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Ivory Stroud

Ivory Stroud

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#1897089 A Man Who Doesn't Spend Time With His Family Can Never Be A Real Man (The...

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 03 January 2019 - 01:53 PM

Ivory drew in a breath, inhaling the sweet, spicy scent of cigera-smoke into her lungs... then exhaling a stream of milky white into the air. The Gardens were beautifully lit, sparkling in a celebratory fashion; no expense had been spared, preparing the grounds of the Crown Prime Casino's luscious Gardens for the event. Things were changing in The Family... For the better, she hoped. 


The beautiful, tattooed Femme Fatale wore a dress which was equally conservative & revealing; low cut, sleeveless, which showed off a wealth of skin while leaving her most important assets solely to the imagination. The Underboss had taken it upon herself to ensure everything was prepared for the Ceremony which would (she hoped) cement their Family's power for the future. The Donna, bless her, wouldn't be returning... and it was up to Ivory & Auberon to keep their Syndicate alive. 


She flicked the butt of her cigera into a burning firepit, watching the small stub disappear in the crackling flames. Then, she allowed herself a smile... choosing to focus on hope, rather than what they'd lost. Choosing the future, rather than the past. 

#1882663 Is this faction still going?

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 18 November 2018 - 09:29 AM

Bandit Six


 If you're looking for some criminal fun, The Family is always recruiting. =) PM me if you're interested! 

#1881942 Is this faction still going?

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 15 November 2018 - 11:41 PM

Bandit Six
The Family is certainly active. I haven't seen anyone doing too much here. 

#1881538 Adrift on Neon Wings

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 14 November 2018 - 11:39 PM

The Apex of the Crown Prime Casino was a special place; reserved strictly for meetings such as this - a place where The Family could meet, as well as survey the city and the stars above. Much of the ceiling was made of glass and pyramidal shaped, and the skylights were open.. allowing a nearly 360 degree view across the grounds of the Casino and into the night. Above, a constantly shifting tapestry of light blanketed the sky... Coruscant never slept. 


The opulent, finely furnished space was warm and secure; kept clean of all manner of "pests", and only accessible to those whom Ivory personally allowed. Everyone who'd arrived were her Family... the most trusted. 


The turbolift doors hissed open, and Ivory stepped out... dressed in a sleek black skirt which accentuated her curves beautifully. The tattoos & assorted brands etched into her flesh gave her a rebellious air, creating a strange dichotomy of command & anarchy. Clutched to her chest was a black document holder. The Underboss nodded toward everyone in the room, recognizing each of them immediately - happy to see so many had come. 


"Good evening, everyone... and thanks for coming so quickly."


The Crime Lord tossed the leather case on the long wooden table which occupied a considerable amount of the room, and it landed with a slap. Beside it, her drink waited, and she picked it up and took a sip... coating her tongue in the strong liquor before swallowing with a contented sigh. She opened the document case, and began extracting a number of pages... laying them out in a certain order only she might understand. Once she was ready (which only took a few moments), she took another drink then set the glass down, rubbing her palms together. 


"Alright people... we've got business to discuss." 




"As you all are likely aware, business has been running well over the past few months... The Crown Prime, as you all might have noticed on your way in, is highly successful; we've made in excess of 785,000 Credits since Opening Weekend in house profit alone... which has exceeded our predictions. Our illegitimate rackets, of course, are successful as well... with Spice & Dust being the two most popular sellers on the open market. The quality vastly outweighs our competitors... except for The Hutts." 


Slowly, Ivory turned her gaze to each of her friends in turn. 


"Since it's reopening, Ahtemis Luxury Transports, our shipyards, have only clocked on average two to three ships per month - when we have the capability to churn out nearly three times that many in the same amount of time. This is troubling... for a number of reasons: firstly, it's not a matter of advertising, as our contacts within the Media Services ensure our ads play on a regular basis. Secondly, our competition is steadily gaining ground in regards to actual production numbers. Thirdly..." At this, the Underboss paused, reaching down and turning a single piece of paper for the others in the room to read. 


"After some digging... it turns out we're missing nearly 210,000 Credits since the factory went operational." 


 She allowed a moment for this to sink in before continuing. 


"Someone, inside the Factory, is stealing from us, ladies & gentlemen."

Jade Isara Dayne Inck'ha Shaun Castanic Al-Saher Zoe Rosella Stardust Australis Skirae

#1880361 Updates, and Blessed Life Day to all!

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 11 November 2018 - 03:13 PM

Hello, Family! 


After a brief break to allow for Life's ebb & flow, The Family is starting a new push into fresh stories for ya'll! I & my fellow Caporegime are brainstorming some fun new threads for everyone to take part in - please keep an eye on the Emergency Frequency channel in our Discord, as well as the "Current Threads" section of the Faction Page for updates on available group-threads. 


 That said, I'd like to cover a few small points, to be sure all our Associates & Soldiers are up-to-date: 


1. Due to some recent personal affairs, Bambi isn't doing so much writing presently - the task of day-to-day Administrative Duties has fallen to myself, Capo Vorkaliin, and Capo Shaun Castanic. It's possible she'll be returning to the Site somewhat soon, but presently, she's only available on Discord. General Faction questions, requests for story assistance, and other concerns may be directed (as always) to any of the Caporegime at any time. 


2. We are tracking that a number of our Associates & Soldiers have been "assigned" to a Caporegime, but at this time, we're not enforcing or tracking who works with or for whom - we're allowing all our members to work with any Caporegime they feel meets their needs as a writer. That being said, if you have been in communication with a particular Caporegime and understand them to be your "Boss", please stick with them... As time wears on and The Family goes further, such assignments will become more important. 


3. Please be aware that any story threads which involve The Family by association should be discussed with one of the Caporegime before posting. Not so much to get permission, but to keep us in the loop - as we are still a growing Faction, I (personally) like to be aware of what's happening out there in the Galaxy... my main reason for-which is that I love to get involved and support our members! If you have an awesome story idea, please feel free to manifest it... and help us help you! 


4. To all our friends in the United States, I'd like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving - it's only a short time before it's finally here! To everyone outside the States (The Aussies, Europeans, and others), I'd like to wish you all a fabulous upcoming Life Day! The Family loves & appreciates you all, and I'll be hosting an upcoming Social thread for everyone to take part in, and join the festivities! 




You are all greatly appreciated, and I can't wait to see what kind of awesome stories we share very soon! Please bear with us, as running a faction can be quite hard sometimes... but we are committed to bringing you guys the best Criminal stories & character building possible!

#1880337 Adrift on Neon Wings

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 11 November 2018 - 02:01 PM



Location: Coruscant


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"That should be everything..." Katarina said, handing over the dossier. 


Seated beside her, Ivory took it; opening the flap and extracting the packet within. She browsed through it for a moment with a discerning eye - brow furrowed as she read. She said nothing for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip before replacing the files within the envelope and closing it... then tucking the small package beside her and into the seat. 


Then, she handed an envelope of her own to the lieutenant. The crime lord watched the detective carefully, features absolutely unreadable... and Katarina, to her credit, betrayed nothing either. The woman took the credits, stuffing them inside her jacket. "Thank you, Kat. That'll be all." Ivory said, offering little more... 


The detective smirked, then nodded, and without another word, opened the door to the speeder and stepped out into the night. 


Ivory's driver slowly pulled away at her direction, gliding easily into the night. 


Katarina stepped up onto the pavement, reached into a pocket, and produced a crumpled pack of cigeras... giving it a shake, and placing one between her lips. She lit it, and the sweet, pungent smell of tobac wafted into the air around her - wreathing her in smoke. She exhaled, remaining on the quiet street until she was sure it was time to go. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ivory made a call. 


"I want a drink waiting, when I get back... We have business to discuss." She said, and her associate nodded. 


The return to the Crown Prime was only a short travel, and it was mostly in silence... The Underboss had much to consider.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ivory's speeder pulled into the private drive through-which only members of The Family gained access to the lower levels of the Crown Prime Casino. "The Labyrinth", as it was called, was highly secure... the basement of the Casino, where they might conduct their business in secret. The dim private parking area was quiet when the Underboss exited the speeder, shutting the door with a thud. 


Access to the private turbolift which would take her to the very top of the Casino, and the meeting room which awaited at its' apex, was accomplished with a wave of a personal keycard Ivory carried with her at all times. 


Everyone was already waiting, some seated at the table in the center of the room, while others milled about in the beautiful office space. The doors separating the private lift from the room hissed open and Ivory stepped out. 


#1880210 Invitation to the Snakes Pitt

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 11 November 2018 - 03:16 AM


"Arthemis. What a pleasant surprise"



"Hmm?" The Donna said, frowning and ducking her head as she looked at the Consiglieri. "What was it you said?" She asked, stepping into the room and turning her body to face Death Adder. Her right side would be closer then - and her demeanor had changed to a heightened state of awareness. 


The Donna would be facing the entry into the office and anyone entering the office would easily spot the two of them. 

#1880208 Who Let the Dogs Out?

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 11 November 2018 - 03:04 AM

The brightly burning fire hissed as a few drops of blood fell from Jade Isara & Shaun Castanic's sealing handshake. The Ritual was a powerful act of magic - a wholly binding one, as to become a member of The Family was for life. A coppery tang would reach the nostrils, as the blood quickly burned... sealing the pact in a symbolic vision of what would befall they that broke the oath, or betrayed The Family. 


Jade would now be considered one of the trusted few. 


Ivory grinned in the dim lighting, saying nothing.. but with a nod. 

#1878991 Who Let the Dogs Out?

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 07 November 2018 - 02:51 AM

A door opened, and through it stepped the Underboss of the Family, Ivory herself. Her face was serious; set in stone, but Jade would have been able to catch the barest glimmer of mirth behind Ivory's eyes. She shared a nod toward her fellow Caporegime & The Donna, visible through the small communicator.


The tattooed Femme-Fatale approached, standing beside the table and beside Shaun Castanic, silent, merely bearing witness to the events as they unfolded. 


She'd been impressed by Jade Isara's answers, and her performance... for there were no secrets amongst the highest members of The Family. 

#1878971 Invitation to the Snakes Pitt

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 07 November 2018 - 01:11 AM

"Maud" took a break, rising from the table (bumping it with her knee, which caused the other gamblers to sneer at her), and hobbling through the smoke-filled haze until she found what she assumed was the Ladies' Room. The big, gruff, angry miner woman stared at herself in a mirror, illuminated by a single light - inspecting the cracks & curves of her face, her mean chin, cracked and broken teeth, eyes yellowed from liver disease, round stomach, full thighs, and stubby fingers... 


Like a haze on a hot summer day, it all began to melt away. 


And in its' place, was The Donna herself, black dress, black hair, shadowed hat & all. 


 The gorgeously feminine, curvaceous predator glimpsed at her nails, smoothed her dress, and adjusted her hat to just the proper angle - enough to bathe her face in shadow. With a snap, and a shake, the Lady Ahtemis was on her way out. 


 The Donna approached a group of guards near the back staircase, choosing security over showmanship... and tipped her hat, once she'd gotten close. But she didn't slow down. One of the men stepped forward as-if to stop her, but she waved him off - "Tell him I'm here, and I'm on my way up. Out of my way." Ironically, she'd chosen the perfect moment for a gamble of her own. One which paid off. 


"Y-Yes, ma'am." The guard stammered, struck dumb. The truth was, he'd only ever glimpsed the woman and never spoken to her directly. She was an Old Spacer's Dream. He stepped aside, and the two other men beside him said nothing, looking after her as she mounted the staircase. Like claws, the shadows accepted her graciously... and she had disappeared. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


The Donna strode into Death Adder's office as-if she owned it, turning to the lone man in the room.

"Hello, Adder." She said, coolly. 

Shaun Castanic Vorkaliin Barass

#1875254 The foundation must be built on something

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 26 October 2018 - 08:56 PM

"Well..." Ivory began, standing a few feet away & inspecting signs of scorch-marks where blasterfire had torn into the stone, "This is old... but not ancient." She turned, visibly chewing on her lip as she inspected the remainder of the area just outside the main doors. Catching Adrian Dyson eye, she gave him a wolfish grin; perfect teeth sparkling in the dim glow of their personal lighting. "You sure about this?" She asked. 


She was dressed simply, outfitted for exploration rather than her typical mercenary style; dark grey BDUs tucked into combat boots with a black leather coat & tank-top; form-fitting, accentuating the curves of her body while plainly showing her more practical side. Resting on her hips was a utility belt with a holstered blaster, and attached to her arms were a pair of mismatched armored gauntlets; powerful tools she'd devised herself, and would serve her well if their small group found themselves against a number of obstacles.


The Underboss of The Family had come well-prepared. Nearby, slumped against the wall, a duffle-bag rested with a small assortment of other gear they might require; chemlights, demo-charges for clearing rubble, a small set of tools, and a collapsible shotgun with a small assortment of shells. Whatever they might come across, she planned to be ready.  

#1875245 VIP Area, The Casino Bar (Crown Prime Casino; PM to Join)

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 26 October 2018 - 08:32 PM

The VIP area beyond the Casino's bar was an intimate affair, with an entrance guarded by suited men with hard eyes; her visitor had been checked, though they'd been courteous, and upon verifying he was unarmed, they allowed him beyond. 


A short hallway opened up into a luxurious & spacious lounge area, adorned by a number of options for comfortable seating as well as a full bar, manned by a single blonde woman dressed professionally, all in black. An open dance floor to one end of the room lay before a raised dais - obviously a section for live music & small gatherings. The lights were dimmer than elsewhere in the casino, providing soft, ambient illumination interspersed by slowly shifting colors of all shades of the rainbow - accentuating & enhancing the room's dark & mysterious feel. Soft Jizz-tunes, devoid of vocals, were piped through hidden speakers, and near the bar, in a seating area with a number of chairs & a couch facing a small table, a fire crackled peacefully in an enclosed brazier. 


Sitting in one of the chairs, facing the entrance, was a woman. On closer inspection, she'd appear quite lovely in an alternative fashion - black hair curled in upon itself and was cut in a unique mohawk style, with the left side of her skull shaved & adorned with tribal designs. She possessed a number of piercings, though none distasteful - in fact, they seemed to work in perfect unison with her steady lavender gaze, accentuating her beauty and lending an alluring & unpredictable nature to her relaxed posture. 


As Sal Valentino entered, the woman stood.. slender & athletic, dressed in a knee-length black dress which revealed an exquisite neck-line, red leather boots capped in silver upon the toes, and a number of pieces of jewelry adorning her fingers & ears. Resting just beneath the hollow of her throat was a tiny point of purple light - neatly matching her eyes as it sparkled with it's own internal light. The discerning eye would recognize it as a Kyber Crystal, and it hung upon a chain. 


The beautiful creature stepped away from her chair as Sal approached, and her lips blossomed into a welcoming & genuine smile - which never passed within a light-year of her eyes. 


"Mr. Valentino, is it? So glad you could make it, this evening... I trust there were no issues, checking in?"

#1875241 Invitation to the Snakes Pitt

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 26 October 2018 - 08:06 PM

She'd been watching, waiting, for hours now. 


 The crowd within the Snakes Pitt Casino consisted of more rough & tumble types - heavyset human men & few women, near-human races, and a few plainly inhuman; each and every soul possessed hard faces & rough hands. Far from Coruscant, and the Crown Prime Casino's comparetively glamorous clientele, one might think the Family's Underboss would be outside of her element. 


This could not have been furthest from the truth. 


She'd used her advanced holographic disquiser to blend in, entering the casino like any other refinery worker, pilot-turned-pirate, or hardbitten smuggler, taking part in a few games (the majority of which she'd purposefully lost), and making a show of drinking a tad too much - her appearance was not the Femme Fatale, for her unique look would have been immediately recognized; instead, she had introduced herself as "Maud", a stout brunette woman wearing overalls and stained boots. "Maud" had a scar over her left eye, and a few missing teeth - likely the result of a bar-fight, or too many years in a drug-induced haze. 


 They hadn't been checking for weapons, and she was certainly armed... Her thoughts had followed, coincidentally, those of her fellow Capo, Shaun Castanic: she knew little of "The Baron", and was prepared for the worst. 


Vorkaliin Barass Death Adder 

#1873688 Looking to make a nice slow start...

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 21 October 2018 - 10:56 PM

Hey there! Glad to see you starting out with a cool character concept! I love your profile.. Very detailed. 


My name is Ivory Stroud. I represent a group known as The Family; we are a growing Criminal Faction in the Galaxy with a growing member-base, strong & committed leadership, and a great place to start a life of crime & free-spirited exploration. We could offer many stories and RP opportunities, as well as resources & support for your own private endeavors. I'd like to extend an offer to you; if you're interested, after looking through our Lore sub above, please feel free to drop me a PM and we can discuss it further. I think you're just the kind of person we're looking for! 


All the best in your search, 

I.S. ~ Underboss, The Family



#1873498 Ivory beauty

Posted by Ivory Stroud on 21 October 2018 - 11:54 AM

The criminal siren followed dutifully, glancing as strange faces seemed to recognize Stardust. Her eyebrows raised and she allowed herself a small grin - being seen with the Queen of Zeltros would certainly turn some heads... and perhaps open some doors she wouldn't have seen, otherwise. Ivory took a breath, taking in the air of the planet and it's scent; feeling a warm buzzing sensation behind her eyes. She was somewhat familiar with the stories about Zeltros - that some found themselves completely enraptured or bed-ridden from extreme reactions to the planet and it's people. Whether by her experience with mind-altering substances, or some other design, she didn't feel an extreme... but the world had a dream-like glimmer to it's edges. 


Ivory giggled, nodding in response as Stardust pulled her into a store filled with beautiful dresses and apparel - some of them in styles she'd never seen before. "Oh my... this is lovely.." She whispered, feeling like a little girl unleashed in a candy store. 


Within 20 minutes, she'd already found two dresses she adored, each accentuating her delicious curves and neck-line... a look she preferred, and relied upon in her business dealings. Her athletic figure was lithe, toned, and she needed fine clothing which gave her a classy yet practical look - something she could work in, as well as play. She never looked at the prices once. 


"So.. tell me about Zeltros.." She asked Stardust Australis Skirae. "I've never been here, before.. and you seem to love it."


The evening air had become somewhat cooler, but the dark-haired Femme Fatale rarely got cold. Coruscant was warmer at night, though she expected it was due to radiant heat, with its rising skyscrapers absorbing and spreading the heat of the day long after night had fallen.