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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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#1925169 Operation Sandstorm

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on Today, 01:13 AM

Team Bravo Lead

Location: Market Bazaar



Her saber swatted at several stray bolts, and her blaster continued to fire true. All around her, rocks were telekinetically picked up and thrown at high speeds into the heads of the terrorists who popped out at the sides. Supposedly, they were once a group of New Republic activists, but this was beyond anything the CIS had expected. The clones, commandos, and droids rallied around the Adjudant. “Move cautiously, buddy system. No one goes off alone, keep your head down. We don't need heroes, we need to do this by the book. Let me take point.” One of the clones tried to argue. “There is no time for that. Just obey.”


She knew what she could do. The force gave her a massive advantage compared to her troops. She was the bait, and as they marched on the bazaar, they took the bait. So much blaster fire came at her, and her saber swatted it all out of the way. One tried to fire a rocket at her. Her hand reached out, pushed it up into the air, and it exploded in the air. Oh to see the man's face when he realized just how bad of a mistake he had made. The force snatched him from his perch, and pulled the terrorist to her, face to face. Her helmeted face looked into his, before she sliced him in half with her saber.


Inside, there was a twitch. No, she would do what she had to do, regardless of anything else. He had chosen his fate, and they didn't need any information from him. She could feel her troops trust in her. It grew with each supernatural feat. It was the point, boost her own troops morale, demoralize the enemy. They began to fall back to a more defensible position. This allowed her squad to push deeper into the bazaar. “Stay down, move from cover to cover! We need to make it through this place. It's enclosed, keep your heads DOWN!”


Kahlil Zambrano

Kelsie Sylvan

Luna Terrik

Iapo Sim

Lis'Ra Fennick

Rato Hus

#1925156 A time for revelry and drink! (Invite only)

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on Today, 12:42 AM

Allya was a strange bird in the Dauntless. A Sith Mandalorian, whose classification was Jedi Hunter. She has spent her entire life learning to hunt down the most dangerous of prey, she knew it in and out, how to corner a force user, how to corner massive monsters, pretty much anything. However, she ran away from the Knights Obsidian. There is no other way to put it. She forced distance between herself, and her family who ran most of the CIS. Her administrative abilities had been honed by Darth Tacitus himself, as he taught her efficiency, how to run a planet, how to run a military, and to do everything that needed to be done. He was one of the first to see her mind and how it worked, and he honed it to a fine edge. She brought this to the Dauntless. At fifteen, Allya oversaw almost all administrative work. Luna was brilliant in combat, beautiful, strong, cunning, and a powerful leader, but frankly, she couldn't run the day to day to save her life. Allya could, with frightening efficiency. It's why the CIS had tapped her to oversee the entirety of this new foolish border patrol scheme that had cooked up.


Fun fact, every ship in the Dauntless fleet, from the large Destroyers, to these smaller more mobile Frigates were designed with the same base layout. The reason for this was two fold, and both caused by the same singular feature. See, Luna, when off the clock, was very ditzy, she tended to get lost very easily, and Allya herself liked consistency, it made her feel more at ease. So, when Allya and Luna designed the Hellspars and the Angelic Fury, they put in the same basic floor plan. Allya and Luna's rooms were close by, the same identical shape and size and layout regardless of which ship they were on, always the same distance from the medbay, the hangers and bridge (Well, more the same ratio of distance, when you took into account bigger and smaller sizes). Luna had a wonderful commanders quarters. Allya however, had given herself nothing more than a glorified broom closet, she always made sure the Captain of the ship had a larger room than she. It helped stop issues. But more importantly it helped remind her she wasn't Home. Her house was another Starship, it was easy to forget where she was. The tiny size of the room reminded her. The room was mostly a bed, with an armor and weapons rack, and a workbench. Oh and a small private refresher. It helped, it really helped.


She took the white Mandalorian helmet from the rack, and placed it over her head. Work was done for now, and Luna had commanded her to go socialize. Allya had trouble with that. She was a teenager on a ship full of adults, and frankly, one of the only force users. No one else felt what she felt, or saw what she saw. She did her job efficiently, she followed orders, she kept everything going, she made sure Luna had all the alcohol on the ships she wanted, and that each division had all the right equipment and so much more. What she didn't do, was open up much. She never appeared without her armor and helmet on.


Her helmet was soon latched onto place, and she nodded. Weapons were ready, armor was ready, she booted up the systems. She hated it. True, she had a very close relationship with a large number of the clones. They were her friends. They protected her, and she them. Their relationship starts back on Kamino. She is one of the first faces they all got to know, as her studies frequently take her there, and her position in the Dauntless also has her overseeing their training, and creation. Her own Corporal, Crash, was like an older brother. Faithful and true. But, the Commandos themselves? Oh they scared her on a personal level. Sure she could outfight most of them, sure she could out think most of them. But it was also true, that most of them were double her age! Many had children her age!


Oh she loved Luna, that woman was a legend in Allya's eyes. She would do anything for her. But she could tell, that as much as Luna trusted her, the age issue got to her too. As did the fact that Allya knew about all the teddy bears that were in Luna's room. Because Allya was the one who designed the hidey hole for them, if Luna ever wanted some....company. Allya couldn't figure it out. She could run everything perfectly, she could control the fleets, run logistics, do all the paperwork, balance the laws, make it so Luna avoided endless meetings, and still, she was just the kid.


As Allya walked out of her broom closet, her mind wandered. It went to Jerek. He was on Kashyyk at the moment, being trained by the Jedi. She missed him, she snuck off to visit as much as she could, and even was trained a bit by them herself. It was a good way to learn control and focus. Still, she needed a true Dark Side Master, that wasn't someone like Adron who valued only his own agenda. Her uncle was amazing, and an ass. A big, glorified ass. His own interests were always first, and his apprentices were nothing more than tools to get it. Same with her father. Srina was cold, but she could do it objectively. But, Srina was also obsessed with the Sith ideals which Allya had trouble coming to terms with lately. Jerek had shown her far to much of the galaxy, and what it could hold, for her to bother wanting to be a god.


Maybe Lord Voph. He was a powerful force user, but she felt a kindred spirit in him. Someone who questioned the Sith ways, was still dark, and longed to protect things. She would try, what did she have to lose? Well, her life when dealing with Sith, but that was literally her every day walking. It's one of the reasons she joined the Dauntless in the first place. She wanted to get away from Sith Politics.


The white beskar'garmed girl entered the bridge, to check on things before she headed to the mess hall, her mind still in a haze. However, at this close, there was very little that could disguise that presence. Head came up, and she walked over to one of the new recruits. “Kahlil? Is that you? What brings you here? Did you join up with the Dauntless?” The girl's voice was confused, but happy. This man was perhaps one of the closer beings in the universe to her. Someone who grasped the very confused core of what it meant to be the child of one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, and everything that went with it.



Kahlil Zambrano

Kelsie Sylvan

Luna Terrik

#1925148 The Promise

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on Yesterday, 11:15 PM




Rings in Their Inactive State





Rings In their Active/Light Emitting State












  • Strong band: The metal band that holds the micro-commonents, is made of songsteel with a reinforced Duraplast inner coating. This protects it well from damage done by blasters, lightsabers, EMP/ION attacks and the like. Not perfect protection but good.

  • Limited use small portable shield: The Rings are able to produce a small portable shield, that is able to take a small number of hits, protecting from laser and plasma attacks.

  • Advanced Encrypted Comm Unit: The ring contains a small but powerful comm unit, able to send messages across a planet, and even into the surrounding star system at a much slower pace using radionics. It it has access to holonet relays, it's range is practically unlimited. It is also very hard to jam, and to trace. Each ring is also enabled with a quantum entanglement communication device, connected to the Unyielding Faith.

  • Force Alchemy: The synthetic micro-gems implanted in the band were created with a neutral form of force alchemy. This caused the two rings to be linked. It allows the wearer of the other to be able to find the location of the other and to send telepathic messages to them. It also has a small reserve of force power located in it. It can be used when the body is exhausted, or in places where the force is more limited. (Not in a ysalamir bubble)

  • Hard to detect: In shape and size, they look nothing more than rings, and due to materials used, the internal workings are hard to pick up on scanners.


  • Bonded: The force alchemy aspects of the rings work only for Allya and Jerek. This meant there were only two rings in existance.

  • Limited Shield Use: The shield is a small round disk, and can take only five hits before collapsing, and cannot be reactivated until the ring is recharged.

  • 48 Hours before recharging: The Ring must be recharged, even if not used, every 48 hours. This can be from direct sunlight, or placed in the dedicated recharge units.

  • Ysalamir: The Force Alchemy aspects of the rings do not work when in a ysalamir bubble.

  • Distress Beacon: Once in distress mode, anyone in the area will know it's going off, and where the person is located

  • Limited Comm range: Unless in an area where there are comm relays, the effective range of the unit is planetary, however, it is able to reach out to a star system using its radionics function, however, since radionics travels only at the speed of light, it takes time for messages to go out and come in.



There are only two rings, no more, no less. The project to design these rings, began almost the moment Allya began to date Jerek. It was an earnest project, created from pure intentions, and an honest desire to protect the one she cared about. As such, no dark side abilities were utilized in the creation of these items. The base of the ring is a song steel band, the band is merely a cover, with a thin coating of reinforced duraplast inside to add further stability and to protect the sensitive equipment from EMP/ION attacks, or fluctuations. A thin layer of baffleweave was used between the songsteel and duraplast sheets to block scanners from picking it up. She took her research into miniaturizing devices and applied it well here, shrinking and combining several powerful comm devices, thanks to previous research by the CIS, and sizable help from Locke and Key Mechanics (Love you John Locke ). Soon, a quantum QEC was built into each ring, and connected to the communications suite on the Unyielding Faith, allowing them to contact each ring, as well as their home as needed.


Designing the power cell that was small enough and yet powerful enough to run the comms and the micro-shield projector placed at the top of the ring, was a challenge. But once again, previous CIS technology came through, and following the example of the Light Shield Bracelet, Allya managed to make it work. She placed some small high efficiency solar paneling on the outside of the ring, for visual effect, as well as to help recharge the ring when out and about. Other than that, she added in a specially designed, but portable, charger for the rings. Due to their high draw, and the fact they were always on high alert to be used quickly, they had a fairly limited battery life, even when on standby mode.


Across the surface, to help with the aesthetic appeal, Allya studded it with tiny synthetic crystals to help give it vibrant colors. However, each of these crystals were created using force alchemy, and in a single batch. This caused the crystals to be reactive to one another. It gave the two wearers the capacity to find the other, and to speak using just their mind, regardless of the distance, similar to the effects of the quantum entanglement communications built into the tech portion of the ring. However, it was only short messages able to be sent through the rings. This made them cumbersome to try and communicate complex ideas.


The gems also acted as a small reservoir for the force. This allowed them to be used in times of emergency when the wearer had been pushed to their limits and needed a bit more to try and escape. Or in a place where the force was much more thin, and difficult to grasp. However, this was a very limited reservoir, designed to help aid with escape, or a last ditch attack, and wouldn't hold up long.


On the inside of Jerek's band was engraved: “"I will give you strength in darkness."

On the inside of Allya's band was engraved: “I will give you strength in the light.”


Above all the technology, above all the force alchemy, or the materials used, these rings were a promise. A promise to stay close to one another, to protect, to laugh, and smile with each other. A promise to love, despite their differences.

#1924874 A New Alliance (Liberation of Sullust)

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on Yesterday, 12:02 AM

Life was strange. Not so long ago, she was just a Sith, a weapon to be used against whatever her father pointed her at. Then, in a not so typical boy meets girl scenario, she ended up with a boyfriend. And time after time, he led her in a different path than she had ever been on. This was just something that helped show the strangeness of her life. Here she was on Sullust, helping the Jedi to free a planet. Damien seemed like an interesting man, she wasn't sure if she trusted him or not, and he clearly had issues with her. However, for men like him, results were what mattered. If she could pull off what she said she could, then he may ease up a bit. And if she couldn't, she would be tossed to the side. It was almost like she was back home. That thought almost made her giggle. However, she had to stay in character.


Up to the warehouse what appeared to be a drunk old man in rags stumbled up to the back door. He clearly had the shakes, and held up a credit chit in uneasy hands. “I-I need another hit boss. Please. I got the chits.” His voice was raspy, needy. The guard laughed and called out to the other patrolling guard. “Got a live one.”


As the man's hands came up however, a sharp needle seemed to come out of it, and the dart flew into the guard's neck. It worked fast, and paralyzed the man's body, he collapsed over, and the old man reached out, and drug the man away from the door and behind the closest dumpster. Quickly a light shone from his hand and it scanned the unconscious guard. When done, the holodisguise around Allya disappeared, It showed off her skintight armor, for just a moment, before it was replaced by the body and face of the first guard. Hand went to her throat, and she adjusted the voice modulator. She grabbed the man's weapon and went back to the door. As she spoke, it was in the original guard's voice. “Ah, got one.”


As the other guard poked his head out of the back, he looked at Allya. “Where did he go? I thought you said you had one. Don't play pranks, I don't care how boring this is. Get back to work.” The other guard turned his back and walked back inside. Now she wished she had gotten the first guard to talk a bit more before all this, but whatever. The girl turned to take out the second guard, so she could try and help Jerek. He was heavily on her mind. Ah well, this wouldn't take long. Frankly, Allya was second in command of the Confederacy's elite commando group. She was special forces. This was pretty normal for a day of work for her. But this time, she was doing something that would make Jerek proud of her! That made her giddy. Time to get to work. She tried to motion for Yula to come on in too.


Jerek Zenduu

Damian Starchaser

Yula Perl

#1924596 Sea, Sand and Sun (Open to Teen Characters)

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 18 March 2019 - 10:33 PM

Allya grinned at Kahlil and shook her head. “We met in blood. We have swum in it, regardless of if we wanted to or not. It was chosen for us long before we were born. Our parents chose our paths and set us on them, regardless of our desire. It makes sense you would be cautious. I chose him of my own free will. He was kind to me at first. But we ended up having to fight. He proved to me his intelligence, his skill, how power. Defeated me, at least using the rules I set for winning and losing. However, he showed mercy, and understanding. Then, he offered companionship. I asked HIM out, honestly. And he has fought at my side, saved my life when a star destroyer crashed down on us. And helped me complete my goal of saving the people I needed to save. Frankly, he earned me. But I don't blame you for wondering, and thinking what you did.”


Her strong hand reached out for Kahlil's hand, to try and pull him to his feet. “You are much better on your feet than trying to curl into a ball Kahlil. At least when next to me. I won't be angry at you. You didn't harm my lover. You tried to protect me, but had the sense to make sure before doing anything. That makes you an awesome friend in my book. Don't look down, don't look away, look forward with pride.”


The Sith girl looked over at Demitry and laughed. “Oh don't worry! We got everything you could need. The hut over there sells swim trunks if you need 'em. We got snorkel gear, and I am more than powerful enough to rescue you if you begin to drown and float you back to land. If you want to learn how to swim, this is a good time to do it. But no pressure, okay?” The small teen gave the man the brightest grin and laughed, with that musical tone. She practically bounced on her toes and turned to the water. Both men would notice the massive amount of scarring that covered her back. Both would clearly recognize the signs of Sith Torture, and feel the faint corruption of the dark side the oozed from the wounds.


“Mmmmmmm!” She stretched up and spun around, all the while she giggled. “Come on, slow pokes.” Allya's large eyes sparkled, and she stuck her tongue out at them in a playful manner. “I want to swim! And you two are coming with me, got it?”


Jerek Zenduu

Demitry Draskovits

Kahlil Zambrano


#1924590 In the Land of Unrisen Suns

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 18 March 2019 - 09:58 PM

As Jerek praised her food, she leaned over, and kissed his cheek. “Good, glad you like it!” As Micah purrs, she reached behind his ears, scritched them, and then petted the young kitten's head. Oh Jerek was so good with kids. It made her giddy honestly, and her eyes were practically hearts at the moment. As she stared at them, the girl realized she had forgotten to get anything for herself. “Oh, hold on one moment.”


Allya went back to the kitchen. A piece of hard cheese and bread were grabbed, along with a bottle of Corellian ale and she returned to the table. The small Mandalorian sipped the ale and adorably nibbled her food. She took small little bites, reminiscent of a small animal. She hummed to herself, and beamed at the two boys with her. “So, how have your days been? What have you both been up to?”


She leaned forward, and tilted her head. Hair fell into her face, and she just left it there this time. Eyes flashed back for a moment to the crash of the star destroyer that had happened so recently. Her body shuddered and she shook her head a bit, and attempted to refocus her emotions. “Jerek, Micah, thank you so much for protecting me. I didn't have time to think. I just knew my duty was to the people who followed me first. I couldn't take the time to figure out how to make it work. I honestly thought I would die, and just prayed to Hod Ha'ran that I would last long enough to protect all of you.” The girl laughed nervously.


“To a Sith, it seems silly. I was always taught power came from within. And true, something could be said, if I had simply been stronger, smarter, more experienced, I could have easily handled it all. But I couldn't. I still did amazing. I created a barrier that stopped a star destroyer from smooshing all of you!! Hahah!” She grinned. “Imagine what I'll be able to do next year! But, I realized. I couldn't have done this without you both. You are both my heroes.” She leaned over, and once more kissed Jerek's cheek, and then the top of Micah's head, before she gave the kitten pets. “You both are awesome. I hope we get to fight together for a long time to come. Oh! Micah, how did you like my library? I brought most of the liturature I have from the Temple, and from the Jedi as the Silver Rest as I could, as well as a few pieces that I collected in my travels.”



Jerek Zenduu

#1924367 Do Not Go Quiet Into That Good Night | Raid on the Silver Rest Kitchen

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 18 March 2019 - 12:51 AM

Frankly, if anyone was to get those cookies, it was Allya. See, Jerek had helped make these cookies. Sure, she could probably ask, and get some, but where was the fun in that. Like at all? Even if she had asked Asaraa to train her, even if she had tried to be more good, and to learn morals and all that, she was still a Sith! And everyone knew, cookies belonged to the dark side! Besides, she wanted to bring some to the tiny Akela! She had the prettiest eyes in the galaxy when she was happy after all! Though, it's also possible Akela would be on the front lines to stop her from doing this. The tiny one had a heart of gold after all. So, who could say!



Either way, Allya decided to go all out. Jerek had gotten the upper hand on her last they fought, but this time, she was ready for him....and that pretty face, those gorgeous eyes, that flowing hair. Okay, she had to stop now, or else she would be far to flustered to keep going. The Sithling had donned a special suit for the mission. It would block much of her force presence, her presence through sensors, and honestly, it could make her go invisible. If one robbed a Jedi kitchen of its cookies, they should go all out.


The girl activated the stealth systems and snuck into the kitchen proper, quiet as could be. Then, she saw Jerek. Under the helmet her eyes went wide, and with the camera she took a lot of pictures. He looked like he had worn a dress! Okay, so this is how these kinds of things were created. She now wanted to see him in a dress. She wore boys clothes all the time, fair was fair! Wait, maybe not. But still. She took a deep shuddered breath, as she tried to quiet her emotions down. The suit helped stop her from being spotted, but it didn't block it entirely, especially if her emotions began to spike. The Sith tried to walk over to the cookies, to take some, but her eyes kept on going back to Jerek. So of course, she ran into some type of pan that moved a bit and made a small amount of noise. She took a deep breath and held it, as she moved away from the pan, then stayed still for a bit.


Jerek Zenduu Wu Yeoh-Mei Tom Taff Boo Heavenshield

#1924351 "Saw" Class Ship Based Melee Weapon

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 17 March 2019 - 11:34 PM




  • Classification: Giant Ship Based Saw

  • Size: Extreme

  • Weight: Extreme


. Phrik Construction

. Field Disruptors

. Rapid Rotation



  • Phrik Construction: The weapon is near indestructible, and it's phrik teeth are able to cut through most of the hardest metal armors

  • Field Disruptors: The weapon is able to practically bypass many types of shields by firing localized field disruptors built into the blade as it comes in contact with deflector shields.

  • Rapid Rotation: The saw like rings rotate quickly, allowing it to eat through armor and hull at alarming rates


  • Massive: This weapon can only be used on Cruiser or larger ships

  • Expensive: The phrik and field disruptors are expensive to produce so can only be produced on a handful of ships at a time.

  • Melee Range: The weapon must be at melee range to be able to hit anything.

  • Time: It takes a bit of time for the weapon to do significant damage to the ship its attacking, meaning the vessel its attached to, must stay in place to keep doing damage.




The Saw is true to it's name sake. It is a massive phrik saw blade attached to large capital ships. However, it has the capacity to bypass many types of shields due to the field disruptors built into the massive weapon. When it impacts a shield the field disruptors go off, distorting the shields by creating a localized disruption around the blade itself.


Once the blade pierces through the shields, it begins to cut through armor, weapons, and equipment. However, this takes time, forcing the ship attached to it, to stay still while it does so. However, once the weapon is passed the armor plating, it makes quick work of entire decks, and vital equipment, and when it leaves, creates a massive hole for things to be sucked out into the vacuum of space.


Over all the weapon has a great number of strengths, but is set off by an equally large number of weaknesses. It would have to be attached to ships designed for the purpose of utilizing it.

#1924223 The White Rabbit [Bounty Thread]

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 17 March 2019 - 01:59 PM

Allya walked through the city, without any of her armor for once. The girl wore a fairly casual outfit, a shirt, pants, tennis shoes, and a little jacket for in the shade. She was still armed, as assassination attempts were simply to frequent to be dumb about it all. However, as she walked around Golbah city, what she saw blew her mind. Auntie Srina Talon was everywhere! Oh she knew they had to be clones, because frankly, nature couldn't produce something of this quality multiple times like this. No, this was a dream come true. For a moment, she allowed to imagine what if they all hugged her, brushed her hair, talked to her, and everything else. But that was silly, because it was doubtful the real one would do so anyway! Though, Srina was partly responsible for her relationship with Jerek Zenduu. The Echani taught her early on, that the proper way to see if you were compatible with a person was to fight them, and if they beat you and if felt right, it was a good thing. Jerek had, in that chase on Coruscant. It had been fun! So she asked him out. Pretty much the entirety of that part of the story.



However, if there were many clones running around: her eyes went wide and the Sith giggled. Oh look! The Bunnies! Now, were they actually Auntie Srina's Bunny's or not? Who could say! However, they were cute, and getting into trouble, and there was someone who could, or hopefully, could not be Auntie, and if she wasn't Auntie, maybe those were not Auntie's bunnies which MEANT, maybe Allya could have them. To the fifteen year old, the logic was sound. If that was a clone of Auntie, maybe she could have it too. For reasons. Lots of reasons. Time to go!


Allya hopped off the bridge she had been on, and tumbled to the ground and laughed her head off as she went. Finally, before she hit, she slowed herself down through the force and gracefully landed on the bottom with barely a ruffle. She hummed softly and walked up to the Bunny's and the potential Srina in the bazaar. “Hello there. How are you doing today?” Large brown eyes looked so much like Darth Metus 's when they were not all yellow or glowing red, or some thing else like that. Honestly, Allya had no way of knowing how much of Srina's knowledge a clone would have. Or if this was a clone. But she would find out. First, to see if her Aunt even recognized her, since, it wasn't very common knowledge how close or not the two actually were to one another. Then, her eyes went to the Bunnys! “Oh! You guys are so cute! Such mischievous little babies.” If this was a clone, she would probably try to give her to dad for his birthday! He would be so happy!

#1923831 Strange Terrain | CIS Invasion of TJE-held Zonmira

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 16 March 2019 - 01:10 AM




Equipment: Beskar'garm, blasters, lightsaber, grenades

Location: Onboard her Scimitar - Entering Jen'ari space

Objective: Raid the Libraries

Tags: Jaeson Starchaser - Darth Novus Shakti Sweet



In the cockpit of her favorite Scimitar-2, Allya stared at the lines of hyperspace. How many times did she see this, and have the same thought, of a desire to explore this other realm they passed through?Dozens, she was sure. Once more, this ship brought her and all she loved to war. However, this time was different. Jerek Zenduu was here, to be sure, as was Micah , however, several others were onboard as well. Each of the teens tried to push away the nervousness, and to focus on the task they had been given. They were to invade the libraries on the world, and take as much of the knowledge and artifacts as they could get their hands on. In her hold, she carried many droids for back up, and a handful of slicer droids. She had every intention to send them at the main bank branch on the planet. Destabilize the economy, get some extra credits in her pocket to push into this new project she had dreamed up.



The girl pressed the intercom button. “We are reverting to real space in five minutes. Finish your preparations, and get up here, and get buckled in in case we arrive in fire.” She flicked the sensors over to passive, turned off the comm channels, dimmed internal lights, and placed a lot of extra things on standby, to stop the ship from having a large energy draw. This would help keep them from being spotted by enemy patrols. Especially as they exited hyperspace at the edges of the fleet and made a bee line for the surface.


Her eyes looked around, however, as she attempted to find Jerek. Once he was in view, her heart would calm down a bit, and the girl would practice Jedi meditation. Focus on the breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth, clear your mind of all other worries, and emotions. She relaxed into her chair. “Alright, reverting to real space, in three.......two......one....mark.” The girl pulled back on the hyperdrive throttle, and the ship pulled out of hyperspace, the lines shrunk back to dots. The group began to avoid an enemy fire, and ships, as well as their own, since they ran silent. She was a good pilot, not as good as Jerek, but in ships like this, she felt her skill outshone his own.

#1923818 Gos'Karza - Total War | TSE Invasion of TJE's Fush Bnigeai Hex

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 16 March 2019 - 12:03 AM

Frankly, Allya was glad Jerek was not at her side for this one. No, she wasn't happy he wasn't there, but she couldn't think her Jedi would enjoy working with the Sith Empire. But there was something more to it, something deeper. Since she had met Jerek she had suppressed a lot of emotion, a lot of action, much of her entire history. She didn't regret these choices, his light was an amazing thing to bask in, and she was happy to be his shadow. But, she was a mother kriffing Sith Mandalorian. In every aspect of her culture, violence was idolized, not just normal. She had held herself back so much, but her blood boiled, it demanded to be released. When her companion Kahlil had invited her to join the Sith, she accepted. She had loyalty to the man, he was her friend, and unlike many Sith that meant something to her.


As she flew towards the planet in her Scimitar-2, she knew she would be fine. The stealth was activated, and even if there was a planetary shield generator, it wouldn't matter, as her ship was designed to go through them. Her cargo hold was full of Clanker droids, and she had her mission. She had a list of CIS prisoners that were being held by the Jen'ari. The daughter of the Vicelord would free them, and return them home. As she did so however, she would slaughter every military target in her path. She wouldn't neglect the morals Jerek had taught her, what seemed important to him. But she would get this damned fire out of her veins, and this damned false Empire would be it's target.


The girl's grin was wide, as she entered planetary orbit. Her heart raced, her eyes dilated, and her mouth dried up. Oh...this would be more fun than she had in awhile. As the stealthed ship approached the shields, she giggled like a mad woman. Some days, you just needed to let loose and enjoy yourself. Everyone needed to get pampered every so often.


#1923618 A Gathering in the Light

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Allya grinned wide as Asa said yes. She admitted, part of her expected to be told she wasn't worth the time. That she was a Sith, to be questioned why she wanted to do this. But she figured the Jedi around her had a good idea as to why. It wasn't as if they were being subtle about it, and her emotions flowed like water. She wasn't a deceptive style of Sith. It wasn't in her nature. She nodded firmly at Asaraa Vaashe and gave her such a warm smile. “Yes, Josh and Jerek are very pretty boys. The amount of time they must spend in front of a mirror each day is astounding. I at least know Jerek does! And well. I'm not looking for someone to teach me all the secrets. I don't need you to be best. I just need to lea-..”


The young dark sider was completely interrupted in the most amazing of ways. Jerek Zenduu full on spun her around. She gazed into his eyes and as he kissed her, she returned it in a dazed shock. It always sent such electricity through her. Each touch, each kiss, each time she heard his voice had taught her that love did not have to hurt. For a girl who had gotten used to being abused, to being broken, and had simply thought of herself as a weapon, this was addictive. He showed her it was okay to be herself, okay to follow her own path. She loved her family dearly, but Jerek showed her so much more.



Because of all this, her heart longed to stay at his side. To make sure he stayed light, stayed on the path he wanted to be on. At Eshan, as he began to put her safety above others, she simply showed him that was wrong. That they had to put others first. And here, she knew he would be away from her side a lot more, but he needed to be trained. If what it took to stay at his side, was to learn his morals, to figure out how to become more light, and to give up the foolish pursuit of power, why wouldn't she do so? He had never asked her to change, but his affection naturally made her desire to. After all, what was power, when she could have Jerek's kiss? It seemed a rather silly thing. Why be a god when she could be a girl? Why try to take over the galaxy, when she could stand beside the one she loved?


She had always been taught that peace was a lie. And yet, in that moment, as his lips touched hers, and they kissed, she was at peace, even if it was fleeting. However, once he pulled away, and her mind remembered where she was, her face flushed, and she gave off an adorable squeak. She cleared her throat and stood up tall. Allya bowed deeply to Asa and Josh DragonsFlame . “Thank you, so much. And Asaraa. You will do fine. As I was saying. I don't need someone to show me everything. Just be there for me. Spar with me, talk with me, meditate with me, tell me when my thoughts are wrong, and show me why. Because, before I met this guy,” She pushed her thumb in Jerek's direction, “I never had anyone show me these things. Even my mom, though she wasn't what I am, honor doesn't place a high value on a lot of things.”


The little Sithling fidgeted still, embarrassed about the sudden public kiss in front of Asa and Josh. But, at least this way there wasn't really any doubt. Better to be honest about these sorts of things! Besides, the happy, dopey little grin she got from the kiss still hadn't left her face.

#1923280 This We'll Defend

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When called, the diminutive Mandalorian girl walked up to the podium. The girl was small, but looked far larger while dressed head to toe in her beskar'garm, and wrapped in a purple hooded robe. The hood was pushed down, to show off her helmet, as she finally stood before them all. Her heart raced, as nervousness tried to overcome her. However, she took a deep breath, and slowly let it out and performed a brief moving meditation, that Jerek had tried to show her. Her heart calmed, her mind cleared.

Finally, the girl moved up and loudly spoke, her voice filtered through the helmet. “Esteemed Viceroys, your sacrifices in the last few months are worthy of song and story. With your help, we have pushed back the tides of Empires, both of the Jena'ari and the now the Mandalorians. As you know, many of us rejected the false rule of those who have created an Empire for the Mandalorians, and their strict rules, regulations, and as we can easily see, wanton violence and destruction that these false Mand'alors have caused. We stand by your side, against the common threats. However, we are not blind to the dangers that this new enemy causes. By culture, we wear armor, by culture we fight, by culture we have our own language, and customs that seem bizarre to outsiders. Our enemy has this same culture. To avoid giving them a way to enter our systems, and causing mayhem and havoc, the Vicelord, and Exarchs, with the backing of clan Vi'dreya, bring forth an order.”

She was vastly aware of her father's and her Uncle Adron's presence at this time. With them nearby, there was no choice in the matter, no option, no way out. She had to do her duty. Her voice continued and never skipped a beat. Besides, she had managed to talk her father down from a more irresponsible approach to this.


“As we are at war with the Mandalorian people, to keep them from being able to infiltrate our regions with negative intent, we will initiate a mandatory registration program for all incoming Mandalorian's to the Confederacy. We will take down the information of name, clan, social ranking, and biological details in order to create a census."


She looked around at each viceroy. "Any incoming Mandalorian who refuses registration, or, who enters the Confederacy secretly are subject to being detained. Any that enter the CIS to visit, must register themselves, as well as have droid escorts, provided by the CDF. This executive order is to be applied immediately. I will personally oversee the registration procedure, as well as work with the CDF and Knights Obsidian to create effective ways to catch any Mandalorians attempting to enter our systems illegally."


"Those who are already citizens of the Confederacy, who are part of our Mandalorian Protectors are not subject to this. Our end goal is simply to protect ourselves, as best we can, against the unknown. However, we will leave it open for the Alors of the clans to voluntarily register their clans and members, to help stop crimes from being perpetrated in their names, if they so desire.”


She stood confident before the Viceroyalty, and her arms opened wide. “Are there any questions?”


Adron Malvern

Aya Clarke

Helly Reyne

Derek Dib

Chikako Liona

Darth Metus

Valencia Hadley


#1922971 The Corrupted | Prelude to War

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Allya couldn't believe it. More like, she didn't want to believe it. Her boyfriend had been a commander in the New Republic, she feared what this meant for them. But, she had personally led one of the intelligence gathering teams. The survivors had been interrogated, the beam transmission from the ship as it was destroyed, detailing all of its data had been double checked. She went through the data one more time, to see if she had missed anything at all. Anything that would allow her to call into question the original findings. Anything so she didn't have to wage war against the Republic. The ship had to move from one trajectory to another through hyperspace, so had reverted to real space near Republic space to make the short distance needed before it could realign, on it's path back to Kuat. The Republic had done an amazing job at removing pirates and a lot of the crime in their space. So the ship felt safe. Several independent sources reported a Republic patrol in the area, there was no doubt one was at least nearby. The Ainatisul reported to have been hailed by a Republic Patrol, and they felt safe in sending their data, and comm signals, and obeying orders. It was all in the comm and sensor dump. As was the data when the shields began to buckle, the ship's distress signal claiming it was a Republic attack. That Chad guy, his recording was live, as it happened. He also clarified it was the Republic. The recovered remains also supported such an attack. It had been from heavy military grade munitions, not some cheap pirate stuff.


The passenger's stories added up. The force users also felt the same thing, they could see the ships attacking. Everything added up. There was no discrepancies. There had been no sensors, or cameras pointed to the area, no republic recordings of any kind, almost as if they had purposefully avoided this area of space. Anything they said would be lies. The evidence was damning. Even for her, one who desperately needed this to not be true, someone who would have done anything to make it not true, to tell her father this was a tragic accident, we should embrace the New Republic, and make up....for this little girl, who had the potential to lose everything she cared about because of this, it was true. This was more than enough evidence to damn the Republic. They would try to claim it was a lie, but the proof was there. And they would have every reason to lie. They had far to much to lose. The only thing she couldn't figure out is WHY. But, frankly, with the corruption in the Republic, and its inability to keep itself in check, it could be as simple as the pregnant Mistress of one of the senators was on the ship, and they didn't want the knowledge to become public. There were simply to many examples of such abuses of power in the Republic's history.



Her heart broke in two. Allya's head hung low and her eyes closed. For a moment, she thought about falsifying the records, of lying, saying that there was no way for the Republic to be involved. If she just deleted the information from the other ships about the patrol in the area, it would clearly be a case of mistaken identity, right? She clenched her teeth, her hand hovered over the button, as tears formed in her eyes. Why was she made to do these things? Why did she have to be the one to help prove the CIS was correct? Would Jerek hate her? Would he turn against her? Fight on the enemies side? Would he kill her? She didn't know....but she knew her duty, and her duty to the families of the thousand who died. She pressed the button, and transmitted the confirmation report to her father.


The girl then curled up in her bed, and cried.

#1922937 Blood in the Water [CIS Dominion of Bestine IV]

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She shook her head at the object. “Nah, I like my lungs clear. But thank you.” She finished her drink, and set the bottle to the side. “Captain Ahab? Whazzthat?” Her nose wrinkled a bit at the putrid smell of the rolled up on fire thing. She enjoyed alcohol due to her upbringing, however, the only drug the girl had was adrenaline.....life.....caffeine.....Jerek's lips.....Making Damsy laugh...OKAY, she had a lot of drugs. But that was besides the point here!



Allya grinned at the man, and reeled in yet another fish. “Hey, I have to catch enough to make enough food for everyone. They will be hungry when they are done! It's just natural.” She nodded her head enthusiastically. “Honestly, you just need to get good.” The girl leaned back on her chair, and her eyes closed, and she began to enter a gentle meditative state, as she reached out through the force to find more fish.


Jayce Pryde