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#1954904 Tendril Backpack

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on Yesterday, 01:51 PM






  • Manufacturer: Allya Vi'Dreya, CIS

  • Affiliation:

  • Model: N/A

  • Modularity: Poison types can be changed, and the number of tendrils can be changed

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Nanech, biological components


  • Classification: Tendril Backpack

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Average


  • Able to stop blasters

  • Able to block lightsabers

  • Dozens of moving nanech tendrils

  • Poison glands at tips, with exchangeable poison storage

  • Self Healing

  • Able to form a shield in any singular direction to protect user

  • Sharp, thin tips for finding weaknesses in armor

  • Resistant to force manipulation

  • Able to act as a secondary form of locomotion


  • Made of Nanech: The weapon is made of nanech and has all the strengths there in. It is able to block lightsabers and blasters, it can heal itself, it is resistant to ion/emp attacks, kinetic attacks, and even interference from the force. It is a very durable material, and should not be underestimated.

  • Self Movement: The tendrils are able to be controlled through the nanech link bond to their user, and capable of moving at great speeds, with each tendril able to move separately from all the others. They can pierce, attack, grasp, wrap around, push, and pull. It's very similar to having dozens of prehensile tails.

  • Poisonous: The tip of each tendril contains some form of poison, ranging from mildly irritating, or paralyzing, sleep inducing, or even death causing.

  • Piercing with force: The main form of attack for the weapon is to find lighter protected areas, and the pierce through them, or even just to attempt to scratch to inject its poison. However, these tendrils are incredibly strong, on par with a trandoshan's limb. They can also wrap around, restrain, push, pull, and so much more with intense force.


  • Electricity: With all their strengths, they are highly weak to electricity, as it causes them to be unable to move. Instead, they spasm, and are unable to complete their assigned tasks, causing the one linked to them to have pain as well.

  • Extreme Temperatures: Like the nanech they are made of, extreme temperatures cause them to be unable to operate at all.

  • Sustenance: To even survive, they require nutrient fluid, and sunlight regularly. To heal, they must have access to a lot more nutrients.

  • Heavy Armors: No matter how powerful, or strong these tendrils are, they simply cannot piece through heavy armor plating, or shielding. For heavy armor they must find joints where it's not as heavy, or around the face, or anywhere there is a small gap. As for shielding, they simply can't get through it due to their biological nature without dying.



Made of Nanech the tendrils are one of several weapons to be created from the material. Dozens of tendrils are attached to the host, and a nutrient sack all along the back. Here they are able to link to the hosts mental commands and move about to the desires of their host. Each contains a poison gland at the tip, and microscopic power glands all throughout it. The poison is changeable, to allow the tendrils to have a wide range of functions. As for the power glands, they create a thin shielding all along the tendrils that blocks lightsabers and blasterbolts, similar to how an amphistaff works.


The weapon targets weak points in armor, and people, in an attempt to apply the various poisons, or to slice through the individuals. However, it can do so much more. It can push things away, pull them closer, grapple, wrap around and restrain, as well as to provide an extra means of locomotion for the host. Over all, it is a simple, but versatile weapon


#1946199 Lockium

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 19 May 2019 - 05:26 PM

Done, thanks for your patience and help bud. Gir Quee

#1945200 Nexus-Class AI System

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 15 May 2019 - 09:14 PM


  • Intent: To create an AI and droid body for an upcoming character

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: None

  • Primary Source: None



  • Advanced Slicer Module (And Remote Slicer)

  • Droid Control Module

  • Foot and hand mounted Micro-repulsors

  • Repulsor Pack

  • High Capacity Power Cells – Three Week Average Power Life (1 Week at max output)

  • Density Projector

  • AI Uploading Program

  • Solar Power recharging unit



  • Advanced AI: The AI stored inside the droid is able to learn, adapt, and overcome. It has a massive data library, capable of drawing from a large amount of information.

  • Advanced Sensors and Communications: It's sensors offer it a wide range of detection and analysis options. It's communications are vast, and very difficult to jam or de-crypt

  • Transferable: The AI is able to spread, take over other droids, or inhabit multiple bodies at once, or when in danger transfer itself to a computer system.

  • Slicing Module: The AI is highly capable at slicing through software defenses, into databases, droid memories and the like.

  • Droid Controller: The Droid Control Module allows the AI to coordinate droids around it, slave them to its will, and to increase efficiency and coordination.

  • Modular Design: The Droid body is customizable and upgradable as the AI and those around it see fit.


  • The best thing about being me... There are so many "me"s: The AI is able to inhabit many bodies. This can be droids, droid ships/Slaved ships, computer systems and so much more.

  • Enhances Droids: While in an area, it's presence within the droid control network protects the droids under its control from viruses and slicing, as well as enhances their coordination and communication abilities.

  • Taking Direct Control: While unable to directly inhabit and spread to droids and systems that are not designed for it, it can take direct control by forcing a sliver of its consciousness into the droid or computer. This allows the AI to directly control the droid like a remote. As it does so, it is able to bring the droid to it's maximum potential, pushing its hardware and software to its limits, increasing the droids effectiveness. It can control up to five droids like this at once.

  • Genius: The AI is able to learn quickly, adapt to new situations, and is designed for combat and warfare as its specialty. As such, it is fully capable of acting as a battlefield commander, as well as a superior soldier. However, it's ability to learn things outside of its specialization is also there, but more difficult.

  • Powerful body: The droid body that serves as the primary core for the AI is very tough, made of durable songsteel-titanium alloy, reinforced duraplast, and more. It is resistant to EMP and Ion attacks, blasters, and to a much lesser extent, lightsabers. It also has intense physical strength, far higher than most other beings its size.

  • Highly Agile: The body the AI inhabits has incredible speed, flexibility, and agility.

  • Great Modularity: The droid body can be modified heavily, as well as use a large amount of weapons, armor, outfits and the like usable by other sentient beings.


  • Me: It can only directly inhabit droids. Ships, and computers that were created for the task, due to the powerful processors needed to house the AI in a stable state. When forced to leave a body, it is very weakened until it finds a new suitable home.

  • Direct Control: It cannot force a droid beyond what it's limitations are. This is true in every sense. Even though the AI is powerful, and intelligent, when it takes direct control, the sliver of consciousness, can only do what the droid is capable of doing. While better able to manage resources and to use it's intelligence and data space, metal has a breaking point, servo-motors have a force limit, and data processors can only move so fast. It cannot break free from those limitations.

  • Learning: While it is highly intelligent, and capable, the AI does have issues with understanding the more subtle aspects of things. It takes more time to learn tells, when someone is deceiving it, and has difficulty considering the emotional response when it comes up with plans. It tends to create an idea, and work within that idea.

  • The body: While it is a powerful entity, it's joints are vastly weaker. Without other armor, it would be a simple matter for a talented saber user, or sharpshooter to target the joints, and disable the droid body, even with all it's impressive materials. It can also only take a few hits from a lightsaber before the body breaks.

  • Comm Jamming: While it's comms are state of the art, to maintain its direct control and droid enhancing abilities, it requires a back and forth conversation with the droids under it's command. Full comm jamming limits the range of these abilities tremendously, making it so it can only do so with droids within visual/audio range, unless it's plugged into a command ship's comm unit with a powerful enough comm to overpower the jamming.

  • Extreme Colds: Like many of Allya's designs, the droid is suspetable to extreme colds, becoming slower, and more susceptible to damage.




Three years ago, a girl barely more than a child received freedom. With her mind free to explore it's world, she created a friend to go with her. As she tinkered with the programming, the technology, the physical hardware, it wasn't long before the program turned into a droid, and then the droid into an AI. Over the years, the shell, and programming were upgraded endlessly, until the AI reached it's current form.


The AI is designed for war. It picks up combat skills such as piloting, commanding, fighting and the like with ease. It has vast databases of historical combat data, it controls multiple bodies, and has the capacity to continue to spread. It's current incarnation is a combat ready form of multiple looks and designs. However, they all have the same capabilities, even if their outward looks differ. Each was built from a durable songsteel-titanium alloy, reinforced with duraplast, using only shielded circuitry, and insulated wiring. Each contained an advanced AI matrix, that allowed the AI to have complete control of the unit, rather than be a free floating collection of data moving from point to point.


Advanced sensors, and communications were added in, droid control modules, slicing units, weapons, shielding, and more. Time after time the bodies were modified, upgraded, changed, in a beautiful duet between creator and created. However, it was time for the created to prove it's own worth, outside of it's creator.

#1944433 Intermission | CIS Dominion of Teyr

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 13 May 2019 - 08:22 PM



Objective: ???



Boredom. It was a constant enemy. When a person's mind was constantly going a thousand kilometers a moment, to have to slow down and stand any place you didn't want to be was difficult. But Allya was told to join the cruise. So she did. She always followed her father's commands and respected his authority. But no one said she had to like it, so she didn't. She wouldn't have obeyed that order even if they tried.


To get away from the boredom, Allya joined with the security forces on the ship. Her resume made it easy when a batch of their team got sick before the start of the journey. They all had drank at the same bar, bad batch of alcohol or something. Either way, they were quite happy to have the small, armed to the teeth Mandalorian onboard and helping wrestle in the drunks, break up fights, and patrol the ship. They had momentarily repainted her armor to the company colors, so she fit in better and the girl didn't fight this. Clan markings were still very much present, what did she care about a superficial color?


She took the chance to learn from some very experienced security personnel, these guys knew what they were doing, how to spot danger, how to profile individuals, and to put the heat on people so they didn't want to fight back. However, after the first couple of days, it got beyond boring, to the point she couldn't stand it.


Teenage mind switched over, and she began to get to know everyone, to figure out patterns, routines, where the security systems were located. Slowly a plan began to form in her mind, one that would relieve the mind numbing from this entire cruise. One only she could pull off, with the training and skills she had.


Each night, at the same time, she would go to her room and stay there, and she would hack into the security cameras. She created glitches that happened at the same time every day, with the same stimuli, just a standard malfunction, and she found a scapegoat. However, the plan needed perfect timing. But it was almost time. You see, today, was the day the Confederates joined the cruise.




It had been a long day of patrols through the ship. Drunks put in the tank, fights broken up, a cheater at the tables had been hauled off. It wasn't bad work. Honestly, she probably only resented it because she didn't have a choice to be here. But it made the dreary days pass quicker. Still, it was her secret plan that kept her going.


She had just hauled off two drunk men who were fighting. When they were lifted in the air with the force, they stopped struggling, and she threw them into separate cells till they were sober once more. Her partner and her walked through the halls of the ship. It was quieter, most of the guests were being fairly well behaved.


Once more, into the massive hanger the pair walked, and chatted. “So, Allya, how long do you plan on doing this gig?”


The teen shook her head a bit. “Probably another week, honestly. It's when my contract is up. I was only in as a temp, but, it's been good. A few credits, a lot of experience in a field I honestly haven't done before.” The helmeted head tipped to the man. “Met a few experts. Over all, good times.”


They entered the hanger, and began their security sweeps. Every corner of the cavernous bay was checked. She searched through a junk pile, and placed an object inside of it as she did. “Clear.”

#1943425 Midnight Inferno | CIS Dominion of Mechis III

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 10 May 2019 - 02:23 PM



Location: Mechis City, Mechis III

Equipment: Lightsaber, blasters, EMP grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Dataspikes, Armor, Ion Cannon, Portable ECM

Voph | Haastal Verd | Kaden Farr | Scherezade deWinter | Daisy Americus | Ardasz Verd | Josh Dragonsflame | Isley Verd | Jerek Zenduu



The battle was intense. She was still in a mood, it clouded her thoughts, and made it hard to be spurned into action, even as her Master leaped into combat. But it was those last words. Love. It's what had gotten her here. No, it wasn't a bad thing, but it made her freeze up. What would Jerek do, what would he think. It was a good starting point, but Jerek's morals were not hers. Where Jerek would never risk the lives of 100 if he could help it, Allya would do all she could to save the hundred, but she would sacrifice them to save the 100,000 if it was necessary. Jerek had allowed her to see so much more of herself, to reconcile what she felt inside with her beliefs. But she was no Jedi, and yet she kept trying to act like one. She wasn't a Sith, she wasn't a Jedi, she wasn't a good guy, she wasn't a bad guy. Allya wanted to be the monster in the dark that preyed on the other monsters. That exacted a price for every innocent life they took, that stopped their rampages so that sometime in the future she, and people like her would no longer be needed.


She was going to be the monster under the bed, waiting to devour those who harmed.


As the explosion ripped the armor plating for the giant metal monstrosity, she leveled her massive Equilizer at it, braced her feet, and fired the four powerful ion shots into the beasts now exposed circuits. Once the four shots had been emptied, she threw the weapon to the side, and ran forward. She lifted the EMC, and pointed it at the sensor cluster for the mechanical beast, and ran as fast as she could. Hopefully, it would give the monster false sensor readings, making it unable to "see" exactly where she was. Force speed, mixed with micro-repulsors and a repulsor pack to drive her around the creature. Through it, not fighting it. As she got close, her squadron of 24 droid fighters came in, firing their laser blasts at its face and hands, as well as any joints. Desperately they fought to buy time.


Allya didn't have a grand plan, but she was a tech head, it was one of her defining characteristics. Emergency signals, cries for help., they would keep coming until the source was deactivated. Her droids were all sent to back up Voph, to offer cover fire for him, and his endeavors. They wouldn't be super helpful here, but as expendable forces to draw fire, or to create a plan they could work. Hunting droids were a big part of Mandalorian culture. He would know what to do with them.



As she approached the locked door, her remote slicing module began the process to unlock it. If she managed to unlock the door, if she managed to get through the assaulting droids attack, if there were no other defenses that hindered her (A lot of ifs), she would dive through the door alone, and prepare to make her way through the defended corridors, through the traps, the defenses and other things, in a desperate attempt to reach the signal device. It was the only way to save the many, even if it did not save the few who were in danger now, the longer this went on the more people would get caught up in it.

#1941555 Midnight Inferno | CIS Dominion of Mechis III

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 05 May 2019 - 08:51 PM



Location: Mechis City, Mechis III

Equipment: Lightsaber, blasters, EMP grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Dataspikes, Armor, Ion Cannon, Portable ECM

Tag: Voph | Nya | Isley Verd | Haastal Verd | Scherezade deWinter | Ardasz Verd


Recently, Allya's own nature had helped make an already tense situation worse than it should have been. She hadn't been alone in that situation. Jedi masters, Jedi associates like her, they had all done their part to bring the situation to a head. Frankly, there had been no way out of that one. However, it had hit her in the soul. For the first time in her life Allya was beginning to second guess herself, to get nervous about fighting. However, as she sat in the Scimitar-2, Allya just relaxed into the pilot's chair. There wasn't time for self doubt, or second guessing. Everything she did could blow up in her face, but there was always a single action that assured failure: Not trying in the first place.


As the Scimitar hit atmosphere, the ship shook violently. She was taking it a bit faster than it would like, however, again, time was not on their side. Allya knew her brother-father-clone thing had been here. And once more, she was here to clean up the messes he had attempted to make. Droids, lots of them. One particular one seemed to be causing the most trouble. If there was anything she knew, it was droids.


Dataspikes, EMP grenades, a massive shoulder launched Ion cannon, the Equalizer. Unlike last time, she understood the enemy, and had time to prepare. Not a lot of time, but enough to pack up a lot of goodies from the Angelic Fury which loomed overhead. Droid Fighter escorts flew along with her. She would try and see if they were fast enough to annoy the massive target.


They hit ground far from the target, due to the fact it had been swatting ships out of the sky like flies. Allya grabbed her gear, and gave a command to her troopers. “Get as many of the people to safety as you can. I'm only taking a few droids to help.” Eight Clankers, and a squadron of droid fighters along with herself are what she had to work with. It would have to be enough.


Rather than in her standard beskar'gam, Allya chose to wear a different armor. One designed for speed, mobility, stealth and trickery. Her newest set wasn't completed yet, and as such, this one was the better choice. Heavy metal plates or not, one hit from the droid and it was all over. Trickery was what would save her life this day.



With the ion cannon on her shoulder, her goods on her belt, droids next to her, and fighters overhead, Allya marched out to meet the metal monstrosity. She had to do this, to prove she could still fight. For herself if nothing else.


It took little time for her to meet up with Voph and his forces. For the moment, she used her scanners to analyze, to search for a way to get close to this thing without getting squashed, for a place to target that would allow this ion cannon to get through if possible. Maybe the ECM could confuse it enough to get closer. If she could make a breach in its armor and insert the data spikes as well....there were options, and almost all of them were suicide. Strangely, that didn't bother her this time.


"Master. I am here."

#1941544 Allya's Jumpsuit

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 05 May 2019 - 07:36 PM

Armor Image






  • Classification: Multipurpose Jumpsuit

  • Weight: Light

  • Resistances:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
- Kinetic: High
- Lightsabers: Very High

- Sonic: Very low

- Radiation: Average

- Elemental: Low
- Biological/Acid: Average

- EMP/Ion: High

- Force Abilities: High

- Electricity: Low

- Others: Average





- Lightweight but powerful construction: Phrik Modified Duramesh, armorweave, along with durafiber used to make EVA suits, and several other comfortable but strong fibers makes the jumpsuit lightweight, but incredibly tough.

- Sealed to vacuum: Able to withstand vacuum. Like a standard flightsuit, it contains everything needed to protect its wearer from the harshness of space for two hours. However, its designed to be worn with an outer suit as well, so the tech to keep the wearer alive are smaller and scattered across the body to not interfere in this.

- Emnat suit: It is self sealing to punctures and cuts.

- Taozin Amulets: This suit represents the first layer of anti-force countermeasures. While most of its defensive ability is simply being able to avoid detection by force users, the taozin amulets do help prevent some more specific threats.
Tight but flexible: It fits snugly, making sure there is little to get stuck in or trapped on, and does a good job visually. However, it is very flexible in nature, making it good for running, jumping, and other activities.
Environmental Controls: Helps regulate body temperature within a normal range. Not so good with extremes.
Medical Scanners: Contains medical a medical scaner embedded in the fabric that keep an eye on the wearers heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and many other health related issues. It can then control the suit temperatures to a point, as well as integrate with other technologies to keep the wearer alive.

- Covers the neck
- Electronically connects to other systems:
It has nodes allowing it to connect to other armors and work efficiently.




  • Space Worthy: A fully functional flight suit, it is able to protect its wearer even in an emergency in space, using traditional methods.

  • The Force: Liberal use of Taozin amulets in the construction makes it difficult to find the wearer through the force, as well as to target specific body parts. However, it is still a very far cry from truly force resistant.

  • Kinetic Force: While not good against crushing force, the flightsuit provides good defense against damage from g-forces, positive and negative pressures, as well as from slug throwers, vibroknives, and other kinetic based weaponry such as masers.

  • Lightsabers: The material is very strong against lightsabers, able to take several blows from them without getting cut through.

  • Blasters: The phrik-duramesh combination, and armorweave under lining makes it highly resistant to blasters and plasma based weaponry.

  • EMP and Ion attacks: Shielded Circuitry as well as duramesh construction protects the sensative curcuits, nodes, and sensors found in the suit from most normal EMP attacks.


  • The Elements: Due to the nature of the material, the suit is weaker than average against the elements. While hard to catch on fire, or freeze over, every bit of it is felt by the wearer, and extreme heat or cold will quickly overpower the onboard environmental controls,

  • Sonic: On it's own the flight suit is much weaker than normal against sonic attacks and concussive force. Against these two enemies it offers only the most bare amount of protection, as it does little to slow down or block the vibrations.

  • Electricity: Electricity from arc casters, sith lighting, electric judgment and the like are more likely to cause damage than in normal armor. This is because of the conductive nature of the powerful duramesh. While it works great for integrated sensors, circuits and connecting to other suits, it is a fatal weakness in its design.

  • Takes time to repair: Due to the expensive nature of the materials, the suit is semi-expensive, and tedious to repair.

  • Not Crush resistant: The flight suit is made for flexibility, and mobility as its top priorities. As such there are no hardened plates to help stop it from being crushed.




In an attempt to combine the different aspects of her past and personality, Allya re-purposed her Heroic Armor. Much of the advanced technology was taken out and replaced with suit wide circuitry allowing it to hook into smaller and larger armor sets. The phrik thread-duramesh material made up most of the outerlayer of armor. Armorweave, taoizin amulets, and durafiber made up the center, offering more flight suit capabilities and keeping the suit strong. The innermost layer was made up of biomesh, and a lot of softer, but durable duranex.


Into the suit was a lot of medical sensors that constantly monitored the wearer. Diseases, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and so much more were constantly monitored by the suit. A minor life support system, and environmental controls were also added, allowing the suit to withstand the vacuum of space for a number of hours.


It was another powerful suit of armor. It was highly resistant to plasma, making difficult to break using blasters or lightsabers. It offered a wide range of other protective abilitiers as well. Over all, a decent suit of armor, and good for interfacing with power suits and the like.

#1941483 Micro Isotope-5 Reactor

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 05 May 2019 - 03:10 PM










  • Stabilized Isotope-5: It gives it a very stable but high output and long lasting, power source.

  • Power: It is able to provide a large amount of power, able to power a large amount of technology built into whatever it is placed in.

  • Sturdy Outer casing: Titanium lead lined construction, and reinforced duraplast outershell give the reactor a sturdy and semi-resistant casing.




  • Stable Energy: The small reactor provides a large, consistent and stable amount of energy. It is not on the brink of exploding at any given moment, and the radiation is fully contained.

  • Small Size: The reactor is fist sized, small, compact, lightweight, able to be fit upon a powered suit.



  • If pierced: If the outer casing is damaged, the power output begins to fluctuate, and in time will die away until it is repaired. As well, the internal radiation will also escape the unit and begin to contaminate the area.

  • Small: While powerful, this object is not designed to power vehicles or things of a large size. It simply lacks the output to do so.




To further the miniaturization of basic technology, the micro-reactor was created. It was fist sized, with a titanium housing, with a duraplast shell, lead lining, with small isotope-5 reactor inside. It utilized a small amount of stabilized isotope-5. This created a very stable power source without much of the fear of violent explosions, or any untimely power fluctuation. So long as the housing was intact, there was almost no risk from the radiation at all.


Each piece was precision machined by the best machinists and engineers in the CIS, and working at Locke and Key Mechanics, and made from the highest quality materials. This resulted in a superior product, that was small in size, but provided optimum power output.

Reality is, the reactor was created to provide the power needed to run a series of advanced powered armor for the young Mandalorian and some members of her clan, and perhaps the Knights Obsidian. Allya always did take the mixing of tech and the force very seriously.

#1941016 Devils... Monsters...

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 04 May 2019 - 05:56 AM

Objective: Deal with the “Mandalorians”

Location: Capital City

Equipment: Lightsaber, beskar'gam, bodyglove, blasters, emp grenades, fragmentation grenades, various equipment




The Unyielding Faith went unchallenged andit made it's way to the small escape hole in the shield. It opened just long enough to allow the ship to slip through. It closed quickly behind the ship, and the others that carried the civilians. Back on the ground, sensor jammers were being installed towards the direction of the “Mandalorian” Droz.


Confederate forces would attempt to fight the Mandalorians that came to engage them, or hijack transports, with blasters set to stun. However, it would take considerable losses of the Confederate forces even when they waited until they were in small groups to do anything. The fighters were powerful, formidable. And since the group of Confederates had to work carefully to not set off the bombs, it was impossible to minimize losses the way they normally would. Luckily, most of the confederate ground forces were droids. Any Mandalorians that were overwhelmed would neither die, nor have time to commit suicide, the blaster bolts would simply overload their nervous systems, even through their beskar'gam. With luck, on the monitor, it would be within tolerable levels...again, hopefully. The way of thinking was, If it wasn't, then all the slave collars should have already exploded simply due to the natural fluctuations within the bodies of the fighting Mandalorians, lag in comms and the other issues with such a thing.


If it worked, and only if it worked, with datapad in hand, Allya began to monitor the signals that came from the stunned Mandalorian's suit. Each range was scanned, the data looped, and slaved to the original signal. Comm units would began to take in new information from the signals being sent across the city by the Mandalorians. Once you scanned one set of data, it became infinitely easier to find the others that mirrored it. Allya hummed as she worked. She got a call in from Kahlil. “I hear you. What do you need? I'm on the South Side.” One by one, Allya attempted to isolate the comm units, record their data, and slave the signal to it. She did not attempt to overwrite, or over take the signal. It was all about setting up a pathway for the future attempts.


Shortly after the sensor jammers were installed. However, she did not activate them yet.


In the background, Allya's troops hacked up jetpacks, after emptying their fuel tanks. Inside, directional comm jamming units would be placed. Another would be set up on a nearby building. Nothing would be activated yet.


Keep gathering data. Once we have enough, work on the virus.” Her troops set up a command post in a defensible position. There, they set up the equipment taken from the Unyielding Faith. It wasn't as powerful as she would have liked. However, it was much better than nothing. Her eyes moved to Cae, and she shook her head.


"Force right now, is not our ally. Our opponents are cowardly and I feel like they are badly organized. They are definitely skilled, as they were very organized when it came to taking hostages. Probably have experience with it. They came in with the plan to use the Jedi's bleeding hearts against them. They are probably flustered that it's not going the way they envisioned. Maybe? Or is it going exactly the way they hoped? No one is begging them to let the hostages go. No one is just dropping the shield and allowing them a way out. We all understand reality here. At least I hope we do. We can't trust their word, and if we let them go, this happens on another planet. And another. And it won't stop. No one wants these people to die. Me least of all. And I'm going to do what I can to try and stop this if I can. But they keep saying it's our fault for challenging them. We are the ones causing these people to die. But any adult understands the reality, they are the ones who attacked, they caused this. It's like they lack any critical thinking skills. Or they are trying to confuse us, which could be working. Each person they kill, strengthens the resolve of the populace and the defenders to stop them. No, the taking of hostages was the worst possible thing they could have done from a strategic point of view. It limited their mobility. They threw their eggs into a single basket, and now have no clue how to escape because of it."


Allya sighed and looked up from her datapad once more. "So much pointless death. Something weird...I insulted their Sole Ruler in the most insulting of ways over an open comm. No one came to stop me. No words were said about it. I always thought that they would defend the Mand'alor's honor to the death. They would be shouting at me, insulting me, charging into me. These guys? They didn't even notice. It could just be they grew up a bit. Or it could be something else. Either way, at this point, everything we try and do is a gamble with someones life, somewhere."



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#1940912 It's Love in Alderaan Places

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 03 May 2019 - 06:59 PM


When they had first met, Allya had considered herself a weapon. She was a girl, true, but something raised to kill, to be used against enemies, to protect just the people of the CIS. Affection had been rare, and had come mostly when she stood out, when she overcame whatever obstacles stood in her way. She had been able to fake it, to be happy and cheerful. But the seemingly endless year long torture sessions had made her a small little ball of spite. She both loved and hated her family. She respected them, and their power, their dreams, but hated their existence. How many nights had she craved to just end them....or maybe to just end herself? The pain had to stop somewhere right?


But then in waltzed this fly boy Jedi and everything had changed. He had never asked her to change, no matter how much he wanted to, he never stabbed her in the back, or betrayed her. The Jedi ended up loving her with reckless abandon, regardless of the fact she had been a weapon. In time, his light burned away that spite. What did she care about the pain of the past? It had brought her into his arms. Every pain, every hatred, every anger, every time she had nearly given up, it brought her to this moment, there on the bridge, and it was worth it all.


As he walked up, her heart skipped a beat, and she openly stared. As he called out to her she blushed deeply, before she took a quick inhale of breath. Lips found lips, arms wrapped around each other, and the world was right, and perfect in a way she could never have even dreamed of before. Sure the light was still bright, it could still hurt, but it could also be so gentle, so amazing. Her lips continued to brush against his in a passionate display. She didn't care if anyone else watched.



Finally she pulled away, licked her lips, and grinned. “Su'cuy, Cyar'ika!” For a brief moment the girl rested her head on the chest of her beloved. Eyes fluttered closed and she sighed happily. “Yeah, well, there are many reasons. It's complicated, but, it will make sense in a little bit here. Um, I know it's my birthday BUT, um, I got YOU something. It's really important, so please, open it?” She pulled away quite reluctantly, and picked up the box from the railing. Allya twirled in a half pirouette as she handed the unwrapped rectangular cardboard box to him. “I promise, you'll like it! Okay?” Her eyes held this little mischievous look in them, that twinkled in the light. The world was full of life, and the park was too. Her heart raced nervously though. This was hard, far harder than anything she had ever done, and she felt like at any moment she could reach out and grab the box, and run off to forget the whole thing. It was a Sith's weapon. It's not like the whispering had stopped yet. But she didn't. She wanted this, it was what was right for her.


Jerek Zenduu

#1940598 Fix the Bounty Board

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 03 May 2019 - 12:09 AM

Alright, so my thoughts.


1. You shouldn't be allowed to bust into private threads or faction threads. You derail a story that isn't yours to do so. However


2. I think we should reoganize the bounty board, with the level of bounties as was talked about earlier. I think, fun, within context bounties for NPCS, be it hunting people, objects, etc, is a good idea. Let people post ideas and bounty hunters work together to make the story. We can also have people be the DMS for these things.


3. While we are at it, we create a consent thread. If you consent to having your character hunted put it here. We also make it so there has to be a solid reason behind the bounty being placed. It can't be "because they exist" or "They pissed me off" we need genuine cause and effect. And have bounties be within reason, not these farces of one where people keep stacking bounties on top of each other because someone made them angry.


Not everyone will consent, but if they do, talk and work with them. And frankly, as for a reward, a secret group that pays out when you defeat the bounty hunters. So when you win, against the ones trying to defeat you, you get your own reward for hunting the hunters. What do you all think? Does this make sense?

#1940096 Devils... Monsters...

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 01 May 2019 - 10:26 PM




Objective: load the civilians.

Gear: Beskar'gam, undersuit, blasters, emp grenades, fragmentation grenades, lightsaber, vambraces

Location: Umbara, Capital City




As the Jedi talked to her, her rage wanted to boil over, she wanted to lash out at him. However, she stared at the man, and that familiar calm, that gentleness washed over her. She reached out for a moment, and her hand fell to her side. When it seemed like the darkness would swell over, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out. The teen half closed her eyes, and began a gentle meditation. Slowly her heart rate calmed, the dark cloak faded from around her. “You....thank you Master Jedi, you are right.” She watched as the people died, including one of her own. She had trained each of the Dauntless, knew each of them on some level. It was a lot of work, and it wasn't as intimate as she would like, but she knew them.


You are right. But here is the thing. Those people are already dead. No matter what we do. We can jam the comms, they explode, we get close they explode. We let them go, they get sold into slavery. These people are not taking responsibility for their actions. They are testing us. They are trying to make our emotions rise. And yet, there is no honor, no glory, no purpose. No way out. It's weird, there are Jedi around, the glory from killing one is beyond anything else. And yet they are trying to NOT engage as a whole. They wanted to cause destruction, carnage, but nothing else. Not sure why. Let's get as many civilians onboard the ships as we can."


Any civilians in the area began to file onto the ship, filling it to the brim. As soon as it was full, she talked to the captain. “Lift off, full shields. Turn off comms once you get through the gate. Escape the moment you can, keep your distance from enemy ships. The civilians are your first priority."


She grabbed some gear from the ship before she left. Heavy EMP bombs, military comm jammers, medical packs, and various other pieces of equipment. Once done, she moved back over to the Jedi and shook her head. “I don't see an easy way out of this. But I do have a plan, not sure the details yet, but....it's better than nothing.”The Corvette closed, activated it's shields, passive stealth systems, internal defenses, and leapt into the air. It called to its SJO allies, informing them of the civilians onboard, and tried to find a gate through the shield.


The time for talking was done. Her mouth had gotten her in trouble. However, it had assured her of ONE thing. She had insulted the Mand'alor, in a horrible way. And they hadn't come after her at all. Weird. She always thought the Mandalorian Empire wannabees were all about protecting her honor. But what would she know?


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#1939665 Devils... Monsters...

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 30 April 2019 - 10:51 PM

Her eyes turned amber. Hatred, anger, wrath, these emotions swirled inside her and the Dark Side embraced her fully. Hut'uun. Jerek was not beside her this time, nor was Asa, or Josh, not even Voph, or Jerek's master Veiere. It flowed inside her like a destructive wave and covered everything she did. She stopped in the streets for a moment, as she listened to that pathetic farce of a declaration. It no longer mattered who they were, or what they were. The light glinted from her t-visor as she stopped to look at Cae. "I'm sorry.......Jerek." It was whispered so softly, just barely able to be heard. "I'm sorry Asa." She turned on the comm system, and addressed the so called Mandalorians.


“I am Adjudant Vi'Dreya, of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. I acknowledge your terms. They seem fair. If we were dealing with people. But we aren't. You aren't people. You certainly aren't Mando'ade. You are hutts. Slimy, pathetic, weak, cowardly.....prey. So small, and insignificant as to barely be beyond notice. See, we have to take your word? What word? You are hut'uun. You have no honor, no words that we would acknowledge. You are criminals, terrorists, and scumbags. Nothing more. No Mando'ade would hide behind hostages, just to survive. We aren't afraid of death. We relish in it. You are nothing. Not even hat aruetii schutta of a false Mand'alor Yasha, has the stones to be THIS cowardly!”


She began a twisted sounding laugh into the comm. “See, the way I see it, those people are already dead. And if we don't stop you here, how many other planets will you attack, how many more will you slaughter? So, here are my demands. You have five minutes for an unconditional surrender. Lay down your arms, remove your armor and get on knees. Do that, and you will get a fair trial. Your leaders will be punished severely, the rest of you will get off with lighter sentences that can be cleared up in a few years of hard labor. Fail to do that however, and frankly here is reality.”


You believe you are warriors, you are strong, and that the worst thing that can happen is death. And for a Mando'ade death is nothing to be afraid of. We will hunt you down, kill every last one of you, destroy your ships, and honestly, you will kill the civilians, and that will be that. They are the only thing keeping the Jedi horde from slaughtering you all too. But here is the kicker. I am here to tell you, I am not going to allow any of you to truly die if you remain on my planet. Instead, at the end of the battle, I will gather your remains, be it ash, bone, or blood spatter. I will perform horrible rituals on you, rising you back as spirits. As spirits you will not be able to lie to me. I will make you tell me who you are, what clan you are from, the names of everyone you love, and where they are. Your husbands, wives, your children, your parents, your clansmen, your best friends, everyone you care about. And after I get all the information I want from you, I'll force your souls and what remains of your bodies into an unholy beast, called a Ruinious Worm, creating a new one. I will melt down the beskar'gam you wear, and create metal plate armor for it. And I will unleash you, while you are vastly aware of everything that is going on, in eternal agony and unable to get away, upon your clan holdings forcing you to devour the ones you love, so they become a part of you. That same agony and torment you are in will befall them. And it will not stop until they are all part of you, serving at my feet. Your will in this matter is irrelevant, your desires meaningless. There is no way to stop this, you can't vaporize your bodies enough. I give you a single chance off this rock, because I am merciful. But please, please give me a reason to use your souls for eternal experiments. I wonder just how much I can make the ones you love suffer. It will be glorious.”


Once more that laugh went across the comm channels. “And do you honestly think, the Jedi will be able to stop me? No. I do what must be done. What they cannot. I will pay for it after, with their hatred and scorn, but I will accept it. Because I will be thinking of all the children who sleep on the planet that you planned to raid next. And I will make sure they keep on sleeping soundly, by utterly destroying all the monsters that want to hurt them. A handful of deaths, to save the greatest whole. I'll see you all in haran.”


She cut off the transmission and shook her head. “People forget what fear is. That they have no power when they take lives. We cannot allow anyone to negotiate with lives. Peace is a lie, only so long as we are not willing to stand up, and make them realize the price of their mistakes, and be willing to do what must be done.” Anger continued to flow through her, and she looks at Cae. “The situation is, people are dying. The Mandalorian ships are out numbered, and the mandalorians on the ground are cut off from reinforcements and escape. They are desperate and will try and kill everyone they can to escape. And if we do, they will attack again somewhere later killing countless more. It's how it always is.”


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#1939431 Devils... Monsters...

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 30 April 2019 - 10:10 AM

Objectives: Get to Ground, stop the attack.

Equipment: Lightsaber, Beskar'gam, Blasters, EMP Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Undersuit, Vambraces

Troops: 200 Clanker Droids, 24 Clone Troopers

Target: For the Moment Enemy NPCS, PCs as opportunities arise



Frankly, these Mandalorians were, by their actions, denying their souls to the Manda. And no ancient god would have condoned actions of targeting civilians first. There was no honor in killing unarmed people. As bad as Kaine was, as bad as Yasha was, this wasn't their MO. They rushed at the strong, whooping like lunatics and challenging them WHILE slaughtering all the innocents they could. They were murderers and would happily kill everyone, but with this many threats around, the Mandalorians mostly seemed to ignore them, they were attempting to cause emotions to rise. It was unnatural, but it was a puzzle for later. Frankly, the number of enemy Mandalorians was relatively small, a single clan. Powerful, as all Mando'ade were. But there was none of that flashy technology, none of the heavy hitters that should have been there. It didn't add up. Whoever had done this was simply stupid....or wanting something.


As it soared over the city, the fast corvette opened up its turbolasers on any shuttle craft, transport, basilisk droid, or anything else the Mandalorians had used to land on the planet, and would use to get off. It would be fast attacks. As Voph entered the battle, she called out, and began to pour information to his ship database. Ship types, enemy troop movements, targets, encrypted comms they had captured and as much sensor data as they can. “It's weird. This is more the type of attack you would expect from deep space pirates, not Mando'ade. No honor, no sense But, they are doing a damned good job slaughtering, so each is highly skilled. Master, if you would, use your fighters to target the ships on the GROUND, not the capital ships. Trap them. Deny them objectives, deny them the capacity to maneuver We need to box them in.”



The ship hovered over the area where Caedyn was located, and it opened up. Allya, her droids, and clones dropped out. The ship closed it's cargo doors, and rocketed off. The armor of Allya had the crest for the Confederacy, as well as Clan Vi'Dreya. She placed her right first over her heart in a salute. “Allya Vi'Dreya, Confederacy Dauntless Forces. We are here to help. We don't have a lot of time. We need to begin evacuating as many as we can, while a group of us buys time for the evacuations by fighting directly. I'm heading in." She made the orders to her troops, activated each of her suit's systems and prepared to head into the war zone. Her lightsaber hissed as it activated, and one of her blasters was soon in her hand. Once more she moved into danger. No fear, only disgust. These enemy Mando'ade were WEAK. Why? Their choice of a target, no honor, no glory, no respect would go to these people. She would make them pay. Many would never return to their families, and when the battle was done, she would make sure not a single soul could return to the Manda. The dark side cloaked Allya. To the force users around her, it would appear like black tendrils would be extending out from her body, as she prepared for war.



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#1938897 Anti-Beskar Trithian Acid

Posted by Allya Vi'Dreya on 28 April 2019 - 09:52 PM



  • Name: Anti-Beskar Trithian Acid

  • Manufacturer: Allya Vi'Dreya, Locke and Key Mechanics, CIS

  • Affiliation: CIS, SJO, Locke and Key Mechanics, Allya Vi'Dreya

  • Homeworld (optional):None/Synthetic

  • Production: Mass Produced

  • Modularity:No

  • Material:Anti-beskar acid



  • Classification: Acid

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances: None

  • Color:Clear


  • Quickly turns unprotected beskar into a powder

  • Able to be spread over large areas using ships and spray nozzles

  • Bio-degradable

  • Clear and odorless

  • Safe for biologicals


  • Exposure to the acid can quickly turn most unprotected beskar into a white powder.

  • Does not harm the environment.


  • Only Beskar: The acid is only capable of affecting beskar. No other metals or materials can be affected by it. It is also completely harmless to biological entities.

  • Alloys weaken it: Beskar alloys change the composition, making it take much longer to affect, and for it to be far less effective against the metal compound.

  • Can Only work in oxygen rich environments



In a joint project between the CIS and Locke and Key Industries, this acid was created as a counter measure to Mandalorian Beskar armor, droids, ships, vehicles and everything else they use the super powered metal for. It was synthetically created so that it affects only the metal, nothing else. It was considered highly important for people, and the environments it could be dropped upon be left mostly unharmed, but the defensive abilities of the beskar reliant people be shattered.


After a long development time, researchers managed to create the acid. Upon contact, the specially designed molecules remove electrons from the beskar atoms, which begins to destabilize the beskar molecules. This begins to force the molecular bonds to fall apart. Once weakened, oxygen atoms begin to bond quickly to the now destabilized beskar, forcing a massive and rapid oxygenation event. The end result is a rapid rusting away of the metal into a fine white powder.


It naturally biodegrades, causing nothing more than mild irritation when it comes in contact with the skin or lungs. Over all, the acid does its job quickly and efficiently. Applications on using this powder as a skin care product are currently ongoing. It seems to make an amazing exfoliant.