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Darth Harbinger

Darth Harbinger

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Yesterday, 01:54 PM

Davin Skirata@Ronak@Milla Ordo


Harbinger had Continued to study the two kids and the wolf like being for a moment before the New comer walked between them. He studied him and noticed the crude light saber, nothing legitimate but it would still produce a blade that would slice as good as any, The armor and the T shaped Sight Visor along with the man's thick accent easily tipped him off that the man was mandalorian. He watched him for a moment, Debating weather or not to attack and instead focused on the mans thoughts and wail he couldn't read to much, he read enough to know this guy had not been sent by some angry slaver after his head or the Jar-Ari to test his capabilities so he soon deactivated his light saber though he was still on his toes never the less. "One cannot be to careful in this place.." He said in his low smooth voice wail he watched them. The voices soon began to talk in his mind but he pushed them aside "You cant be to careful in these ages.." he said as the Aura of darkness and Despair left the area slowly and seemed to retract back into the sith.

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Yesterday, 01:19 PM

Orex Mauda I do have a Bounty hunter and a tuskin raider who is more or less a blank slate if your interested in any of them for high command? I can PM you their Bio links if you like

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16 January 2019 - 10:19 PM

Tom Taff I myself love how Vast the droid world of star wars is. I think I will bump it up to Limited to keep a good amount in but low key enough that its not likely to be Used against him.

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16 January 2019 - 08:10 PM

Lady KayBill KerkovThe AnarchCandez Stoon@Thraxis@Voph


Darth harbinger masked his aura and began to walk around the south side of the encampment. He soon came upon two guards standing guard with blaster rifles and with a swift slash the scythe blade ignited and severed the head of one of the guards. The other turned around just in time to see the hilt of the blade collide with his skull and as he knocked him over with it harbinger slashed his head off as well. as the heads rolled away in the sand Darth harbinger smiled a little under his mask as the voice grew quiet for just a moment. It really was these moments of silence he lived for after all. He soon turned and he entered through the door, slashing the lock with the saber scythe. As he entered the camp the permeation of the dark side filled the air around him as it seeped into the encampment as he soon activated his illusions and stealth field to vanish from sight as well as allowing his full darkness to permeate the camp. as the feelings of dread, depression, fear and dispair began to flood through the hallways along with a slight aura of darkness Generated by his Snow Feathers, Darth harbinger put his blade away and began to walk through the hallway. He had something of a distaste for slavery though he also was looking to test his abilities...so why not kill two birds with one stone...

In Topic: Streets of Paradise

16 January 2019 - 07:58 PM



On the planet Darth Harbinger had been in the ally stalls, buying A black old looking leather bound book of magic and dark side Alchemy for studying later on. At first him and the shop keeper had been in something of a argument though after making a few motions with his hands he managed to achieve the book for free using his sith sorcery of the mind. After walking away he heard yelling around him and he instinctively reached back and gripped onto the handle of his saber scythe before turning to see an animal like alien looking directly into his mask. Darth harbinger locked eyes with the wolf like being and his body stiffened just in case he needed to kill the wolf. Soon he saw a smaller Twe'eak show up along side him and his scythe like blade activated just in case they were bounty hunters or assassins in disguise. Darth Harbinger spoke in a deep Scottish accent after a few moments of looking upon the two that had just arrived once the red blade jetted out in a crescent shape from the staff to make a scythe shape."What business do you have here?" he asked him as he held his blade in both hands and his eyes seemed to glow slightly with the amber color associated with the sith. It was then he allowed some of his dark side aura to seep out, filling the ally way with the feeling of darkness and despair.