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Ivory Stroud

Ivory Stroud

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Updates, and Blessed Life Day to all!

11 November 2018 - 03:13 PM

Hello, Family! 


After a brief break to allow for Life's ebb & flow, The Family is starting a new push into fresh stories for ya'll! I & my fellow Caporegime are brainstorming some fun new threads for everyone to take part in - please keep an eye on the Emergency Frequency channel in our Discord, as well as the "Current Threads" section of the Faction Page for updates on available group-threads. 


 That said, I'd like to cover a few small points, to be sure all our Associates & Soldiers are up-to-date: 


1. Due to some recent personal affairs, Bambi isn't doing so much writing presently - the task of day-to-day Administrative Duties has fallen to myself, Capo Vorkaliin, and Capo Shaun Castanic. It's possible she'll be returning to the Site somewhat soon, but presently, she's only available on Discord. General Faction questions, requests for story assistance, and other concerns may be directed (as always) to any of the Caporegime at any time. 


2. We are tracking that a number of our Associates & Soldiers have been "assigned" to a Caporegime, but at this time, we're not enforcing or tracking who works with or for whom - we're allowing all our members to work with any Caporegime they feel meets their needs as a writer. That being said, if you have been in communication with a particular Caporegime and understand them to be your "Boss", please stick with them... As time wears on and The Family goes further, such assignments will become more important. 


3. Please be aware that any story threads which involve The Family by association should be discussed with one of the Caporegime before posting. Not so much to get permission, but to keep us in the loop - as we are still a growing Faction, I (personally) like to be aware of what's happening out there in the Galaxy... my main reason for-which is that I love to get involved and support our members! If you have an awesome story idea, please feel free to manifest it... and help us help you! 


4. To all our friends in the United States, I'd like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving - it's only a short time before it's finally here! To everyone outside the States (The Aussies, Europeans, and others), I'd like to wish you all a fabulous upcoming Life Day! The Family loves & appreciates you all, and I'll be hosting an upcoming Social thread for everyone to take part in, and join the festivities! 




You are all greatly appreciated, and I can't wait to see what kind of awesome stories we share very soon! Please bear with us, as running a faction can be quite hard sometimes... but we are committed to bringing you guys the best Criminal stories & character building possible!

Adrift on Neon Wings

11 November 2018 - 02:01 PM



Location: Coruscant


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"That should be everything..." Katarina said, handing over the dossier. 


Seated beside her, Ivory took it; opening the flap and extracting the packet within. She browsed through it for a moment with a discerning eye - brow furrowed as she read. She said nothing for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip before replacing the files within the envelope and closing it... then tucking the small package beside her and into the seat. 


Then, she handed an envelope of her own to the lieutenant. The crime lord watched the detective carefully, features absolutely unreadable... and Katarina, to her credit, betrayed nothing either. The woman took the credits, stuffing them inside her jacket. "Thank you, Kat. That'll be all." Ivory said, offering little more... 


The detective smirked, then nodded, and without another word, opened the door to the speeder and stepped out into the night. 


Ivory's driver slowly pulled away at her direction, gliding easily into the night. 


Katarina stepped up onto the pavement, reached into a pocket, and produced a crumpled pack of cigeras... giving it a shake, and placing one between her lips. She lit it, and the sweet, pungent smell of tobac wafted into the air around her - wreathing her in smoke. She exhaled, remaining on the quiet street until she was sure it was time to go. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ivory made a call. 


"I want a drink waiting, when I get back... We have business to discuss." She said, and her associate nodded. 


The return to the Crown Prime was only a short travel, and it was mostly in silence... The Underboss had much to consider.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ivory's speeder pulled into the private drive through-which only members of The Family gained access to the lower levels of the Crown Prime Casino. "The Labyrinth", as it was called, was highly secure... the basement of the Casino, where they might conduct their business in secret. The dim private parking area was quiet when the Underboss exited the speeder, shutting the door with a thud. 


Access to the private turbolift which would take her to the very top of the Casino, and the meeting room which awaited at its' apex, was accomplished with a wave of a personal keycard Ivory carried with her at all times. 


Everyone was already waiting, some seated at the table in the center of the room, while others milled about in the beautiful office space. The doors separating the private lift from the room hissed open and Ivory stepped out. 



15 October 2018 - 09:02 PM









  • Intent: To create a suit for Ivory that would aid her in espionage, Recon based missions, as well as provide protection while out and about. 
  • Image Source: Chao Dong - ArtstationZano - DeviantArt
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Multipurpose 
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances 
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High
    • Kinetic: Average
    • Lightsabers: Low
    • Sonic: Average
    • Mental Based Force: Average
    • Environmental Forces: High
    • Ion/EMP: Low



  • Four Season Sun Room: As a suit of armor that was specifically built for quite literally, any kind of operation that one may need an agent for, This suit allows for Ivory to work in just about any environment she decides to work in. Including Under water, and in the void of space as the suit is sealed, and has various filtration systems. With a max of a three hour oxygen supply to boot. 
  • Human Swiss Army Knife: The suit was specified to the fabricator Shaun, that it needed to be able to hold everything she might need, and more. With a special belt on her hip to hold just her weapons, as well as a harness utility belt to hold magazines, flashlights, grenades, or whatever else she may need, as well as many of the tools, weapons and HUD features upon the armor, this suit allows Ivory to hold all she may need into battle, or on an op. 


  • Zap-Zap: With so many electrical based systems in the suit, as well as the attempt to keep the entire set up down to a minimum, a lack of a faraday cage, or energy shielding that would otherwise prevent EMP and Ion weaponry from damaging, or completely shutting down the HUD features and electrical systems, means that even the typical ion grenade can easily disorient Ivory, or at worst, completely shut down her systems.
  • Tighter Than Your Own Skin: Tight, and form fitting to Ivory specifically, there is little room for much else. With such a very tight uniform, it prohibits thicker clothing, and even some underarmors or in general, clothing. The suit was designed to be worn on its own. While armor can be made after the fact to fit over the top of this suit, it cannot have anything under the armor itself. 
  • THIS IS SPARTA!: As much as everyone enjoys a good full fledged battle, This armor was not built for that. While it offers very good overall protection from various sources, It does not bode well for the wearer in combat against weapons that are meant to break armors, or face multiple foes at once. Dancing in the Shade of bolt raining down on you, is no where near even a possibility, or even a thought one should have while wearing this armor. 

Upon their first meeting, Ivory and "Auberon" didn't really get along at first. While it may have seemed that Shaun disliked the woman, it was infact just the opposite. He held a respect for the woman. While Shaun has been known for his Echani Heritage as well as being the Right Hand Executioner of Ahtemis, His respect was reserved for the idea that Ivory can simply enter a room, and demand the attention of everyone in it. Not everyone had the same strengths and abilities that he did. While Ivory may or may not have been gifted in the force, Her strength lay not in physical prowess, but subterfuge, and smooth words with a body to match. 


It was after another meeting with Shaun, and the subsequent deal that they had struck, Shaun began to work on a set of armor for Ivory that would allow her to operate in whatever element she chose. Even using a Hologram device upon her belt will allow her to wear this armor, but look as though she were wearing normal clothes, dresses, or otherwise. It can even disguise her to look like someone else completely. Thus with her job as one of the Underbosses of the Family, she can literally become "Ahtemis" and propose the Donna's word upon those who are under her. 


Furthermore, with very many additions to the belts, gloves, boots and even a removable helmet, The suit is a walking utility tool on its own. Secondary to its sealed function to operate in space, or underwater. This would become "the last suit she would ever wear."


The helmet is specially made to fit with this suit. It can be taken completely off, or be worn in one of three stages. Stage one is that of a visor helmet. The first stage will only provide about half of the available HUD systems and cannot link up to electrical devices and the like. Its open to allow Ivory to easily speak to others, or otherwise remove the helmet from her head. Secondary stage is half closed. The helmet back, top and sides have all been closed, but the visor itself is still left open. This gives her full functionality with the HUD features, and doesn't completely close to allow speaking, eating or otherwise with the helmet still on. The Third and final stage is fully closed. It is the only stage that is completely sealed with the armor to support underwater, or space fairing usage, and also directly hides her face should she wish to keep her identity a secret. 


One of the Major weaknesses of the helmet is that should an EMP blast hit her, There is a chance that the helmet could be locked into place, or not have the ability to be removed from her head as the locks holding the mask in its position are operated electronically. While it is still very possible to remove the helmet from her head while in stage three, its very difficult to do so, as well as possibly damaging the systems within the HUD features as they may be attempting to sync back up. 

Dohmus Prime - Moonveil Communications Relay XR-v111

24 September 2018 - 09:11 PM



  • Space Station Name: Moonveil Communications Relay XR-v111

  • Station Model: Velocity-Class Waystation

  • Classification: Communications Relay

  • Location: The Dohmus System

  • Affiliation: Moonveil Communications, The Family

  • Population: No Inhabitants

  • Demographics: N/A

  • Accessibility: Private Access Only - Orbiting over Dohmus Prime. Accessible only by starship, with clearance. An automated defense network within & without provide security against intruders.  

  • Description: Purchased from Jaeger Solutions, the Moonveil Communications Relay XR-v111 provides access to the three primary means of communication in the Galaxy: Subspace, Hyperwave, and Holonet Communications for the entirety of the Dohmus System.


Medium (With support of local Starships) 

  • Ion Shielding

  • Deflector Shields

  • Internal/External Automated Defense System

  • External Defenses: 2 Laser Cannons

  • Network Security Droids


  • Docking Bay

  • Access & Maintenance Corridors

  • Operations



Bad Wolf Enterprises, Parent Company to Moonveil Communications, LLC, purchased the Velocity-Class Waystation for use in the Dohmus System. Jaeger Solutions delivered the Waystation by Hyperspace Tug, then assisted technicians employed by The Family in setting up the Relay. It has been in operation for years.

Moonveil Communications & Holdings, LLC

24 September 2018 - 09:09 PM


  • Image Source: Ahtemis /Bambi - FO, The Family


  • Canon Link:  None

  • Development Thread: (If appliable.)

  • Primary Source: None


  • Corporation Name: Moonveil Communications & Holdings, LLC

  • Headquarters: The Dohmus System

  • Locations: The Crown Prime Casino, Coruscant; Velocity-Class Waystation, Dohmus Prime

  • Operations: Management of locations associated with gambling, adult entertainment, and other recreational venues across The Galaxy.


Moonveil Communications & Holdings provides management solutions in the Entertainment & Communications industries. One branch of the Company manages gambling establishments, bars, adult entertainment venues, while the second branch operates a powerful Velocity-Class waystation which provides nonstop access to the most important forms of Communications in The Galaxy.

No Records exist which might indicate the Company's total holdings. 



Developed as a subsidiary of BWE, Inc.

 Moonveil Entertainment & Holo-Comms acts as BWE’s “Recreational” branch; owning stakes in a number of Entertainment venues across Coruscant & Nar Shaddaa, as well as acting as a portal through-which inhabitants of The Dohmus System utilize the most common forms of communication in The Galaxy. 


Parent Corporation: Bad Wolf Enterprises, Inc.