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Taramaz Laurs

Taramaz Laurs

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The Pirate and the Mandalorian

13 November 2018 - 03:47 AM

Tags: Andrai Willows

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It was a cold day on Ord Pardron, there was a mist outside. The bar was mostly empty, only a couple people, about five. The bar was warm, but it was a small name. The beer was good and warm, cheap too. Perfect combination, especially when your pay hadn't been flowing for a couple months. Because you were listed as on a holiday, when in reality, you were trapped in a crazy facility by crazy women. He considered himself lucky. He didn't know why he'd decided to spend his time off with a military Field Marshal and a Viceroy. But then again, Taramaz supposed that he had to build some sort of reputation. And he hadn't seen Caranekka in a while. 


Plus it was a free five star hotel, a couple hundred spending credits. A wardrobe of clothes, free refuelling. It was a good deal. Yet he'd come in a bad season, the weather was cooler, foggier, icier. He spent most of his time in bars, spending credits on beer, rum and food. He had his major meals like Breakfast and Lunch with the Field Marshal, went a few places with him too. It was an alright living. Not the best, kinda boring. He often went to call somebody, but realised he knew very few people. And the ones he did know were hardly friends, more or less business contacts, co-workers, or his squad. Those members of his squad who were ex-Knights Obsidian had taken time off too, seeing as they had nothing else to do. The current Knight's Obsidian in his squad hadn't taken time off. Too busy, too patriotic. He liked the Confederacy, and his job, they were good. There wasn't really a better feeling than walking through a city, and people coming up and thanking you for your service. You end one rebellion once and everybody knows and loves you.


The rebels were simple, most of them weren't trained. They were no match for him. The leader had escaped though, and that was a nagging feeling, tugging at his mind. He wanted to finish the job, it started as his job, then it turned into a favour. He'd only needed to kill off a few, weaken the forces. Then he'd started killing them for fun, then, before he knew it, he'd been fighting an entire army all at once. 


Back to the bar, it was pretty boring, nice song playing, toilet to one side. He stared at it, only then did he realise how much he'd drank, and how much he needed to piss. He kept staring at it.

The Judicium

01 November 2018 - 05:26 AM





  • Intent: A replacement weapon for Taramaz' folding sword.
  • Image Source: http://www.suggest-keywords.com/- Original, Editted by me.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Taramaz Laurs
  • Affiliation: Taramaz Laurs
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Mandalorian Iron pieces forming the actual weapon, then a leather grip.


  • Classification: Axe
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Average


  • It's made of Mandalorian Iron.


  • It is an axe made of Mandalorian Iron, meaning it is indestructible to lightsabers.


  • It is an axe design, and is not typically good for parrying or blocking strikes.

It was an axe created by Taramaz Laurs from Mandalorian Iron as a back up weapon, he's used it rarely in some situations, but mainly just testing it and practising with it. Being made of Mandalorian Iron makes it impervious to lightsaber attacks. It's just an axe, nothing too special about it, Taramaz named it The Judicium. Like stated above in weaknesses, it is of an axe design, and is not appropriate for blocking or parrying strikes, though it can.

Exalazorna Class Folding Sword

13 October 2018 - 09:41 AM




  • Intent: To create a personal weapon for both Darth Metus and Taramaz Laurs.
  • Image Source: Unknown, unidentified by TinEye, but altered by me. 
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Taramaz Laurs
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market (Any character can use this if they have explicit permission through, for example, a marketplace purchase)
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Parts could be added or swapped out, such as a cross guard, a different blade, but it wouldn't be easy.
  • Production: Semi-Unique (Maximum of 10 characters)

  • Material: Blade: Mandalorian Iron. Hilt: Byrlark Tree Wood.


  • Classification: Dagger, concealing a blade inside of it, which can pop out and become a sword
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Hidden Blade. While it looks like a dagger, it conceals within itself, another blade (Blade-Ception) which will extend with a press of a button on the hilt into a full length sword.


  • It is made of Mandalorian Iron, which makes it highly resistant to Lightsabers.
  • It conceals a hidden blade, which can turn it into a sword, giving the wielder the possible element of surprise.


  • If the opponent knows about the hidden blade, it loses it's surprise factor.
  • If the mechanism in place to extend and retract the blade fails or jams, or will not move. Then the blade can not extend, nor retract.

Forged from pure Mandalorian Iron by Taramaz Laurs, then cooled and shaped, before finally having the spring lock mechanism added. Ten were made, eight were locked away, one was given to Darth Metus as a gift of respect, in the Mandalorian culture. The other was kept by Taramaz Laurs. The spring functions requires a simple press of a button on the hilt, and it will extend or retract the hidden blade.

Romanus Shield

11 October 2018 - 06:33 AM




  • Intent: To create a shield for Taramaz to use to compliment his fighting style with a lightsaber.
  • Image Source: https://www.google.c...-z9nAFIU3c4S5M:Original search, I edited it.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Originally Eternal Empire, for the design, which was used for the mould which was then filled with molten Cortosis, then cooled and given a gold touch to make it look nice. Done by Taramaz himself.
  • Affiliation: Taramaz Laurs, Individual Character Name
  • Model: Eternal Empire Shield made of Cortosis with a golden touch [See picture above]
  • Modularity: None, it is one piece, every bit of it.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Pure Cortosis.


  • Classification: Anti-Blaster, Anti-Melee.
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistances (For each category choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageHighVery High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.)

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High, it is still Cortosis, it might even be able to short out a vibro blade, making it a regular blade, but it's generally pretty indestructible, meaning it can survive blaster shots for extended periods of time.

- Kinetic: Average, it is a conductive metal, making it capable of giving an electric shock if the hand holding the shield is not in a non conductive glove of some sort, but it can repel lightning and electricity.

- Lightsabers: High, it is made of Cortosis, and is a shield, it can deactivate lightsabers.

- Other:

Sonic: None, it's just a shield.

EMP/ION: Average, it isn't technology so the EMP doesn't directly affect it, so in theory, it could shield technology or a small electrical object behind it from an EMP, and it spreads the impact from an ION weapon across itself, but ION is a tad more effective than plasma. 

Elemental: Low, it's just a shield, it might be able to shield a wound or your face or a certain part of your body from snow, rain or other such elements, and fire aswell, depending on the temperature. But it will not protect every part of you.



  • It can retract into itself, and become a small sheet of Cortosis, from here, it can then be pulled out and turned into a shield again.
  • It can be attached to the wrist gauntlet of the wearer with a Cortosis band that can be locked into it with a few small mechanisms, and become a hands free weapon, leaving the other hand open to be used.


  • Strength 1: Plasma Resistance High, it's Cortosis, it'll spread the impact across it's surface, and can survive under a few minutes of straight blaster fire or onslaught from plasma.
  • Strength 2: Lightsaber Resistance High, it's Cortosis, it'll short out Lightsabres, maybe even Vibro weapons of such nature if it hits or is it by them directly.


  • Weakness 1: ION weapons deteriorate it slightly quicker than Plasma, simple. Maybe a few minutes less of sustained onslaught by ION than Plasma. 

It was crafted at a forge by Taramaz Laurs from the mould of a Eternal Empire shield he had, he melted the Cortosis to a molten form, and poured it into the mould, then when it set, he took the mould out, hammered out imperfections, cooled it, and gave it a gold tint. He used it in many battles, earning it scars and marks, it's been used in many battles with lightsaber wielders. It's limited in where it can protect, as it is only a shield, though where it does protect, it protects well. It is typically never seen far from Taramaz, usually attached to his wrist, or held in his hand, when it is, it is usually secured in a way that nobody could get it without him knowing. In all the years of it's existence, it has never been used by any other than Taramaz. Though, if it were to get into the wrong hands, it could quite easily be a force to be reckoned with, or an easy battle, depending on the skill level of the wielder. It excels at surviving Lightsabers and Plasma, being made of Pure Cortosis. It's quite easily used in this task by Taramaz.


11 October 2018 - 02:09 AM



  • Intent: The intent of Abyssia is to provide a harsh, cruel and unforgiving underwater ocean world, that hosts many challenges.
  • Image Credit: Taramaz Laurs
  • Credit: Subnautica and Unknown Worlds Devs (Main planet idea.)
  • Canon: No.
  • Links: N/A


  • Planet Name: Abyssia
  • Demonym: Abyssian/Whatever they want to call themselves, the planet doesn't even have a major city. People settle there, they live there. 
  • Region: Unknown Region.
  • System Name: Nauthilas, also owned by Alterra Inc.
  • System Features: Sun (Nauthilas Prime) Moon (Nauthilas Delta) Other Planet: Kōri (Ice Water World).
  • Coordinates: J 17
  • Major Imports: None
  • Major Exports: Riches yet to be discovered. Such as Durasteel Ores, Gold, Diamonds, crystals, Titanium, copper, salt, quartz


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Tropical. 25-30 Celsius at the surface in the sun morning to afternoon. Afternoon to Evening is 35-25 Celsius, Night is 20-15 Celsius. It has two-three islands on land with tropical flora. 70-100 degrees Celsius at the closest to the bottom without drilling, the Active Lava Zone, or heart of the Volcano.
  • Primary Terrain: Ocean.
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Major Locations:
  • The Defence Island, a large mountain island in the Dune region with rough grass and a few trees. It houses spider like creatures the size of two adult human hands, with four legs, spider like, and purple in colour. It houses a large turbo laser platform, with two singular cannons that can rip through a normal frigate's unshielded hull, apparently as a planetary protection system, the beam can not reach outside of the planet's atmosphere, but can curve using the planet's gravitational pull. However it can only reach halfway around the planet, meaning on the other side of the planet, there is another turbo laser platform. It's small, roughly 200 metres in length, and 100 in width. It resembles a tiny America in top-down shape/view. The Turbolaser platforms were built by a race of now extinct precursors to automatically target ships in orbit and shoot them down. It was designed to protect certain things from the viewing of others, also possibly to protect the planet's life.
  • The Dormant Crater. The Crater is the main location, where all of the biomes are, and is, thus far, the only habitable area. It houses the biomes, and most life on the planet, apart from plankton species, and a few other species that live outside the crater, in the ecological dead zone. The crater is the center of an ancient volcano that has been dormant for no less than a five thousand years. At the bottom of it is the lava chamber, the Active Lava Zone, and above that, the Inactive Lava Zone, magma can be found in both, though it only flows in the Active Lava Zone. On a side note, in the Inactive Lava Zone, there is a formation of rocks resembling a miniature mountain, named the Lava Castle, it is a hollow mass of rock, like a miniature volcano, it is honeycombed by natural tunnels and caves, in the middle, it has it's own magma chamber, a volcano inside a volcano.
  • The Research Site. This site was built on the mountain island, though it's entire mass went far down to the base of the island and held many specimens from the planet, both male and female. There is atleast one female and a maximum of one male in each containment cell, the cells are reinforced to withstand blasts from blasters, and most basic tunnelling methods, aswell as the species inside them, it is a titanic facility. The upper levels house the facility staff's quarters, and the training facility. The top level holds a training facility, which trains new recruits on each species on the planet, how to deal with them, etc. The level under that holds the facility security bunks and armoury. There is a perimeter wall around the facility, stretching down to the bottom of the facility underwater. This wall is patrolled on top by atleast ten guards at a time, the gate is guarded by no less than six guards, three outside, three inside, the entrance to the facility is guarded by ten guards aswell, five inside, five outside. This level is referred to as Level one, and the training facility as Training Level. The level under Level 1 is used by facility staff such as janitors, researchers, and is patrolled by security, from this point on, you are required to have a security card with appropriate clearance to proceed downwards, starting at Clearance 1 for level 2, increasing by 1 Clearance level for each level you go down. The third floor is used by Head Researcher's offices and bunks, and separate Departments such as R&D, Weapons Research, Artefact Research, Armour Research, etc. Level 4 has Department heads and the Site Director's separate rooms, holding offices, bunks, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Every level under this holds separate creatures, on the bottom few levels are the biggest and most dangerous creatures, starting with the Reefcarrier, as the largest, non leviathan class docile creature. Under that is the Wraith Leviathans, then Sea Wyverns, then SnakeHammer Leviathans, then Sea Emperor's, beyond that only those who Caesar Kenway permits may venture to, even the Site Director can not go down that far. The facility incorporates a pyramid like design, burrowing into the planet to house the creatures. Side note: There are other facilities on the planet, on a smaller scale, designed to hold a certain species that can not be reasonably or safely kept with the others due to size, feeding requirements, strength, or other reasons.
  • Precursor Bases, Large to small bases, about ten all in all, one in each biome under the Deep Grand Reef and the Deep Grand Reef. 
  • Safe Shallows, lush plant life, near to the surface, no hostile life naturally.
  • Kelp Forests, Blood Kelp Forests, white and red thin kelp with a sort of skin like feeling.
  • Grassy Plateaus, red grass, no other plant life apart from slight shrubbery.
  • Dunes, no plant life.
  • Grand Reef, like the Great Barrier Reef, but deep, deep down, atleast 100 metres to 150 metres.
  • Deep Grand Reef, 150 metres down to 250 metres, lack of plant life unlike the Grand Reef, but still prominent. It holds a Precursor cache of armour.
  • The Lost River, a dark bonefield of unnatural creatures that are transparent. It houses a gargantuan skeleton in the center that belongs to a extinct species of predators even bigger than the Sea Emperor, due to it's size, it could not have fit in the Lost River bonefield when it was alive, so either the planet shifted and it was exposed, or the rocks shifted when it was in there and trapped it. It could also be a case of the species continuously growing but not leaving the Lost River and growing too big. The area is dominated by dark, unusable rocky terrain, and green brine that is toxic to most species without proper equipment. It pools up in crevices, or in a frozen waterfall appearance, where it leaks down. Only the creatures that inhabit the Lost River are immune to it. It houses a large Precursor Disease Research facility. It holds three SharkHammer Leviathan juveniles. It also holds a Precursor Cache of information and data.
  • Inactive Lava Zone, one of the former magma chambers of the volcano, when it became dormant, so did the Inactive Lava Zone, the lava stopped flowing from above, it just stopped, it became a burning hot rocky place with a few lava patches here and there. It holds the Lava Castle and two Sea Wyverns. It also has the Precursor Thermal Plant that powers the other Precursor Sites. It also holds a Precursor Cache of weaponry. 
  • Active Lava Zone, it still holds active lava, it can be accessed by a few tunnels from the Inactive Lava Zone or a big hole in it. It holds one Sea Dragon and the Precursor Primary Research Facility, where the Sea Empress and her eggs were. When the eggs hatched and went off to explore the open biomes such as the Grand Reef, Dunes, Grassy Plateaus and even sometimes wandering into the Ecological Dead Zone. The facility also kept a record of all the living creatures of the time on the planet a thousand years ago. With egg samples, it also researches weapons and artefacts. Finally, it holds a Precursor Cache of samples of the species. 
  • Ecological Dead Zone, it is barren of all life apart from the microscopic size, such as plankton. It is inhabited by Adult Sharkhammer Leviathans that filter feed. It is a large drop down to the planet's crust from the crater edge, 3,000 metres down. It has a Precursor base 1,500 metres down that serves as a control center for the Turbolaser platform.


  • Native Species: 
  • Wraith Leviathans (Dunes, and Grand Reef and Deep Grand Reef, eleven in total),
  • Sea Wyverns, Leviathan class. (Inactive & Active Lava Zones, only three)
  • Prowlers (Thin crocodile like creatures)
  • Warrior Sharks, armoured, sharks, but thinner, less bulky.
  • Burrower Sharks, thin and wide, and I mean thin, thinner than a human hand is long, like to burrow into sand,
  • Shroom snakes, big, long purple snakes with two front grabbing hook mandibles, and two smaller teeth, they hide in burrows, or giant mushrooms.
  • Spider squids, eight legged creatures with gigantic heads, they can produce a short lasting, short range EMP naturally, about five-ten metres in distance, depending on size and age of the specimen,
  • Snakehead Leviathans, large, ghost like creatures that feast on plankton, live in the Ecological Dead Zone, but grow up in the depths of the crater. Many other insignificant ordinary, but native fish species that serve as food.
  • Cuddlefish, cute little cuddly creatures that serve no purpose, an adult male is generally the size of an average human torso, they have squid like tentacles that span half of their body length, halfway down, and a cute little head from the top up, all connected. They're very playful and love attention, much like the Wee Dragons, though they only eat flora or plankton, even certain treats.
  • Reefcarriers, large creatures with around five tentacles they used for steering, they drift along with the currents, they have miniature reefs on their backs. They're the whales of Abyssia.
  • There is also a large species named Sea Emperors/Sea Empress's, being the only species to have a name affected by gender, they are the largest documented species, capable of telepathy within a kilometres range, they have claws for hands, and typically command creatures smaller than them, they are peaceful however, and can pacify other creatures that are generally aggressive, they have nine tentacles which they use to propel themselves through the water, they are Leviathan class creatures.
  • Immigrated Species: Settlers andAlterra Inc. employees.
  • Population: About 800 all in all.
  • Demographics: A few large research facilities and housing areas are present on the world. The settlement is open to all kinds of species. The main settler species is Karkoradon, Quarren, and a few other aqua species.
  • Primary Languages: Whatever is used by the rare inhabitants. The settlers do mostly speak basic.
  • Culture: Daily Life? Whatever suits them, there are no recreational centres or shopping centres, what they eat and drink is what the farm and filter, or what is given to them from off world sources. Most of them would stay huddled up in their houses, where they're safe from the big bad Leviathans.


  • Government: Free planet, but with certain regulations.
  • Affiliation: It falls under the ownership ofAlterra Inc., by the law of Terra Nullius, or the closest equivalent.
  • Wealth: None, it has no specific population, to each their own.
  • Stability: It's dangerous to visit because there's nearly no space to stop and think, it's dangerous at every metre. You could turn a corner, and boom, there's something that's more than happy to eat you
  • Freedom & Oppression: Relaxed and Open. Only two main punishable offences, hunting the native species, punishable by being escorted on the person's ship out of the Nauthilas system. The exception to this is if one is forced to attack and/or kill a creature because it attacked the individual. The other offence is mining without permission, this is settled by Alterra being paid for the rounded-down sum of all the materials used, mining itself is allowed, aslong as there is no ill effects, mining and utilising the materials mined is illegal. Certain exceptions will be made by the System Director's self, or those with his authority.


  • Military: The protection Alterra offers from the species being hunted to mass extinction, apart from that, the residents are left to fend for themselves. It is mostly a well formed military protecting the Research Facilities.
  • Technology: Residents bring their own technology and weapons, simple. It is usually normal level technology from whereever that were before they came to Abyssia. Though the standard technology used at the facilities is pretty high tech. Tablets capable of holo-communication, stasis rifles that can create a bubble and paralyse the muscles of anything within, forcefields, scanners, high tech stuff.



Ten years from the current date,  Alterra Inc. sent out a Harrower-Class Star Destroyer to the Unknown Regions, to find a planet rich with natural resources. They did, the ship was orbiting the planet, when the Turbo Laser platform tore a hole in the ship's engines, it then plummeted down to the ocean planet, landing in the crater. A team of four spec ops troopers survived, they escaped in a life pod, and sent a distress signal, where they were picked up by a frigate in the region. At the time, the planet was unsettled.


When the Alterra spec ops troops reported back to Caesar Kenway, he claimed the planet under his/his companies ownership by law of Terra Nullius. Shortly afterwards he issued an order that hunting the native species was a detain-able offence, punishable by being returned to their ship and escorted out of the Nauthilas system. Another Harrower was sent out to scout out other planets in the system, which were also claimed under Terra Nullius, leading to the System of Nauthilas being owned by Caesar Kenway/Alterra Inc.


Settlement was allowed by Caesar Kenway, and he made an order for the planet to be scouted by probes, when that was done, he set up a Research Facility. This Facility held two of each specimen, a male and female. This Facility researched the creatures to gain an understanding of them. Five years after discovery, settlement was allowed on Abyssia, though few settled, the ones that did typically created large houses underwater in safe biomes, or areas, few settled on islands. Most of the few visitors to the planet visited to experience the planet, explore it, or try to survive it.