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Zoltan Charrel

Zoltan Charrel

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In Topic: Hidden Traitors, Crouching Cultists [TSE Dom of Barbatos Hex]

16 January 2019 - 02:32 PM

Objective I: Traitors

Darth Ophidia Leliana Elaine Thul


Zoltan found himself laying flat on the hard, cold ground, camouflaged in brush, letting him blend easily into the tree-lined hill in which he waited. In his hands, he held his Adventurer, it's barrel and scope trained on the rooftop of a building approximately one hundred and fifty meters in the distance. On the rooftop were two lookouts, idly pacing back and forth in an attempt to patrol the area around the marked warehouse containing the weapons stash. He'd been watching them for nearly an hour now, waiting for the signal. 


There was a soft buzz in his pocket. Reaching into it, Zoltan retrieved his comlink, which was displaying a green light: meaning only one thing.


Go time. 


Placing the comlink on the ground next to him, Zoltan returned his attention to the scope. He looked into it and targeted the first lookout. The crosshairs lined up directly between the man's shoulder blades. Steadying his breathing, Zoltan's finger tensed on the trigger, and finally, he exhaled and squeezed the trigger. 

The silenced weapon kicked as it spit out a metal slug, and in less than the blink of an eye, the lookout lifelessly crumpled to the ground, a large and bloody hole tattooed on his back. But Zoltan had already moved on, moving the rifle to place the other guard in the line of fire. He squeezed the trigger before the poor man had had the chance to even react to this partner's death. His head popped like a balloon, sending out a shower of blood and brain matter, much like candy from a piƱata. 


Zoltan withdrew himself from his rifle, looking to the rooftop with his own eyes, looking for any sign of movement, any indication that there were more than the two guards. But, there weren't. Confident that no alarms had been tripped, Zoltan grabbed his comlink and pressed a button. A purple light began to flash, indicating that the quadrant to the Northeast of the weapons stash had been eliminated and secured.


He began to break down his rifle as he waited for the others to report in before he'd move forward into the next phase.

In Topic: No Jedi Left Behind [Jedi/Sith and allies]

16 January 2019 - 02:12 PM

Objective: Capture the Jedi

Location: Jabiim Border City

Allies: Sith

Enemies: Jedi

Near: Cassius Droma


Zoltan couldn't help but chuckle as he watched his ensnared prey attempt to run, only to find that his legs would carry him nowhere. This Jedi's mind was active, his thoughts running wild, desperation beginning to appear in the forms of fear and anger. Zoltan could feel the Jedi's emotions bubbling, growing from a low simmer into a boil. But it wasn't the Jedi way to give in to those emotions. Was it not preached in their sacred doctrine that fear and anger were paths to the Darkside?


But here, standing right in front of him, a Jedi was emitting those emotions like a beacon, struggling to keep them in check. Zoltan's mind latched onto it like a tick would latch onto cattle, selfishly basking in the other man's dread. He watched as the Jedi's face began to turn red out of concentration, a veins protruding through his neck in which Zoltan could see the man's pulse ever so slightly. It was almost intoxicating, teasing the Anzat into letting go and feeding on him here and now. "Your attempts are futile." Zoltan stated bluntly, pushing with his mind to subdue the Jedi's thoughts. "Your thoughts are my thoughts now. You belong to me."


But now wasn't the time and here wasn't the place. It was too risky.... If the Jedi's friends came back, he'd be so consumed in his feeding haze that he wouldn't be able to defend himself. No... He needed to take the Jedi alive and take him back to the Sabretooth. Only then could he feed. The feeding wouldn't kill the Jedi, oh no. It would leave him in a mental state of agony and despair, and only when Zoltan had driven him to the brink of insanity would he then turn the Jedi in to the Emperor and collect his payment. Jedi were worth a lot these days, you know. 


Zoltan was close now, just out of the Jedi's reach.  He walked behind the Jedi, giving him a wide berth. "Do not resist." Zoltan's mind brushed against the Jedi's, commanding him to be still.First, he sought to remove the Jedi's lightsaber from his grasp. If he was able to wrench it free, Zoltan would clip it to his left hip. Then, the assassin produced a set of SC-401 stun cuffs from a pouch on his belt. If the Jedi were unable to break free of Zoltan's mind control, he'd find his hands being cuffed together.

In Topic: No Jedi Left Behind [Jedi/Sith and allies]

15 January 2019 - 12:50 AM

Near: Cassius Droma 

Objective: Play with his food

Allies: Sith

Enemies: Jedi


He could feel the Jedi wavering, fighting to metaphorically keep his head above the water. His mind stirred restlessly, his thoughts betraying him. Zoltan grinned beneath his mask as he continued to play with the Jedi's mind, trying to dominate him in a way that he'd never been before. But even for as young as this boy appeared to look, there was an unseen power that Zoltan had apparently underestimated. 


In the blink of an eye, the Jedi lashed out in an attempt to break their connection. His hand shot out and in the rush of the Force, the mud and water at Zoltan's feet exploded into the air. A physically harmless move, but one that if not handled properly would cause as a distraction to the Sith Assassin, causing him to break his line of sight and his concentration. Zoltan would give the Jedi credit where it was due. That was a smart move. 


There was no time to think, only to react. Fortunately, a hunter's greatest ally is its instincts. Zoltan had felt the buildup: he knew something was coming. He turned his head to the side and raised his left arm to bury his face into it. His eyes squeezed shut as he felt the weight of the wet mud and water splash into his frontside. The brown color seemed to sit on his black clothing as some of it stuck to him, other parts falling to wet, messy clumps back to the ground. His eyesight may have been broken, but Zoltan could still feel his mind touching the Jedi's.


He tried to force his mind deeper, "Be still!" He screamed in his head, and ultimately Cassius' as well. He poured his malice and his hate into his words, as he willed them to overcome his opponent. But then, his ears picked up a screech of metal to his right as a large container was hurled into the air. It sped across the alley towards him, and it was fast.


But the assassin was faster. His right arm shot outwards to his side his hand still clasped around his lightsaber hilt, his knuckles aimed in the direction of the approaching projectile. All of a sudden, the flying metal container froze in midair, hovering still momentarily before falling with a loud crash into the wet ground only a foot or two from where Zoltan stood.


His eyes were on the Jedi again, his shielding arm now resting at his side once more and his lightsaber arm still held horizontally to the side. "You. Will. Be. Still." His words were heavy as he shoved them mercilessly into the Jedi's mind. Now, Zoltan's left foot stepped forward, splashing into a puddle of water. Then, his right. Slowly, he stalked towards his opponent, his attention focused on try to subdue and immobile the Jedi.

In Topic: No Jedi Left Behind [Jedi/Sith and allies]

13 January 2019 - 02:48 PM

Near: Cassius Droma

Aliies: Sith

Enemies: Jedi

Location: Jabiim Border City


Zoltan couldn't help but chuckle at the opposing Jedi's remarks as they locked gazes. Zoltan stared at him, and the Jedi stared back. How easily the prey had been ensnared in the hunter's trap. The eyes were a gateway to a being's soul, an access point with which Zoltan could rein in his prey. The Darkside swirled around the anzat assassin like a mist of black. It was cold. It was dark. It was ever present. Zoltan mentally drew it upon himself, spinning a web as he gazed into Cassius' eyes. Zoltan didn't know how well this Jedi was trained at defending against mental attacks, but he doubted any preparations would be able to stand against him. The hunter, just over a half of a millennia seasoned, subtly reached out to initiate a dark-side maneuver commonly known as "Dominate Mind" or "Mind Control". 



"You are a bold one, Jedi. But foolish. You just sent you friends right into our trap." Granted, that was a lie, but Zoltan was like a snake: deceitful and sharp. Maybe the Jedi would buy into it, and if he believed it, it would off-center him. It was all about subtlety. He didn't want to scare the poor boy away... No, he wanted to bring him closer. The longer they gazed at one another, Cassius would seem to find Zoltan more mesmerizing with each fleeting moment. Zoltan's light blue eyes would seem to change colors like a kaleidoscope, as he sought to hypnotize the Jedi into becoming non-violent and immobile. 


Zoltan was a hunter. Hunting required patience. Zoltan would wait as long as he had to in order to take this prize home...

In Topic: Before the Pin Drops | TSE Dominion of Hex AM-14

13 January 2019 - 02:23 PM

Nearby: Lark Dubiety @TheProwler


It seems, in his alcoholic haze, things were moving along quicker than he could keep up with at the moment. First, he had tried to spark a conversation with a man he now knew as Lark. But no sooner had that happened than two others had joined them. It was a blur. Something about the beach being fake, while one of the others thought it was in the middle of a desert. But before Zoltan had even had a chance to chime in, it now seemed as though they were on a quest of sorts. For what, the assassin didn't know. They were seeking out a tomb on Korriban, a planet that Zoltan immediately recognized the name of, but had never traveled to.


He placed his drink on a nearby table as they briefly discussed before the man named Dubiety claimed that they were no longer needed. 

It had all happened so fast. Zoltan turned to Lark, "What just happened?"