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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Eternal-Class Boading/Landing Pod

11 July 2019 - 10:59 AM




  • Classification: Boarding Ship

  • Length: 20 Meters

  • Width: 9 meters

  • Height: 9 Meters

  • Armament: Very Low
    - 2 Forward facing repeating light laser cannons (Anti-Starfighter/Missile)
    - 1 Rear Facing repeating light laser cannon
    - 1 Boarding Harpoon
    - Drill

  • Defenses: Average
    - Depleted Baradium-Lockium Alloy Armor Plating
    - Deflector Shield Generator
    - Warhead countermeasures

    - Military grade Durasteel Hull
    - ECM Shielded Circuits

  • Squadron Count: High (20)

  • Maneuverability Rating: Average

  • Speed Rating: Average

  • Hyperdrive Class: None

All Standard features


Depleted Baradium-Lockium Alloy plating

Boarding Harpoon

Warhead Counter measures

Droid Brain

Shield Disruptor



  • Shield Disrupting: The boarding pod is able to disrupt shielding and pass through traditional deflector shielding, or energy shielding with its dual shield disruptor system, and it's Lockium alloy armor plating.

  • Boarding or land: It is able to be used to board other ships, or to land on the ground. It can pierce through most common forms of armor plating or hulls, by finding weak points in the defenses to drill through. It uses it's boarding harpoon to great effect in ship board boarding maneuvers.


  • Shields down: When it passes through especially heavy fields on larger capital ships or planetary shielding, the shields of the pod must go down, to allow the lockium alloy and shield disruptor full access to their jobs.

  • Low attack power: The pod's weapons are designed to keep fighters at a distance and to destroy incoming missiles. They will do very little attack power while in flight. It's simply a delivery mechanism.

  • Heavy Materials: Things like Phrik, Songsteel, Beskar, or other very heavy, or just hard metals, are difficult for the drill or harpoon to pierce through. Instead, it must look for weak points in the armor. Or landing bays/airlocks




The eternal-class boarding pod is the standard attack pod for the CIS. It can be shot out of special cannons to move faster in a singular direction, but under its own power, it's maneuverability and speed are similar to the old X-Wing. It can hold a mix of droid and organic troops, and carry a good number of them. Most of the pods systems are fairly protected from ion and EMP attacks.


It's defenses are fairly robust, with a good number of systems in place to help it along. However, at the end of the day, these pods are disposable, able to be mass produced and used in every battle. They can be launched at the ground using powerful catapults on capital ships, giving them a burst of speed, but, unable to change their trajectory. Or they can be launched like normal, able to fly out under their own power, dodge enemies and move onto the objectives. Their drills allow them to push through hard armor, and into the ship itself. Their shield disruptors and lockium alloy armor allow them to pass through some forms of troublesome shielding. Over all, they are designed for the singular purpose of transporting troops from space to either the ground or another ship. And at this job, they excel.

The Deliverance

09 July 2019 - 07:37 PM






  • Classification: Large Multipurpose Space Dock

  • Length: 80km

  • Width: 80km   

  • Height: 80km   

  • Armament: None      

  • Defenses: Extreme

  • Hangar: 300 Docking Bays, some able to hold up to star destroyer sized ships. One large docking arm, able to connect to a single Battlecruiser/Dreadnought

  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low   

  • Speed Rating: Very Low   

  • Hyperdrive Class: 1   


  • Living quarters   

  • Corporation office space   

  • Holding cells   

  • Vendors      

  • Market Place

  • Cargo Holds

  • Docking Bays

  • Refinery

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Hydroponics Bays

  • Ship Construction/Repair Facilities

  • Research and development laboratories

  • Cloning Facility

  • Medical Wing

  • Internal Security Systems

  • Entertainment   Wing

  • Point-defense   cannons   

  • Backup Standard Station Deflector Shields, with redundant shield generators

  • Hyperdrive

  • Backup Hyperdrive

  • Redundant computer systems

  • Armor  Plating

  • Reinforced Hull

  • Reinforced Ceraglass

  • Mining/Salvage/Construction Droids/Ships

  • All other Standard Systems



  • Extreme Defenses: A reinforced titanium hull, strengthened armor plating, the phalanx testudo system, internal defenses, Electronic Warfare systems, point defense cannons, an internal security force, and so much more make The Deliverance a nearly impenetrable fortress.   

  • A multipurpose Space Dock: The Station is able to hold massive amounts of cargo, it can send out automated mining ships and droids to collect precious resources, and return it back to the ship to turn it into manufactured goods, and even new ships. It is able to repair even a Dreadnought using its droids and ships. It contains a massive array of abilities and services, making this station truly a beacon of hope to ravaged systems.   


  • A brick: While it is capable of movement, it is so very slow, and barely able to maneuver itself. It will win no mobility awards.

  • A Civilian Station: Either attacking, or defending, the station cannot release any defensive fighters, and beyond some point defense cannons which can harm missiles and small craft that get very close, it has no offensive weaponry. It cannot take out any form of capital ship or massive swarms of fighters. It must rely on other ships to do so.


The Deliverance is a massive station, at eighty kilometers in every direction, it is nearly half the size of DS-1. Beautiful and majestic, the station does not look as if it was made for war, and in reality, it was not. The primary purpose of the station is to rebuild shattered systems, devastated by war. It can take in the wreckage, and harvest some of the far off resources, and from these ashes recreate civilization once more. It stops hulks of destroyed fighters and capital ships from floating aimlessly, or to damage the planet more through reentry, it can take in the ruins of a city and transform it into raw resources to help the civilization rebuild itself.

Within the massive cargo holds, it contains food, water, medicine, clothing, building materials and everything else a world needs to rebuild after destruction. Deep inside its core, a molecular furnace burns, turning the raw ores and destroyed materials into something useful. The refineries turn them into usable objects, and the factories build droids, ships, weapons, clothing, and everyday household goods. On the outside of the station, dry docks repair damaged ships, or even build new capital ships with the materials. Thousands upon thousands of mining/salvage/construction craft and droids call the station home, and they scour asteroid fields, and the ruins of battlefields, for raw materials to rebuild from any level of destruction.


The Station is the housing place of some of the most exceptional and brilliant of the younger generations of the Confederacy. It the birthplace of new ideas, and concepts, not bound by antiquated ways of thinking. They use cutting edge research facilities to study problems with the rebuilding of destroyed systems and planets, and state of the art gathering, refining and manufacturing facilities to create whatever they can imagine. As such, it contains grand dining facilities, living quarters, bars, libraries, and every form of entertainment one can want, be it shopping, fighting practice, gambling, training, learning, or otherwise.

The station is well protected, with a reinforced hull, armor plating, powerful shields, redundant systems, and a powerful internal security system as well as security force, it is very hard to break into without overwhelming firepower. In a galaxy constantly at war, the sight of the Deliverance in the skies above harbors not a feeling of fear, but instead harbors a feeling of hope for the future.

Layla's Armor

28 June 2019 - 06:18 PM

Theme Music











  • Manufacturer: CIS

  • Affiliation: Layla Solari

  • Model: N/A

  • Modularity: No

  • Production:  Unique

  • Material:Nanech-Type 2


  • Classification: Techno-Organic Battle suit

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances:

  • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

  • Kinetic: Very High

  • Lightsabers: Very High

  • Extreme cold: Low

  • Electricity: Low

  • Sonic: Low

  • Fire/Extreme Heat: High

  • Acid: Average

  • EMP/Ion: Average

  • Radiation: Average

  • Force: Average

  • Sensors: Average

  • Force Detection: Average

- Other: Average



  • Backpack: Sensor and force detection resistant backpack, for storing the extra nanech-type 2 and the dovin basal.

  • Enhanced Senses: Organic sensors connect directly into the brain, giving highly enhanced senses and a few extra ones.

  • Built in weapons: Two swords are always on hand.

  • Controlled: The suit is controlled through telepathy, a direct link to the spinal cord via the control suit, as well as a neural cusp connecting the mind directly to it.

  • Self Healing: So long as the suit gains sustenance, it can heal any damaged parts of it relatively quickly.

  • Keeps host alive: With pieces of the control suit grafted into the body of the host, it filters the blood, keeping out diseases, bacteria, poisons and toxins. It also encourages quick healing of the hosts form to keep it alive.

  • Gills: Air is always filtered through gills. This allows the suit and host to exist under water, in toxic locations, and places otherwise inhospitable for life.

  • Eight Hour Emergency Air Supply: When in the vacuum of space, the suit contains an organic rebreather, that filters the exhaled air, cleaning it for future use. This allows the host to survive in the vacuum for eight hours.

  • Enhanced Strength and agility: It greatly increases the physical strength, speed, endurance and agility of its wearer, giving a great boost.

  • Dovin Basal Personal Shield: A small dovin basal rides around in the backpack, able to be used as a personal shield in times of combat.

  • Power Glands: The suit contains microscopic power glands throughout it, acting like a personal shield, and helping to block a lot of attacks by blasters and lightsabers.

  • Damage Resistant: It can take a lot of kinetic damage, as well as a decent amount of damage from a lot of other types.

  • Weaponized Tentacles: The tentacles growing from the back of the head, neck, and back of the suit are able to grow, shrink, move, and possess incredible strength. They also possess small stinging poison glands similar to a jellyfish, as well as millions of little cilia that are able to grip onto surfaces and stick. Using these tentacles, the host can move around, climb walls, hang from ceilings and the like as well. They can also be hardened at the tip and used as spears.

  • Four arms: While the host only has two arms and two legs, the suit grows another pair of arms, that can be utilized just as well as the others, as it is all controlled by the hosts mind and body.

  • Full body protection: No part of the host is left exposed.

  • An extension of the host: Due to the control methods the suit is literally just an extension of the host, connected into their nervous system like the rest of their body.

  • Equip-able in moments: Due to the nature of the nanotech, the suit can be activated in mere moments. The control suit spreads from the choker, and the rest of the nanech follows quickly from the backpack, creating the main suit.

  • Hidden in passive mode: When not active, the suit and its equipment are hidden on the host. The swords are disguised as large, dense black bead bracelets, the control suit is hidden as a black choker, and the nanech that makes up the bulk of the equipment is hidden in the backpack, in the shape of a highly dense creepy teddy bear.

  • Devouring: Capable of fully devouring dead bodies, leaving nothing left, and absorbing the nutrients.


  • Damage Resistance: The armor possess a very high defense against blasters, lightsabers and kinetic attacks. It can also resist fire, and high temperatures. It protects decently from a number of other types of attacks as well.

  • Enhanced Stats: The biological material and nanotech provides increased physical strength, by a large margin. It also greatly increases speed and agility, allowing the wearer to move heavy objects, leap long distances, and dash at very high speeds.

  • Healing: The armor all but nullifies poisons, diseases, and other harmful toxic substances. With tendrils of nanech in the blood stream of the host through the grafts on the neck, it can filter the blood, removing the toxic substances. It also stimulates the body's healing response, allowing for quick healing from injuries.

  • Tentacles: The tentacles are a highly versatile weapon connected to the armor. They are able to shrink, grow and move as if they were limbs of their own. The tendrils possess great strength, and are able to be used to move quickly around a battle field. They can also be used to swing the host around, stick to walls and ceilings, and so much more. Across the surface of the tentacles are thousands of poison stingers with differing poison based on what the host has fed the nanech.

  • Equip-able in moments: The material that makes up the armor and the weapons, is hidden in the backpack, choker and bracelets. When called upon, the command suit establishes first, which then draws the other nanech from the backpack to form the suit in its main form. Due to the efficiency of the nanomachines and the biological material, this takes mere moments.


  • Electricity: When hit with high electrical currents, the nanomachines struggle to keep the material together, making it much harder to utilize.

  • Extreme Cold: in Extremely cold areas, the biological components begin to freeze, making the armor far more fragile, and far weaker as more resources are brought to keep the biomass alive.

  • Sonic Weapons: Sonic weapons, more importantly the extreme vibrations they cause, cause the nanomachines and biomass to become separated from one another, making it vastly harder for the armor to stay cohesive, and causes great wounds across it.

  • Extreme EM Fields: Extreme EM fields cause the nanomachines to malfunction. In response they shut off, meaning that the mechanism that allows the armor to change its shape rapidly at will is shut down until the field is some how dealt with.

  • No Healing Items: The armor considers any forms of medicine, bacta, kolto and the like to be the same as poison, and filters it from the body. It also does the same with any drugs, spice, alcohol, or other things of a similar nature.

  • Pain: All damage done to the suit causes a pain response in the host.




The main component is the material Nenech-Type 2. The material is telepathically linked to its one and only host, Layla Solari. This link, along with the sheer versatility of the nanomachines gives the armor incredible abilities. It can move, reshape, heal, and so much more. The strength of the movements gives the wearer increased strength, speed, agility and endurance. It is a powerful protection against kinetic damage, lightsabers and blasters, as well as fire. It works due to the telepathic bond, but also due to a grafting of the material directly into the hosts nervous system, allowing it to receive direct, and instantaneous commands from the host. To add more into it, the command suit that connects directly to the host, sends tendrils into the muscles of the host, and has a neural cusp that connects to her brain waves. Then, when the command suit is formed, it creates a small energy field that calls the rest of the nanech from the backpack and it forms, directly connecting to the command suit until they become one. Within moments the person takes on a monstrous visage, and gains access to all the power of the suit itself.


The tentacles growing from the back are also movable, and usable as both a source of locomotion, as well as attack. In the grafted area, small tendrils filter the blood of the host, as well as stimulate quick healing of their body. As well as a healing effect, the armor greatly enhances the senses of the user, taking it onto the verge of super natural.


It produces two types of shields. One is caused by the microscopic power glands that dot the armor. These produce a thin deflecting shield just over the surface of the armor, that protects it from blasters and lightsabers. The second is a small dovin basal that rests in the backpack, able to produce micro-singularities to absorb some attacks. The suit comes equipped with four arms, allowing the host to use two extra arms, via the nervous system connection.


When not in use, the armor is hidden away from the force, sight, and sensors disguised as a large, creepy black teddy bear hidden in the backpack, also as a choker and bracelets.



OOC Notes On Use:


  1. When in passive mode, the armor is hidden away in the backpack, disguised as an ultra dense black teddy bear. The control suit is disguised as a black choker around the neck of the girl. And the swords are disguised as large black bead bracelets. Links to the relevant subs here as well.

  2. When in passive mode, it provides next to no protection. However, it also has good resistance to sensors and force detection. Over all, I would appreciate it if in passive mode, if the armor and weapons were undetectable (Unless of course your character is highly powerful in the force), but the choice is up to you in the end. It is not designed to stop Layla from getting detected, just the armor and weapons. When in active mode, there is no hiding it. It is fully in view to eyes, sensors and the force. Very little of the sensor/force sense defense remains.

  3. The armor and its components are very much grafted to the character they are affiliated with. It's not something that can be thrown in a locker and forgotten about. It has to be with her.

  4. Any other suggestions? Please let me know!

Layla's Dovin Basal Shield

27 June 2019 - 10:47 PM


  • Intent: To create a personal dovin basal shield for a character

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: Dovin Basal

  • Primary Source: N/A




  • Dovin Basal does everything a Dovin Basal can does.

  • Micro-singularity shield

  • Telepathically, and nervous system controlled.


  • Micro-singularity: While very small, the micro-singularity is able to absorb a limited amount of blaster shots, slugs, disruptor blasts, missiles, rocks, etc. It can also do pretty much anything a micro-singularity can do.

  • Controlled: It is telepathically and nervous system controlled, meaning it can follow orders, change up strategies, and is able to use more advanced tactics when dealing with people.


  • Thirty Seconds: The maximum time the singularity can be active for is thirty seconds at a time before resting

  • A minutes: If it uses up its maximum time, the singularity cannot be used again for a minute.

  • Staggered fire: It does not deal well with staggered firing, that forces it to be active for longer periods of time to protect itself and its host.

  • Large explosions: It cannot absorb large explosions, it causes the singularity to collapse.

  • Large amounts of radiation: Its ability to use its singularity is cut in half in the presence of high levels of radiation.

  • Singular direction: It can only protect from a singular basic direction at a time due to having a single small dovin basal.




A very small dovin basal that has been telepathically linked to Layla rather than a Yammosk. It can be used to create a small singularity that can act as a personal shield in times of need. It remains inside Layla's backpack, and even after donning the armor, it remains safe and secure, ready to be used at a moments notice.


It suffers from the same basic flaws that all dovin basals suffer from, singular direction at a time, weak against stuttered fire, amount of time before it gets tired, and so on. However, it makes a good ally when in fierce battle, and offers more options for the host.

No, it cannot be used to suck people into the singularity.

Layla's Weapons

27 June 2019 - 09:47 PM



Weapon in active form




In Passive Form





  • Classification: Multi-Weapon

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Average


  • Lightsaber resistant.

  • Blaster Resistant

  • Shape Shifting abilities

  • Vibrating Mono-molecular edge

  • Able to be used only be Layla Solari

  • Can turn into a pair of bracelets when not in use

  • Connects to and is controlled by Layla's control suit

  • Resists detection when in bracelet form


  • Resistant: The blades are able to block lightsabers and keep up with them in heavy combat, as well as to absorb blaster fire.

  • Shape Changing: The blades can grow or shrink in size, change shape, or even wrap around attacking enemies weapons due to their nanech make up. This also allows it to take the form of two black bead bracelets when not in use.

  • Vibrating Monomolecular blade: When in blade form, the nanobots always keep the edge of the blade at a single molecule. It also causes the blade to vibrate, allowing it to slice through even solid metal.

  • Quickly healing: When damaged, the material is quickly able to heal and repair itself, with the proper nutrients.

  • Hidden when in passive mode: When in bracelet form, the bracelets resist sensor detection and force detection.


  • Metals: The blade suffers the same similar drawbacks of lightsabers. It cannot punch through beskar, phrik, songsteel etc.

  • Sonic attacks: Like the material it is made of, sonic attacks can harm the blade, making them unable to be absorbed.

  • Electricity: Electricty can also harm the blade, meaning the user should take care to not try and block it using the blade.

  • Shields: Where lightsabers do damage to shielding, even if they are stopped by them, the swords do no more damage to any type of shielding than a standard vibroblade would. That is to say, not much at all. (Unless its a shield weak to kinetic attacks)

  • Heavy bracelets: When condensed to the bracelet form they become heavy weights.



Utilizing the properties of the nanech, these weapons are created using the biological material, rearranged by the nanomachines into a suitable shape, and brought to a monomolecular edge, then hardened. The nanomachines then cause the molecules to vibrate quickly, so as it slices it shoves molecules out of the way and widens the gap. This ability gives it a deadly cutting power that can even cut its way through weaker forms of metal. However, harder metals like songsteel, beskar, and phrik are neigh impenetrable by the weapons. Shields are also a pain to deal with.


The power glands across the material protect it from lightsabers and blasters and whatever is damaged it quickly repaired so long as it has access to more nutrients. It's easiest for it to gain nutrients when the full armor is deployed, otherwise, its damage repairs much slower.


When they are not being used, they disguise themselves as heavy large black bead bracelet worn around the hosts wrists. The swords are controlled through the telepathic link, as well as directly through the spinal cord link from the control suit, and the light fields created by the suit.