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Kassandra Llewelyn

Kassandra Llewelyn

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Posted by Kassandra Llewelyn on 06 November 2018 - 10:37 PM

Kassandra Llewelyn





NAME: Kassandra Llewelyn






SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 5 ft 8 in | 1.7 m


WEIGHT: 123 lbs | 56 kg


EYES: Hazel


HAIR: Dark Brown


SKIN: Olive










+ Athletic:


A competitive nature drives Kassandra to push her limits physically. Whether trying to beat her own personal records or challenging others she is constantly in motion and pays close attention to her physical condition.


+ Puzzle Solver:


Though she might not be the most logical thinking or widely experienced, she has shown great potential for solving puzzles and creating solutions to problems that may not be immediately evident.


+ | - Competitive:


Kassandra is competitive, constantly striving to make her way above the crowd she sometimes over compensates. This can come across as abrasive or argumentative. Often setting her at odds with her peers, her competitive drive could be perceived as intimidating.


+ | - Over Confident:


Confident in her abilities, Kassandra is quick to take charge even if she doesn't exactly know what she's doing. While initiative is a good quality it is equally dangerous if judgement is poor.


- Immature:


Inexperience and lack of exposure to the wider galaxy have impacted her understanding of the world. Despite her innate abilities and intellectual mind she is often hindered by her youth and can be naive at times.


- Judgemental:


Often unable to see beyond the plank in her own eye before attempting to remove the speck in others, she is judgemental of those who seem incapable of solving their own problems. Sometimes this can be helpful in identifying discrepancies but more often than not this creates rifts between Kassandra and her mandate as a Jedi apprentice.


Work in Progress