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Auberon Vahali

Auberon Vahali

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Posted by Auberon Vahali on 10 August 2018 - 02:55 AM



Name: Auberon Vahali

Faction: Interstellar Protectorate

Rank: Nobleman

Species: Human/Vahla hybrid

Age: Adult

Sex: Male

Height: 6'5

Weight: Fit

Eyes: Lavender

Hair: Dark Brown

Skin: Fair to lightly tanned

Force Sensitivity: Yes-untrained




Strengths & Weaknesses:

++Flexible- Being born to a Vahla mother, Auberon is naturally flexible. This flexibility is thanks to him being double jointed and his bones being partially like the Vahla's. This unique combination allows him to do things, such as escape cuffs, and be more comfortable in tight spaces than most.

++Clever- Auberon has a sharp, flexible mind to go with his flexible body. He can think of solutions to problems quickly and in conditions that would leave others at a lose. He is also quick to pick up on anything new he learns or is taught.

+-Force Sensitivity- Auberon's Vahla heritage means he is force sensitive. This would normally be a big advantage, but he is completely untrained. This means he does get some benefits passively for just having the sensitivity, it is very unpredictable what the force will do for him. It is as likely to hinder as it will to help him due to his untrained status.

+-Wit- There is much to be said about a quick thinker, and not all of it is good. Auberon has a silver tongue that allows him to be charming at times. It also allows him to be very annoying and get him into trouble. You never know what he will say just that he will always have something to say about everything.

+-Whimsical- Auberon is a rather whimsical fellow. He is guided through life by his whims, which can have a mixture of effects. This has gotten him out of trouble as often as it has gotten him into it. He is able to remain calm in tense situations because of it but also tends to go off script when he shouldn't.

--Frail- Being born to a Vahla mother has plenty of benefits, but it also comes with a major down side: Auberon is naturally frail. The nature of his bones means he is not physically capable of taking a hit as well as most other races. It is not something he can fix either and so much always be wary of physical violence breaking out. He would rather be shot at than punched because of this condition.

--Lax- Auberon has many good qualities about him, but he is also very lax. He would rather do what he wants to do and never do what he doesn't. Because of this, he tends to push the work he should be responsible for onto others and if he can't do that then will tend to procrastinate until it is almost too late. This nature makes it difficult for others to work with him and often a threat is required to get him to do things he isn't interested in. Being a nobleman and potential royalty does not help with this either.



Auberon is a handsome, if scruffy, looking male human. His eyes are the color of lavender flowers and his skin fair to lightly tanned depending on how active he has been outdoors lately. There is no scars or markings on his skin, which is flawless. The biggest feature of note is his hair. It is a dark brown that happens to be the right shade to shift between looking more brown or black depending on the lighting, his clothing, and how fair his skin looks at the time. He often keeps it at shoulder length or a little longer in a loose ponytail. It is also naturally wavy with a bit of perfect curling just to make it more enviable for others. He sports a short, well trimmed beard as well to go with his hair.





House Vahali has a long and mostly glorious history in the galaxy. They ruled over Kaikielius in the past and managed to stay relevant even after House Praji forcibly retook control. The comeback they hoped for however didn't happen as the Elzeri eventually showed up and took over the system. While the vast majority of the people and houses interbred with their new neighbors, House Vahali managed to stay proudly pure as humans until the present day.... Well until Auberon was born that is.


 Auberon was born as the third son of the late head of House Vahali. He was born as the only child however of his father's second marriage to a foreign woman that wasn't even human. Rumor has it that his older father married his mother because she was a flexible young woman with all of the right curves. Regardless of why his father married his mother though, he was born and lived a comfortable, content life.


 As his father's third son, nothing was expected of Auberon growing up. The duties to the house were all undertaken by his two older brothers, who are both nearly a decade older than him, so he was left to his own devices. This developed into a bad habit of him only doing what interested him and so when he reached puberty got himself into enough trouble to get shipped off to military school. A prank gone wrong according to him.


 Military school did little to curb Auberon's bad habits. If anything it gave him more tools to work with. He learned all about military history, tactics, and logistics on top of the regular subjects. The most important thing he learned however was about the chain of command, the social hierarchy, and his place within it. As a son of House Vahali, he had more liberties and could get away with far more than most. This was something he took full advantage of as often as he could. It got so bad in fact that by the time he graduated and should have gone on to be an officer in the Cavalleria in charge of a small ship but was instead forced to join the Intelligence branch.


 As an Intelligence officer, Auberon found himself suddenly dealing with information gathering and control. It was not something he had been prepared for in his strict military schooling, but quickly picked it up. He also found himself enjoying the work as it tended to be far less tedious than regular military work and allowed him to view more of the wider galaxy. He was not a field agent but did get to do field work from time to time as part of his job. He excelled enough that he was able to grab a cushy job as the intelligence officer on a small patrol cruiser.


 Little happened for Auberon during his time on the ship. His time past and his time for an early retirement at a very young age was approaching fast. It was just a month away in fact when the sleepy patrol cruiser suddenly found itself staring down a small raiding fleet. The sudden shock caused the elderly ship captain to die from a heart attack at the helm. This sent the crew into a panic with bickering over the chain of command to take place. Auberon, not wanting to die, stepped in and took control of the situation. Under prepared and outnumbered, he managed to hold off the small fleet long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The small patrol cruiser limped into repairs and Auberon found himself with a medal of honor.


 The rest of the month past and Auberon left the military. He had no where else to go and nothing else better to do, so he went home. What he found out was that his father had past away during his time on the cruiser, his mother had taken off to who knows where after, and neither of his brothers had taken the time to inform him of these monumental events. In fact, they had done everything they could to actively cut him out of as much of his inheritance as they could. Any power or authority he might have had in the House was now gone unless something happened to both of his brothers and their kids. All he had left was a large sum of credits, although not as much as he originally should have gotten, and the right to stay associated with House Vahali.


 Homeless and as close to disowned without being disowned as one could get, Auberon had to figure out what to do next. The thought of rejoining the military crossed his mind as well as exploring the greater galaxy. He never did come to a decision however as he was approached by Princess Ashelia Solidor . She wished for the two to become engaged for political reasons. With no other prospects and no home to return to, Auberon said yes to her proposal. Now he finds himself engaged to royalty and bond only to his duty to his betrothed.