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Kassandra Llewelyn

Kassandra Llewelyn

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The Chandrila Conundrum

07 November 2018 - 06:54 PM

Kassandra had been mid-workout routine when the subtle chirp at the door indicated someone standing outside. Quickly picking herself up off the floor and reaching for the towel draped over the back of a chair she spoke. "Come on in!" A quick brush of the towel across her forehead saw the perspiration removed as she fought to slow her rapidly beating heart. Never one to rest on her laurels there was always another mountain to climb, another personal record to best. Looking towards the door as it opened with a gentle hiss, a smile of recognition formed across her lips. "Oh, hey Chaz." she said, resting a hand on her hip. "What's up?"


The concerned look on his face had prompted Kassandra's question, his words didn't do much to ease her nerves. "They wouldn't tell me, except but to summon you to the great hall - said it was urgent." A frown creased her features as she wondered at the meaning of it. Was it something regarding her training? Was she finally going to get a shot at going off world? Group learning and the small academy setting was fun but she yearned for something more dangerous. Something more thrilling. As her thoughts ran away from her the young initiate took a deep breath, forcing herself towards calm. "Alright. Well, I guess I'll have to get ready quick." A silent pause. "Which means you need to leave?" Kassandra tapped her foot and glanced towards the corridor behind. A flustered Chaz seemed to come out of whatever stupor he'd been in - perhaps wondering why he too had been summoned. A fact he'd forgotten to state initially. "Oh - right, of course. They wanted me to show up too. I'll uh, meet you there!" Awkwardly he stood in the door for a second longer before darting off down the corridor.


*What a weirdo.*, Kassandra thought to herself. As the doors closed she quickly readied herself. Settled into a pair of dark brown trousers, a lighter tunic, and a wide leather belt around her waist she exited her quarters en route to the Great Hall. How many others had been summoned? Was this a good thing, or some belayed punishment for a transgression unknown? Thoughts wandered through her mind as she passed through the vaulted corridors of the small enclave, oblivious to the paintings and depictions along its aged walls. There was history here - largely unknown or undiscovered but history nonetheless. Perhaps more importantly, the Force seemed to manifest itself here. Like a warm blanket she could feel it nestled up against the outer edges of her conscious mind. She could almost hear it sometimes, or at least that's what she told herself.

Emerging into an even higher vaulted corridor her feet fell softly against the marble floors, each step bringing her closer towards her destination. Every few steps she glanced about, trying to see if anyone else seemed headed in the same direction. If she didn't see anyone it was a reasonable bet that she and Chaz alone had been called upon, if not - perhaps there was something larger at play.



OOC Note:


Hi! This is an open thread, set in a small Jedi enclave on the planet of Chandrila. Consisting of a dozen or two "Padawans/Younglings" and about a dozen Knights, the small academy adheres to a variation of the Jedi Code focused on the assisting of others and generally being protectors rather than actively seeking out conflict. This is largely an entry thread for myself and anyone else to start what I hope to become "Padawan Adventures" and provide a fun and enjoyable story about our characters individually and in group settings which allow us to explore the adventures often depicted in Star Wars books between Padawans in groups as well as Knights and Padawans.

TLDR, I've read a few Star Wars books that tell the stories of Padawans and their adventures both with their assigned Knights as well as other Padawans as part of their training. I thought it would be fun to play out these adventures/ self create them! Feel free to join in! Even though I have ideas about what I'm writing, I'm open to adjustments! Thanks!

Kassandra Llewelyn

06 November 2018 - 10:37 PM

Kassandra Llewelyn





NAME: Kassandra Llewelyn






SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 5 ft 8 in | 1.7 m


WEIGHT: 123 lbs | 56 kg


EYES: Hazel


HAIR: Dark Brown


SKIN: Olive










+ Athletic:


A competitive nature drives Kassandra to push her limits physically. Whether trying to beat her own personal records or challenging others she is constantly in motion and pays close attention to her physical condition.


+ Puzzle Solver:


Though she might not be the most logical thinking or widely experienced, she has shown great potential for solving puzzles and creating solutions to problems that may not be immediately evident.


+ | - Competitive:


Kassandra is competitive, constantly striving to make her way above the crowd she sometimes over compensates. This can come across as abrasive or argumentative. Often setting her at odds with her peers, her competitive drive could be perceived as intimidating.


+ | - Over Confident:


Confident in her abilities, Kassandra is quick to take charge even if she doesn't exactly know what she's doing. While initiative is a good quality it is equally dangerous if judgement is poor.


- Immature:


Inexperience and lack of exposure to the wider galaxy have impacted her understanding of the world. Despite her innate abilities and intellectual mind she is often hindered by her youth and can be naive at times.


- Judgemental:


Often unable to see beyond the plank in her own eye before attempting to remove the speck in others, she is judgemental of those who seem incapable of solving their own problems. Sometimes this can be helpful in identifying discrepancies but more often than not this creates rifts between Kassandra and her mandate as a Jedi apprentice.


Work in Progress