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The Long Sleep

13 June 2018 - 04:57 PM

Alpha-16 "Aay'han"

Location: Beneath Jabiim

Objective: Wake up



He could still hear the rain.


Aay'han's mind was occupied by memories of his former life, of the one he was convinced he would get another chance at. It was only flashes, but he saw them all. His squad - his brothers. The people he cared about, most in the whole galaxy. The people that he'd been separated from, who had been spread out amongst the Republic centuries ago. He could see not just Jabiim, but home. He saw Kamino, the battles that they'd fought from there to the Inner rim. Almost all of Aay'han's good memories were of war. All his memories really were.


As much as he fought to end a war, he would always need one - that was his purpose, and he was fighting one in his own head, fighting to stay alive. His stasis was slowly failing, and he had no way to manually release it from inside the box he'd been locked in almost a milennia ago. This woud be an unfitting death for one like him, even if he didn't know it was coming. To simply waste away in a box, buried on a world of rain and mud. Aay'han had thought that, long before this frozen prison.


His emergency transponder and message, installed into a terminal nearby, began calling out, sending coordinates. It first sought for those who had Galactic Republic transponder codes and frequencies, those who may have fought in the Clone Wars. Beyond that, it would start bein a bit more public. Along with the coordinates, the message could only send a single word alongside it. 'CLAWBIRD'.


Koda Fett

Aay'han - Out of Time

13 June 2018 - 10:57 AM















[ + ] Aay'han is an incredible weapon. Trained in all manners of combat, subterfuge, special operations, assassination and operation, he is dangerous in almost any situation - especially against Jedi, the individuals he was trained from birth to kill. He is physically enhanced thanks to his growth in the vats of Kamino, and is a genuinely lethal opponent.


[ + ] Unlike many of his brethren, Aay'han has always commanded a certain charisma and social skills beyond that of the typical soldier. He is an inspiring and effective leader, particularly with small squad tactics and the more unruly, independent type of subordinates.


[ + ] Being an ARC Trooper, Aay'han's force signature is naturally 'dampened', and he is harder to notice in the force than other beings, which has only been aided by his own self-discipline. He can still be detected, of course - but usually it has to be consciously.


[ - ] Aay'han doesn't just think, but KNOWS he was the best the Republic and Galactic Empire had. He is assured that he is far beyond a regular soldier's capabilities and that just on the basis of his background, he is equal to at least ten of them.


[ - ] Clones are a superior soldier - this has always been Aay'han's opinion. Though this extends mostly to Fett clones, Aay'han will view any sort of clone trooper as being a cut above a rank-and-file conscript, seeing them as weaker, less dedicated, and a liability.


[ - ] Over 8 centuries later, Aay'han has no idea what is going on; a conflicted idealist who once loved Democracy, he has come into the galaxy again just to see it have been recently crushed, pushed to the outer systems. He is in a malleable position, able to be convinced by those he would trust.






The Clone Wars had begun.


Aay'han was grown with the designation of Alpha-16, one of the very first Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commandos to be grown on Kamino. He was instructed by one of the galaxy's greatest, if not perhaps the greatest bounty hunter, and trained by him personally alongside the other 99 of his brothers. Aay'han was picked out as a leader from early on, and upon graduation of his training was awarded the rank of Captain. He was assigned a squad of Advanced Recon Commandos who would be given the designation of 'Clawbird'. He had to adapt quickly to contrasting personalities, from the positive and social Ponyboy, to the more taciturn and pessimistic Doubles.


Clawbird would fight in the Seperatist Invasion of Kamino, battling the droid forces as they tried to destroy the cloning vats for the next generation. For the next three years, Aay'han and his team would take part in operations ranging from large-scale battles to covert subterfuge, or even more subtle diplomacy. They fought in nearly every theater, and were widely regarded as some of the best soldiers in the galaxy.


Towards the end of the war, Clawbird was disbanded as each individual member was considered highly important, and required for different divisions of the Republic military. Aay'han was first assigned to be an instructor, training the next generation of clones on Kamino before an assignment took him to Jabiim, a planet he'd once fought and lost soldiers on. He was made temporary CO over a newly establihed military base, and was slated for promotion to Commander.


Eventually, Order 66 came through - alone with the Jedi General assigned to the base, Aay'han questioned the order, and rather than kill his superior, he simply subdued him, wishing to confirm the situation before acting rashly. This caution and lack of total obedience would worry his now Imperial superiors, even if they were glad to have the Jedi to take in and 'convert', as the Emperor was keen on doing.


Aay'han was told that he would be a great asset to the Empire - some day. He was considered a contingency for his DNA and knowledge from Fett, and was thusly ushered into stasis, far below the surface of Jabiim, left buried in a coffin under the base he had once commanded. For his service and willingness to be put into stasis (though he knew the alternative), Aay'han was allowed to have his ageing normalised; more as a precaution, to ensure it did not interfere with the stasis.


Now the soldier from a war centuries gone can only dream, and wait.