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Lord of Vandemar

Lord of Vandemar

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Ancient Set of Zakuulan Knight Armour

04 November 2018 - 09:17 PM





  • Manufacturer: Unknown Zakuulan Industry/Company.
  • Affiliation: Bram Sigismund.
  • Model: Customised, heritage armour.
  • Modularity: Yes, but limited.
  • Production: Semi-Unique.
  • Material: Kama: Armorweave, Sturdy Leather; Armour: Durasteel, Duraplast alloys.



  • Resistances 

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons):  High

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: Low

- Other:  Slugthrower: High

- Other:  EMP/Ion: Low

  • Classification: Multi-purpose, close-combat focused.
  • Weight: Average




  • Highly Resistant to grenades, blades and other forms of direct combat, including unarmed attacks.
  • High maneouvreability (for a heavy armour), being not a fixed, plated armour, the different, individual parts make it possible to move relative freely.


  • Heavy, even if the weight is relatively low for a heavy armour, it is still an additional weight carried, slowing down the wearer and slowly exhausting him.
  • Vulnerable at the joints.
  • No serial or active production, repairs would be expensive and very special.
  • Vulnerable to lightsabers.




The armour is in the possession of the family of Bram Sigismund since centuries or even longer, it is an ancient Knight of Zakuul armour. Through the time, the armour was slightly customised, mainly its look, but also the addition of a kama. The armour itself features an eagle head within a crest of laurels, decorated with thunderbolts on the chest. The thunderbolts-scheme is engraved around most parts of the armour. A custom of Bram Sigismund adds to the look, though hidden from view. Inside the chest plate are words engraved.


Zakuulan Knight armours were not built for duelists and to counter individual lightsaber opponents, but for open warfare. Close quarters, tight battlefields, trenches, corridors, streets and equal environments are their strength. Especially the protection against explosions and enemy fire is their main goal, as a result the protection against ordinary blades (like electrostaffs or vibroblades) is equally strong. Joined by the protection of an energy shield, a Zakuulan knight was well protected when fighting shoulder to shoulder with his companions.

Gray Force Users & CO´s (UPDATED)

02 November 2018 - 07:08 PM

Greetings Community,


I am searching for firstly: Characters which are gray force users, walking between the line of Light and Dark or actually ignoring it because of their personal belief. Generally people who belief in a certain, realistic and pragmatic faith or view, rather than some exaggerated or unrealistic ideal of particular parties or organisations. Militarisation, political or economic focus is no issue and actually welcome.


And secondly: For people who are interested to join my flotilla inside the New Republic. I got command of a small squadron of warships and need capable and interested sub-commanders. Not only for the ships, but also for possible ground forces aboard the ships, either marines or army people. Force users welcome as well.



Contact me here or on Discord if you are interested.




With Best Regards and hope to meet You soon,




Bram Sigismund

02 November 2018 - 08:59 AM


(Very exaggerated blade breakers, but the face fits it perfectly.)


NAME: Bram Sigismund.


FACTION: New Republic.

RANK: Commodore.


AGE: 41.


SEX: Male.




HEIGHT: 6'6" (199cm).


WEIGHT: 211lbs (96kg).


EYES: Clear, bright green with a golden circlet iris.


HAIR: Blonde.


SKIN: Caucasian, light.


VOICE: Eric Todd Dellums



FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes. Gray alligned.



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

- Limited Force abilities and capabilities. Bram Sigismund is a Force sensitive, but his sensivity is not one of high potential. He learned many basics, especially combat related as well as to protect his own mind from influencing.


- Poor piloting skills. Sigismund has the most basic skills to land and fly a ship of small size, he usually relies on a droid to pilot him.


- Aristocratic/stern behaviour. Bram Sigismund is a very strict and seemingly arrogant person, while he actually is very calm, self confident and calculating. He does not posess much charisma and usually acts and speaks bluntly if the situation demands it in his opinion. Furthermore he is racist - a human supremacist, not following any imperial or Sith doctrine, but a personal belief.


+ Custom combat style. Bram Sigismund wields either a lightsaber pike or a single-bladed lightsaber, he practices a combat style which is not found within the seven forms of the Jedi and their consorts. The most simple way to describe it is a very reactive stance which seemingly gives the enemy the initiative while Sigismund simply waits for an opening to counter with full offensive, utilising parrying & chambering movements combined with unarmed combat, acrobatics and occasional usage of Trakata.


+ Commander´s Mind. He has a talent for warfare, independent on scale and location. Sigismund can look at an own battle plan or an enemies´ and point out flaws as well as improvements. Out of personal interest he was studying history and especially conflicts since he could read.


Bram Sigismund is a tall, atheletically built man at the beginning of his forties. He has light blonde hair, though his head is always shaven, but darker eyebrows which give him a serious look. His eyes shine in a very bright green, but the expression is kinda cold and calculating. Sigismund has a seemingly aristocratic bearing, a straightened back and usually keeping his nose higher than others. His face features outlining jaw- and cheekbones with a equally strong but round chin. His body features a variety of scars from blades, blasters, projectiles and explosions from past fights.



Non-Combat: Bram Sigismund typically wears a black tunic or shirt, black cavalry trousers with a red stripe on each leg and high leather boots. Formal: Over his top he has a red toga (simple version); or informal: a long black leather coat.


Combat: Sigismund wears a golden battle armour, a decorated cuirass with engraved pauldrons with "blade breakers", greaves and bracers as well as a kama. The gold of the armour combined with the red of the clothing and the black kama gives an impressive view. On the chest you find an eagle surrounded by a crest of laurels and ontop of thunderbolts. The thunderbolts are decorating, in different sizes and forms, the entire armour. On the shoulder pauldrons you find eagles wings, skillfully engraved. A notable addition is the inside of the cuirass, large parts of the plate bear markings in form of words, names. Why and their meaning are a secret to the owner.




- Blue single bladed lightsaber, blue lightsaber pike (cortosis-shield hilt/staff), combat knife, utility belt, two datapads, three-days rations, combat shield (equal to a Knight of Zakuul), full helmet with respirator, night- and heat vision, custom battle armour (durasteel and duraplast alloys, gilded).



Bram Sigismund was born on the remote planet of Zakuul. Known in history for being the origin and grave of the Eternal Empire, the planet faded in the millenia which followed the dismissal of it being the seat of a superpower. Without a dedicated rulership the society and might defragmented until the world moved to the edge of poverty and barbarisation. The millions of citizens living in the large hive-like cities among the swamps started to fight each other and this seat of once a great culture became teared apart by itself. Today being only a world with many megastructures but only few industry and a small population.


The Sigismund family belongs to the nobility of the world, one of the families which constantly struggles and fights for the few resources the planet and its holds has to offer. Passing on the traditions of the old ways of Zakuul, Bram Sigismund was taught excessively in the Force and combat when it was discovered that he is Force sensitive, even while his sensivity is not on a very high level. The ideology teached here is the one of being the Force as a tool to serve the duty, not dividing into Light or Dark. As second son to the family there was not much to inherit once his parents died and his older brother, who was not connected to the Force, saw him as a rival and banned him from the Sigismund lands. Always loyal and dedicated he followed the edict, disappointed but obeying the command of his superior.

Bram Sigismund now searched for another goal, a duty to serve, something worth the effort and something strong to justify his occupation.



Detail; (To be continued.)

The Sigismund family is old and has its seat in the old hive city called 'Spire'. Controlling some manufactories, docks and estates it had a stable balance between civil and military supplies. Bram was born forty-one years ago into a society which valued discipline, obedience and passion for the greater good. From the time he could speak he was teached history, politics, economy and warfare, from the time he could walk, he was trained in combat. Lightsabers are not unknown to Zakuul even if there is no majority of people who uses them anymore, though the usage is a completely different compared to what has been learned and teached in the Core Worlds (Zakuulans refer to the known regions as 'Core Worlds'). A very custom combat form developed based on the environment and opponents. The narrow lanes, tight rooms and urban area where usual fights and battle occured gave the combat form something very practical as well as uncompromising, no gracious blade work, but pure pragmatism as well as a combination of unarmed close combat skills and the usage of battle armour for protection and even shields.


At the age of eleven the general teaching and training ceased and every force sensitive was put into a specialisation for his teachings, showing a talent for miltiary matters, Bram´s practice focus was kept on combat but the theory was focused on warfare as well now. He saw his first real combat with the age of 14, when he was accompanying his father to a frontline and an ambush took place. It was the first time he killed someone, saving the life of another house soldier. The combat training continued, but the young lad now was more often at the front and working with veterans and actually joining the wars between the houses. He got his first real field command at the age of 16 and got his first scar from this mission as well. Moving on and slowly getting a reputation he was granted more authority and soon was able to influence the staff, not being a boy anymore, but being a young man, a soldier among soldiers.

His experience was not only limited to ground operations, but also to the command of starships, campaigns around the colonies of the house were very usual. Even while the world itself fell apart in its technological, cultural and industrial standard, one thing remained untouched in the millenia of demise - the archives with their starship designs survived.


Many years followed, successful years for house Sigismund, establishing a slight supremacy in their area. Until the lord died. It was a very sudden, unexpected death. The reasoning is unknown. But then the oldest son took the seat of power. There was never bad blood between the brothers, one skilled in politics and economy, the other having a sense for military matters, but neither was there much warmth and love. Seeing Bram as a rival rather than a supporter, the new lord decided to expell his blood from their holdings and family.


Shocked and angry Bram accepted this fate as his education and discipline demanded to obey his liege.


After several weeks of rather unimpressive journeys and wandering around the core worlds, Bram Sigismund found himself in the domain of the New Republic. Learning about his capabilities and skills, the supreme commander of the Republic was offering the Zakuulan a commission in either Army or Navy. Bram Sigismund accepted a pledge as commodore for the Republic Navy.



"HWK-290" light freighter with a piloting droid and an astromech droid.







None yet.






Among the Ashes - active


Battle for Corellia - active