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Andi Americus

Andi Americus

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In Topic: Quittin' Time | Mandalorian Social

15 June 2018 - 02:10 AM

Going home was never a dull experience.


Much as she'd prefer to tell you that the hootin' and hollerin' of the folks around Americus Settlement was like nails across a chalk board to her delicate ears, there was a jovial pleasure to seeing her family again after a long stint in the central regions of the galaxy. Though, in light of that, there was a truth in saying she typically enjoyed the company of her closest family over the great deal of others that sat extended; her personal favorite being her sister Daisy.


The saloon hadn't changed, the structure the same as she'd seen it time and time before, but this wasn't like visiting it as she had when she was a younger Mando girl. Naivety to the wind, her figure adorned in fabrics and jewelry most of the area couldn't shake a shiny credit at (despite their locale familiarity), the porcelain skinned brunette strode into the saloon carrying herself like she was a top of the line range speeder. She didn't feel out of place, comfortable in the skin her parents, Jo and Betty, had blessed her with and she made a slow line for the old Americus nursing Corellian whiskey.


"Good to see you're still you, Paw," the woman breathed quietly to him, leaning close to her old man as she did so. She gingerly laid a hand on his shoulder, gave him a light kiss on his cheek and returned to her upright posture before any other others in the building had the chance to ogle her for too long. She didn't mind the attention, but she knew how the old man felt about her habits. Turning to face where she knew she'd find the barkeep. "You get them to order in that drink I like? You know how upset I was the last time I came and you didn't."


She pouted visibly, though she figured her Paw wouldn't look up until someone else saw it, then slowly slid herself into the seat next to him. The barkeep knew what she liked, if she couldn't get the drink she wanted, so she was content to settle for the local specials. She had a feeling the rest of her siblings would show up sooner or later, and she'd be karked if she was wrong about them appearing before she grew bored and felt the urge to wander off again.


Home was home, no matter what.


Jo Americus