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Nyx Tempest

Nyx Tempest

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#1909660 Church Bells Toll

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 03 February 2019 - 12:23 PM

Nyx had seen her fair share of battle, she had been a warrior for about 30 of her 200 years of life, she had been in most of the recent battles involving Jen'ari's battles with both the Sith empire and The confederacy.It was after those battles that she had decided that her time as a warrior needed to come to an end, for she had fallen in love with someone she didn't want to have to worry about her safety, someone she worried about as well Vallory Tempest.


It came as a great surprise to her when Vallory had told her of a secret organization who was going into battle that she was a part of.Nyx wasn't going to let her wife go into battle without her there to protect her.She followed her in her hands braced over the hilts of her twin white sabers

#1901546 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 14 January 2019 - 02:58 AM

Nyx thought she had this in the bag as the the troops began to retreat, she had no worries as she continued to press her advance, all of the blaster bolts fired at her were deflected with ease.The small sith's mind was elsewhere, with her apprentice, she had no doubt that she had prepared him to the best of her abilities, it would comedown to if he remembered his training, if he did she had no doubt he'd be fine, if he didn't, she didnt know.


All was going well, that was until she saw the trooper roll into a crouch, she didn't recognize the weapon in his hands, and that worried her, as he fired she would roll to her right before letting out one of the most powerful force screams she had ever let loose



#1900385 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 11 January 2019 - 03:32 PM

Location: Planetary




Nyx could only watch as her apprentice sensed something in the force, she too felt it but knew she had to let her apprentice handle this one, for if he didn't he would never learn to handle fights without her.She herself set off in the opposite direction, she knew the forces on that side of the city would need just as much if not more help handling the invading forces


As she reached the edge of the city she saw a few dropships approaching the ground, she thought back to her trials where she had single-handedly taken out 250 troops, those were the good old days, she thought as she drew her Crimson sabers igniting them with a sizzle.


As the dropships touched down and the troops began pouring out Nyx Assumed her Form III stance preparing to block blaster bolts, as they began to fire she inched ever closer to them, knowing that once she was in reach of them she could start to dismantle them

#1898514 Coruscanti Blues... (Open)

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 07 January 2019 - 02:22 AM

Coruscant... The place of Nyx's birth also the place she hated the most, she figured that had to be the reason she had been ordered by the dark council to try to find contacts on the planet, as far as she knew they had no plans of taking this planet but still it couldnt help to have supporters could it?


As The small sith Disembarked her transport ship she moved swiftly but trod gently upon the dark streets, she had no clue where to start so she began to think, she wanted to avoid the deep underground if she could for if not she would definitely run into those she used to call her family, if that happened it would not end well for them, she would show them the error of their ways.


As she thought upon this she set off for the nearest major diner she could think of, Munch'nStuff.For she not only thought it would be a good place to begin her hunt but she was also starving from her travels.As she neared the diner it began to rain, a cold hard rain that soaked one to the bone and made them feel as if they would never be warm again.


The petite woman reached the door to the diner she removed her hood and stepped through, as she did you could tell the atmosphere changed, it went from very lively to rather hesitant as she took a seat at the counter


The Wayfarer

#1898010 Playing With The Big Boys Now - TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex OOC

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 05 January 2019 - 07:10 PM

Who wants to fight a sith knight and her apprentice?

#1898003 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 05 January 2019 - 06:48 PM

Location: Csilla Main city

Allies: TJE Neoplix

Enemies: TSE


Nyx had been sent to the planets surface on a diplomatic mission, just to ensure there were good political relations with the Chiss, upon finishing her meeting with the chiss leaders the earpiece she had put in to monitor all Jen'ari comms started to go off in her ear, it was the message from the emperor, she pulled her mask down over her face as she proceeded to step out into the sun, looking up she saw the massive space battle happening above her, the people panicking and running she tried to calm them down but it was in vain, as the shields fell she grabbed her apprentice and said "Now or never my apprentice, you will prove yourself worthy to the Emperor today"She said trying to build his confidence. 


With that she pulled her duel lightsabers and ignited their twin blades, she took off through the city heading for the outskirts, ready to fight off anyone who crossed her path

#1897526 Satanica

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 04 January 2019 - 03:18 PM

Nyx was astonished at what she had just seen, she very much liked it here already.She watched as the girl was drained and then everything was cleaned up "That was amazing"


Sawa Ike

#1897314 The Vampire and the Wolf

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 03 January 2019 - 10:38 PM

The man's words only angered Nyx more than before, she was getting angry and as she did the intensity of her lightning became greater, she held it for a good moment before stopping, she had a good idea.She took a deep breath and with that she summoned all the emotion she could muster and gave one huge force scream, it was her signature power, it was likely to burst the eardrums of everyone within 100 feet of her and those within 20 feet of her were likely to get even worse, that is if they werent extremely strong.After that she did something she normally didnt do, she used the force on her own body, while holding him to the wall she used the force to accelerate the speed of her fist over and over again hoping to land it on his face



#1897103 The Vampire and the Wolf

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 03 January 2019 - 02:36 PM

Nyx gazed upon the prisoner, his madness apparent, inside of her she had a debate of whether to put him out of his misery or to let him suffer, once he began to speak to her she knew what she must do, she needed to break his mind so fully that he would never be the same, he had already been somewhat broken by Jack, but when it came to breaking people fully Nyx was by far the best that the Empire had to offer, she was the one they called in when they couldn't break someone, though short and petite she had an intimidating presence to her that you couldnt teach.


Nyx's gaze became cold and calculating, she took in the sight of the man, he looked pathetic, someone so much bigger than her so weak, it kind of amused her, she held out a hand and suddenly the man would feel an invisible hand pushing him, should it succeed he would be against the wall held there unable to move, if this happened Nyx would open the cage door before using the force to lock it behind her.


She stepped forward holding her hand up as if she were choking someone, she allowed the force to do her work for her "I don't want to hurt you, however I will."She said and with that she brought up her other hand bolts of lightning flew out of her fingertips.Doing this she stepped forward her voice not breaking, "look at yourself wallowing in your madness how pitiful" she said her singsongy voice as powerful as ever


Should he resist the force push she would stand back and continue to taunt him



#1897069 The Vampire and the Wolf

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 03 January 2019 - 12:26 PM

Nyx's Apartment Akvase city


The rain pattered hard on the windows, it reminded Nyx of her former home the now damned Coruscant, in all her 200 years in this galaxy she had seen and learned many things, but it was only these past couple years since she left her home, going places she never thought she could as well as setting forth her own set of beliefs.In her first 150 years she had been taught that killing was wrong, that it should only be done on the edge of hunger madness, however since she left to see the galaxy she had discovered that her killing for what she needed was by far the least of anyone's concerns.


The small knight sat on her bed, listening to the rain, reflecting on the past few days, she had been through a good deal, she was promoted from an apprentice to a knight, she had fought in the toughest battle she had ever seen much less fought in, but none the less she had survived it.her breathing was steady and her mind at ease, that was until she felt suffering so great it made her have to investigate.She sprang to her feet which in all essence made her lose about a foot of height.She was used to being underestimated, it happened to her quite a bit, for she was about the smallest sith you would ever see, because of this she had to be tough and take no poodoo from anyone.


she padded from her bedroom and into the bathroom, looking in the mirror she did something she did every morning, her eyes moved from her hair down to her eyes, to her cheekbones, and from there she moved down the rest of her body, it wasn't a physical thing it was more mental, she used it to ground her in reality, this being done she stepped out of her sleep shorts and then donned her black combat fatigue, her black corset and cloak, she stepped into her shoes, they were made for stealth and speed but not durability.  


Upon stepping out the front door she locked it she pulled the hood of her cloak over her dark main, the rain pounded on her as she made her way to her personal speeder.She jumped in and started it, she was not a pilot by any means but she can just about get where she is going but not control whether it is fast or slow.She closed her eyes allowing the force to guide her toward the source of the agony.The city had a decent amount of speeder traffic, that is to say it didn't have as much as coruscant but more than say Naboo.


She reached The Alchemy lab in no time at all, upon stepping through the door she was almost over come with the amount of Agony she felt, the screams made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.It felt so good to be in the presence of so much agony, she came her hoping to cause more than was already here.She silently walked down the small corridor's making her way to what was known as the pit, where they kept the experiments.Upon reaching the steel door she slowly opened it basking in the presence of so much pain.


She approached the bars of the cage from which the screaming originated.She spoke in her normal sing-song way "Why do you feel so much pain, agony and anguish, for the sith have done nothing but improved a base metal to gold."She said taunting him slightly with her fangs glinting



#1896672 Playing With The Big Boys Now - TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex OOC

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 02 January 2019 - 12:25 AM

I am 



#1890501 Carmine Lucretz

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 10 December 2018 - 01:48 AM

looks cool, if you ever need an rp buddy Im down


Carmine Lucretz

#1889334 Enemies of the past - Jen'ari Empire Dominion of Hex 0, 16

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 04 December 2018 - 07:59 PM

Nyx padded down the corridor, she was on the cusp of becoming a Sith knight, this was the most important time for her development as a Sith, she spent most of her time alone meditating and practicing her force powers, she knew quite a few, most of them she had grown quite fond of, she knew most Siths didn't meditate, but when she did she focused on her passion above all else, her love for Vallory her hatred for the entire planet of Coruscant for it was the planet where she was born but also where she was taught that killing was wrong, in the end she had learned that killing was justified so long as it was a crime of rage or passion.  


Nyx glanced out the window to her right, she saw as the huge capital ship's defenses were taken offline leaving it open for attack, as she saw this she rushed towards the hangar, she wore just her light combat armor, she left her mask back in her room, she had no need for it here in the vacuum of space.Moving quickly she reached the hangar in a matter of moments, she knew what she was to do, she was to take a shuttle from here to the ship with troopers at her back, once there they were to seize control of the ship and kill the commander.


She quickly took her spot on the shuttle, once on board she would be at ease, even through the dogfight happening outside.The ship made it safely to the Capital ship, Nyx stepped off and began to survey the damage, the smoldering wreckage of the shuttle that Darth Rowe, had taken.She began to follow the corpses and wreckage

#1887604 To train the future (Jen'ari only)

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 30 November 2018 - 01:37 AM

Nyx watched as her opponent went flying, it was shocking she never knew that her voice was the powerful, now that she knew it was, she would be using it more often.As her lightning missed, she cursed under her breath, as she saw Jack's arms light aflame she knew this was bad, she noted him moving quickly around her, shooting fire at her, she dodged the first few shots but then she was hit by one, it grazed her arm and she bit her lip, she then decided to try something, she would shoot force lightning from her right hand just one inch to Jack's left, if he reacted as she thought he would by slowing for only a second, that would give her an opportunity she would once again use force scream, if he didnt react that way she would shoot lightning towards his feet


Jack Anderson

#1887601 The Jen'ari Empire Chiss Resources (Dominion of Hex Q, 18)

Posted by Nyx Tempest on 30 November 2018 - 01:16 AM

objective: clear the station




Nyx's senses were too slow, she crossed into a large dark corridor, all seemed quiet except for the footsteps of her soldiers, other than that it seemed quiet, too quiet.Her heart was racing, she knew something was off, but it was too late, she was hit by a bolt of force lightning like she had only experienced at the hands of Darth Rowe.As it hit her knees gave out, she hit the ground with a thud, her body twitching, she would focus on her passion, as the lightning eased up she would roll over and got back to her feet, with that she reached down into her passion and rage, she found it inside of herself and took a deep breath, she let loose a scream, like she never had before, there was only a single enemy, they were lifted from their feet and landed on their back, she knew it wasn't over, so she pulled her sabers from her belt and ignited them with a hiss, the air sizzled around them, her men had learned to stay back, especially when lightsabers were involved,


In that moment, Nyx moved forward slowly, she had been taught the ways of Jar'kai and Niman, so she was very comfortable using her sabers, the Chiss charged her, she moved forward using one of her blades to block as she brought the other down in a horizontal slash, the Chiss' guard was decent but she could tell that he had no experience fighting a practitioner of Jar'kai, so she used her technique to her advantage, she used her stronger arm to knock his blade away as he tried to figure out which arm to focus on she went on the offensive throwing a volley of attacks with each arm, she watched his dishevelment, as his concentration lapsed she took her right arm with a reverse grip and put her saber through his chest before sinking her fangs deep into his neck watching the light drain from his eyes with the deepest pleasure