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Darth Harbinger

Darth Harbinger

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In Topic: Rinn Tin-Tin OOC

22 January 2019 - 06:03 PM

I do as well apart from a funeral. but yes, we jumped at the chance to fight XD


Lady Kay

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22 January 2019 - 05:02 PM

Orex Mauda@Ronak@Darth Zurvan


Hearing the response Darth harbinger began to scan the area around him for anyone though he saw nothing. "Yea, I can do that...It shouldn't be to much of an issue." He told him before he began to walk quickly through the wooded areas towards the sound of firing blasters and explosions were a clear indication on which way to head even with the dark side of the force radiating from another sith. As he made his way through the wooded area he climbed up the rocks slightly and keeled down on the top of the cliff over side, looking down on the village below at the volley or firing. He then leapt off of the ledge and soared downwards ontop of a hut remaining cloaked and keeping his aura concealed. It was then that he leapt off of the hut slightly into the trees and Feeling the rage radiating off of Orex he smiled to himself as he prepared to strike "Better make this count" he said before reciting an incantation and as his cloaking device turned off he made a strange mutilated X type of hand sign and caused a roaring sound to fill the vicinity as raging dark side darkness swarmed into the village like a rolling wave of black smoke that enveloped the village in a ten meter radius to try and cover the sith target inside the waves of darkness. He then ignighted his light saber scythe as well. "Make it count..." he snarled into the comm as he then lifted rubble with force grip and hurtled it at Zuvan before rushing out and slashing towards him with the blade of the scythe as the voices began to degrade his enemy in the darkness,

In Topic: Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

22 January 2019 - 12:10 PM

@Ronak@Orex MaudaPriscilla UtornaLev OrlovaLady Kay


Darth Harbinger was quiet wail he listened to his plan, it seemed quite solid to say the Least though and until it was proven otherwise he would follow it. It seemed that the DEAD leader Orex was planning to take the sith alive to use him for his own plans, It was risky but if it worked that would be something of a trump card for him, He had lost sight of the merc with the sniper rifle though he payed him little mind as he doubted a betrayal as long as he didn't attack them...the man most likely was after a pay check after all. Sensing the uneasiness from Ronak he couldn't help but laugh a little. He was always seemingly uneasy after he showed him but an ounce of his ability back in the underworlds when he had made a vendor knock himself out cold against a wall, though he himself thought he had been rather nice, he never did kill the man, in fact, he had even been thoughtful to the urchins wail still achieving what he had come after originally. Turning his attention to Oex he spoke through the comms "if its all the same, I'll back you up...I dare say we would have the best chance against the force user being force users ourselves and I tend to use the force in....abnormal ways...Ronak can back that up i am sure...any objections?" he asked him as he pulled his saber scythe blade out but did not yet ignight the handle. He then used the force and as his cloaking device turned on he vanished in a black thin wisp of smoke, taking position in the treeline before hearing the gun shots and an explosion "My my....this'll be fun..." he said to himself as he began to slowly let the voices in his mind instruct him.

In Topic: Streets of Paradise

21 January 2019 - 03:38 PM

@Ronak@Davin SkirataMilla Ordo

He couldn't help but feel slightly amused by their reaction at it before he sighed watching the mandalorian ignight his light saber. "You realize he isn't dead correct? " He asked as he pulled his scythe back and ignited the blade on it "if he had snapped out of the transe and saw her with the bags then it would have been counter productive...he will just think he got mugged...happens all the time round these parts" he said and as the wolf ran he rolled his eyes "even when you try to be friendly it backfires" he said as he took a fighting stance

In Topic: Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

20 January 2019 - 03:46 PM

@Ronak@HK-51@Orex MaudaLev OrlovaLady Kay

Darth harbinger gave lady Kay a bow of respect as well before listening as she explained the situation in a short but clear synopsis. "I see...so what would you have me do then...i.assume you thought a plan out then? It wasn't as bad as he thought though the situation was still a close one never the less. He looked at the Mercenary who he sensed a high amount of confusion and suspicion from , it was clear a sith was the last thing this battle clad Mercenary had expected to see. "Relax Mercenary, my goal is the same as yours" he told him calmly as harbinger had a dislike for the aspects of slavery. As he then glanced over the others, taking note of a man who seemed to be another Mercenary, slightly familiar...he wondered if he had run into him in the past.. he looked familiar to someone who ran the D.E.A.D Mercenary guild. a familiar voice made Darth harbinger look over. Seeing Ronak he looked over and gave him a slight bow "our paths seem to cross again.. a pleasure" he told him before his gaze fell onto the robot. This was something he was not too keen over. Darth Harbinger eyed the robot but he had a bad feeling... His master was unnamed...that was not normal for most operations...it didn't seem right but due to HK being a Droid... He was unable to sense weather or not there was deception. It troubled him but he kept it to himself for now but he would be watching...