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Milo Corr

Milo Corr

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In Topic: A Silent Call For Help

Yesterday, 05:01 AM

Drawing the credit once more he gave it a longing look before nodding his head. "Of course, guess I don't need it anyways." It was a sort of lucky charm to him, to part with it was like to part with a friend.


"I'll be back then!" Milo called before moving away from the forge, dragging along the sled like a child might drag a string-pulled astromech. He wandered the outskirts of Cratertown, seemingly lost as he had forgotten to ask for directions, only slipping in to deliver the mugs to secure a bed for the night.


This place was a backwater, by his standards, and lacked many of the luxuries that even he as a vagabond was used to of his home planet. But he'd get by as he always did. Finally spotting the transport, taking one last group of scavengers out to the wastes before dusk set in full, he used up the last of his wealth procuring transportation to the wreckage of old.


There was enough durasteel plating out here to create a fleet, if one was willing to go through the process of collecting it all. Electronic bounties remained hidden under piles of sands, uncovered like pearls in a clam. Mouse droids and other bots, or what was left of them, we're like small bounties to be uncovered here and there. But most of the bounty was just plating.


The work was hard, by his standards as one who would sooner shirk his duties chasing the fancies of unobtainable treasure over menial labor. Nonetheless he set about his task working with other scavengers, sharing tools and drink as they tore through metal like one might paper. 


Only to return to the transport when the star was long gone into the night.


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In Topic: A Silent Call For Help

12 October 2018 - 06:52 PM

Milo bowed his head twice in quick succession,"Thank you thank you," he said before throwing his head back and draining the last of the drink. Setting it aside he walked over to retrieve the metal mugs, holding them with care despite their material. "I'll make sure this gets to 'em. You've been a great help to a stranger."

As he stepped out of the door he paused and turned about. "You don't happen to have a sled that I could use to pull the salvage with, do you? Might make the whole trek easier."


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In Topic: A Silent Call For Help

12 October 2018 - 06:43 PM

Double post.

In Topic: A Silent Call For Help

12 October 2018 - 01:04 AM

Following the Epicanthix with his eyes, the vagabond took the man's response as a sign to stop pursuing any further questioning, slipping into a silence until they arrived at the home. "Oh, I don't mind. You should see mine," he said, as if implying he had a place to stay at all.


"Yeah- yeah. I'll give it a try, always worth it, eh?" Milo reached out to grip the cup and take an experimental sip before blanching. The liquid was harsh on the throat, and the second sip was no better. "On Empress Teta I used to scrap some of the old landspeeders and crashed swoop bikes that could be found abandoned on some of the lower levels. You'd be amazed at what people throw away carelessly."


The transient moved around the room, inspecting the various piles of scrap and other hanging goods, surveying it and taking a mental notes. "Wouldn't say that I am anything comparable to a smith, though." He returned to his drink, daring to swallow a mouthful. "I guess you're a scrapper then?"


Ackra Gaz

In Topic: A Silent Call For Help

11 October 2018 - 10:02 PM

He nodded twice in acknowledgement as they arrived at Cratertown. "Oh, great, I can- ah..." His hands rummaged around empty pockets, searching for credits. He reveals a single standard First Order coin, furrowing his brow. "I'm not askin' for charity, but do y'know where I can find, ah... A bit of work." He said shrugging, stuffing the coin away once more.


"And where are you from then, if you aren't a native? What would make you want to move out to a planet such as this?" Milo was inquisitive, passing the time as his mind tried to mentally piece together a course of action so that he might get himself off this rock. Though the large figure did pique his interest. A distressed call through the force had brought him, he assumed. Was it by chance, or something else?


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