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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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What should I be?

04 September 2019 - 07:35 PM




Location: Kashyyyk, Silver's Rest

Tag: Josh Dragonsflame


She had just returned from spending some much needed time with Jerek. He was always her source of light in this dark galaxy...and even more he lit up the darkness inside her. However, their time was always so short lately. It was understandable, but it left her conflicted, and confused a lot. However, it was not fair to burden Jerek more than she already had. The teen knew she needed help. Her mind was so filled with doubts, and agony. Recently she had been the one who had killed tens of thousands of her own people, the Mando'ade. It ate at her soul, even if she understood it, and it made sense.


They were paying the price for their foolishness having followed that woman who led them to their own destruction. But understanding didn't make the ache in her heart go away. And it didn't lessen the pride and arrogance that flowed through her. She had felt fear once, but even then she had found victory. She had denied the one who was stronger than her his goal, and since that moment had gotten much more powerful and experienced. \


Her duties as a soldier had made getting proper training...difficult. Holocrons, databanks, and the occasional lesson here and there from various masters of light and dark side abilities had been the main source of her growth in the force. While force growth had been slower, her practical experience of using it, and of mixing it with technology had been intense. Even now, she was in the process of making the third incarnation of her armor, and it was going to be a doozy, covering many weaknesses she had found.


And yet....none of this eased her heart. She was close to slipping back to the hatred, and anger. She was a warrior-prince, she grew up believing the galaxy was hers, hers to protect....hers to rule. Jerek had helped so much to push it down, but, it wasn't enough. Allya desperately needed someone who could help teach her how to better control her emotions. Someone who slipped between the light and dark himself, someone who understood how fragile the balance was. Allya was not light, but she utilized the darkness for the purpose of good. It made her even more fragile. And then, there had been the dreams...they had begun to eat at her.


It was this that brought her to Kashyyyk, to find the one man she trusted, respected, and knew even in her arrogance, she would listen to. She had to, while she still had time. As the Unyielding Faith landed, and the boarding ramp lowered, she moved off towards the Rest, helmet clipped to her belt. Her dark cloak flowed around her as she moved through the forested ground and up the steps of the grand building.


She checked in with the guards, and soon found herself in the training yard. Her dark eyes quickly found the object of her search. Josh was busy training in the yard. The man never rested, why should he? He had his own demons he was running from, and enemies that came at him from all sides. It was always impressive how he could move. Allya leaned against a wall for a bit, and watched him with some of the padawans, and waited. She could afford to be patient.


As was the normal, as padawans gathered in the training yard, they made sure to keep a wide birth from Allya. It made sense, they were Jedi, and while many here were gray Jedi, Allya was a Darksider. The darkside oozed from her, and she was unabashed and unashamed of it. But it was a hard monster to keep under control.


Finally, when Josh was finished, the girl moved through the swarms of students, sparing matches and meditating bodies with the grace of a dancer. One would forget that under her cloak she was clad head to toe in heavy Beskar armor.


As she went up to the tall man, she placed her right hand on the left side of her chested and bowed. “Master Dragonsflame. I need some help.” Her voice was soft, and shook a bit which showed the fragile state the girl was truly in.

Allya's Armor Repair System

02 September 2019 - 08:53 PM




  • Can Replicate Nano-Droids

  • Nano-Droids can re-purpose materials

  • Nano-droids repair armor, and internal systems

  • Able to scan for damage to best deploy nano-droids

  • Automatic release of nano-droids for repairs if systems or power goes down


  • Automatic Repairs: As the armor system they are attached to, the nano-droids quickly and efficiently begin to repair damaged systems, gaps in the armor, and other problems they find. They utilize the damaged portions rebuilding them, a small group of materials in their housing, or any debris they are able to get to.

  • EMP Resistant: The nano-droids and their housing are quite resilient to ion and EMP attacks.



  • Materials: The nano-droids must have access to the needed materials to make the repairs. Most of the time they can scoop up what is needed from the damaged parts, or from their housing, however, if the needed material isn't present, they cannot repair.

  • Time: The repairs are not done within moments. It takes time to make them. They must deconstruct the damaged portions first, then meticulously repair it.

  • Powerful Magnets: While out of their housing and repairing the surface of the armor, powerful magnets can sweep the nano-droids away.



The design of the unit is simple. It is a reinforced duraplast housing, connected to scanners, and a database of the armors design. Inside the housing hundreds of thousands of little nano-droids sleep. When the armor the unit is attached to is damaged significantly the nano-droids activate and swarm. They deconstruct the damaged parts, and rebuild them perfectly. This allows the armor to be structurally repaired, or have damaged systems restored to almost new.


The only limitations of the droids is availability of materials. While damaged parts will still have a good bit of what is needed, the internal material storage bin is needed for the last bits. However, it must have access to materials to repair the armor, without such, it simply cannot do it.

Zodiac-Class Droid Control Unit

02 September 2019 - 07:46 PM


  • Intent: To submit an advanced droid control unit

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Droid Control Program



  • Direct Droid Control Interface

  • Droid Analysis programs

  • Server

  • Comm Unit plug ins

  • Droid Coordination Algorithms


  • Droid Controller: The device does a single job, and does it very well. It controls and coordinates the droids around it. It makes them more coordinated, able to communicate more efficiently, allows the controller to keep track of each droid, to know which are, or are not active, and to directly control a droid.


  • Distance: It can only control the droids for a distance of up to two kilometers around it.

  • Number: It can only coordinate up to 100 droids at a single time.

  • Power: It needs to be connected to a armor suit that has an independent power source.


As sentient beings joined in the CIS' mechanical hordes, it became apparent that the organics needed a way to control the droids better. This device acts like a miniature droid controller. While it has a limited range, and a fairly limited number of droids it can control and coordinate, it still gives the operator a good amount of free range when it comes to their mechanical allies.

The controller allows the organic to keep track of droid locations, operation status, communication, and allows the droids to better coordinate among themselves and with their organics. This effectively increases a swarm of droids abilities tremendously and allows them to be more efficient in their jobs.


It is inserted into battle armor, connected to existing comm-units, sensors and the like, and allows for the coordination and control of the droids under ones command. It's maximum range is 2 kilometers, and it can only control around 100 droids at once. It also allows for direct control of a droid, but only one droid at a time can be controlled like this.

Negation Field Device

02 September 2019 - 06:43 PM


  • Intent: To submit a basic counter measure for anti-force bubbles

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Able to create a small field that coats an individual's armor/skin/clothes a few centimeters that pushes back the anti-force bubble created by ysalamiri and other anti-force objects.

  • Can be turned on and off.


  • Negation Field: It creates a small field that coats an individuals skin/clothing/armor and goes away from them for just a centimeter or two, that pushes back the fields created by ysalamiri and the like. This allows them to have limited access to the force even while inside ysalamiri bubbles and the like.



  • The force: The incredibly small size of this bubble around the individual means they can only access the force inside themselves. In effect this means they can use Control abilities, but are still cut off from Sense, and Alter.

  • EMP: Due to its fragile and complicated nature,the device cannot have items that can protect it from EMP fields in its construction, and must be placed in such a way, as to not be blocked by anything that can protect it from EMP fields. If done so, the device is rendered useless. But this also means, it is vulnerable to EMP type attacks. It is most vulnerable when it is turned on.

  • Burns through Power Cells: The power requirements are intense, and it can only last fifteen minutes before the power cell needs to be swapped out for another.



Scientists have studied the Ysalamiri for centuries, and their understanding of the mechanisms that gave them their amazing abilities to block the force slowly became known, and understood. However, try as they might, they had trouble finding a way to block the effect.


For years the Confederacy, and Locke and Key Mechanics undertook a task of trying billions of methods to find a way to block the nullifying effects. And recently they had a break through. A ysalamiri cuts off the beings ability to tap into the force, by basically making the mind believe it can't access it. It can't stop the force, as it flows through all things, including the ysalamiri. But by not allowing a being to access it, it does the very same thing in practice.


However, it does not stop something that doesn't have a mind. By harnessing the power of a replica of the shard of the serpent and focusing that energy inward towards the person, magnifying it, and twisting it ever so slightly, a force amplification/protection field could be created. It was fragile, easily broken, however, it allowed the force to exist stronger around a person.


Then, it created a mental inhibition field, that helped block the mind from interference from outside fields. The two objects together, had a great effect on keeping back some of the force bubble. While its far from perfect, it allows the force user to remain in connection with the force energy that remains inside them, giving them access to their Control abilities. However, as the field only extends a couple of centimeters from the body, it is useless when it comes to sense and alter abilities, and they will remain blocked from use.


Another aspect of the device, its complete lack of EMP protection. For the device's field is small and fragile. The slightest protection around the device, would hamper the field, and render it useless to the individual.

Rainbow Glove Railgun

02 September 2019 - 05:23 PM






  • Manufacturer: Allya Vi'Dreya

  • Affiliation: Allya Vi'Dreya

  • Model: n/a

  • Modularity: No

  • Production Unique

  • Material: Alchemized Synthcloth


  • Classification: Force based Railgun

  • Damage Type: Kinetic

  • Size: Small

  • Weight: Light

  • Ammunition Type: Objects, the force

  • Ammunition Capacity: 2 (Max)

  • Reload Speed: High

  • Effective Range: Average

  • Rate of Fire: Low

  • Stopping Power: Very High

  • Recoil: Average


  • Made of Alchemized Synthcloth, it is able to store force energy and release it as an intense telekinetic burst.

  • Able to accelerate fist sized objects to speeds of 2,700 kilometers per hour.

  • Sweat Wicking fabric!


  • Rail Gun: The gloves gather force power, and intensify it, then releases it in a relatively small area, against a single object, which forces it to accelerate to the speed of a standard slug from a slug thrower. However, it's able to do this with up to fist sized objects.

  • Force Neutral: The object has little presence in the force as it is neither a lightside object, or dark side object.


  • Ysalamiri: It is inoperable in the presence of ysalamiri due to its need to gather force power, and control its direction.

  • One object at a time: While theoretically possible to fire one object from each hand, the relics work best when focused on a single hand at a time. Firing both at once causes the accuracy to be far less.

  • No armor protection: Beyond helping keep the hands dry, these gloves provide no physical protection that an average pair of fingerless gloves wouldn't.



Through her practical experience with telekinesis, Allya continued to stumble on a wall. How much force could she exert on an object through it? The answer was almost unlimited, however, the time it took to gather that much energy, and the concentration required to move an object that quickly and accurately through the force, even for her, someone who specialized in telekinesis, simply made it unable to be utilized in this manner effectively.


However, through her studies, and experiments at the side of her father, as he taught her various forms of alchemy, and her studies with the SJO and their version of the same, Allya came up with an idea, to create a force neutral way to gather force energy, and to then expel it quickly in a singular direction. This took the form of rainbow colored fingerless gloves. Alchemizing the cloth, and imbuing it with the power to absorb force energy from around it like a battery and then expel it forward when prodded to do so, created a very effective item, that adds even more power to her arsenal.


Up to fist sized items can be held in her gloved hands, and then pointed in the direction it should be fired. Then the telekinetic force hits the object, and accelerates it very quickly up to over two thousand kilometers per hour, or about the average speed of a slug being fired from a slug thrower. The speed and mass of the object then cause tremendous kinetic damage. However, it could also be used to throw grenades, or other explosives, faster than people can react to, allowing for detonation damage as well.


While not a traditional rail gun, it has a good speed, and effective range of a standard blaster, and a powerful impact. It also has one other use: What happens when the gloves are placed on the chest or head of a living being?