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Alec Rimmer

Alec Rimmer

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In Topic: The Jen'ari Empire Chiss Resources (Dominion of Hex Q, 18)

27 November 2018 - 10:13 PM



Obeying the orders of Darth Rowe, Alec Rimmer pushed forward to the front of the Sith assault, where he would be able to do the most damage. Slicing his way through two Chiss soldies on his way to the front-line, he fell into the rhythm of battle and the deathly movements of his crimson saber flowed naturally as would be expected of an expert. Body after body hit the ground as he pursued the Chiss forces closely followed by the Sith troopers of the Jen'ari. They would hold his back, they always did. Alec, although not tired of the merciless cutting of his lightsaber, felt the urge to engage the enemy on more equal terms, so with a mere thought accompanied by the slight flick of his wrist, he force-pulled a blaster from the hands of a Chiss soldier and into his own. Putting away his saber, Alec administered a point-blank shot to the face of the man whose weapon had just been wrested from his grip. As the corpse fell to the ground, a face of surprise showing on what was left of its face, Alec proceeded to mix his own blaster-fire with that of the Jen'ari troops who continued to advance alongside himself. Shot after shot landed and the carcasses of defenders began to pile up. With a quick jerk of his torso, he would change sight inline with a Chiss defender climbing from the safety of his cover. Repeating this step time after time, he began to fall in rank with the troops. They would pay no mind to him, he was another soldier, a brother on a mission, that being the destruction of resisting forces and the claiming of the Mobus System for the Jen'ari Empire.


With the fight raging on a movement was caught out of the corner of his eye, a troop of Chiss were taking position with heavy machine-guns on a skywalk above the attacking Jen'ari force. The position of the Jen'ari was soon to be compromised as they were nearing a narrow pass and the Chiss would have a perfect bottleneck to pin down any advance. Thinking it over in his head, Alec responded to himself.

"I guess I'll just have to teach those boys a lesson about playing with guns..."

In Topic: The Jen'ari Empire Chiss Resources (Dominion of Hex Q, 18)

25 November 2018 - 04:32 PM



The ordeal with the marauders on Jena'tes had taken much longer than Alec had hoped due to circumstances and events he hoped would be kept as secrets between himself and the dead lying in the darkness of the planet's jungle. What mattered now was that the first great step of the Jen'ari Empire had already been set in motion and would count on the loyalty and action of not only the Jen'ari fighters and commanders but also the fall of the Mobus System. By the time Alec had arrived, the assault of the gas planet was well on its way with the Chiss Fleet mostly destroyed and the battle beneath the clouds raging at an all time high. He had previously spoken with the Emperor and had been given his initiative personally. His mission lay on the ground, among the troops commanded by Darth Rowe who was leading the attack on the city. Avoiding altercation with the Chiss air-defense and fighters within the atmosphere, Alec managed to find a seemingly untouched landing pad, free of enemies although far from the majority of the fighting. Hopping out of his Delta-7 Starfighter, Alec assessed his surroundings and carefully proceeded past the loading area and further into the mining city in search of Chiss forces and the Jen'ari troopers holding the flank of the attack. 


The hallways of the buildings were mostly empty with the occasional maintenance crew hiding in closet areas or proceeding about their employ, unhindered and unknowing of the assault on the city. Continuing along the north corridor in search of a crossroads that might lead to a western overlook which would reveal the course and location of the battle, Alec spotted a small platoon of Chiss soldiers hurrying from the east and take a westward path at a heightened pace accompanied by a sense of urgency. Rather than dispatch the troopers, Alec quietly followed them through the winding passages of the facilities to an array of sky-bridges from which the fighting could be heard and seen hundreds of feet below the platforms. Instantly taking opportunity by the neck, Alec cut free the catwalks on his side and made us of the force by tearing the connections on the opposite. With a surprised and horrifying scream, the Chiss fell to their demise amidst the bodies of their falling comrades on the ground below. Alec saw them off with a brief salute and continued to pursue a path leading to the events below.


Cutting through the door with an 'X'-like pattern Alec exited the tall building housing the stairs to the city's upper levels. With a force push, the remains of the doors blew into the ranks of Chiss fighters struggling to hold their ground against the onslaught of the Jen'ari's Sith troopers. Proceeding through the doorway, Alec cut down the two closest Chiss, their faces still holding an expression of horror at the appearance of an unexpected threat. Blocking the fire of the enemy, Alec proceeded to stab and cut his way to the head of the Jen'ari advance where the commander Darth Rowe stood in the trance of battle, weaving her blades about as if in a ritual dance.


"Alec Rimmer, ready and reporting." He said to Rowe, as he effortlessly deflected another laser into the chest of a Chiss soldier. 




In Topic: The Jen'ari Empire Rises

20 August 2018 - 08:01 AM

The jungle was even darker than he had thought it would be, the light that came through the atmosphere was barely enough to see regularly, but amongst the trees it was impossible. Alec would have to rely on his fine tuned senses to get him through the mysterious rain forest. Reaching out he could begin to construct a mental force-map if you will, the trees, bushes, and all living things were in sync with the force, he just had to tune in. 


Walking through the forest was still slightly difficult as Alec could not see the un-living things such as rocks or water. As he continued, he ignited his lightsaber, perhaps the minimal glow given off by the red lazerblade would be of some help in improving his sight. "I'm getting night vision as soon as I get to the Citadel, this is ridiculous." As he spoke to himself he was slightly distracted from force-mapping and was relying too much on the light from his weapon to notice that he was on a course to collide with a group of strangers patrolling the woods. 


"I really hope I'm getting close to the..."

"Hold it right there." a voice commanded him from behind, the sound of a blaster charging to the ready. It was foolish of him to get so distracted by the small amount of sight given by his lightsaber, now he was in a predicament that could most likely, only be resolved through violence, an outcome Alec had no problem with.

"Drop the lightsaber Mandalorian."

Alec had no intention of dropping his weapon, not to anyone especially not to some marauder scum on the surface of the Jen'ari's new planet.

In Topic: Holocron Hunt

14 August 2018 - 04:54 PM

Alec now sat in his cockpit overlooking the Sith world of Khar Delba. His search at Ashas Ree had proved fruitless, the treasure he had been looking for was not at the Temple of Lord Garu, it was long abandoned and had seen no activity in years. Khar Delba was Alec's next-best guess, there was once a Sith citadel on this planet, although it was a decoy for the base on Khar Shian, the moon. Alec descended into the atmosphere of the planet, ice and snow whipped at his ship , it seems there was a blizzard, it would be a common occurrence. The broken outline of the damaged fortress rose on the horizon as Alec drew closer, it was a large construction with many defenses that Alec hoped would be long deactivated by the time he arrived.


The air around him hissed as the cockpit opened and the warm air met the frigid climate of Khar Delba. "RD-66 just keep the comms up like last time, hopefully this is the place and it doesn't take to long to find the holocron. I'm already freezing as it is." Stepping off his ship, the cockpit closed and he proceeded to the door of the citadel. Suddenly blaster fire ignited coming right for him, rolling out of the way he activated his lightsaber and deflected a blast back into the citadel from where it came. He could hear but not see the explosion as the defending turret was destroyed. "Well it looks like not all the defenses are deactivated, hopefully that was the last one but I'd be surprised." Alec proceeded with caution, lightsaber at the ready... 


Darth Vyrassu 

In Topic: Attack on Cordialis (PM to join)

14 August 2018 - 08:22 AM

The battle continued to rage above the surface of Cordialis, the Jedi and their outdated technology continued to fall beneath the might of the Jen'ari fleet. Alec Rimmer flew through the small ships of the defending Jedi in pursuit of one ship, the green ship continued to evade his fire while still taking out many of the Jen'ari ships making their attack on the main Jedi destroyer. Minuets went by as Alec was unable to land a hit on the fast moving ship, this began to anger him, he was an excellent pilot and his force sensitivity added to that. Taking out this single Jedi should have proved no problem for him, yet here he was still chasing the Eta-2 across space. 

"Fighter Squadron IV, I need two fighters to focus on the green Eta-2 that's been tearing up our ships." The support should allow Alec or at least one of the other ships to destroy the annoyance that had been plaguing them. The two fighters engaged the Jedi firing at an impressive rate, they managed to hit his wing. "Finally." The Jedi's ship began to spiral and drop heading toward the bridge of his own lead destroyer, but right before he impacted, the ship flipped around. "Squadron IV, the ship is not down watch your back!" the Jedi had rolled with the punches and now he had gotten behind Alec and his squadron blasting the two support ships Alec had called for assistance. Alec spun and dove trying to shake the enemy but to no avail, now he was the one being chased and his evading skills would be put to the test...


Ozun Zhil