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Alec Rimmer

Alec Rimmer

Member Since 04 Aug 2018
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Holocron Hunt

Yesterday, 11:59 PM

The patchwork planet of Ashas Ree appeared as Alec Rimmer dropped out of hyperspace. The diverse geography of the planet held deserts, jungles, and forests, all within the confines of one world. Ashas Ree lay in the depths of the New Sith Empire and was once home to the great Sith Lord Garu. History tells that the holocron of King Adas was left here before the Great Hyperspace War. Seeing as Darth Vyrassu had sent them looking for a holocron, this may be a good place to start looking. There were also many Sith ruins and the Temple of Lord Garu could be the point of interest Darth Vyrassu had mentioned.


Alec descended to the jungle floor in front of the Temple of Lord Garu as he prepared to begin his search. A holocron holding a knowledge of the Dark Side would be an excellent prize as well as the 1 million credits which would cover his travel and perhaps a few upgrades to his ship. "Stay here RD-66. Look after the ship and let me know if anything happens, I'll be on comms the whole time." As he approached the door to the temple he could feel the presence of the Dark Side oozing from the doors and the pitch darkness of the entrance. As he stepped forth he was emerged in the overwhelming darkness. Igniting his lightsaber as a precaution and to provide what measly light in could, he was prepared to meet whatever challenges the ancient temple might hold...

GIF Signatures

10 August 2018 - 12:47 AM

I've seen a lot of multi gif signatres. Is there someone who knows how to one? 

Alec's Custom Mandalorian Armor

10 August 2018 - 12:15 AM


INTENT: To provide Alec Rimmer with a custom set of Mandalorian armor.

IMAGE SOURCE: Image Source


PRIMARY SOURCE: Mandalorian Armor

_________________________PRODUCTION INFORMATION__________________________






MATERIAL: Beskar and Durasteel

_________________________TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS__________________________


WEIGHT: Light  



   KINETIC: Average 



_________________________SPECIAL FEATURES__________________________


Wrist lasers

Navigation system

Commlink system

Low level personal shield emitters 



Blaster Resistant

Lightsaber Resistant

Vacuum Proof


Vulnerable in the joints, inside of arms, and back of legs, which are unarmored.

Automated systems are susceptible to EMP and ION attacks.



This customized set of Mandalorian Armor is used by a force sensitive individual so it relies mainly on the host's abilities. There is a lack of armor on the inside of the arms, back of the legs, and joints but a reinforcement of armor in chest and additional plates on the front and side of the legs. Also to balance the lack of rear protection, a low level shield emitter is placed in the right-side vambrace while a wrist blaster is concealed in the left. A HUD system provides detailed battle plans and geographical maps of various planets installed beforehand. A commlink system is also available through the helmet. The armor is light weight but had high durability and is often described as a 'second skin'. 

Delta-7 Aethersprite-Class Light Interceptor

09 August 2018 - 08:00 AM


INTENT: This is a custom ship for Alec Rimmer's personal use.

IMAGE SOURCE: Image link for Delta-7 Starfighter


PRIMARY SOURCE: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Delta-7_Aethersprite-class_light_interceptor

__________________________PRODUCT INFORMATION__________________________

MANUFACTURER:  Kuat Systems Engineering  


MODEL:  Delta-7 Aethersprite-Class Light Interceptor 


MATERIAL: Ferroceramic

__________________________TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS_______________________


LENGTH:  8m 

WIDTH: ~5m

HEIGHT: ~1.5m  

ARMAMENT: Dual Laser Cannons Average   

DEFENSES: Equipped Shielding  LOW





__________________________STANDARD FEATURES__________________________

Standard communications array

Standard deflector shield generator

J-44 Jetforce engines

Syliure hyperdrive booster ring

Standard life support systems

Standard navigation systems

Standard sensor array

Can enter atmosphere and land

_________________________ADVANCED SYSTEMS__________________________


High maneuverability 

High Speed

Sleek form, which give a small target to enemy fighters


Low shielding

Low weapon count

Detached hyperdrive system

Low ship fuel capacity which requires frequent refilling





Integrated Astromech Droid(1) 


09 August 2018 - 12:31 AM

I lack the appropriate skills to create myself a cool signature so I was hoping someone could help me out.


Character Pic  Background Pic  

If I could get the character recolored With a red lightsaber and black robes that would be amazing. I would like to have the man cut out and put on the left side of this background with either a smoke effect or a red glow from the bottom of the signature. Also glowing red words reading JEN'ARI EMPIRE in a cool font would be excellent. If you can help me it's much appreciated and I will see what I can help you with, whatever it may be; however I am brand new to RP but I'll try my best. Thank you.