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Lord of Vandemar

Lord of Vandemar

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The tall human is helped out of his armour by one of the designated service team. It is put on a stand next to the weapon rack he can choose from. He was mustering it for a while, thinking through the possibilities of what he could choose, before he decides. Pike or single-blade? Bram is not used to one-on-one duels, it is quite a long time ago since he had such a private encounter.


He spots his opponent moving into the arena before him. A tall Wookie. That will be fascinating. Bram Sigismund enters the arena as well, a single-bladed training weapon in his hand. Even he hadn´t duelled in a way, he knows that there are certain manners he has to follow. Walking towards the Wookie and stopping a few meters in front of him, he bows with his blade in front of his face.


"I am Bram Sigsmund."

In Topic: The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

15 November 2018 - 08:06 PM

Vanessa Vantai


The bridge is shaking. Calm as a golden rock Sigismund was standing on his bridge, watching the shields of his ship drop into the red percentage. With a satisfaction he notices the heavy damage done by the combined bomber squadrons on one of the artillery ships. As well as seeing how the heavy Hellions are devastating and routing parts of the enemy fleet thanks to their heavier equipment and defences.


But the flagship and its sister were where they needed to be now. The close range was devastating for them, but the bulky ships of the enemy had no chance of turning fast enough, nor could they jump away, thanks to the interdictors the enemy had. In close quarters the Lightbringers could now outmaneuvre the battleships and devastate them with their heavy guns.


As support the Commodore orders the second line corvettes to attack one of the battleships as well.




In Topic: Jedi Dueling Tournament

12 November 2018 - 12:20 PM

I am interested.

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11 November 2018 - 08:31 AM

"The credit value is not my interest, nor is it to improve my weapon. My answer is no." He keeps his view focused on the hunters helmet. "I have come here to search for help and haven´t asked so far. As you were correctly highlighting, you are what is left of your Order. A single invidiual company is not what I seek, nor can I depend on the judgement and training of a single individual without additional trainers or instructors."


Rising his head a millimeter. "Do not take offence here. I offer you my help in the case of leaving this planet or searching and excavating the ruins, but not more."

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10 November 2018 - 07:37 AM

I had issues too. Uploading didnt work for me, but linking it with a URL did (after several tries).
Also make sure it is far below the "maximum size".