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Ivory Stroud

Ivory Stroud

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In Topic: A Man Who Doesn't Spend Time With His Family Can Never Be A Real Man (The...

03 January 2019 - 01:53 PM

Ivory drew in a breath, inhaling the sweet, spicy scent of cigera-smoke into her lungs... then exhaling a stream of milky white into the air. The Gardens were beautifully lit, sparkling in a celebratory fashion; no expense had been spared, preparing the grounds of the Crown Prime Casino's luscious Gardens for the event. Things were changing in The Family... For the better, she hoped. 


The beautiful, tattooed Femme Fatale wore a dress which was equally conservative & revealing; low cut, sleeveless, which showed off a wealth of skin while leaving her most important assets solely to the imagination. The Underboss had taken it upon herself to ensure everything was prepared for the Ceremony which would (she hoped) cement their Family's power for the future. The Donna, bless her, wouldn't be returning... and it was up to Ivory & Auberon to keep their Syndicate alive. 


She flicked the butt of her cigera into a burning firepit, watching the small stub disappear in the crackling flames. Then, she allowed herself a smile... choosing to focus on hope, rather than what they'd lost. Choosing the future, rather than the past. 

In Topic: Is this faction still going?

18 November 2018 - 09:29 AM

Bandit Six


 If you're looking for some criminal fun, The Family is always recruiting. =) PM me if you're interested! 

In Topic: Is this faction still going?

15 November 2018 - 11:41 PM

Bandit Six
The Family is certainly active. I haven't seen anyone doing too much here. 

In Topic: Adrift on Neon Wings

14 November 2018 - 11:39 PM

The Apex of the Crown Prime Casino was a special place; reserved strictly for meetings such as this - a place where The Family could meet, as well as survey the city and the stars above. Much of the ceiling was made of glass and pyramidal shaped, and the skylights were open.. allowing a nearly 360 degree view across the grounds of the Casino and into the night. Above, a constantly shifting tapestry of light blanketed the sky... Coruscant never slept. 


The opulent, finely furnished space was warm and secure; kept clean of all manner of "pests", and only accessible to those whom Ivory personally allowed. Everyone who'd arrived were her Family... the most trusted. 


The turbolift doors hissed open, and Ivory stepped out... dressed in a sleek black skirt which accentuated her curves beautifully. The tattoos & assorted brands etched into her flesh gave her a rebellious air, creating a strange dichotomy of command & anarchy. Clutched to her chest was a black document holder. The Underboss nodded toward everyone in the room, recognizing each of them immediately - happy to see so many had come. 


"Good evening, everyone... and thanks for coming so quickly."


The Crime Lord tossed the leather case on the long wooden table which occupied a considerable amount of the room, and it landed with a slap. Beside it, her drink waited, and she picked it up and took a sip... coating her tongue in the strong liquor before swallowing with a contented sigh. She opened the document case, and began extracting a number of pages... laying them out in a certain order only she might understand. Once she was ready (which only took a few moments), she took another drink then set the glass down, rubbing her palms together. 


"Alright people... we've got business to discuss." 




"As you all are likely aware, business has been running well over the past few months... The Crown Prime, as you all might have noticed on your way in, is highly successful; we've made in excess of 785,000 Credits since Opening Weekend in house profit alone... which has exceeded our predictions. Our illegitimate rackets, of course, are successful as well... with Spice & Dust being the two most popular sellers on the open market. The quality vastly outweighs our competitors... except for The Hutts." 


Slowly, Ivory turned her gaze to each of her friends in turn. 


"Since it's reopening, Ahtemis Luxury Transports, our shipyards, have only clocked on average two to three ships per month - when we have the capability to churn out nearly three times that many in the same amount of time. This is troubling... for a number of reasons: firstly, it's not a matter of advertising, as our contacts within the Media Services ensure our ads play on a regular basis. Secondly, our competition is steadily gaining ground in regards to actual production numbers. Thirdly..." At this, the Underboss paused, reaching down and turning a single piece of paper for the others in the room to read. 


"After some digging... it turns out we're missing nearly 210,000 Credits since the factory went operational." 


 She allowed a moment for this to sink in before continuing. 


"Someone, inside the Factory, is stealing from us, ladies & gentlemen."

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In Topic: Factory for The Family

11 November 2018 - 08:03 PM






  • Manufacturer: Ahtemis Luxury Transports, LTD.
  • Affiliation: The Family, Closed-Market 
  • Model: (Example: TIE (Twin Ion Engine). For submissions where a model wouldn’t be appropriate, such as a custom walking stick, put ‘N/A’ for ‘Not Applicable’.)
  • Production: Minor 

  • Material: (What is your submission made out of? Certain materials are more resistant, or vulnerable, to certain weapons. Example: 'Durasteel.' See pre-requisites for: Restricted MaterialsLink: Manufacturing CompoundsMetalsCompounds)


  • Classification: Luxury Yacht
  • Length: (Via Metric System. Max: 200 meters. Examples: Defender Class Light Corvette: 94 meters, CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette: 139.25 Meters, Marauder Class Corvette: 195 meters)
  • Width: (Via Metric System. Max: 200 meters. Examples: Defender Class Light Corvette: 34.7 meters, CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette: 58.95 Meters, Marauder Class Corvette: 131 meters)
  • Height: (Via Metric System. Max: 200 meters. Examples: Defender Class Light Corvette: 29 meters, CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette: 16.97 Meters, Marauder Class Corvette: 22 meters)
  • Armament: (You may provide your armament in list format and must provide your vessel an Armament Rating. (Choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageModerateHighVery HighExtremeArmament Ratings are scaled in relation to the class of ship, meaning a Starfighter will not equate to a Destroyer. For example an average 900m ship will outgun an average 600m ship. Armament Ratings provide only basic weaponry unless the ship also has a description of weapons. Please link to all Factory Submissions used. Links: Starship WeaponsApproved Technology)
  • Defenses: (You may provide your shield and armor systems in list format and must provide your vessel an Defense Rating. (Choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageModerateHighVery HighExtreme. Where None is a man in a space suit hanging on to an engine, Average is typical defense, and Extreme is heaviest defense with heavy armor plating and multiple layers of powerful shields. Defensive Ratings are scaled in relation to the type of ship, meaning a Starfighter will not equate to a Destroyer. You should list particular systems under advanced systems. Please link to all Factory Submissions used. Links: Approved Technology)
  • Hangar: (Please provide the amount of fighters this submission can hold in it's hangar by count of Squadrons, which hold 12 average Starfighters. The higher your squadron count, the lower your Armament and number of advanced systems should be. )
    • 100 Meters: [None: - | Very Low: - | Low: - | Average: 0 | Moderate: - | High: - | Very High: 1 | Extreme: 2]
    • 200 Meters: [None: - | Very Low: - | Low: 0 | Average: 1 | Moderate: - | High: 2 | Very High: 3 | Extreme: 4]
  • Maneuverability Rating: (Choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageModerateHighVery HighExtreme. How agile is your ship? Can it take tight turns? This is relative to the size of the vessel (e.g. a Corvette with Low Maneuverability will be more agile than a Star Destroyer with a Low rating.
  • Speed Rating: (Choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageModerateHighVery HighExtreme. How fast is your ship in normal space? How fast can it take off, how fast can it speed through a planet's atmosphere? This is relative to the size of the vessel (e.g. a Corvette with Low Speed will be quicker than a Star Destroyer with a Low Speed.
  • Hyperdrive Class: (The lower the number, the faster the ship. You may use decimals. [Very Slow: 10 Average: 2 | Very Fast: 0.3] Going below 1 typically requires balancing out with other weaknesses. Links: HyperdriveHyperdrive Comparisons)

(Provide all of your submission's standard features, including non-combat items, here in a list -or- alternatively simply state 'all standard features'. This includes all features that are common for vessels of this class. Please link to all Factory Submissions used. Links: Starship WeaponsApproved TechnologyShieldsEngines)

(Provide all of your submission's advanced systems, including non-combat items and special weapons, here in a list. Please link to all Factory Submissions used. Stealth technology and other advanced systems may require other weaknesses or reduced ratings for balance. Ensure significant capabilities from systems are included in the Strengths and Weaknesses lists. Examples include: Stealth systems, Advanced ECM systems, Crystal gravfield traps, HIMS, Molecular shields. Links: Starship WeaponsApproved TechnologyShieldsEngines)


  • (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)


  • (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)

Description: (Describing your submission's history is optional. Please provide a detailed account or link of each special feature that is listed in this submission. All miscellaneous descriptive elements go here, such as Cargo Capacity, Passengers, Consumables, Crew, etc.. There is no requirement for amount of words here so long as you meet the minimum requirements for your advanced systems.)