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Lord of Vandemar

Lord of Vandemar

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#1881856 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 15 November 2018 - 08:06 PM

Vanessa Vantai


The bridge is shaking. Calm as a golden rock Sigismund was standing on his bridge, watching the shields of his ship drop into the red percentage. With a satisfaction he notices the heavy damage done by the combined bomber squadrons on one of the artillery ships. As well as seeing how the heavy Hellions are devastating and routing parts of the enemy fleet thanks to their heavier equipment and defences.


But the flagship and its sister were where they needed to be now. The close range was devastating for them, but the bulky ships of the enemy had no chance of turning fast enough, nor could they jump away, thanks to the interdictors the enemy had. In close quarters the Lightbringers could now outmaneuvre the battleships and devastate them with their heavy guns.


As support the Commodore orders the second line corvettes to attack one of the battleships as well.




#1880617 Jedi Dueling Tournament

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 12 November 2018 - 12:20 PM

I am interested.

#1879352 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 08 November 2018 - 02:01 PM

POV: Bram Sigismund, Commodore

Faction: New Republic, New Republic Navy

Area: Space Battle


The bridge is shaking once more, an alarm is ringing and several console screen are flickering before they stabilise again. "Sir, another hit like that and our shields are no more!"

The tall, straight figure of Bram Sigismund remains untouched and silent, his arms folded behind his armoured silhoutte. While recognising, and silently agreeing, with the ensign, the commodore does not show it. Another minute and the enemy blocks his own line of view and makes his artillery ships just as useless as if they hadn´t any ammo anymore. With some satisfaction he notices a burning hull of one of the enemies Tachys-classes and one retreating heavily damaged, not being able to withstand the two Star Destroyers focusing fire.


Yet neither himself nor the Republic Navy could afford the loss of a Star Destroyer. "Conduct all shield energy to the front deflectors, shut down engine unit bravo and delta and use its power to support the shields."

Rising his armoured hand and pointing with a finger on an officer. "Launch our bombers with all possible screening at the artillery ships."


Vanessa Vantai


While the direct engagement continues, the Cypresse Cruisers give full speed into the heart of the enemy formation. Ignoring any incoming fire or enemies in their way, they just head, avoiding collisions, towards the ships of the Fleet Admiral. The two Centurion-classes are their goal to reach and cover, directly engaging any enemy ships which are attacking them. Utilising their speed and agressive advance, they would split up and try to hunt down the imperials one by one, trying to create outnubering situations from multiple flanks.


Solan Charr



#1878635 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 06 November 2018 - 07:01 AM

POV: Bram Sigismund, Commodore

Faction: New Republic, New Republic Navy

Area: Space Battle


After he repeated the call, Bram stopped the try to contact the Admiral. Meanwhile the display started to show further enemy movements, imperials were slowly heading directly at them and soon would start to shoot at long range supported by those bombardement ships.


"Forward at them, 1/6 light, battle speed and give them hell. Fire at will, but focus it. Maximum energy to the front deflectors, conduct from aft shields if necessary." He was watching his flotilla dashing forward, while it got the first hits of those large artillery ships. The shields held, for now. A few moments later fire was returned and the Republic ships were lighted by the weapons opening fire. Even while he did not had much time to share his ideas of combat tactics, the Commodore issued several combat edicts. Except for the Cypress-fighter screens, the first and second line screen would stick to them and defend it against any incoming bombers and enemy fighter screens, while the own bombers were held in hangar - ready to launch.


Play Me


The two Star Destroyers were working together and formed the spearhead of the line, using their heavy armement to focus on the nearest and smallest ships, seeking to annihilate anything as swift as possible. Their course was set directly at those artillery ships. The frigates flanking them engaged equally with the nearest enemy ships, attempting to locally outnumber and overcome the imperials ship by ship, supported by the carriers. The anti-air ships are grouped around the SDs to support against possible enemy aircraft.




Vanessa Vantai

#1878257 Introduction Thread

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 04 November 2018 - 07:45 PM

Greetings New Republic,


My name is Bram, same as my main characters name. I am twenty-three years old, from Germany and an eventmanager. Since eight years now I am actively roleplay, mainly text-based, usually historical or fantasy stuff, but SciFi as well and a few Star Wars RPs too. I always liked Star Wars but never loved or admired it, my passion always was with Warhammer 40.000 in the SciFi area - just until they screwed everything and ruined it. Since then Star Wars grew my SciFi passion, especially the Old Republic and even more - the Eternal Empire and all what belongs to it.


Hence why my main character is a Zakuulan, I know that it is a rather long breath from the millenia BBY to the timeline of this RP, but hey, why not. My character is a gray force user, militarised and more a realist than idealist. Proven in both ground and space combat, mainly (yet) uninterested in politics, he is living for discipline, duty and dedication.


That should be a basic summary of everything. Feel free to ask if you have more questions, here or on Discord, I don´t mind.


With Best Regards,



#1878193 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 04 November 2018 - 02:40 PM

POV: Bram Sigismund, Commodore

Faction: New Republic, New Republic Navy

Area: Space Battle


7th Rapid Response Fleet


It has just been a week since he was granted this command. The supreme commander of the New Republic was very welcoming to an experienced commander, especially because of the need for more leading officers. The commission of the 7th Rapid Response Fleet is a dedication, an occupation - the duty, Bram Sigismund hoped for. Giving the command in rank of a Commodore, he chose the Dies Irae, a Lightbringer Star Destroyer as his flagship.


As soon as he raised his flag on the ship, the order to follow Solan Charr and his fleet to support it. The fleet was heading ahead towards Corellia to take back the planet from the grip of its suppressors.

Now the the information of a dire space battle popped up.


"As soon as we leave hyperspace - shields up, charge weapons and prepare for immediate engagement." The Commodores deep, gravelly voice was echoing from the coms on all of the flotillas ships.


A part of the real space at the edge of the Corellian system was tearing apart and the fleet of Bram Sigismund was leaving hyperspace, alarms ringing on each ship as soon as they entered the system. The sensors of each ship catched the ongoing space battle, a dozen minutes into the system.


"Launch the fighter screen, bombers ready. All ships 1/8 light thrust, forward, conduct energy to front deflectors." Leaning with both hands on the control desk of the strategium which was laying half meter lower than his command seat, the commodore was watching the situation in the sytem. Solans fleet was in dire need of support, several ships showed major damage and being heavily pressed by the imperials. The activity in his command centre was busy, several deck officers and adjutants were doing their duties, calculating and reviewing reports - always updating the three-dimensional holo display of the inner system.


After reviewing the situation for a few moments he issues his orders.

The two star destroyers will form the main line together with the carriers and the Preservers, the Partition together with the Reprentance´s will follow as a second line and try to avoid battle as long as ordered. The Cypress-classes are to form an addition first line, staying behind on the far left, even further than the second line.


"Open a com channel to the Fleet Admiral." An adjutant quickly opens a encrypted channel to contact the Republic´s Supreme Commander in this system.


"Fleet Admiral Charr, this is Commodore Sigismund of the 7th Rapid Response Fleet, we have been assigned by the high command to join forces with you. We are moving in to support and if necessary, relief you. If we do not recieve a response, we will continue as planned."

#1877685 Among the Ashes

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 03 November 2018 - 09:20 AM

The expression of the Zakuulan remains indifferent while he hears the question and notices the reaction of the man. Sigismund´s emotions never defined his thinking or motivation, it was equally difficult for him to understand other peoples´ reactions, therefore he often remained silent and thought about possible approaches before actually speaking.


"I came here to seek knowledge and company. Inquiries and research guided me to this location in search for Force practitioners who do not dogmatically divide between light and dark. My interest is - or was, to learn and gain more knowledge."


Taking another look at the surrounding area before locking his look back on Dorin, Bram continued: "What exactly happened here and who did it?"

#1877673 Among the Ashes

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 03 November 2018 - 08:09 AM

Sigismund musters the man while he is talking and introducing himself as Dorin Arkx. A slight clang can be heard when the staff of his pike meets the ground, he makes no other movement, just standing there for a moment. With a single hand he grabs the helmet at its crest and removes it, revealing a stern face with indifferent green eyes beneath a shaven head, while putting the helmet in his left armpit.


He bows his head and torso slightly as a greeting. "Bram Sigismund."


"I assume when you say 'order', you mean the Order of Force Hunters?"

#1877458 Among the Ashes

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 02 November 2018 - 10:04 PM

The deck was vibrating while the freighter entered the atmosphere of this green planet, shaking the single man aboard it. The tall individual was looking at the incoming ground from the co-pilot seat with folded arms, the pilot droid giving a short notice of the estimated landing time.

Closing in to the planets surface and destination one could see some smoke rising as well as a big area of ruins as the source of the smoke. Slightly squinting Bram Sigismund leaned forward in his seat, his battle armour making a clanking sound. The HWK-290 slowly lands at the area in front of the ruins, a fizzling sound accompanies the sagging of the shuttle on its landing gear. Before the turbines actually shut down, the back ramp opens and with the clanking of heavy, studded boots on metal, Sigismund leaves his ship.


The people made space for the landing ship and now stare at the person leaving the ship. Clad in shining golden armour, a person of more than two meters stood in front of them, a closed helmet with blue lenses staring at them before turning towards the pile of ruins. In his hand a staff which appears to be a weapon, which he holds horizontal in one of his hands while approaching the single person standing in front of an apparently more structured pile of rubble, maybe a grave.

His helmet turning to the ruins, seemingly scanning them, before returning the look at the individual man. Even while he seems vulnerable without weapon ready, his body is tensed and ready to counter possible threats.


Distorted by the helmet a deep, gravelly voice sounds from beneath the visor: "What happened here?"

#1877402 Gray Force Users & CO´s (UPDATED)

Posted by Lord of Vandemar on 02 November 2018 - 07:08 PM

Greetings Community,


I am searching for firstly: Characters which are gray force users, walking between the line of Light and Dark or actually ignoring it because of their personal belief. Generally people who belief in a certain, realistic and pragmatic faith or view, rather than some exaggerated or unrealistic ideal of particular parties or organisations. Militarisation, political or economic focus is no issue and actually welcome.


And secondly: For people who are interested to join my flotilla inside the New Republic. I got command of a small squadron of warships and need capable and interested sub-commanders. Not only for the ships, but also for possible ground forces aboard the ships, either marines or army people. Force users welcome as well.



Contact me here or on Discord if you are interested.




With Best Regards and hope to meet You soon,