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Taramaz Laurs

Taramaz Laurs

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In Topic: The Winter Long [Knights Obsidian + invite]

15 March 2019 - 08:04 PM



Wearing:  Knight's Obsidian RingObsidian-Type Strike ArmourHidden BladesObsidian Executor Boots




Wielding: Blood of the MassassiAlterra MK. 1 Fusion Rifle, two Mandalorian Heavy Pistol




Tags: Ithiel Vi'Dreya


Theme:  Centuries




The man looked down, as his companion started dusting himself off from the snow. A rather pointless goal, seeing as they were in a blizzard, and couldn't see ten metres infront of them. He marched promptly over to the White Maw, grabbing one of his sabers, and drew a line around it in the snow, marking it. He then walked back over to Ithiel, and grabbed his bag, slinging it over his shoulder, and held out his hand. His other saber flew out and into the opened hand, then he clipped it back on his belt. He then looked at his companion again.


"Great big bugs the size of a man, and a Queen the size of a rancor. Got teleported right inside their hive. Not. Fun. I also found that big cat over there."


He pointed to the fried corpse of the giant sabre tooth, by the White Maw, just as it folded back, and threw snow into the air. He stared at it for a few moments, then looked back, and gratefully accepted the fur, nodding thankfully.




He pulled the fur over him, and it helped ease the freezing cold. He felt his bones warm slightly. He then looked back at Ithiel, and towards where he was pointing. He wiped his visor clean, and switched on thermals. Nothing. He then switched to Night Vision. Nothing. Then he switched to infrared, and a large mass appeared. Definitely the right size for their group. He then clicked the infrared off, and reached into his bag, pulling out night vision/thermal/infrared goggles, pushing them into Ithiel's hands. He pulled the hood of his cloak back over his head, the thinner fur wrapped around him under it.


"Large mass of sigs. Only appear on infrared. Right size for the group that came with us. Let's go."


The large sith joined his nephew in trudging through the snow. It was considerably harder due to the heavy boots he was wearing. He had thought they might act as snow boots to some degree. Boy was he wrong. The only heat they had was from his lightsaber, as they trudged on. Side by side. Taramaz wiped his visor again. His hood had blocked most of it, but not all. He switched back into infrared, then night vision, then thermal again. Still nothing from night vision, the blobs had gotten bigger in infrared as they got closer. But the thermal vision picked up two large heat signatures, one about about fifteen metres tall, twenty five long, and another 3 metres tall, and eight long. The bigger one was easily bigger than a rancor, but it looked more bug like. He switched off the thermals, and looked ahead. 


He could see two gargantuan shapes in the distance. They looked like Acklays, but one was a bit bigger, with tusks on it's head. They had a beautiful white and grey hide, and sleek bodies. Then they turned around, as they heard the two men approach. They had been making the noise Ithiel had followed. Then, before Taramaz knew what was happening, the larger Acklay started charging at him. He pushed Ithiel out of the way, but one of the tusks of the Acklay hit him, thankfully, nothing serious. He had pushed himself back enough to not get impaled, and hit the curved side, being knocked far and high as the Acklay came to a stop.


He came crashing down, landing right in the snow. Which thankfully stopped anything breaking on the way down. He then pushed himself up slowly, as the beast charged again. He rolled right before the beast hit him, right under it. Then he looked around for it. He couldn't see it at first. Then he looked up, and backed up. The beast had stopped right above him, it's legsblended in with the snowy background. Then it started following him, stabbing at him with it's front claws, going half a metre deep into the snow where he stood mere seconds before.


Then, he stumbled back, unable to keep backing up in the snow. The beast took this chance to stab at him again. Taramaz caught the claw right in between his palms. He struggled against the beast's superior strength. He then looked over at the smaller one, which was going at Ithiel. Then he put two and two together. The one he was fighting was the mother, and the smaller one was the child. Then he snapped back to reality, as the beast's claw was pushing him back. He let go, and dodged to the side, moving back more. The beast kept stabbing at him.


It was then he got the idea, he stood, and unravelled a length of his grapple line. The beast came close, and slapped it's claws into the ground behind him, trapping him. It lowered itself, and roared at him, then snapped at him. Then Taramaz moved back enough, and wrapped the line around the beast's tusks. He then detached the part holding the grapple, letting it swing loosely. He backed up again, and the beast stabbed down at him. He grabbed the claw, and changed it's course, making it hit the ground next to him, and go about a metre deep. He hugged the leg, and started climbing up onto the beast's back. He grabbed the grapple, and clipped it back onto his wrist. He grabbed the hook of the line like reins, and held the start of the line with his other. He put his hands on the beast's neck, calming it somehow.


He took the fur off of his torso, pulling it out from his cloak, and laid it down, tying it on with leather straps from his bag. It made it slightly comfier. He then looked at Ithiel, and yelled out.




He looked over at them, the beasts' head turning with his. It reminded him partly of his pet Ouroboros Krayt Dragon slightly. He rubbed the giant Frost Acklay, and crossed his legs, his hands placed on the beast. He used it's knowledge of the terrain to create a sort of map. He then focused himself, and started feeling around for the presences of those he felt before they travelled to this new universe. He found them after a few minutes, and stopped, getting in a comfy riding position again, and petted his new friend, as it started marching onward, towards the others.

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08 March 2019 - 09:55 PM



Ship: Scimitar I-Class Star Courier

Wearing: Obsidian-Type Strike ArmourKnight's Obsidian RingObsidian Executor Boots (Style 2), Personal Cloaking Device

Wielding: Blood of the MassassiMandalorian Heavy Pistol

Tags: Darth Metus, Srina TalonAlkor CentarisOde Vi'dreyaDamsy CallatCardinal Vi'dreyaKishala Vi'dreyaBetty AmericusLace Vi'dreyaAllya Vi'Dreya


Theme: Hey Brother



Taramaz stood there, watching, and listening. He was surprised about how few had noticed him, yet not as surprised as he thought he should be. He looked around, some were scowling at his brother, some were smiling, some wore a blank mask of expression, others he could not see. He could also sense the immense unrest growing, however. He was not mad, how could he be? Was he any better? He had been gone longer than his Isley had, though it was mostly not his fault, it was still his choice to not pursue his brother as soon as he could. He could feel his family shifting as Isley's speech went on, he could feel some of them reaching for things to grab and throw. 


He just stood there, and as the speech drew to a close, and starting marching forward, pushing his way through the crowd. He pushed his way out at the front, he made it halfway to Isley, when he felt a few objects approaching him from behind. He spun around, grabbing one of his sabers, and ignited it quickly, only one blade, quickly slicing the offending rocks and bottles, and other large, heavy, and sharp objects. He was pretty sure he even saw a dagger at one point. His saber cut through them all like butter, though, due to it's greatly enhanced cutting power. He then deactivated it, and put it back on his belt, and turned to keep walking. It was then that he heard his brother speaking to one of the women, presumably about a new child. He got to Isley, and stood by his side, turning around again. 


He eyed the crowd, giving them a harsh representation of who they would be messing with if they decided to attempt to attack his brother again. His right hand reached for, and grabbed one of his sabers, holding it ready. He then tapped a button on his wrist, and his ship hung around overhead, still cloaked, giving no sign of it's presence, ready to provide a quick evacuation for Isley should it be needed. He tapped another button, and his mask slid back over his face, and as he looked at the crowd, he got a quick bio on most of those gathered, he only paid attention to their names and a few of their accomplishments though. But he would be lying if he didn't run a check over their equipment aswell, he then tapped again, and the mask unfolded.

In Topic: Exodus Crash: A New Dawn | [ CIS, Allies & Natives ]

04 March 2019 - 02:31 AM



Location: City, near Allya Vi'Dreya

Allies: CIS & her Allies | 50  Dauntless Commandos (Thanks Luna Terrik)

Fighting With: 50 Dauntless Commandos

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Equipment: Obsidian-Type Strike ArmourKnight's Obsidian Ring,Blood of the Massassi,Romanus Shield,Obsidian Executor Sword,Obsidian Executor BootsDC-17 Pistol

Theme: When the War is Over

Tags: Fedrig Allya Vi'Dreya Shia Kryze






The young boy ran to his parents, running from his bullies. He buried his face in the cloth of his dad's shirt, and cried, and cried, then turned to look at the bullies, who looked at the big Mandalorian man, and turned tail, scampering like frightened rodents. Then he was backed into a corner by the boys, who all held weapons, unlike the boy. They were all bigger now, and they walked ever closer, raising their weapons, but they never got a chance to strike. The vision darkened, and a eerie presence was felt, as all the boys felt a shadow bigger than all of them combined lean over. The boy saw a man cloaked in black robes standing behind the boys, who spun around quickly. They looked mortified, and something about that made the boy feel as if he should be too. His jaw dropped, and he backed up against the wall, and turned, seeing a glimpse of a pure red, and spikes and tentacle looking things under the hood. Then, he covered his face with his hands, sobbing, as he heard the sounds of four boys choking.


Then, the choking stopped, as quick as it had started, and was replaced by a snapping sound that echoed throughout the vision. Then, darkness crept from the man, like tendrils, filling up the empty space, shrouding them in pure darkness. He felt the weight on his feet subside, and he uncovered his eyes, hesitantly, looking around. He was floating, in a sea of pure blackness, void of everything. Then, out of nowhere, that same man appeared, from a doorway leading into a dark red glowing light. He extended his hand, and grabbed the boy, pulling him out of the nothingness. He then turned, and walked back through the door, and looked back, beckoning for the boy to follow. And woe be upon him, as he did.


Then, the darkness faded, faded into a house, warm and welcoming. The boy was older now, a man, clad in black robes of his own, matching those his saviour had worn all those years ago. He held the hilt of a saber with a blood red blade, and raised it. Stood before him were a man and woman, the ones who had raised him. Everything froze, and split into two. One was filled with darkness, and his eyes were glowing red. Red lightning sparking off of him, as he brought the blade down, cutting the ever loving elders down. Then, the other was filled, looking normal, and the man's saber sizzled, the crimson red blade retreating back into the hilt, and he collapsed, holding onto his father. 


"Ni draar ru'kir ganar payt ti ibac jag, Ni'm Ni ceta dad, even meh gar aren't ner veman solus, gar ganar su been jate'shya at ni than anybody else"


The flashback ended, fading back into reality.




Taramaz woke with a start. The now Sith Lord reconsidering what he had seen. He knew in his heart which was true, no matter what manipulation his master tried to pull, he knew he would never have been so cruel as to murder his own parents. Not even if it meant he was tortured for weeks on end for failing. He tried moving, but found no more movement than a few inches. Memories came flooding back to him, how the nukes had been dropped, the worms managed to make a house they were in collapse on top of them. Then the warnings came. God damn the warnings came. He reckoned there were more warnings than all the dangers in the entire battle combined. He slowly tried lifting the crumbling rocks up, to no success, he kept trying, before giving up, not wanting to waste his time and energy on it. He tried crawling out, but only managed to hit his head on another rock.


He looked around for a way out, and saw none. Slowly, coming to a decision, he curled himself up into a small ball, and stared gathering energy up in him. After about half a minute, he pushed it all out, aiming up, he launched the giant slab of rock off of him, and about 50 feet in the air. He then landed on his feet, the force repulse having pushed him up too. He then held his hand up, palm up, bent into a right angle at the elbow. And caught the giant rock, getting pushed down slightly from the impact, and then extended his hand forward, slowly lifting rubble off his commandos. The noise drawing a considerable amount of attention towards the house by the bridge. Slowly, one by one, the Commandos woke, dragging themselves out, and those who had already been awoken grabbed their still unconscious comrades. 


He looked up, and realised the piece holding him down had easily been a part of the roof, and the biggest there. He yelled out for the Commandos to start a head count, as he laid rubble down where there were empty places. The total came out to forty-seven, three off of the 50 he'd entered the house with. He laid down the large slab he'd been holding, and walked over to a pile, that could easily have doubled the roof piece in size, likely from another building aswell. Then braced himself, and started lifting with the force, making even more noise, it revealed two commandos, hidden in a crevice under the pile. Two commandos rushed in, and grabbed the, dragging them out. Another had his leg trapped under a piece of rubble, and about five commandos went, four trying to lift the rubble off of him. But it wouldn't budge, and seeing that the commando was the same that had lifted him up and helped him in the initial march.


He then headed forward, and lifted the rubble with his other hand, and another commando dragged their wounded brother out. As Taramaz started to crumble under the weight, the troopers didn't notice, and secured the perimeter. He looked around, his face contorting, as his helmet opened to give him fresh air. He pushed up, buying himself about two minutes time.

In Topic: Aliit Acar | House Vi'dreya

01 March 2019 - 07:55 AM



Ship: Scimitar I-Class Star Courier

Theme: Hey Brother


Wearing: Obsidian-Type Strike ArmourKnight's Obsidian RingObsidian Executor Boots (Style 2), Personal Cloaking Device


Wielding: Blood of the MassassiMandalorian Heavy Pistol




It was cold, in the pilot's seat of the Scimitar, it always was. Normally, he'd have elected to use the more luxurious TC-500 Personal Transport, it was definitely suited for the longer travel he'd taken. But the TC-500 couldn't cloak itself to the naked eye, and sensors. And he needed that stealth ability, the very last thing he wanted to happen was to be attacked on site by his nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters of the Vi'dreya family. While he'd been gone since the birth of Darth Metus, he'd still met a few along the way, mainly, Ithiel Vi'Dreya, who he'd become rather friendly with. He didn't doubt he could hold them off long enough to cloak and slip away to his ship, and make his escape. He also didn't doubt his family's ability to track him down and hunt him to the ends of the universe. He'd been even more distant to his nieces and nephews than his own brother, Isley. 


Now, it would have been a mistake to think that Isley had sent him the co-ordinates for a family meeting by a mere accident. That being said, he did not expect to be welcomed warmly, quite the opposite actually. A colder welcome than the temperature of the Scimitar ship he'd received upon joining the Knight's Obsidian, another way he'd been keeping track of his [Younger?] brother, Isley, and protecting him. It did not matter now, though, the Scimitar was breaching orbit, heading a few clicks South of the co-ordinates. He flicked a switch, activating the ship's cloaking devices, shielding him from detection via eye contact, and scanners. Then, upon seeing the massive Fortress that Isley called 'home', whatever that meant to him, he slowed the ship, and corrected the destination, pulling the ship up, going low. 


He put the ship on auto-pilot, and headed to the ramp, the ship levelled out, aiming for the horizon. He hit the button to open the ramp, and grabbed his pistol, and tapped his ear, his mask extending and covering his face. The ship slowed as he looked down at the expanse below him. He tapped a button on his wrist, and the ship went lower, the ramp almost scraping the top of the wall as he stepped off calmly, grabbing the edge of the wall, his feet found footing on the wall, as he hooked the grappling hook onto a sturdy outcrop, and started lowing himself down on it. He rappelled half way down to the bottom, and once his feet touched the ground, he grabbed the hook with the force, detaching it, then reeled it back in. 


Then, the 8'6 Sith Lord turned, he'd conveniently landed in some greenery, bushes and behind a tree. He quickly ducked, and peaked out from them, watching. He tapped a button, activating his personal cloaking device, as he walked out from behind the shrubbery, out into the open, and into darkness and shadows cast by the wall. He pressed a button, and the cloaking device deactivated, the difference was minimal, the dark colours of his strike armour blending in with the darkness of the night. He tapped the side of his mask, and it retracted, however, he opted to keep his hood on. 


He started walking towards his brother, who he had only spoken to once or twice before. He towered over all of them, he could tell as he got closer. He only hoped they did not accuse him of lies, and of being a Mandalorian Spy, a spy for the filth who had betrayed Taramaz Laurs, and exiled him. The filth who he'd called his home, his parentage, his history. He scorned them, and refocused himself on what mattered. The here and the now, his family. Most of whom did not even know who he was. He said nothing, and stopped, standing about thirty feet from the border of the gathering, in clear view in the moonlight, like a vampire next to a candle. 


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18 February 2019 - 08:34 AM




Location: City Outskirts

Allies: CIS & her Allies | 50 Dauntless Commandos (Thanks Luna Terrik)

Objective: 1 – Crusade

Fighting With: 50 Dauntless Commandos

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Equipment: Obsidian-Type Strike ArmourKnight's Obsidian RingBlood of the MassassiRomanus ShieldObsidian Executor SwordObsidian Executor BootsDual DC-17 Pistols

Theme: Indestructible

Tags: Alden Akaran (Possibly?)




The Sith Lord, Taramaz Laurs, and his 50 or so Dauntless Commandos were advancing towards the city, shooting and destroying any SLaM droids they came across. There were many, yet nothing too challenging for the elite task force. One of the arguably more powerful Knights Obsidian leading the most elite, non force user group the Confederacy had to offer. It was a recipe for Liberation. Not just from his training, and raw skill, but from his weaponry aswell. His lightsabers could cut through Cortosis. They used two of the most powerful crystals he knew to exist. And dual wielding them? with black blades, a black cloak, and the Knight's Obsidian armour? He looked like something out of a nightmare, but nothing like his Master would have. He'd been shot from a distance a few times, stray bullets grazing him. Nothing to worry about, really, nothing his armour couldn't deal with. 


Currently, they were pinned down behind some rocks and debris from buildings, being shot at by something like a legion of SLaM droids. They were returned fire, but they were outmatched by the droids, as any organic force would be. They weren't gods, and they definitely weren't wearing heavy duty suits made of beskar, and the Knight's Obsidian Armour was good, but not good enough to stop an onslaught of blaster fire from Mandalorian droids from killing, maiming, or mortally wounding you. And the droids were getting bolder, slowly advancing on their position, and as they got closer, so did their shots to his commandos. Then, an idea came to mind, he looked to a Commando, and held his hand open, as if you were asking for somebody to throw you the ball in a game of Space Rugby. And the Commando grabbed two thermal dets, and threw one to the Sith Lord, then, in sync, primed and threw them, hiding back behind the cover. His hands rested on his lightsabers, they held a better chance at saving him than the Romanus on his wrist, or the shield in his Executor Sword. 


They waited for the-- boom! --  Sound of the dets going off, and then they heard the clanking of metal falling and hitting the ground. The Sith Commander of the force raised his right hand, holding his sabers, igniting the one in his left hand, two fingers pointed into the air, then at the enemy, then the air, then the enemy, as he signalled for the troops to leap over their cover, and start shooting. It reminded him briefly of stories he'd been told as a wee kiddy about how the Jedi of the Old Republic commanded and lead legions of Clones into battle during the devastating Clone Wars. Very much the same, except he was a Sith, leading clones of another man into battle for the Confederacy. Oh how the tables had turned. 


They leapt over their cover, guns blazing, the Sith Lord's sabers activated, all four blades showing off. If the enemy droids knew emotion, the only one they would be capable of feeling right now would be fear, and they'd be leaking oil like a gutted Rancor leaks blood. The Sith walked forward calmly, deflecting blaster bolts, he then lunged forward, impaling a droid through the head, then followed through, slicing the saber out of the droid's head, and decapitated another, ducked under a droid trying to hit him with their blaster. Then, he spun around, slicing said droid in half, and kept slicing through them, then, when only four remained in the group opposing him directly, he deactivated his sabers, and grabbed them with the force, then made hand movements like one would when scrunching up a piece of paper, and the droids lifted up, scrunching up into a ball of droid parts. Their metal warped from the force exerted on them, and they grinded against, being crushed, emitting a god-awful sound. 


He then let go, and the droids fell down, still in a ball, their systems crushed, and destroyed. He then turned back to face the way his force were marching, and saw the commandos finish off the grounds, knocking them down and shooting them. Then, out of nowhere, a droid leapt onto his back, holding a blade near his neck, trying to stab the tall Sith Lord. Thankfully, one of the commandos shot the droid, said commando happened to be the one that passed him a det earlier. While Taramaz knew the commando couldn't see any facial expression from the Sith Lord, he smiled, gratefully. Then, he signalled to keep marching. They would stop to rest at a friendly field camp they could see in the distance. Better to save the troops energy for now, and have them walk to their rest, than exhaust them running to salvation that would, in return, not repay their efforts. 




They had been marching for only a few minutes, but that's when Taramaz saw it, a Star Destroyer falling, in line to hit the city, more specifically, a part of it's engine, falling faster, on course to land 20, maybe 30 metres ahead of them. And judging by the fact it was on on fire due to damage, and looked very unstable, it was going to land more than close enough to explode, and send debris, shrapnel, etc flying at the commandos. Then, Taramaz saw a small squadron, maybe six star fighters, all also on a crash course. About four friendlies, and two unidentified, possibly a third party.


Then, he was yelling out to his troopers.




Yes, technically brace was a term used with ships, but it seemed fitting. Taramaz, as the leader, naturally stood, looking around. There was no cover, and one of the fighters had landed somewhere behind them. Taramaz, too concerned with checking on the pilot's status, almost missed the engine. About five seconds before it hit, he threw his hands forward, feet back, as if one was trying to stop a wall from crushing them. Then, the engine hit, and exploded. It sent shock waves rippling towards the commandos, shock waves that Taramaz took the blunt of. The ground shook, and bits of metal, both big, small and microscopic shrapnel, even an energy wave from the engine's stored power flew at them, looking to crush and kill them. but they didn't. Taramaz had used the force to form an invisible shield to protect the troops. They stood, and watched in wonder as bits of metal and debris, and other forces hit the invisible wall, and ricocheted off in another direction. The barrage of forces ended in about thirty seconds.


But the barrier stayed for thirty seconds after, for good measure against shrapnel that they could not see. Then, he collapsed, the same trooper who had helped him, and potentially saved his life lunged, and caught him, holding him up. He put his arm around the commando, and leaned on him, the Commando was tall too, 7'6, if Taramaz had to guess. not as tall as him, but enough to support the massive Sith Lord. He hadn't even noticed the countless millions of danger warnings that had been flashing on his HUD. They disappeared shortly after, then got replaced by reports on his physical status, he had over-exerted himself, every thing that had hit the shield was like it had hit him, just trading in physical damage for exhaustion.


He put one of his sabers back on his belt, holding the other in the hand that wasn't holding onto a Commando, one blade ignited to make up for the commandos new found weakness, he could only shoot with one hand due to holding his Commanding Officer up with the other, but a lightsaber blocking blaster bolts from hitting you equally made up for that. Then, Taramaz saw the entire Star Destroyer plunge into the city, his face dropped with grief. He ordered his suit to inject him with energy stims and healing stims immediately. And the suit complied.




Then, Taramaz, feeling newly energised, and healed. Raised his hands, and a few of the Commandos formed up behind him, holding him up, whether or not it actually helped him, nobody could care, it was the thought that counted. They didn't want their commander to sacrifice himself for them again. Taramaz put up that force barrier again, and everybody grouped up. 


The shock wave hit first, the ground shook like it was an earthquake. He saw atleast one building crumble. Then, everything flew at him, hitting the shield he'd put up, luckily, because of the distance, it was a lot less forceful, and easier to hold up against. Warnings flashed onto his HUD again, and every time his suit advised him to stop, he ordered it to put another stim into him. He couldn't tell whether it was dirt, metal from the ship, metal and concrete from the city, or wood and stones from the outskirts of the city that was hitting him. Probably all of it. But he couldn't distinguish between them, he was pushing himself to keep the barrier up. This barrage lasted for about a minute, and he held it for another thirty seconds, same as before, before he collapsed again, held up by his troopers. They then sat down behind a rock, facing away from the city.


Taramaz didn't spot it until the last minute, but one of the ship's from when the engine crashed was flying towards the ship that had landed behind them, and he raised his hand, stopping the ship right before it made contact with the one that had already taken it's place in the dirt behind the CIS Forces, then gently laid to to rest beside the other ship. He lowered his arm, breathing heavy, and his mask folded bask, as he breathed in fresh, unfiltered air. It was free of shrapnel, thank god. He just sat there, resting, waiting.