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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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#1902779 Deltarune | CIS Dominion of Delta IV (R, 39)

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 16 January 2019 - 06:51 PM

Objective: Make it so Jerek relaxes and has fun, while making it so he can think of nothing but her.



Allya danced close to Jerek in almost perfect time with the music. They were close, very close, however, she felt the nervousness that came from Jerek, and from herself. The music thumped, the lights flashed, the mood was almost perfect, if they could get away from this anxiety. So, she did the only thing she could think of. She pulled Jerek towards the bar, and raised a hand. “Two glasses of clait-berry sweet wine.” It was a low alcoholic content wine. Just enough to ease the tension and it tasted good, without the over powering taste and smell of alcohol.


The temptress took the drinks, one in one hand for her, and one for Jerek. Full of grace, she handed the drink over to Jerek, and raised her glass up. “It's good, just trust me, okay?” Those large brown eyes gazed into Jerek's own eyes, as she fed on his own feelings and emotions which in turn made her own stronger as well. This soft smile was on her full, supple lips, and she reached up, to push strands of her silken hair out of her face. “To us, and lots of new memories.” If he took the glass, she would clink it to his, and begin to drink the wine. Even if he didn't take it, she would drink her own glass. The warmth of the drink in her belly made her a bit giddy, and she took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. So many emotions in this place, it was hard to stay in control. But, she kept her mind focused on the young man with her. Eyes fluttered back open and she smirked.


“Once you finish that, we can go back to dancing. But this time, I'll teach you what to do. Though, you aren't bad at all, naturally.” But he was holding back, and that wouldn't do for her. He just needed a push, and she would happily be his PUSHER, to help him experience the joys life had to offer. Tongue comes out and licks her lips, moistening them a bit. She moved close to Jerek, so her small form nearly touched his. The girl reached out, and poked his nose with her free hand, before bursting out in a giggle fit. “Hahah. You are so cute, truly!


Jerek Zenduu


#1902335 Dreaming of Home

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 15 January 2019 - 07:54 PM

(Was dumb)

#1902052 Crouching Nexu, Hidden Krayt Dragon

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 14 January 2019 - 11:59 PM

She gave Tiland a bright smile. It was friendly, polite, well mannered. For a sith, for a teenager, and a Mandalorian she was very well mannered. She was the daughter of the Vicelord, she understood every action she took, especially around their allies reflected on her father. That said, internally she was fan girling. While Jerke was a cool Padawan, this was a Jedi Master! Ah, he was so cool! Her heart did back flips, her emotions strong. However, she calmed herself, and quickly did a Jedi Meditation technique she learned so long ago, and brought herself back to center, so as to not spread the dark side actively around her as would happen when her emotions got to intense.


Eyes moved over to Jerek, and a look of admiration before she looked away. Still the girl carried all of her heavy equipment, and she moved over to the Padawan. Careful she helped Jerek bring the boxes over. However, she always thought in terms of most effective means. Carrying two boxes balanced on either of her arms, and two more with telekinesis, the girl walked over to deposit the boxes in the tent at the side of Jerek. Her strong, athletic form was well balanced. She was no stranger to hard work, and manual labor. She flashed Jerek a shy smile, and nodded. “Hey Jerek. How are you doing?”


It wasn't long after she deposited the boxes, that Tiland called them over. She gave the teen boy a silly look before she moved over to the Jedi. “Yes, Master Jedi?” After nodding her head he told them it was time to leave. “Of course, Master....Ah...” He had told her to call him Tiland hadn't he? “Yes, Master Tiland.” It seemed impolite to not call him such. In her mind, he had earned the right. She reached out and grabbed what looked like a decorative metal bracer, and placed it on her right forearm.


She followed along, and took every word the master said with great attention. She had to admit, this was a dream. Being taught by a Jedi,there felt so much peace, and calm. So opposite her, and her family. As they walked, she continued practicing her Jedi Meditation techniques to keep her emotions even keel, because....Jerek was right next to her, and it made her heart flutter pretty badly. She shook her head, as she inadvertently walked close to him.


Brow furrowed as they entered the field. Once the Master asked the question, she opened the secret port on her vambrace and tried to check everything. It was clearly shorted out and experinced some type of interference. She closed it, with a click, and her mind expanded around her, and as she sought out any information she could feel. Eyes looked around sharply. “Hypothesis, we entered a field of high level Electro Mangnetic energy, placed inside a shield. Its one way, things can come in, but can't go out. Probably a centralized power generator and field emitter, shielded against its own effects at the center. My armor would have probably been fine against it. But its only a hypothesis. It's hard to test without exploring more.” Her hands rested on her hips, and she chewed on her lower lip. Haar'chak”



Tiland Kortun

Jerek Zenduu

Zak Dymo

#1901999 Oh, Hoylin | CIS Dominion of Hoylin [Hex X-39]

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 14 January 2019 - 09:33 PM

Around a camp fire, on the planet, stood over two dozen armored Mandalorians. Helmets were off, drinks in hand. At their head, was a much smaller one, the dark skinned Allya, the ne'tra gal raised high in her hand. In the others, ne'tra gal, and kri'gee was held. Their voices were loud, over the crackling of the fire, heard by any in the area.




Motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a. Taung!

Motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a.
Aruetyc runi'la solus cet o'r prudii an.

Motir ca’tra nau tracinya.
Gra’tua cuun hett su dralshy’a.
Aruetyc runi'la solus cet o’r.

Motir ca’tra nau tracinya.
Gra’tua cuun hett su dralshy’a.
Aruetyc runi'la trattok’o.

Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode an!

Motir ca'tra nau tracinya. Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a. Taung!

Bal kote, darasuum kote,
Jorso’ran kando a tome.
Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode an.


Then the chant was done, the metallic goblets were clashed together, and drunk, to the sound of infectious laughter, boisterous talk, boasts, and challenges were made. Some of the men wrestling around, trying to back up their claims, only to be beaten by their ladies. Allya was never more at home than she was now. Dark side and all, she had proven she was one of them. Maybe not from the same clan, but at least from the same people. It was a relaxing thing, and she enjoyed the companionship, and the alcohol. However, her mind wasn't honestly here, it was elsewhere in the galaxy at the moment, on another being.


However, this was her heart, try as much as she denied it, she was a Mandalorian. This was what she was. Sith this, CIS that, but, it was this, it was this that defined her. Slowly, she relaxed into it, sipping her ale, and watching the fire, as she joined in another chat.



Taung sa rang broka Mando'ade ka'rta.
Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu,
Manda'yaim kandosii adu.
Duum motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a.

Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn.
Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu,
Manda'yaim kandosii adu.
Duum motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a.



Eyes closed at the end, and she tilted her head up to the sky. Fist raised clenched up for a moment, before she laughed along with the others, and her eyes opened. She wondered what her father was doing. She knew he was near, his presence always comforted her, and filled her with a safe feeling when he was in the area. Mind then continued to wander, over Jerek....such a cute boy...and then settled on Chika. Oh yeah, she was supposed to meet her soon. The girl wondered if she should head over there or not yet.

Oh, and of course, she still had to teach that workshop thing her father and Srini had signed her up for....I mean, she could do it, but what type of teenager wanted to be stuck running a camp to teach people twice her age? But still, duty, honor and all that....Still, it wouldn't hurt to just, relax a bit first...a couple more drinks.


Chikako Liona


Darth Metus

#1901974 Battle Against Our Nature [SJO Event]

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 14 January 2019 - 08:33 PM

The darkness was becoming overwhelming. While she could withstand the avalanche of it, she knew the people she was protecting couldn't. Having lost contact with the others for now, due to the chaos, she growls. Pushing back into the ship, she forces the Wookiee survivors to be fully loaded onto the ship, the rest of the village soon inside the ship. There was enough room, perhaps for more too. Once everyone was loaded, she closed the hatch, and activated the shields. Pushing through the fuzzy wookiees, she moved into the pilot seat, and lifted the ship. “Droids...arm the wookiees with our spare blasters. We aren't stopping here." One of the wookiee elders roared his approval. While she didn't understand them, they had an understanding. They trusted her right now, she was there next to them, hurting, and willing to sacrifice for them. It was enough on both sides.


The ship lifted, and she targeted another village on the brink of the tidal wave of darkness coming out. Talking to the elder as he seemed to understand her, she tried to make her desires known. “Take the weapons, help push the survivors into the ship, we defend them just long enough to get them onboard, I want to get one more village after this. I don't know how many survivors there will be, we don't have enough room, but we will have to just make it, pile people on top of one another.” The elder grunted and went back, roaring to everyone.


She pushed through the trees, avoiding the branches as best as she could. This ship wasn't designed for intense mobility, it was a problem, she was becoming more aware of. Laser cannons blasted tree branches down to the floor below, and soon the next village came into view. Much of it was destroyed already, and her teeth clenched down. “Get ready! We move fast, strike true!” She yells out at the wookiees. Ship landed in a central square and opened up, the stronger wookiees brought out the weapons and fought to defend their people. They went from being slaughtered to having a chance to save others, this wasn't lost on them. The Sithling hoped out, and sped right into the danger, blaster and saber swining. Her arm was throbbing heavily, but she ignored it. There was time to heal later, but for now any hesitation was paid in lives.


Blade strikes down through an especially large creature, teeth and fangs and claws, she had no clue what it was. There were a lot more injured in this village. However, they were quickly being escorted by the adult wookiees who didn't have weapons. The emotions from the wookiees were almost overwhelming. She shook her head, snapping herself out of it, and diving into the battle time and again, to hold the line until every last one of the survivors was loaded aboard. The wookiees defended her this time, giving the sithling cover fire as she retreated back to the ship.


Once more ship launched and they went to the last village in the area. It was bad, the trees were making it harder and harder to get into the zones, and it took more time than the last one. Besides that, it was getting cramped, wookiees ontop of wookiees. They had to try though. As she reached the area, the tree branch the village was on was breaking, there was a small group of survivors being pushed towards the edge of it. They were about to plummet to their deaths. As the wookiees inside the ship saw this, they roared in despair. Finally the emotion was simply to much for the passion sith. Too much fear, despair, grief, it was overwhelming, unable to be controlled. Her eyes took on the familiar yellow corruption under her helmet, as her dark aura established itself much farther from her body. I am selfish. I refuse to let another die. “Pilot the ship! Get us as close as possible to the end of the branch.” A droid quickly took over, and brought the ship up close. Moving to the back through the bodies, to the rear door, it opened, and the wind rushed passed her, threatening to tear her out of the ship altogether.


Allya activated the magnetic grips on her boots, making it so she could stand firm in the onslaught. Hand reached out, as she fed on the emotions all around her, letting it fill her to the brim, until she exploded. As one of the beasts lept at the family of wookiees on the edge of the branch, she caught it, using telekinesis, her specialty. Using the body of the captured creature she literally began to beat all the other creatures till they were swept off the branch end, so much rage filling her. Once they were saved, there wasn't enough time to think. The branch snapped, they, and the entire village began to fall towards the ground so far below. Eyes were a deeper yellow now, and she plucked them from the air, holding the five surviving wookiees in her power, and pulled them towards the ship entrance. It was...hard, this much fine control from so far away. Arm shook, as she forced her will into existence, and only once all five were inside the ship, did she close the door, and collapse against the bulkhead. Panting from the exertion, as well as the corruption flowing through her, she makes her way back towards the cockpit.


Slumping into the chair, she plots a course. If there was a safe place, any place on this planet that would be safer than the others, it was the Silver Rest. So, with a ship full of hair, she moved up out of the tree line, and made a bee line there. What she found wasn't reassuring at all, battle lines had been made. However, the wookiees were armed, and many capable, they could help defend it as well. Moving to a landing pad, the wookiees begin to unload, and move inside the compound, most of them carrying CIS blasters of various kinds. They helped carry the badly wounded, and the medical droid stabilized as many as it could, but it was quickly running out of supplied. Reaching down to her arm terminal, the girl pressed a button and forced a suppressant into her blood. Sure, her powers would be reduced, as her emotions calmed, but, she couldn't afford to give into the dark side fully quite yet.


Standing, she moves with about four of her droids, and a handful of wookiees. They soon came across the Jedi Grandmaster, fighting that dark creature. The hallmark of the small sith, she lept into action. “Defend the Rest, protect the Jedi!” The wookiees roared agreement, having followed her this far and the droids weapons came out.


A massive barrage of fire came from them all, at the large creature charging the Jedi. Blaster bolts peppered its large body, and Allya raised up some debris from the destruction, and launched it at the creatures face, trying to slow its charge, or rechannel it. Red lightsaber glowed brightly in one hand, and blaster in the other, as her forces met up and combined with the rangers, attempting to slow the danger to a halt. However, for the moment, she kept out of the war path of the raging grand master, but ready to jump into the fray completely when the opportunity showed itself.


Josh DragonsFlame


#1901926 LFG: Gritty RP

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 14 January 2019 - 06:00 PM

I have two characters that could fit, one is Allya, a 15 year old, the other is an older woman, who exists inside the grit.http://starwarsrp.ne...-lanann-garwyn/is the other's bio. If one catches your eye, let me know.

#1901748 My Thoughts.

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 14 January 2019 - 11:06 AM

I love how THIS is honestly what keeps you up at night.

#1901433 Deltarune | CIS Dominion of Delta IV (R, 39)

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 13 January 2019 - 11:41 PM





Weapons: One Mandalorian Vambrace


Objective: Bee yourself





Allya was always aware of where her father was, she was even aware of where he disappeared, and when. She was vastly aware of his presence, as it had such a deep impact on her own. However, he was always disappearing, he could conceal his presence with ease, and frankly, he had a habit of bedding a bunch of local women wherever he went, so it wasn't at all surprising he had. No, instead, she was vastly more focused on what was next to her.


Dressed in a red club dress, that showed off the athletic form of the Mandalorian, she decided to try and have fun. Besides, places like this were full of emotions, and it always made her heart race. Though her heart raced faster today. See, after their mis-adventures, she had managed to drag Jerek Zenduu here with her today. He was dressed well, they had actually gone shopping in the city before coming here. He was still a geek, her geek, and she was happy he was with her. Very happy.


Jerek made her nervous, being so close. So almost counter intuitively, she reached out with her left arm and wrapped wrapped it around his right one to avoid the Mandalorian vambrace on her right arm. Her heart raced faster as she stayed at his side. The bouncers already knew her, by the VIP necklace badge she had been given, and they were soon assaulted by the lights, the sound, and the bodies all dancing. So many emotions. It was difficult to not feed on them. Instead, she simply focused her mind on Jerek, and gave him the brightest smile. As she pulled him towards the dance floor, she didn't take no for an answer. “Let's dance!” She shouted out over the noise. “Or do you want something to drink first, fly boy?”


Brown eyes sparkled in this, adrenaline flowing through her body. Allya looked at him in the eyes, not looking away. “Thanks for coming with me by the way. While I have to show up to these things, it gets....weird most of the time. You give me a really good excuse to not have to go upstairs.” Her voice was loud, to over power the music. After she gave him a grin, a finger comes up, and crooks in a beckoning motion. “Come on!”


Jerek Zenduu

#1901336 Is the Darkness Really Scary?

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 13 January 2019 - 08:46 PM




The familiar sensation, he had caught up to her. It was so bright, filled with confusion, uncertainty, anger, pride. The light was strong in him, but god where his emotions so conflicted, and strong. It was so easy to feel, and so tempting to feed from. Gah he was cute, attractive, fun to hang out with, and just this dogged persistence, it was a nice trait. However, he didn't understand, he was in danger, and she was going to save him, save the Jedi artifacts, study her sith holocron and be the hero today. He just needed to BACK OFF.


Her speeder literally began a nose dive through the crowd of other air speeders, heading down towards the ground. Jerek would easily be able to see the tendrils of dark side energy extending from her craft, as she began to influence the area outside of her suit. She was pushing, pulling and manipulating the space around her speeder, along with using the force to find a path through the sheer number of speeders in the sky.


Spinning down, she manages to get through the cloud of air speeders in one piece, and expertly pushes forward, driving into a congested construction zone. Massive cranes were everywhere, empty shells of buildings, Above, the speeders would quickly recover from the “turbulence” and everything went back to normal in the skies. Pushing on the stick, and down on one of the rudder peddles, she began to zig zag through the cranes, spinning her craft to narrowly miss cables, and smaller craft carrying construction droids.


Finally, flying into the shell of a building under construction. She had to slow down a bit, and it was difficult getting through the sea of metal beams, but her craft managed to stay in one piece. A silent hope was that he would just give up, and leave her alone now. Let her face the danger awaiting her, to protect him, just fly home. But she knew he wouldn't. Those emotions didn't lie, and her heart skipped a beat feeling that intensity. So much passion inside him. Well, he would have to keep up with her, if he wanted them. Sith and Mandalorian always believed the strongest and most worthy would come out on top, and she was damned well going to prove that was her. As many complicated emotions boiled inside her, she fed on them, expanding the range of her telekinesis, appearing to Jerek like lengthening the tendril length. If he got to close, and she would simply snatch his craft and crack it like an egg. However, under the mask was a smile. She had to admit, she enjoyed being chased by him, and it was some time before she had to really put this much effort into flying.


Jerek Zenduu


#1900819 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 12 January 2019 - 05:14 PM




Location: Mountainside at the edge of Copero City.


Oh Allya felt the pressure, the fear spreading across the planet. And she most certainly knew where it came from. In its own way, this fear, this panic inside her, was comforting, and it warmed her heart. Father. He was here, and as powerful as always. However, she was a kriffing Passion Sith, the stronger her emotions, the more powerful she became. She didn't feed on fear, or suffering, and the like of others. Instead, her powers were hers, and hers alone, coming from inside, until they boiled over and erupted on everything around her. This fear, it only caused her emotions to become even stronger. And above all else, she was a Mandalorian. No matter how afraid, no matter how much fear or emotion welled up inside her, there was only ever one direction to go. Forward.


Channeling this fear, letting it wrap around her, she simply fed on her own emotions for a moment, the dark side cloak that surrounded her growing ever larger, increasing the range of her latent abilities. Exiting the ship, she barked orders at the droids as they activated. “You two, guard the ship.” Pressing a button on her vambrace, the Sithling activated a Civilian Jamming signal. She was going to try and cause even more panic and fear among the civilian population, by utterly confusing them.


If successful, on every civilian frequency in the city, a song began to play, it wouldn't affect military comm channels at all.


I was tired of my lady.....


The song would loop and repeat endlessly, holocomms would show the performance of the dancers and singers, and make calling for help next to impossible. It would be intense , and loud.


Each moment of this panic, would make her powers stronger, feed her. Under her helmet, her eyes began to take on the slightly yellowish tinge of the dark side corruption coursing through her. It was time to work, she was born for this. Not even waiting for her master, or the commandos to recover (Though she doubted her master would need to) she took the droids and marched on the city. The clankers were armed with heavy weaponry, and she decided it was time to add more chaos to the mix.


Her father was too large of a target now, and it worried her. Though that worry simply fed into her emotions. On a mountain overlooking the city, she ordered her droids. “Fire the launchers.” Four of them came up, carrying heavy rocket launchers. She pointed at a building, probably a hospital, and ordered them to open fire. Immediately, rockets began to rain down upon the hospital building from far off. One after another the volleys were sent at the building, raining hell down upon the ones trying to hide inside, who needed help from the chaos of the fighting.


If that didn't get the city's security forces attention, they simply were not paying attention. Growling, she points to another target, and from the mountain side, the four droids launch another salvo, this time at what appeared to be the entrance to an evacuation bunker. If her attacks hit, they would cause massive devastation to the entrance of the shelter, as well as causing large explosions all throughout the hospital.


She desperately hoped the security forces would now target her as well, to split them between father and daughter, so he wouldn't get overwhelmed. Though she knew the chances of that were non-existent...she was his child, she worried over him, he was important to her. No one but her was allowed to kill Metus. And that was still a long time in the future.



Darth Animus

Darth Metus


Madison Liddell

Rylan Kordel

#1899410 Potential Playby Change - Feedback Needed!

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 09 January 2019 - 07:11 PM

I'm with all my lovely peeps. Aku is amazing still. And it fits your character so well.

#1899402 Looking for family?

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 09 January 2019 - 06:34 PM

That would be an interesting combination. Hehe.

#1899387 The Sound of Silence

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 09 January 2019 - 05:57 PM




Perhaps she had followed the Exarchs, perhaps there were other reasons she had come here. Allya was not one to sit idly by or march to the beat of another. Dressed head to toe in advanced Mandalorian armor, the teenager smiled at the Raven, and gently let her telekinesis caress the creature, acknowledging her father, before pushing her gaze back down at the people gathering. Who knows how long she had actually been there, she could have easily seen the entire thing, and it would have changed nothing in how she acted.


Pushing forward, the girl began to move towards the gathered group, eyes locked on the Wayfarer with each step. Black cloak was wrapped firmly around her, looking every bit exactly what she was, a Mandalorian Sith. Each step caused ash to billow, around her, and she used her telekinesis to gather it, letting it float all around her, causing her image to shift and change as the flames distorted the air around the village. Gloved hand came out, as a small insect came and landed on it. It soon flitted off and she moved up to the group silently, attempting to get ahead of her father's apprentices. His Exarchs.


“Such a sad tragedy this is.” Breath was pushed out slowly, and she looked straight at the Wayfarer. “And to see you in the middle of it. I had hoped to find you again one day, but, I was hoping not in the middle of a valley that had been torched.” Voice was filtered through her helmet, and it was easy to see she was highly armed. Large blaster, lightsaber, vambraces, grenades, she had enough of an arsenal on her to easily have been able to cause this destruction.


Honestly, she didn't care what was thought in this moment, it was amusing to say the least. The death itself wasn't, but, she was a strange Sith, she didn't relish in death and destruction. Shifting her helmet, she looks at Shakti, tinted helmet gazing right at her, as if she could see straight through her. Oh she felt the anger, even with her own peculiarities, she understood the rage, and what it could do. There was no judgment here, not today. She played along for now. “Anyone have a clue what happened here?”


Honestly, she was there, to protect the Wayfarer, regardless of how strong he was, she owed him something deep. The force moved in strange ways, and perhaps today was the little Sith's time to protect him. For, before the sheer might, power, and majesty of the Three Sith entities approaching, few things could stand up, especially creatures of the light. They would always have their own agendas, like all Sith, just like Allya herself.


Darth Metus

Srina Talon

The Wayfarer

Shakti Sweet



#1899070 Rescue of Jedi Outlaws in TSE Space

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 08 January 2019 - 09:41 PM

Woo, you save all the people Space Pope! Sorry I can't help, but, yeah, can't do that. But I'm still rooting for you! Coren Starchaser

#1898689 Are You A...?

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 07 January 2019 - 08:48 PM

She shook the water off her armor and laughed. “Yes, just enjoying the view.” Her voice was full of teasing, and adoration for the fishy woman. Rolling her eyes, she was lucky her armor wasn't poorly made. Then again, having poorly made armor near water would just be dumb. “Oh, don't make me get out of this and chase you, my lovely sister.” Her voice was a teasing purr even through the helmet.


Eyes moved over as the male and his wolf came up to them. “Are you alright? You look like you are melting....your person does too.” She asked the loth-wolf, before eyes went over to the man himself. The armored Mandalorian wasn't an imposing figure, standing only five feet, two inches tall. However, the armor she was clad in was a galactic warning symbol to not mess with whoever wore it.


Skal Vanagandr

Damsy Callat