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Vespasian the Elder

Vespasian the Elder

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In Topic: Mantellians Meets Mandalorians (ME & MC)

25 November 2018 - 11:09 AM

Yasha Cadera Aedan Miles


A shuttle departs from the Morbus Sire, heading for the big ship. The two pilots steer the ship towards the weird designed spacecraft, following the coordinates sent by the Mandalorians. Decreasing the speed as coming closer to the bay, the shuttle approaches the hangar bay. From the cockpit the Lord Executor looks at the honour guard which was formed. Another meeting with a martial show. He was playing his role well so far, the diplomat, the administrator, the merchant ... he had no opportunity yet to show what he actually was good at. Nor did he desire it though.


The ramp of the landed shuttle lowers and two individuals leave the transport. Both dressed in a light navy uniform without many markings or precious details, yet they looked very ... old-fashioned. The two men, both of a similar height, but only one carrying something, a leather bag in his left hand. They have holsters with pistols, but no other visible weapons, neither an own honour guard or soldiers behind them. Walking along the line of soldiers which formed to greet them, they would approach the one welcoming them.


The slightly taller man speaks after giving a slight bow to the welcoming party. "I am Lord Executor Vespasian Dorn."

In Topic: Mantellians Meets Mandalorians (ME & MC)

21 November 2018 - 05:17 PM

Tearing apart the real space the Morbus Sire enters the Ankus system. It slowly glides into the inner system, alone, the systems scanning, but no preparation for a possible engagement is made. The cruiser of the Commonwealths Maniple-class approaches the other ship.


His ringed finger is clanking on the rod which separates the upper bridge from the lower. The ring bears the sign of an eagle catching a star beneath the sun and is made of gold, a masterpiece of work from excellent jewellers on Coruscant. The sigil is on the ring finger of the Lord Executor Vespasian Dorn.

The tall figure is leaning on its arms and talking with one of the bridge officers in front of him, he remembers the Lieutenant Commander from his time at the academy, a graduate two years earlier. Now being employed in the Commonwealth service, serving on the ship as first artillery officer. Vespasian laughs about a joke of the man before his attention is turned to the Captain who calls the Lord Executor. The commander of the ship is sitting on his command throne, overseeing the entire bridge. A fat individual who barely ever leaves this ship since he was commissioned as captain, but a capable soldier and naval officer.


In his majestic uniform of light navy blue, white and gold he moves with long steps to the throne. "We have arrived, Sir."


Vespasian simply nods and looks at the front windows, seeing the approach towards the other ship. "Shall we call them?" The voice of the captain sounded behind him.


Without turning around the leader nods.


"This is Morbus Sire of the Mantellian Commonwealth, Captain Frangheld speaking. Please respond."


Yasha Cadera Aedan Miles Livia Maddox

In Topic: The new Captain of the Nova Thorn

21 November 2018 - 03:01 PM

Neo Calix


"Ah Mister Calix or should I already say Captain? I have been waiting for you." Vespasian stands up and moves around his desk towards the man, reaching out his hand to the man. The Lord Executor is dressed in his uniform, an impressive work of tailoring. Held in a navy blue, the quadrupple button rows in gold, the jacket is cut at the waist where a belt on a red sash holds the white cavalry trousers which end in high black leather boots.


The office is designed relatively neutral. There are no personal objects or items. A large desk with a cogitator dominates the room, flanked at the walls by several cabinet and a large board next to the door.

In Topic: Open Congress on Ord Mantell

21 November 2018 - 02:45 PM

With sure steps the Lord Executor moves from his podium. He nods to the people he passes, slowly moving through the hall with his well weighed, large steps. Vespasian musters the people around him. His thoughts drift into a distant place for a moment which make him smile, seriously smile, but he gets himself back into reality.


Looking at a group of women, he stops for a second and makes a very short gesture with his hand. His adjutant appears and whispers into his ear, barely noticeable.


Vespasian the Elder approaches the ladies. "Your majesty." He looks at Faith Organa and bows, would take the hand and kisses her back. "I am honoured by your presence. The beauty of Alderaan is no match for your appearance." He puts on a slight and honest smirk.


"I welcome you here on Ord Mantell. Your beautiful companions as well." He greets each individually in the same manner as he greeted the Queen. Riamah Marina DeVoe Vulpesen


In Topic: Open Congress on Ord Mantell

19 November 2018 - 04:49 PM

One of the butlers gives him a small microphone, deactivated still and turns around to leave again. He clips the mic to his suit on the height of the chest and activates it. He takes a pencil out of one of his pockets and rings with it against the glass in front of the microphone. The melodic glass sound can be heard in the entire hall.


The sound of conversations slowly grows silent and attention goes towards the source of this sound. Vespasian Dorn is standing a bit higher, on a little podium, just put there for him in the last minute. With a slight smile on his face, his typcial positive expression, he clears his throat.


"Ladies and gentlemen. I am glad that you came here in such high numbers from all over the Galaxy. So far, your stay was hopefully comfortable and relaxing, we make sure that we keep up this stance. The Dorn Residence is at your service for your entire stay, ask one of my staff members or myself and we will try to ensure that all requests are made possible."


He takes a look into the crowd of faces looking at him, sliding with his look at as many faces as possible before he continues.


"Everyone of you came here to see who I am, who I am representing and therefore - what we are. The Mantellian Commonwealth. Let me give you a brief introduction of what this is about. My name is Vespasian Dorn, the elder of House Dorn. My family runs a successful freight forwarding and logistics company, as you might can see."

He makes a small gesture including the hall they are in. Some chuckling can be heard.

"Adressing several provincial as well as planetary governments, coorperate companies and industrials which my company had contact with was the start of our Commonwealth. We formed an alliance to support each other, to help each other and to defend each other. As we signed the treaty for this Commonwealth in the orbit of Ord Mantell, we called ourselves the Mantellian Commonwealth. We are interested to establish an economic and political order in the regions we hold influence, equally as we are interested to form bonds and agreements with individuals and factions outside our area of influence.

We are not a military power, nor do we seek a major dominant role on the political stage of the galaxy. Hence why our interest is strictly speaking only neutral, we do not see that we support either a light or a dark side, but a company, an alliance or an individual worth it. Be it for its goal which we deem supportable or a profitable agreement or even both."


He keeps his hands folded in front of his body, only minorly gesturing.


"My invitation aimed to establish such new connections. There are many of you who are interested to talk to me personally and I will try to make each of these requests possible. In the coming days I will host dinners with several chosen individuals to talk to, everyone who feels an urgent need or has to depart soon, contact my office and we will speak privately as soon as possible."


Vespasian pauses a moment before he continues.


"And now, feel free to explore our beautiful gardens, you may stay here as well or go into your prepared rooms. We have an exquisite buffet prepared outside, we got an orchestra playing, it is a cloudless night beneath the stars. Enjoy it. Feel free to approach me for questions. Otherwise, sent a request to my office, by tomorrow morning we will work through every personal request."


The man in his fine suit bows slightly to the people. "Have a good night ladies and gentlemen."