the outer rim coalition Skice has received much combat training over the years


Strong in the force:


Skice comes from the a family of force users many decades ago making her hear the whispers of the force in her mind.


Knowledge of the underworld:


Having been apart of the balmorran resistance and the outer rim coalition skice has an extensive knowledge of the underworld and all its mysteries helping her to find powerful allies while staying out of trouble.


Well Armed:


With all this combat experience comes the weapons including her yellow lightsaber that she stole from the jedi temple and training in all sorts of arms.






Morally disillusioned:


Without much family in her life and not many people to call friends Skice has trouble knowing how to cope with her problems severely hindering her.


Limitations in the force:


When Skice was banned from the jedi order she was cut off from the force but she managed to feed of the force emitting from the jedi temple at the time. But now her connection to the force is limited.


No physical prowess:


Though having extensive training skice is not the strongest individual and does not possess much physical strength.


Next to no Knowledge of the force:


Despite having great knowledge of the force in some aspects they are very weak because skice is self taught in the force and struggles with even a simple force push.






Skice was taken to the jedi temple at a young age of 2 yo but was also banished at 10yo because she had helped a supposed sith convict escape because she believed he was innocent. She had all force power siphoned away from her in a very painful manner which put a dark outlook on the galaxy. She had all her goods stolen but later got them back by breaking into the temple with the help of a wookie mercenary. She then decided to venture out on her own and joined many worthy causes along the way.

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