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Vespasian the Elder

Vespasian the Elder

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The new Captain of the Nova Thorn

17 November 2018 - 06:47 PM

The actual headquarter and seat of the Mantellian Commonwealth is not on Ord Mantell, not even in the system. It was just the planets orbit the treaty was signed in, on the current flagship "Caesar". But the base of the Commonwealth is the space station 'Mare Nostrum', a large station in open space between Ord Mantell and Qiilura.




The majority of the Commonwealth Navy is often docked here, as long as they are not deployed. There are plans for new stations to divide the seats of authority, but they just went into development. The high command of the fleet based here is responsible for all matters regarding the fleet, operation centre, admiral staff as well as recruitment or rather introduction.

As no Lord High Commandant has been named yet from among the Commandants, the role is fulfilled by the de jure leader of the Mantellian Commonwealth - the Lord Executor. Luckily the leaderships of the Commonwealth are still on the same station and therefore the offices are close.


Todays duties for the Lord Executor are many, but one has to be highlighted. A new captain is to be introduced for the new ship which was recently commissioned. A new captain for the Nova Thorn. Waiting in one of the offices at the admirality, close to the operation centre, Vespasian waits for the Captain, who got visitor and security clearances for the areas necessary.


Neo Calix

We need You!

17 November 2018 - 01:33 PM


Hey you! Stop!


Are you tired of wasting your life?


Do you want to live for a purpose? Do you seek a goal?


A duty to live for?


Join the military of the Mantellian Commonwealth!





Are you a brave soldier? A skilled commander?


Join our Armed Forces and fight for order and stability!






Are you a capable pilot? An unyielding captain?


Join our Navy and strive for freedom and protection!






Are you a daring general? Are you a calm admiral?


Join our Grand Staff, lead the forces of the Commonwealth to glory and to victory!


Actuaria-class Corvette

15 November 2018 - 11:55 AM


  • Intent: A patrol and scout vessel for the Mantellian Commonwealth.
  • Image Source: None.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Mantellian Commonwealth
  • Affiliation: Mantellian Commonwealth
  • Model: Actuaria-class
  • Production: Minor

  • Material:
  • Interior: Glasteel (windows), Turadium (blastdoors and bulkheads), Terenthium (deck, walls)
  • Exterior: Quadanium-Durasteel alloys (frame), Quadanium-Duraplast alloys (hull plating and weapon emplacements), Titanium (engine units)


  • Classification: Scout and Patrol ship
  • Length: 200 meters
  • Width: 52 meters
  • Height: 46 meters
  • Armament: Moderate
  • Main: 2 x 2 dual turbo-laser emplacements (top)
  • Secondary: 4 x 2 dual laser cannons (flanks)
  • Point-defence/AA: 10 x 1 point-defence lasers (spread across the ship)
  • Warheads: 2 x 1 proton torpedo launchers (4x torpedoes each)
  • Defenses: Low
  • Hangar: None.
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2

'All standard features'


  • Advanced movement sensors
  • Advanced range sensors
  • Advanced acustic sensors
  • Dockinggears (to dock at other ships via an extending corridor)
  • Expanded passenger quarters



  • Jack of all trades. The ship is a patrol ship and not very special in any way except for its sensors.
  • Improved sensors. Able to detect ships, outposts and depending on the terrain or ship, complement, goods or hidden crew.
  • Expanded passenger quarters allow for a bigger complement of soldiers for boarding actions, to search ships and to defend the ship.


  • Jack of all trades. In combat the ship has no edge based on any special fit.
  • Vulnerable to enemy bombers and starfighters.
  • Very poor qualities vs capital ships.


  • Crew: 200
  • Passengers: 80
  • Cargo capacity: 100 tons
  • Consumables: 3 Months

Dorn Royal Cargo

15 November 2018 - 10:29 AM




  • Corporation Name: Dorn Royal Cargo
  • Headquarters: Coruscant
  • Locations: Ord Mantell, Dorin, Qiilura, Palanhi, Velusia, Uviuy Exen, Nentan, Aphran
  • Operations: Freight forwarding, logistics, storaging, trade station and port holdings (collecting usage fees), minor consumer products shares, mediocre heavy industry shares, minor technology industry shares.


Dorn Royal Cargo specialises in the transportation and storaging of the goods other companies produce or need. Using a well sized freighter fleet, the company is able to provide swift or mass logistics for companies in the spheres of the northern Core, Inner and Mid Rim. Joined by this the company posesses large storaging depots on many planets to base, save or simply store products for individuals, companies or other organisations. Large trade stations and parts of spaceports on the planets above mentioned belong to Royal Cargo as well. They were not built, but bought or taken over from other companies.

Expanding the primary focus of the company, the last CEOs also invested in other companies, mostly locals to get their hands on more products and to gain influence on certain worlds.



The Dorn Royal Cargo company was founded roughly 250 years ago on Coruscant as a small, local company. The thriving business led by the unyielding, business orientated family grew. Through calculating, profit-orientated and absolutely cold planning as well as sabotaging, propaganda and take-overs - the company managed to eliminate, outlast and defeat enemies or in the best case, taking over their businesses.

The base built on Coruscant allowed to expand and the Dorn family invested, looking at the stars to find more possibilities.

Vespasian Dorn, called the Elder, is the current CEO of the company. After his father died he took lead of the management and administration. A strange change happened, the company, previously being ruled by capitalist merchants only, was now controlled by a military educated individual. The company managed to be optimised even further, by expanding its presence in entire sectors along the main trade hubs. A security branche was added which accepted certain patrol duties for payment, as well as taking care of countering any pirates.

The personal wealth of the Dorn family and the income of Dorn Royal Cargo are the base of the new founded Mantellian Commonwealth.


Making friends or more?

12 November 2018 - 12:52 PM

The White Knight


Adjusting the pin on his collar, the clenched fist holding a thunderbolt within oakleafs, Lord Executor Vespasian Dorn moves in front of his desk. Nobody is perfect, therefore he will read what he has planned to say, instead of improvising, from an autocue. His adjutant, Cassian Dias, is standing and watching him, having the phrased message in his hand as well.


The holotransmission starts ...



A tall figure in a military styled suit appears, bowing his head slightly with one hand on the heart, then looking up again, seemingly directly at the viewer. On his face one could notice the indication of a smile or rather a positive facial expression.


"Master of the Knights of the Force,


I greet you.


My name is Vespasian Dorn, Lord Executor of the Mantellian Commonwealth, its political and diplomatic leader. I have been searching the known Galaxy for friends, allies and equals and my research found You and Your devoted order. Your 13 appear to represent the ideal we see in Force sensitives, realistic and devoted to uphold a balance between Light and Dark by embracing the Gray inbetween.


My reason to contact You is to arrange a personal meeting of private nature. I, in the name of the Mantellian Commonwealth, want to make a proposal to You for a joined venture which lasts and is as strong as our believes.


I dearly hope that my word catches Your attention and leaves an own interest to engage in such talks. We invite You to our manor, enjoying all aspects of our hospitality, or we will follow a recommendation of Yours for a preferred location on neutral and save ground.


The Commonwealth and myself are looking forward to receive your response.


With Best Regards,


Signed in the name of the First Council,


Vespasian the Elder."