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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Is the Darkness Really Scary?

01 January 2019 - 06:38 PM

A goal. For all the fun Allya had been having recently, she hadn't forgotten her goals. Her small, ugly fighter was landed in a nondescript Coruscanti space port. The damage done was still being repaired, but, life was a weird thing. People always bounced back from devastation. It gave her hope in the Galaxy, and frankly helped fuel her own beliefs on the nature of the force and life. And it was these beliefs, these goals that brought her to this planet.


Rumors were of a sale of Jedi and Sith artifacts on Coruscant. Holocrons, artifacts, and the like. History about to be lost to the highest bidder if something wasn't done fast. Despite being a Sith she had great respect for the Jedi, it was one of their order that had saved her, made her who she was today. Taught her to temper her emotions and control them, to become a knight that defended, rather than a creature lusting for power for the sake of power. It was Jedi that taught her to love herself, to stand before the darkness and her people, that it was okay to be a Sith, it was okay to be a Mandalorian, it was okay to be her. She had never forgotten.


She would keep his history safe. She would recover her own History, she would learn from it. And when a time, where a solid Jedi order, had been restored, she would return the holocrons and artifacts to their true home. Perhaps the temple on Monastery would be a good place for them?


All these thoughts ran through her mind, as she flew her speeder through the still crowded skies of Coruscant. It had been some time since the destruction, and the people were nothing if not resilient. Buildings were rebuilt, construction projects were everywhere. Dressed fully in her Mandalorian Beskar'garm, the purple cloak wrapped around her, armed to the teeth, and every bit the scary Sith she actually was, the girl finally pulled up to the spot, parking the air speeder off to the side. Hopping out, and locking the Zoro-2 behind her. She was in a lower part of the city, that hadn't been totally devistated by the star destroyers coming out of the ground. Bright neon lights illuminated the area, and a bright shop sign stated “Mandu's Emporium and General Goods”. Many civilians lined the street around the shop.


She was short, but to all watching her the Mandalorian Sith was imposing, and fear inducing. Entering the shop, she slapped her hand on the counter. “Mand'u. I'm here for what you promised me.” Her voice was filtered, only a bit resembling the young 15 year she old she actually was. "Ah! My Lady, welcome, welcome. Let Mand'u get it for you!" He was so happy to see her. It would save him a lot of hassle.


Mand'u, a rodian brought out a large crate, and opened it. Inside were many Jedi Artifacts, and holocrons. Records, lightsabers of fallen warriors and so much more. It was a treasure trove. “Your first order....and your second.” He brought out, a smaller case, even through its protected case, the dark side radiated from it. Opening it, Vexia smiled in her helmet. Oh how she had looked for this. A Sith Holocron, another teacher, to expand her knowledge of the dark side. Oh it was beautiful. “Your funds are already transferred Mand'u. Including a bonus....remember, to call me if you find anything more.” Taking the crate and the lined cased, she used the force to easily lift them with telekinesis to her sides. Extreme joy was her emotion right now, and she used it to flood her body with the emotion and through it, the force.


Jerek Zenduu

Vexia's Beskar'garm

31 December 2018 - 03:29 AM






Out Of Character Information:


Intent: To create another armor set for Allya Vi'Dreya.

Image Source: Commissioned by me, drawn by the talented Ravnos

Canon Link: http://starwars.wiki...ndalorian_armor

Primary Sources: http://starwarsrp.ne...s-combat-armor/, http://starwarsrp.ne...ozin-beskargam/




Manufacturer: Allya Vi'Dreya and CIS Armor makers.

Affiliation: Allya Vi'Dreya

Model: N/A

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Materials: Glasteel, Beskar, Armorweave, Baffleweave, Titanium, Duraplast, Taozin Amulet, Insulated Circuitry




Classification: Multi-Purpose

Weight: Average



Blasters – High

Kinetic – Very High

Lightsabers – Average

Sonic – Average

EMP/ION – High

Elemental – Average

Cold – Low



Special Features:







Highly Resistant to Blasters and Ballistics: Beskar'garm is highly effective at stopping blasters, shrapnel and various ballistic weapons that come into play.

Insulated Circutry: The sensors and circuits throughout the technologically advanced armor are shielded from Ion and EMP attacks, by using insulating materials.

Taozin Amulet: It helps mask her force presence from a large distance, and potentially to protect her armor from attacks by shatterpoint.

Fireproof: Her cloak and armorweave body glove are nearly impossible to catch on fire.

Undetected: The armorweave/Baffleweave mix cloak is very good at hiding her weapons from scanners.

Technology: State of the art technology fills the suit, making it far more effective than most.



Unprotected areas: Like most Beskar'garm, this armor has areas exposed, most notably around the joints, and legs, where only the armorweave is protecting.

Weakness to Cold: A personal weakness of Allya's that tends to make it into her armor, cold attacks are more effective than normal against this set of armor

Easily Identifiable: Her armor is in CIS colors, and is clearly that of a Mandalorian, making her stand out right away.

Technology dependent: This armor works well due to the sheer amount of technology found in it, however, and the insulated circuitry helps block the most likely forms of taking it out. However, if it does manage to go out, the armor becomes a hindrance rather than an ally.

Fire Still Hurts: While her cloak and bodyglove are hard to catch fire, it doesn't stop her from feeling the heat in the slightest.




Due to the attentions of her father, Allya became more attached to her Mandalorian heritage, and less caring of rejecting that aspect of herself. As well, after the battle of Triffis, she realized the limitations of her previously created armor. She needed more. To that end, she created a traditional set of Mandalorian Beskar'garm, based on a previous design her father had made a life time ago.


She started off with a fire resistant armor weave body glove, followed by a titanium frame, and beskar armored plates. Duraplast helped to extend the armor into the weak zones some, offering more protection around her joints, arms, and legs. Two Mandalorian vambraces would go around her wrists, enhancing her defensive and attack abilities tremendously. Taak'tabi boots would be on her feet, protecting and adding even more abilities. Taozin Amulets were built into the armor, helping to hide her force presence from others. A specialized belt for yet more technology and storage was then added on. However, halfway through the development, she realized the limitations and weaknesses of her creation.


It's most glaring weakness was its heavy reliance on state of the art technology. To protect it from the most common ways to knock it out, insulated circuits and wiring were put in, to help stop EMP and Ion attacks. Finally, she put a lot of technology into the helmet, sensors, comm units, oxygen tanks, and so much more. The armor was completed, but it wasn't finished. When done, she wore various cloaks over the armor, made of a armorweave/baffleweave composite. It wasn't really better than traditional Beskar'garm, however, it was hers, unique, and special, and emblazoned in purple and black.


CNS "Angelic Fury"

26 December 2018 - 05:30 PM






Intent: The Angelic Fury is created for the express need of transporting the Confederate Rapid Response Unit, AKA, the Dauntless, under the captainship of Adjudant Allya Vi’Dreya. During the current time period, it also serves as the mobile command center, housing unit, and recovery center for many of the Dauntless commandos and troopers, and currently under the command of Commander Luna Terrik.


Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/84/66/5d/84665d4bf492595da2e66354391142b3.jpg


Star Gate Atlantis


Canon Link: N/A


Primary Source: N/A




Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems

Affiliation: The CNS Angelic Fury is under the command of Adjudant Vexia (Allya Vi'Dreya), Commander Luna Terrik, and the CDF.

Model: Prototype "Angelic" class Command Carrier

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, Titanium, Alusteel, Quadranium Steel, Glasteel, and high grade ship components




Classification: Command Carrier (Star Destroyer)

Length: 1,500 meters

Width: 600 meters

Height: 390 meters




Armament: Moderate


- 10 Long Range Heavy Turbolaser Batteries

- 35 Quad Laser Cannon Turrets

- 35 Rotary Point Defense Cannons

- 35 Droid controlled Antimissile Octets

- 2 Space Mine Ejectors

- 6 turreted advanced concussion missile launchers

- 10 Dual Ion Cannon Turrets




- Defenses: Moderate

- Reinforced Military Grade Destroyer Class Hull and Armor Plating

- Standard Military Grade Destroyer Class Deflector Shield. Overlaid Particle and ray shielding

- Secondary Military Grade Destroyer Class Deflector Shield. Overlaid Particle and ray shielding

- Standard Military Grade Destroyer Class ECM and Countermeasures, including Chaff and Flare Launchers





Hangar: Extreme - 14 squadrons

- Fighters

- Bombers

- Various landing craft, shuttles, and transports

- Various ground assault vehicles


Maneuverability Rating: Low

Speed Rating: Low

Hyperdrive Class: 1





All Standard Features




  • Advanced Communications Suite - Capable of breaking through anything but the highest jamming suits, it allows the Angelic Fury to remain in contact at all times and coordinate all attacks and defense.

  • Advanced Sensor Suite - Able to see in great detail within the system, these sensors allow the ship to remain ever watchful.

  • Advanced Droid Control Module - When in the area, this module allows the Angelic Fury to better coordinate with the droid armies of the CIS, enhancing their effectiveness, and cohesion.




  • Carrier: It serves its main purpose well, holding many fighters, bombers, shuttles, landing craft and the like, making it able to overwhelm lesser ships.

  •  Home of the Dauntless: With Dauntless, the CIS’s elite Rapid Response Force, on board using the ship as a mobile base, the ship and her land forces are boosted greatly by the Dauntless’s talent and experience.

  • Capable defense: While not too strong to make up for the large number of squadrons needed to defend the land forces, the defenses and armament of the Angelic Fury are capable of defeating unprepared enemies.

  • Able to close off the hangers with giant armored durasteel doors once the fighters and landing craft have disembarked.

  • Enhances droid abilities when in orbit


  • Not so moving target: The Angelic Fury is slow, not very maneuverable, and big. As a command carrier that, obviously, carries a lot of resources, it needs to be quite big. This obviously means it doesn’t even sniff the definition of fast. Because of this, it is a large target for any swift moving squadron or smaller ship.

  • Hanger Dependent: The Design of the Angelic Fury forces it to be reliant on its main asset, its massive hangers. However, if the hangers are then destroyed, its chances of survival go down drastically.

  • Escort Reliant: This ship needs it escort ships to function at its peek performance, destroying the smaller ships protecting it, will put the ship into a panic.






Designing the Angelic Fury was the first joint project between Adjudant Vexia and Commander Luna Terrik of the Dauntless. It was designed as a Command Carrier, able to oversee the entire fleet, enhance the detection range, communication abilities and the droid cohesion, It serves as both a fighter carrier and troop transport, able to launch a lot of fire power at a planet quickly. It's massive hangers have four large doors, that allow the fighters and transports to leave quickly.


Once everything has been launched, massive Durasteel doors come down to protect the vulnerable hangers. This vessel was designed to work with the Dauntless Commandos and Dauntless troopers to provide support in taking, and holding objectives, in quick insertion and extraction of troops, and the recon of potential threats. It works within a flight group of at least five capital ships at all times.





Gaining Knowledge, and a Sister

11 December 2018 - 01:15 AM

Genetics, biology, cloning. Allya was getting used to building armor, weapons, droids, vehicles, and the like already, however, there was this ache inside. She wasn't where she wanted to be. Her dreams were filled with cryptic visions of an army of biology and technology truly fused. It didn't make sense, and she hoped if she managed to get more information, learn about it all, she could finally make sense of the dreams she has had since she was young.


It was this quest, that brought her to bring her ugly little Z'ceptor to Kamino, to the most preeminent cloners and geneticists in the galaxy. It was a place to start anyway. Covered head to toe in her armor and cloak, the Sithling called in a transmission. “This is Lady Vexia, requesting permission to land.” She had been using this name for quite some time, and it was getting fairly well known in CIS space. The little one was quite pleased by this. The comms came back, and instructed her to land.


The Z-ceptor was a good little craft, and it easily entered the atmosphere, and landed in one of the many giant floating cities. She had been told by her father this facility would be more...accommodating to her. After exiting her craft, she was greeted by a Kaminoan. They took her identification and she entered the facility. For days, they began teaching her the basics of their craft, and the knowledge hungry girl took it all in.


Nearly a week into her studies there, the Sithling, free from her armor, went out to one of the lower landings, that was just above the water, for use when the storms had died down, and the waves were relatively calmer. It was a pretty sight, with all the water. Head tilts to the side, her dark hair slightly falling in her face. Dark brown eyes gaze out at the waters, and her nose scrunches.


Getting close to the railing, she looked over it. Did she see something swimming close to the surface? Oh she couldn't tell so well. If only she had the enhanced sensors of her armor, this would be a breeze. However, instead, she half closed her eyes and reached out with the force, searching the area for anything that could be there. “Hmmm.”



Teen's Day Out (Open to Teen Characters)

10 December 2018 - 10:40 PM





Chandrila was a well known core world. Peaceful, at one with nature, and sprawling. It had often been in the forefront of galactic politics, trade, and new ideas. At its capital in Hanna City, this mixture of metropolitan and nature was at its forefront. A massive sprawling city, yet with an abundance of parks, animals running through the streets, and a beautiful, pristine ocean view, with plenty of beaches looking out upon a marvelous coral reef. It was a place of color, light, sound, and yet still fresh air.


Today was special in Hanna City. It was playing host to a large number of trade agreements, diplomatic missions, and various trade expos, showing off the latest technology. As such, people from all over the galaxy had arrived on the planet, and the streets were packed. Security was everywhere on high alert, able to respond to issues in moments. It was alive, and lively, everywhere new things to do and see.


Into this paradise, a young Sithling exits one of the massive technology conference halls, practically bouncing with every step. She was outfitted in a red top and black pants, and wrapped in a large black cloak. The cloak looked warm and comfortable, fuzzy even. Large brown eyes got wide, and her nose was was scrunching up, and she waggles side to side. Oh the things the girl had seen, brought a big smile to her face. So many new ideas, to try and incorporate into many new things.


Looking around, she traveled away from the trade centers, and instead, headed closer towards the beach, by using a local speeder system. Humming softly, she exits the speeder and hops to the ground. Twirling around a bit, her eyes take in each sight, before she pushes a strand of dark hair from her face. There was a cute little flower shop, a diner, several stores for buying a large number of items. To the side was a club, that had a lot of flashing lights and music. Not to far from where she stood was a dock where they could rent water craft. The area seemed very popular with the local teenagers, and she, trying to at least semi-blend in, came here as well. As she thought what to do, the girl's stomach growled and a slight blush crossed her face. Musical voice rang out. “Food it is!”


Turning, she moved into the diner, sticking her head in. It was a cute, retro-diner, something out of some holovid or something. The smells inside were delicious and varied, so she pushes inside, humming as she moves up to the counter top and plopping herself on a stool. From some jukebox in the corner, the best of classic galactic hits was playing. One of the waiters came up, a three eyed gran. The male opened his arms and welcomed her. “Welcome to Nero's Diner, what can I get you today?” Handing her a menu, the girl took it and opened it. Eyes scanned the list.


“Nerf burger, double cheese, fried tubers, with a Muja Fruit and Moof Milkshake.” She grinned sheepishly at the gran who took the menu from her. “Alright, coming up!” The girl relaxed for a bit, she wasn't on her guard at all, and just slumped on the stool, leaning up against the countertop, letting the music wash over her. This was great. Time away from her training and family, to just wander around and do things, maybe meet people. What should she do next?



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