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Darth Harbinger

Darth Harbinger

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#1903069 Crime Syndicate High Command

Posted by Darth Harbinger on Yesterday, 01:19 PM

Orex Mauda I do have a Bounty hunter and a tuskin raider who is more or less a blank slate if your interested in any of them for high command? I can PM you their Bio links if you like

#1902862 S Series Droid

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 16 January 2019 - 10:19 PM

Tom Taff I myself love how Vast the droid world of star wars is. I think I will bump it up to Limited to keep a good amount in but low key enough that its not likely to be Used against him.

#1902804 Return to Familiar Sands

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 16 January 2019 - 08:10 PM

Lady KayBill KerkovThe AnarchCandez Stoon@Thraxis@Voph


Darth harbinger masked his aura and began to walk around the south side of the encampment. He soon came upon two guards standing guard with blaster rifles and with a swift slash the scythe blade ignited and severed the head of one of the guards. The other turned around just in time to see the hilt of the blade collide with his skull and as he knocked him over with it harbinger slashed his head off as well. as the heads rolled away in the sand Darth harbinger smiled a little under his mask as the voice grew quiet for just a moment. It really was these moments of silence he lived for after all. He soon turned and he entered through the door, slashing the lock with the saber scythe. As he entered the camp the permeation of the dark side filled the air around him as it seeped into the encampment as he soon activated his illusions and stealth field to vanish from sight as well as allowing his full darkness to permeate the camp. as the feelings of dread, depression, fear and dispair began to flood through the hallways along with a slight aura of darkness Generated by his Snow Feathers, Darth harbinger put his blade away and began to walk through the hallway. He had something of a distaste for slavery though he also was looking to test his abilities...so why not kill two birds with one stone...

#1902799 Streets of Paradise

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 16 January 2019 - 07:58 PM



On the planet Darth Harbinger had been in the ally stalls, buying A black old looking leather bound book of magic and dark side Alchemy for studying later on. At first him and the shop keeper had been in something of a argument though after making a few motions with his hands he managed to achieve the book for free using his sith sorcery of the mind. After walking away he heard yelling around him and he instinctively reached back and gripped onto the handle of his saber scythe before turning to see an animal like alien looking directly into his mask. Darth harbinger locked eyes with the wolf like being and his body stiffened just in case he needed to kill the wolf. Soon he saw a smaller Twe'eak show up along side him and his scythe like blade activated just in case they were bounty hunters or assassins in disguise. Darth Harbinger spoke in a deep Scottish accent after a few moments of looking upon the two that had just arrived once the red blade jetted out in a crescent shape from the staff to make a scythe shape."What business do you have here?" he asked him as he held his blade in both hands and his eyes seemed to glow slightly with the amber color associated with the sith. It was then he allowed some of his dark side aura to seep out, filling the ally way with the feeling of darkness and despair.

#1902111 LFG: Gritty RP

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 15 January 2019 - 03:37 AM

Huhtal Gritty..? well Harbinger isn't a child but if you fancy an interaction with a sith Sorcerer then I am sure we can figure something out.

#1900484 Return to Familiar Sands

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 11 January 2019 - 09:02 PM

The AnarchStardust Australis SkiraeCandez StoonLady Kay@Thraxis@Micah


sriluur... A planet of Rock and sand similar to that of a desert. Darth Harbinger was not looking forward to arriving at this planet due to the heat that would surely be accompanying the blazing sun that was high in the sky. His mining vessel soon landed in the sandy outskirts of a small town and the cloaking device on it soon activated, hiding the ship from view of any possible passers by as he didn't know quite know what other life forms lived on this planet, He soon stood up and began to walk down his ships hallway and to the exit. The door opened and as he walked down the ramp into the sand. as his feet touched the ground he quit masking his aura as the thick and heavy aura of the dark side permeated the world around him. A womprat rushed by him but as the aura of permiating fear that radiated from Darth Harbinger made the womprat begin to freak out and it rushed away as quick as it could in horror. Taking a deep breath Darth harbinger began to walk down the sandy and rocky landscape wail his cloaking device soon activated and coupled with his own abilities at illusions he made it appear that he vanished into a thin black mist in case somebody was watching him out of site and managing to hide their own aura. He continued to slowly walk down the rocky and sandy landscape until the camp came into sight, He had been sensing and following the misery and darkness of the slaves and wail he was far from what one might call good...he didn't have a taste for slavery and as he stopped and watched the camp, hidden from view, he grabbed what would appear to be a staff and readied himself..

#1899917 See, it's not all in their heads; it's also upon the floor.

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 10 January 2019 - 06:54 PM

Pom Stych TivéDarth Hashira


Closing his eyes Darth harbinger began attempting to focus his mind despite the voices in his head. He managed to quiet them to look into the force for a few moments before his eyes opened slowly "I think...you..,might be right" he said to Pm as he looked over at the witch "It feels like there is another life form hidden somewhere on this ship...if you don't mind I feel like I should have a look in the basement of the ship...down in the haul i mean" He corrected himself as he was not one who knew to much about ships or "ship talk" that most piolets tended to use. "I feel as though we may find some clues down there as to who...or what..is on the ship...and maybe a few clues as to just what has been happening on this ship" He told her as he continued to look around and soon his eyes locked onto the ships crew "Part of me hopes that we can kill at least one..." he admitted before crossing his arms and leaning on the ships cold metallic walls to await a response

#1883377 Major Faction Application - The Jen'ari Empire

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 20 November 2018 - 01:01 PM

Let the chaos begin

#1882524 See, it's not all in their heads; it's also upon the floor.

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 17 November 2018 - 09:53 PM

Darth HashiraPom Stych Tivé

Taking the data pad from the witch he shook his head to clear the voices from His head again as he began to read the data pad. He could feel her eyes on him and he looked back at her after a moment "they don't sound like the voices I typically hear " he told her before looking back at the data pad. He began going through the ships repair logs and the ships Condition sheets. As he flipped from screen to screen it didn't seem like to much was out of the normal. There was a repair done to. The engine and the back thrusters about four "earth" months back which could have given a chance for somebody to sabotage it. As he looked back up towards the glass he saw something huge vanish around a corner but when he tried to use his senses to find the thing it didn't show... This was beyond strange for him. It was then that he heard another noise, the voice of another sith lord.. Just how many more were showing up.. They wouldn't have dispatched a witch, and two sith if it was a routine ship grab. Looking over at the sith who was approching him he spoke calmly "something is amiss here.. " he told him as he handed him the data pad so he could get an up to date reading of everything. "something is watching us.. I can hear it.. " he said referring to the new voices in his head and then looked to The witch "how long have you heard the voices? " he asked her

#1881464 See, it's not all in their heads; it's also upon the floor.

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 14 November 2018 - 06:41 PM

Pom Stych Tivé


In the Void of space The Mining vessel stolen from the planet Naboo came out of Hyperspace and began slowly nearing the dreadnought that was floating through the stars in something of a dead orbit around a desolated planet. Inside of the mining vessel was Darth harbinger, An acolyte of the sith though he followed a more obscure path then the typical sith lord, The path of sorcery and alchemy to be exact. As the vessel approached and slowly docked on the ships docking platforms Harbinger let out a soft breath as he used the force to sense the ship. He picked up the force energy of another on the ship, One who seemed entwined with darkness similar to his own, as if that wasn't enough to perk his curiosity, It seemed that besides a few of the crew that there was nothing else on board...but that couldn't be...not if the imperial notes of flesh being found on board were to be believed...and he could see why they would lie about that. As the ship finally came to a stop, Darth Harbinger slowly stood up and walked down the steel halls of his own ship and walked out onto the crumbled looking docks of the dreadnought and he scanned the halls and docking platforms with his yellowed eyes from under his helmet. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for him as of yet...but again...that couldn't be the case. He slowly walked down the steel ramp and onto the landing platform and walked past one of the crew who left the vicinity immediately as Harbingers Love of breaking people mentally was well known through the worlds he had visited. Harbinger glanced over his shoulder, The voice in his head telling him they were conspiring against him , plotting to attack from behind and for a moment, Harbinger nearly attacked but he pushed the words of the voices in his head out of his mind for now. He had business to attend to..


Harbinger walked the halls and followed the sense of darkness until he approached the source of the enticing darkness he sensed even off of the ship. When he walked into the room his eyes locked on a witch or at least what he assumed was a witch. Walking up towards her he studied the woman for a moment before speaking "Your my contact I am supposed to meet here...correct..Pom stych Tive?..." he said as he watched her, ready to attack if he needed as the voices again told him she was going to attack him when his back was turned. He glanced around the steel room and the hall ways and for a moment, on the surviving crew members "Somethings off...there is much more happening here then we are lead to believe..." he told her in a cold but dull and emotion devoid voice as he slowly walked over and looked out of the window into the vacuum of space

#1876725 Darth Harbinger (Gough Sifera)

Posted by Darth Harbinger on 31 October 2018 - 04:34 PM

NAME: Darth Harbinger (Gough sifera)


RANK: Sith


Orientation: Hetero

AGE: 28

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6ft 2


EYES: Blue (when not yellow)

HAIR: Very pale blonde

SKIN: Slightly pale

Voice: deep and a heavy Scottish accent


Theme song:


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Strength: Having visited Korriban as well as Malacore, He has pushed much effort into specializing on the sith magic of The corpse vision. Wail he Cannot speak to the spirits of the Dead, He Enjoys playing mind games with victims, Very adept at the art of causing voices in his victims mind. He also focused his prowess into the magic of summon fear and The false light side aura along with other Sorcery centered around Illusions and mental attacks. Only knowing of one alchemist trick, He has a very basic concept of the dark side mask as well as Aura of uneasiness. His Custom Light Saber Scythe is also considered a strength, using a wild and unpredictable style crafted by Darth Harbinger himself to Mirror a wild dance of death and fear, Fueled by his own anger and hatred the dance is unpredictable as well as abnormal, This form of combat is one that Darth Harbinger has more then an average amount of knowledge in.

Weaknesses: Due to the amount of concentration needed, The dark side mask will vanish if he even so much as runs wail using it as it takes his entire mental fortitude in order to wield it and even then he can wield it for a maximum of one hour before the mental strain puts him in a state of near zombification, Due to his focus Being Primarily on sith Sorcery and alchemy, his single bladed light saber training is average and his mastery of the sith force abilities not pertaining to sorcery is below average on a good day, Due to his extended stay on Korriban, The spirits of the sith wreaked havoc on his mind and as such he often suffers from an acute form of schizophrenia and at times has issues telling which of the voices he hears is real...and what is in his mind. He also suffers from paranoia, often under the impression everybody is trying to kill him and constantly looks over his shoulder which makes keeping the mask even harder. Due to his Schizophrenic nature when he uses force rage he becomes nearly uncontrollable and afterwards the toll is so great on his body he barley has the ability to stand and since he has no control of this ability, He cannot choose to activate it. Darth Harbinger also is susceptible to having his mind messed with though it could end with explosive results..


Darth Harbinger, Once known as Gough Tyanos Sifra Grew up in the high end of Naboo with his mother and his father. He had a girlfriend, a life, He even had a job as a traveling Historian, visiting different planets in search of historical remains of lives long past. In a twist of fate, this job is what lead him down his path to insanity. Taking a job none would have dared to take, He and three others went to the world of malacore, wanting to see the frozen bodies of the jedi and sith both from ages long past that were frozen in time, a reminiscence of a tragic age

. Once there feet hit the ground of Malacore, A strange feeling called out , his colleges were not force sensitive and as such didn't hear anything..He asked if they could hear the voices but they all looked at him as though he was mental. they spend three days, the voices grew louder to him and now...He felt the pull of the dark side, pulling him to Korriban. After he collected the stone light-sabers and some old relics of ages past he had to be nearly dragged towards the ship, The voices of the ancient sith holocron beckoned to him though he resisted the urges and made it back to Naboo. A year later...after delving into the research and becoming nearly consumed, He planned a trip to the valley of the sith in Korraban, This unsettled his colleges and parents both though he left anyways for the hunt of some ancient sith artifacts. This was about more then artifacts though...it was about the voice, the voice of the dark side that drew him closer to the root of the corruption and evil itself.

As there feet touched the red sand and they began to explore the tombs, The voice grew louder, shadows seemed to move over the walls and even the torches they had that gave them light didn't give anyone any real comfort anymore, not even light would save them where they were headed. As they climbed down the dusty steps, heading towards the tomb of the Sith Lord Malak, They came to a bridge, leading across a black casym, The others didn't dare go nearer..Gough however wanted to see it all..as the group had left to explore a less sealed off and more...safe...tomb...Gough made his way to the stone casket and as he removed the stone lid he saw a black sleek sword in it, A shimmering blade of An Alcomysts creation. When he picked it up his head Spun and pulsed in agony, Visions of death, destruction and voices shot though his mind which had not been ready for the mental attack as the darkness flowed into him...almost as if touching the evil artifact had contaminated him. Standing up from the ground where he had fallen due to the voices and pain he saw a small holocron, one with very few techniques in it..but it wouldn't open...he felt the anger in him, enhanced by the tombs dark energy and the dead worlds affinity to the dark side and before long, his colleges came back, Telling him it was time to leave this world drenched in darkness. Gough agreed but as they turned around he stabbed one of them with the sword, fighting the pain it caused him as anger took over his mind, a lust for killing now in his mind as he was infected by the darkness...and it felt good...so good...the blood on his hand, the feeling of taking a life....he needed more...and whats more...the voice had stopped. as he pulled the bloody blade out and threw his engineer aside the others were struck with horror as he slashed the throat of the second man, the medic and before he could run, the third man, the security guard, had been run through. as there bodies dropped and the blood flowed over the stones of the tombs bridge the holocron opened at the presence of murder. He sat there with it...studying it...craving more..

He sat in that tomb for months, exhausting there food supplies as he only left to eat and soon...even quit doing that as much as he should have, to emerged in the darkness that he had discovered, the voices of the dead rang in his mind even still...but it didn't faze him so much anymore, they didn't scare him.. the pain didn't exist...When the rations ran low he finally left the Planet of the dark sides purest form, Now in Old sith armor that he had found from the remminents of the old sith base. He did not return back to naboo, He went to the Caves of dantooine,

It didn't take long this time...he found the caves and he went inside, Soon the voices came back as he looked around for the crystal, He knew what he had to do...he knew it was in his head...but it was hard to fight..He soon found a crystal after he fought through the voices in his head trying to cause fear and pain...a Red crystal that felt tainted...as tainted as he was...and he loved the feeling...he left the cave and soon returned to his ship, heading Home only to fill up on supplies before he took off again..

This time his destination was on tatooine where he made his way into an unknown city, He killed the cities junk dealer without a second thought, He needed to finish this...He needed his new light saber... He sat down in the junk yard, the crystal in the center of the room and soon they began to raise up, his practicing over the past few months paying off as soon ..components began to form around the crystal...Being from a junk yard after all..they didn't look quite new or impressive...however as the blade slowly finished...His eyes opened as he gripped the handle of his new..and his first...light saber blade. He had learned it over his months of exploring and training in Korriban.. now...He was ready to go..He had obtained a scroll from the black market, an old one, One teaching a single light sable style, He would by no means be a master with it...not even close...but he would learn with it and practice The Juyo scroll...now he is on his way into the galaxy...to see what lies next...As he soon made it back towards Naboo He learned a horrid truth, He lost both parents to An attack by bandits who had lead an act of terrorism, this didn't sadden him though it should have, but it fueled his rage..and as his rage built..the voices he heard before, the voices of the dead? no...he had left the planet... now he was headed back into the galaxy and now, he was truly alone. Darth Harbinger soon fashioned his own armor, deciding to take on the look similar to the old god of death that was believed in ever so long ago in the early days of the galaxy to help install fear in his opponents and has managed to gain the nickname "The dark angel" Due to his armor design and weapon of choice, The scythe. Darth Harbinger has managed to craft a fighting style that would combine sweeping swings and he would use quick dashes though this wasn't his ace. when he duel handed his scythe and single bladed saber he was able to augment himself with the dark side and produce a flurry of rapid sweeping swings with quick slashes and jabs in a wild and unpredictable fashion known as Danse Macabre. Since his return to the inner rim, he has joined the The Jen'ari Empire and as such he recognizes only their rule on the dark side of the force. However, Darth Harbinger will work with light side force users if their goals were to align up as he will do anything required typically to achieve his own goal or tofarther his understanding of Sorcery. Darth Harbinger has a dislike for slavers however, this is the one condition that he will sacrifice his own possibility of power gain just to kill them. Darth Harbinger, when he was still Gough, Often was against forced slavery and had helped a Twe'ak Slave girl Escape the Hutts long before He went down the path of darkness, The stories he had heard...they stayed with him and even now, wail he is up to his neck in darkness, He still hates Slavers.

Darth Harbingers Armor


Darth Harbingers Custom saber Scythe

(Its not the prettiest but it holds sentimental Value)

Single bladed Light saber

Space Station

Heavens Light Space Station



Purgatorie's gates (Pending)




Y-8 Mining Vessel

Darth Harbinger's star destroyer







Bongo Advanced Scout (Sub)






S-class Flag Ship Droid assassins



EOG 696 Probe Droid





P-409 "Creeper"













Force abilities:
Deadly Stare
force grip
Force scream

Summon Fear (Specialty)
Aura of uneasiness
false Light side Aura
Pressures thought
Force Blast (causes himself severe burns when used)
Summon Darkness
Summon demon
Suppress pain
Rage (Cannot control)

Dark side mask (Very basic)