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Taramaz Laurs

Taramaz Laurs

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Ginny Laurs

06 March 2019 - 02:42 AM



  • Intent: I am creating this submission to create a significant other for Taramaz Laurs, aswell as a battle partner.
  • ‚ÄčImage Credit:Here
  • Role: The constant lover, and semi-secret, but obvious wife to Taramaz Laurs, aswell as his partner in most fights.
  • Links: Taramaz Laurs [Lover]Exodus Crash [One of Taramaz' Dauntless Commandos] 
  • Theme:  Dancin'


  • Age: 31
  • Force SensitivityNon-Force User
  • Species:Corellian
  • Appearance: Long, soft, red hair, like a fire. 5'4/1.64m, and lean. Pale blue eyes with freckles, soft, white skin and rosy lips. She typically wears some lighter armour in combat, otherwise, she prefers tank tops, jeans, skirts, booty shorts, joggers, or a loose t-shirt. No dresses. Never dresses.


  • Name: Ginny Laurs (Pronounced Gin-E La-or-s)
  • Aliases: Ginny Korr, Gunnery Sergeant Korr, Sargy (Pronounced Sarge-E), Ma'am
  • Nicknames, from Taramaz: Cutie, lovefire, lovie, wifey, princess
  • Loyalties:117th Dauntless Legion,Dauntless Commandos, Taramaz Laurs
  • Wealth: She's not too wealthy, living off the pay from the Confederate Dauntless Legion. While it keeps her alive, it's not anything for her to flaunt.
  • Notable Possessions: N/A
  • Skills: She's a Dauntless Commando, an elite trooper. Giving her more than sufficient aim, and courage. As well as weapons training. She's a self-taught dancer, though not a very good one.
  • Personality: Shy, and embarrased, especially when Taramaz publicly shows his love for her. She acts inferior to a lot of people, but when she's in uniform, she's hell to anyone in her path, except her sweet husband. She's not much of a romantic, but falls into Taramaz' traps rather easily. She feels completely safe around him, otherwise she's calm when he's a fair ways away. Where he can't embarrass her.


She typically hangs around aboard the Dauntless ship, or with Taramaz', whether it be in his house, or in his Scimitar, or his TC-500. She's not much of an alcoholic, only able to hold one or two glasses before she starts feeling a bit queasy. She's bubbly when she's alone with Taramaz, she can also be quite playful with him. She likes to jump on him, and ride on his back. She's not much of a cook, or anything for that matter. So she spends most of her time lounging around waiting for Taramaz to show up and do something.



  • Weapon of Choice:Alterra MK. 1 Fusion Rifle
  • Combat Function: She's a Commando, more trained for side line assault, or flanking. Special Operations, though she can hold her own in front line combat. She is more than able to keep up with Taramaz, though she knows better than to stay too close, in case she gets in the way of one of his sabers, or force powers. She can be quite helpful in combat, and normally, not a liability. She excels at using a rifle, and aiming. Not much of a tactical mind though, she prefers to be told what to do.



  • Commando - She is trained as a Dauntless Commando, meant to be naturally fearless. She is extremely skilled in combat.
  • Rage - If somebody actually hurts her beautiful Taramaz, she'll do anything to do the same, and more to the poor victim who tried to hurt Taramaz. She doesn't feel too much pain when she's angry, and just keeps going, her physical strength is increased a bit aswell. Though not significantly.


  • Rage - When she's enraged, there's not alot that can calm her, save for the comfort of Taramaz.
  • Shy - When in public, around Taramaz. She's terribly shy, and often stutters, and stumbles over words.



Born on Corellia, as Gennifer Korr, she had a moderately uneventful life. Her family always had money to spare, as such, she always had nice clothes, jewellery, pets, nice food. She went to a private school, but dropped out at grade seven in favour of a more eventful life. For, you see, the life of wealth bored her, as such, she ran away from home, and lived on the streets, and in homeless shelters until she became the legal age to join the military. She searched around for a while, trying to find a cause worth fighting for, then. She found it, the 117th Legion was accepting applicants for it's unique Dauntless Commando program. So, she joined. The program funded transport, food, drink, and other necessities, just as if they were a Commando already.


She trained for the standard time, and passed with flying colours. She went on living on the Dauntless' ship for the rest of her career, on a low salary, eating the provided food and drink. Serving in battles with the other Dauntless, and training. Up until word came through that she was being assigned and dispatched along with forty-nine other Commandos she didn't know, nor cared to know, to serve under the command of Knights Obsidian Executor Taramaz Laurs. She found out through a few contacts that she was being sent to an almost certain death on the planet of Eshan, and fighting against the Mandalorian Empire. 


She had heard of the Mandalorian super commandos in combat. More specifically, read stories about them back in the old days of the Old Republic and Sith Empire Era, during the Cold War. Where they were brutal and ruthless hunters with shining armour that could survive lightsabers and blaster bolts. She was, admittedly, scared for her life, but found solace in the calm and reassuring voice of their Sith Commander. Taramaz Laurs ensured they had all secured themselves safely in the drop pod they were using to get down to the surface. And something about him charmed her. Perhaps it was his size, the intimidating presence he imposed upon those around him. Or was it the burning waves of, what she later found out to be, Dark Side Power. Or was it his looks? She couldn't tell, nor care.


She followed the man, marching towards the city. They'd fought through waves of SLaM droids, and she was certain they'd been killed atleast three times. What really amazed her was when he saved them from the crash of the Star Destroyer, and pulled the rubble off of them. All fifty of the commandos that she had been sent with had survived. And then, in the aftermath, when they got a chance to breath, she pushed away her nervousness, and showed herself to be Dauntless. She approached him just as he was about to board his ship, which had been docked with the Dauntless mothership, and asked him out. He did her one better, and offered her a trip to the beautiful world of Naos-III. Where he showed her the ice lakes, and held her close as the snow fell softly. 


It was there that he asked her to marry him. It caught her very much off guard, but she said yes. She didn't even think, it was just a natural response, one she didn't regret. It was kept a secret from her Commanders, and most of everybody in the galaxy. They married secretly, and didn't have a ceremony, just signed a few papers at an office saying they were legally married.

The Blood of the Massassi

05 February 2019 - 01:25 AM





  • Manufacturer: Sith Lord Taramaz Laurs

  • Affiliation: Taramaz Laurs, Darth Timorem (Member=Darth Timorem)

  • Model: N/A

  • Modularity: Lightsaber components, crystals.

  • Production: Semi-Unique (Two)

  • Material:  Mandalorian Iron, lightsaber components, leather grip, Blood of Copero, BlackLignan Crystal


  • Classification: Lightsaber (Darksaber)

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Light





Sith Lord Taramaz Laurs, being a Mandalorian, had an appreciation for the Darksaber, the first lightsaber ever created by a Mandalorian in the Jedi Order. And recently in need of new sabers after his old red pair got destroyed on Triffis, he decided to hunt out black colour crystals. It took a while, a long while, but he found them, on Yavin 4, buried in caves near the ruins of the temple Exar Kun had enslaved the Massassi beasts to build. Due to a Massassi's black blood, the Sith Lord named these sabers the Blood of the Massassi. Only part of the name.


He received the Blood of Copero crystals as a gift from the Confederacy's Minister of War, Caesar Kenway. The name of these crystals contributed to the namesake, Blood of. These synthetic crystals give the blade a less tidy look, making the blade less electric like the original Darksaber, and more fiery. Once the Sith Lord had received the required crystals, he set to forging the pieces of the hilt from left over Mandalorian Iron from other weapon forging projects he did in his spare time, and leather for the grip. He then spent a full day putting them together, the black colour crystals bonded well to his blood, and the Copero crystals were synthetic, so they went without any trouble. The pieces fit together,


And thus, he had two new blades.



  • Can cut through many materials with relative ease.

  • Blood of Copero - The blade is, in a way, supercharged. But the colour is altered to black by the Lignan Crystal.

  • Lignan Crystal - Inherently dark side aligned, allowing Taramaz an easier time in bonding it. It also adds to the blade's cutting power, allowing the blade to burn even fiercer.

  • Two blades in one - The lightsaber has two blades, much akin to a dual saber, such as Darth Maul's, however it is a much shorter design, like a regular saber. This allows the lightsaber to be wielded with only one blade activated, and much less awkwardly.


  • Hilt is shorter than normal, allowing for only a single handed grip.

  • Water + Circuitry = Bad - The blade will cease to function when under water.

  • Quantity over quality - While the lightsabers are effective by themselves with only one blade on, due to their smaller design, it takes the twin for them to be truly effective when both blades are activated.

  • The Blood of Copero crystal is highly fragile, and must be kept out of damage, lest it turn into a ticking time bomb.

  • The Blood of Copero has half the life of a normal synthetic crystal, when it's life runs out, it becomes even more fragile, and unstable.

The Pirate and the Mandalorian

13 November 2018 - 03:47 AM

Tags: Andrai Willows

Theme: https://open.spotify...M8Ja6btr5hEJLWc


It was a cold day on Ord Pardron, there was a mist outside. The bar was mostly empty, only a couple people, about five. The bar was warm, but it was a small name. The beer was good and warm, cheap too. Perfect combination, especially when your pay hadn't been flowing for a couple months. Because you were listed as on a holiday, when in reality, you were trapped in a crazy facility by crazy women. He considered himself lucky. He didn't know why he'd decided to spend his time off with a military Field Marshal and a Viceroy. But then again, Taramaz supposed that he had to build some sort of reputation. And he hadn't seen Caranekka in a while. 


Plus it was a free five star hotel, a couple hundred spending credits. A wardrobe of clothes, free refuelling. It was a good deal. Yet he'd come in a bad season, the weather was cooler, foggier, icier. He spent most of his time in bars, spending credits on beer, rum and food. He had his major meals like Breakfast and Lunch with the Field Marshal, went a few places with him too. It was an alright living. Not the best, kinda boring. He often went to call somebody, but realised he knew very few people. And the ones he did know were hardly friends, more or less business contacts, co-workers, or his squad. Those members of his squad who were ex-Knights Obsidian had taken time off too, seeing as they had nothing else to do. The current Knight's Obsidian in his squad hadn't taken time off. Too busy, too patriotic. He liked the Confederacy, and his job, they were good. There wasn't really a better feeling than walking through a city, and people coming up and thanking you for your service. You end one rebellion once and everybody knows and loves you.


The rebels were simple, most of them weren't trained. They were no match for him. The leader had escaped though, and that was a nagging feeling, tugging at his mind. He wanted to finish the job, it started as his job, then it turned into a favour. He'd only needed to kill off a few, weaken the forces. Then he'd started killing them for fun, then, before he knew it, he'd been fighting an entire army all at once. 


Back to the bar, it was pretty boring, nice song playing, toilet to one side. He stared at it, only then did he realise how much he'd drank, and how much he needed to piss. He kept staring at it.

The Judicium

01 November 2018 - 05:26 AM





  • Intent: A replacement weapon for Taramaz' folding sword.
  • Image Source: http://www.suggest-keywords.com/- Original, Editted by me.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Taramaz Laurs
  • Affiliation: Taramaz Laurs
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Mandalorian Iron pieces forming the actual weapon, then a leather grip.


  • Classification: Axe
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Average


  • It's made of Mandalorian Iron.


  • It is an axe made of Mandalorian Iron, meaning it is indestructible to lightsabers.


  • It is an axe design, and is not typically good for parrying or blocking strikes.

It was an axe created by Taramaz Laurs from Mandalorian Iron as a back up weapon, he's used it rarely in some situations, but mainly just testing it and practising with it. Being made of Mandalorian Iron makes it impervious to lightsaber attacks. It's just an axe, nothing too special about it, Taramaz named it The Judicium. Like stated above in weaknesses, it is of an axe design, and is not appropriate for blocking or parrying strikes, though it can.

Exalazorna Class Folding Sword

13 October 2018 - 09:41 AM




  • Intent: To create a personal weapon for both Darth Metus and Taramaz Laurs.
  • Image Source: Unknown, unidentified by TinEye, but altered by me. 
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Taramaz Laurs
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market (Any character can use this if they have explicit permission through, for example, a marketplace purchase)
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Parts could be added or swapped out, such as a cross guard, a different blade, but it wouldn't be easy.
  • Production: Semi-Unique (Maximum of 10 characters)

  • Material: Blade: Mandalorian Iron. Hilt: Byrlark Tree Wood.


  • Classification: Dagger, concealing a blade inside of it, which can pop out and become a sword
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Hidden Blade. While it looks like a dagger, it conceals within itself, another blade (Blade-Ception) which will extend with a press of a button on the hilt into a full length sword.


  • It is made of Mandalorian Iron, which makes it highly resistant to Lightsabers.
  • It conceals a hidden blade, which can turn it into a sword, giving the wielder the possible element of surprise.


  • If the opponent knows about the hidden blade, it loses it's surprise factor.
  • If the mechanism in place to extend and retract the blade fails or jams, or will not move. Then the blade can not extend, nor retract.

Forged from pure Mandalorian Iron by Taramaz Laurs, then cooled and shaped, before finally having the spring lock mechanism added. Ten were made, eight were locked away, one was given to Darth Metus as a gift of respect, in the Mandalorian culture. The other was kept by Taramaz Laurs. The spring functions requires a simple press of a button on the hilt, and it will extend or retract the hidden blade.