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Taramaz Laurs

Taramaz Laurs

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In Topic: Cries in the Vacuum: UCM Invasion of Roche (OOC)

20 June 2019 - 09:54 AM



Count me as an SJO Ally if I'm accepted. I'm ready for Round Two.

In Topic: Hunting the Fallen

29 May 2019 - 04:01 AM



Equipment: Mark-V Odin ArmourBlood of the MassassiAlterra Sidearm PistolAlterra Full Auto RifleAlterra Exploding Bullets, Flashbangs, Tear Gas, Fragmentation Grenades, Medkit




Scherezade deWinter


The Sith Lord turned around, pressing a button on the inside of the ship, then walked off the ramp as it slid back up into the ship, and the hatch was closed. He then pressed a button on his suit, and several holes opened up around the ramp, dropping pressure-activated mines onto the ground around it, small enough to take out most creatures that could get into the ship, without damaging it in the explosion. He then started walking towards the Pathfinder, tapping the side of his helmet, bringing up 3D scans of the path ahead, he then tapped again, making the helmet project them out infront of it like a hologram, about the size of a rifle. 


"Flesh Eating Worms, you say? Gives me flash backs to the Rishi Moon. You ever been to the Rishi Moon? At least one of them. They've got these giant worms that make tunnels in the moon's surface, bigger than a Rancor. Then again, I suppose it would be quite rude to deny the Minister of Science some free specimens. Who's carrying them? Want me to go get my Squire?


He halted, and pressed a button, another hole opened, and an Obsidian Squire flew out, which then hovered over, and floated by Taramaz' side. Taramaz then pressed another button on his helmet, sending the 3D scans to his loyal squire, who happily displayed them for Scherezade to look at as he went off, switching off the projector on his helmet, and turning his vocal scrambler back on. He began the trek towards the Fallen Jedi base. He followed a very specific pattern, avoiding a large field of sinkholes, leading down into deep, empty caves. His footsteps were careful and coordinated, the 3D scans guiding him. When he got to the other side, he stopped, and waited for his companions to join him.

In Topic: Hunting the Fallen

12 May 2019 - 04:06 AM



Equipment: Mark-V Odin ArmourBlood of the MassassiAlterra Sidearm PistolAlterra Full Auto RifleAlterra Exploding Bullets, Flashbangs, Tear Gas, Fragmentation Grenades, Medkit




Scherezade deWinter


The Executor was taken back by the sight before him. Yes, he'd seen this woman before, but the armour... that was most strange, considering they were going to be battling. If he was being most honest with himself, he was reminded of a swim suit when he looked at the armour. And where had she come from? It reminded him of the stories of ancient Sith Assassins, and Jedi Shadows, from the time of the Galactic Cold War, stories from the time of his Master. Where the Shadows and Assassins blended in with the very light and dark itself. Had this Scherezade deWinter learned their arts? It was not Taramaz' job to nose around and find out. His job was to put the Fallen Jedi Enclave to the sword, that's all he knew.


He stood, and put his rifle back on his back, the mag-grip activating again. He then nodded to the woman, he was ready to go. He then started walking back to his ship, standing on the ramp. He then looked back.


"What do you think of a speeder to get us there faster? If not, I'm fine with that, I'm confident I could make the trek."

In Topic: Hunting the Fallen

08 May 2019 - 08:46 AM



Equipment: Mark-V Odin ArmourBlood of the MassassiAlterra Sidearm PistolAlterra Full Auto RifleAlterra Exploding Bullets, Flashbangs, Tear Gas, Fragmentation Grenades, Medkit





Transmission# 1--. Designate: EXTRMN8

KO-043 Dispatched with Pathfinder Scherezade deWinter on Trenwyth

Target: Jedi Fugitives

Laurs meeting with Pathfinder deWinter

1318 hrs 8 May, 856 ABY


The Executor's ship touched down. As the Sith Lord rose from the Captain's seat, he grabbed his rifle and pistol, pushing clips filled with exploding bullets into them. He swung the rifle onto his back, the mag-grip holding tight, he then put his pistol on his leg, a mag grip keeping it in place aswell. He hooked his trusty lightsabers onto his belt, hooking his flashbangs behind his waist, a tear gas grenade and a fragmentation grenade on his chest, and the remaining two of the same onto the front of his belt. He checked through the medkit quickly, before putting it on his leg, opposite of his pistol, a mag grip holding tight. He then grabbed his helmet, and turned it over, inspecting every bit of it, before sliding the cushioned, highly advanced, highly expensive piece of technology onto his head, the HUD springing to life. 


The ramp of his ship hissed, loud enough to scare off local birds, flocking them up into a squawking mass of colour against the dull sky. His boots tapped on the metal ramp as he walked down it as it was still lowering and extending. Then, before it had even opened fully, it was closing again, it's Executor walking away, through the terrain to the ship of the Pathfinder. It took less than a few moments for the Executor to stumble upon the ship, a near glowing beacon of civilisation in the desolate wastes of the planet. He looked over at the ship, seeing nobody waiting nearby, he walked over to a small boulder, big enough to sit on, just turned on it's side, and wedged into the ground. 


The Executor grabbed the boulder without hesitation, and ripped it from the ground, and threw it onto the dirt, about fifteen metres from the ship, and then yanked it down, before finally sitting. He tapped the side of his helmet, turning off the voice scrambler, then activated his comm-system, on a closed, and secured Knights Obsidian Spec-Ops frequency, one he'd managed to acquire for use in this mission. His voice, unfiltered by his helmet, thanks to the high quality of microphone, was smooth, with a spark of the rage he carried as a Sith Lord, and from all his scars and wounds, old and new. Yet there was also the sarcastically humorous tone mixed in.


"I'm waiting, oh mysterious woman."


He knew the Pathfinder's face from the portfolio he'd received, and it was the same damn face he'd seen before the mission to the other dimension, the same face from the Fortressa disaster, the face who he'd fought alongside with, who he'd saved, and been saved by. Yet her name was not listed as Madalena Antares, no. It was listed as Scherezade deWinter, a strange occurrence, as when he searched for the name Madalena Antares in the database, he'd found another completely different profile, the same records as the Madalena he had known, but with a different face. Whoever this Scherezade was, something was most certainly wrong, perhaps corruption, insubordination, a cover-up even? Flat-out treason seemed likely. Though it was strange for them to create a secondary profile in the Obsidian Database for any of these reasons. 


The Sith Lord let out a sigh, and turned his voice scrambler back on, and the comm-system off. With the mechanical exhalation, the Sith Lord took his rifle off his back, and started inspecting it.  

In Topic: Arkam Knights | CIS Dominion of Arkam 13

19 April 2019 - 10:47 AM



Equipment: Obsidian-Type Strike ArmourKnight's Obsidian RingObsidian Executor BootsHolographic Disguise Matrix


Weaponry: Blood of the Massassi




Vengeance of the Lost


Transmission# 3-10. Designate: X-Ray

KO-043 inserted with Knights of Ren Troops in Arkam-13

Target: Asphyxion Ren

Laurs infiltrating target's command group

0800 hrs 20 April, 856 ABY


Taramaz crept up behind the Stormtrooper Major as he was leaving the First Order Shuttle, and grabbed him in a headlock, suffocating him of precious, precious air until his body went limp, slumping unconscious in the larger man's arms. He dropped the body on the ground, and scanned it with his holographic disguise matrix, then put it on the ground, and took the form of the Stormtrooper Major. He picked the matrix up, and hoisted the body over his shoulder, taking it aboard his ship, and threw it into a prisoner cell, locking it. Then walked out, taking only his lightsabers as his own weapon, grabbing the Major's rifle and comm-link. Using his force sense, he set off at a jog, catching up to the group. 


He saluted the Master of Ren. His clenched fist going straight up into the air.


"Lord Ren sir! The ship is secured, gave that scimitar a look over too. Looks abandoned, like it's been there for a few days."


His voice sounded pitch perfect and identical to the Major he'd stolen the identity from. His hand went down. And he fell into the group, marching at the head, just behind and to the right of Ren, just across from the Lieutenant. He was the ranking officer of the unit. He carried himself to the perfect similarity of the Major, from the voice to the length between steps. He hadn't gone in blind, he'd researched his target, and the identity he was to assume. He corrected his holding of his rifle, angling it a few more degrees downward, more like the Major. His black cape trailing behind him, as he marched with his lord.


"What are my orders, Lord Ren?"


A simple request, yet not out of character for one who had been gone attending to the ship.