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Zoltan Charrel

Zoltan Charrel

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Howdy Y'all!

19 November 2018 - 01:12 PM

Hello! This is my first time here on Chaos and I'm very much looking forward to getting to know everybody and to make/read some excellent writing! I was born and raised in Kentucky, and now I live in Texas so be prepared to deal with the Southern accent:P


I've been involved with SW RP for about eleven or twelve years now, and am still wondering how I just now made my way here. Please feel free to always approach me for comments and critiques. I'm always open to making my writing better and more enjoyable for all those involved. 


Thank you all for having me and may the Force be with you!

Zoltan Charrel

19 November 2018 - 01:07 PM

Zoltan Charrel







AGE: 574 years


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 6’1”


WEIGHT: 175 lbs.


EYES: Blue


HAIR: Dark Brown


SKIN: Light skinned, greyish hue


Build: Athletic/Tones


Clothing: Zoltan is often seen wearing light black leather outfit stained with the dye of the Norris root (making it energy resistant) with a blue bandana as seen in the picture above. 




Force Alignment: Dark Side (Dark Jedi) 


Birth World: Anzat


Homeworld: None/Wanderer


Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin



One Dual Phase lightsaber, silver blade (EMP shielded, fitted with bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulses, making it waterproof)


One Adventurer slug thrower rifle with customized scope (Thermal and Nightvision options)


One Dissuader KD-30 


One Blaster Buster


One Adjudicator pistol with silencer


Various types of grenades


Shock Collar


SC-401 Stun cuffs


Armor: only worn occasionally


Black-painted Duraplast Breastplate (covers chest, back, and shoulders)


Black-painted Duraplast bracers (covers forearms)


Black-painted Duraplast boots (covers feet and shins)


Force Powers:


Telepathy: Perfected

Telekinesis: Perfected

Dominate Mind/Mind Control: Mastered

Force Stealth: Mastered
Psychometry: Mastered

Force Drain: Mastered

Force Speed: Mastered

Force Body: Advanced

Shatterpoint: Advanced

Force Speed: Advanced



Lightsaber Forms


Shii-Cho: Advanced


Soresu: Intermediate

Ataru: Intermediate

Djem So/Shien: Mastered

Niman: Advanced

Vaapad: Advanced






Hidden in Plain Sight: Being an Anzat, Zoltan has mastered the art of blending in and making himself as unnoticeable as possible


The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword: Anzati have a natural affinity for telepathy and mind control. Over Zoltan's long life, he has perfected these arts.


Super-Human: Due to his biological make-up, Zoltan has physical strength that rivals the strongest of the human species, which he most notably uses to pin down his victims as he feeds off of their soup. 


Thermal Sensors Detect Nothing: Zoltan's biological makeup indicates that he has no pulse, and therefore, no body heat. This strength allows Zoltan to evade heat-seeking devices. 


Strategist: Zoltan is very thoughtful and organized. Between a keen memory, a hunter’s instinct, and the organizational skills of an obsessively compulsive being, Zoltan is usually prepared for anything.




Arrogant: With a lifespan that far exceeds most sentient beings, Zoltan has far more experience in most things than everyone else. However, that doesn't always make him right even when he believes that he is.


Insatiable Hunger: With the needs of an Anzat, Zoltan often needs to feed on those connected to the Force. His hunger is an addiction, and he will do whatever he can to hunt those that draw his attention.


"Average Joe": Zoltan has no cybernetic or mechanical implants or enhancements. 


Family First: Zoltan will do anything and stop at nothing to protect his family and those that he holds closest to his heart.


“The Sabretooth”

XS-Stock Light Freighter



"The XS stock light freighter was considered a major advancement in armament, speed and versatility over previous models of light freighter. It was considered one of the fastest and most agile starships in the galaxy. It contained a large cargo hold, including many hidden compartments throughout the ship, ideal for smuggling or simply hiding valuables. The XS also boasted powerful engines which allowed it to easily outrun most opponents or authorities, but in the event a fight was necessary, it came armed with standard torpedo launchers and laser batteries. In addition, it also held upper and lateral laser turrets which could be fired manually, or remotely from within the cockpit. Due to the fact that many smugglers and freighter captains both worked and lived aboard their ships, the XS was also designed with many of the standard comforts any being would need, including a lounge for recreation and extra sleeping quarters."




Born Long Ago: Zoltan, like all others of his species, was born on the planet of Anzat, which to this day, still remains mostly a mystery to most of the galaxy. As was customary tradition with his people, Zoltan found his own name after making a life of his own in the galaxy at large. Taking on his name, he first settled down on Agamar, where he took on the life of a simple farmer. 


Restless: Most of Zoltan's history is a mystery. Eventually, we know that Zoltan grew bored and tired of the "simple farmer's life" and began developing his hunger for the life soup of sentient beings. Having left his farmer's life behind, Zoltan became a wanderer, obsessing over his next kill and his next feeding, but was always sure to never leave a trail. 


Falling into Darkness: As was typical for his species, Zoltan had a strong connection to the force but was naturally pulled to the shadows of the dark side, due to his pleasure in feeding off of other sentient lifeforms. It is speculated that he eventually crossed paths with a practitioner of the Dark Side. For many years, Zoltan was tutored and trained, morphed into the expert assassin that he is now commonly known for. As Zoltan's power grew stronger, so did his hunger. Eventually, he found himself revealing the truth about his species to his mentor, and after a violent battle and emerging the victor, Zoltan fed greedily upon his master.  It was only a year or two later, after taking on countless jobs as a bounty hunter that he finally crossed paths with his long lost twin-brother, Aaramis Ker.


Present Day: Now, Zoltan is often found with his brother, as they are commonly known to work together. Their reputation was known across the galaxy. They are known for specializing in hunting down force-sensitive targets, and were also known for not bringing them back alive.