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Alec Rimmer

Alec Rimmer

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In Topic: Attack on Cordialis (PM to join)

Today, 08:22 AM

The battle continued to rage above the surface of Cordialis, the Jedi and their outdated technology continued to fall beneath the might of the Jen'ari fleet. Alec Rimmer flew through the small ships of the defending Jedi in pursuit of one ship, the green ship continued to evade his fire while still taking out many of the Jen'ari ships making their attack on the main Jedi destroyer. Minuets went by as Alec was unable to land a hit on the fast moving ship, this began to anger him, he was an excellent pilot and his force sensitivity added to that. Taking out this single Jedi should have proved no problem for him, yet here he was still chasing the Eta-2 across space. 

"Fighter Squadron IV, I need two fighters to focus on the green Eta-2 that's been tearing up our ships." The support should allow Alec or at least one of the other ships to destroy the annoyance that had been plaguing them. The two fighters engaged the Jedi firing at an impressive rate, they managed to hit his wing. "Finally." The Jedi's ship began to spiral and drop heading toward the bridge of his own lead destroyer, but right before he impacted, the ship flipped around. "Squadron IV, the ship is not down watch your back!" the Jedi had rolled with the punches and now he had gotten behind Alec and his squadron blasting the two support ships Alec had called for assistance. Alec spun and dove trying to shake the enemy but to no avail, now he was the one being chased and his evading skills would be put to the test...


Ozun Zhil

In Topic: The Jen'ari Empire Rises

Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Coming out of hyperspace, the planet could be seen below. I'ts blue atmosphere was alive and flickering with the lightning that constantly raged above the earth. Although the system had a sun, the planet was cast in eternal darkness accompanied by constant rain, the Dark Side filled this world. It was the perfect location for the rise of the Jen'ari Empire.


Alec guided his ship down to the surface of the planet in hopes of observing the landscape before continuing on to the rendezvous point. The clouds made it hard to see as he passed through the atmosphere trying to keep control of his ship. The lightning crackled around his ship as he descended to the planet's surface. As he passed through the clouds he was presented with the sight of a dark jungle, the darkness of night hid most of the details but the large number of trees along with the muddy river confirmed his thoughts. He would have to come back to the jungle at some point to discover more of what could be found on land; however, he didn't have time, he needed to meet back with the fleet and the rest of the Sith at the Citidel. As he continued north the storm seemed to grow stronger causing him to focus more on the control of his ship, suddenly out of nowhere, a long jagged dagger of blue lightning struck the wing of his Delta-7. "Rimmer to fleet, I've been struck by lightning I'm going down, repeat I am going down!" his only reply was static, his communications must have been damaged by the lightning. "RD-66, prepare for an emergency landing!" The forest zoomed ever closer as he fell from his position in the sky, the trees began to slap against his ship as he blew through the tree line. 


The impact was something he didn't quite remember, the next thing he knew, he was still belted into his cockpit with the nose of his ship buried about a meter into the ground. Opening the hatch, he jumped out of the crashed vessel. "No comms, no navigation, it looks like I'm in for a great time walking back to the Citadel."...

In Topic: Delta-7 Aethersprite-Class Light Interceptor

10 August 2018 - 08:54 PM

It should be fixed now.

In Topic: I make rank tags

10 August 2018 - 04:34 PM

It looks great, thank you.

In Topic: I make rank tags

10 August 2018 - 12:39 AM

Could I please get one that said Sith Knight with some sort of red lightsaber or red lightning effect please?