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In Topic: Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

04 July 2019 - 11:46 PM

Braith Achlys


A series of invasions is not the issue. A series of invasions taking place in real time simultaneously is dogpiling, and it is the topic of the thread. I'm not attempting to defend Vryassu, I'm trying to use that very recent example as evidence that the current system does not promote good story telling. It promotes stress on the players. If Vryassu was acting in a way that was not indicitative of fair play it should have been brought to the admins to be sorted out. The TJE wanted to RP, even if Vryassu did not. We just didn't want to feel as if the entire board's only goal was to drive us from the map. 

In Topic: Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

04 July 2019 - 11:34 PM

TJE would've been attacked by TSE regardless because it was a heretical sect in opposition to the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith.


Beyond that, Vyrassu was given multiple opportunities to combat us in non-invasion settings; one of which he demanded to be archived because he didn't control the entire narrative.


The existence and location of the faction was also given ICly, so all the justification was there ICly.



You're absolutely right, and I have no problem with the TSE invading the TJE. The problem I had was that it happened side-by-side and killed the fun for the faction. I go back to what I said previously.


Real time does not have a one second to one second parallel to In Character time. Therefore if the story is truly what matters there would be no issue in delaying a second invasion until a previous invasion is completed, and use the very fluid In Character time to establish the narrative that the events of the 2nd thread happened immediately following the 1st.

In Topic: Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

04 July 2019 - 11:25 PM



Your faction leader decided to not support that invasion. Your faction didn't support you. Yes, you attempted to fight for your faction. You decided to continue the fight when no one else did. I commend you greatly for that. However, blaming the other factions for something that your Faction Owner did, is not cool. 


Your Faction owner directly stated, in a couple of threads, That he would bring war to the other factions. He would seek them out. So what did the other factions do? They attacked him because he, As leader, said he would attack them. 


Comparing your own invasions, where you took upon yourself, to defend, was where your faction was Disqualified due to a lack of writers. That is not your fault, Nor is it reason for you being "dogpiled" You willingly walked into that. You went in there, and continued to post when you could have otherwise come to them and say "Hey, I am the only one posting. We are going to be Disqualified, so I am going to back out because I don't want stress in my life." 


You made that choice.


I saw no dogpile I saw no ill intent towards you. 


I made the choice to keep writing because I wanted to play for the story, I didn't want to have the time wasted of those who had been setting up their own little scene within the thread. At the time of playing I thought that maybe the leadership would come back to the thread and post alongside me (I was wrong) so that the players within the thread could continue RPing as that is the entire purpose of a roleplay site. We all assumed we'd losed the invasion. There was nothing that told us otherwise. Additionally I wasn't personally stressed with keeping up my posts. Although the rest of the faction was. I like writing posts, I like making stories. But not everyone has the free time of a freshly graduated and unemployed college student.


He made statements that'd he'd attack people, sure, that's what factions do in the map game. They gain hexes and they fight invasions. That's what keeps the cogs turning in the rp machine. You do not attack people for OOC threats. You attack them for IC threats. The saber rattling of a miniature, and much angrier, Carnifex should not give the green light to people to trample on other writers.


There was no ill intent towards me personally, no, but there was clearly ill intent towards Vyrassu. And those of us not versed in the site's drama around him got a hard lesson in getting involved in OOC beef.

In Topic: Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

04 July 2019 - 11:00 PM

It is my opinion that making it so that a faction that is under invasion cannot be invaded offensively by a completely different faction. This is completely my own opinion away from the CIS or UCM. Alliances should be used as IC reason for using OOC Ally Slots. Not burn out the writers of the smaller group.


When I was in TJE (See invasion of Copero) I was one of the only 2 writers that the TJE had while the CIS & TSE invaded Csilla & Copero at the same time. We as the TJE did not have the writers at hand to devote to 2 threads of a relatively massive size. Near the end of the invasion it was just me posting for an entire faction, a completely new player to the board. Luckily the CIS players were kind enough to not pressure me into writing a lot of posts, and even complimented me for the effort and brought me into their faction which has been amazing to me, but that is evidence that multiple invasions or "dogpiling" does not create a better story. What it does do is create OOC stress. Not many people on the board were in the TJE discord, and even less were in the upper chats like I was as I was a part of the creative team.


The stress and the hopelessness was real. People simply were not having fun. This continued, and it only did so because people did not like Vyrassu. While the players within his faction who wanted to only play an up and coming sith empire were stomped on. Did the TJE pose any legitmate threat IC to any other faction in the tiny nook of an arm they decided to be in? No. Not at all. No adjacency to any clouds. Dominions were slow and the recovery rate of loss hexes for them was essentially 0.But they were attacked again anyway. There was nothing strategic to gain. With their ability to move locations it also meant that if they kept to 3 Hexes they could have another 3 when the mandate was up again for use to escape the attacks. Nobody seemed to care. So I get while some say why change now, the reason to change now is that we should not have a repeat of that again.


I love the CIS, and I like the people in the UCM. I've been in the CIS for a while now and just recently made a character in the UCM.


I don't see why if we are going to be real about this topic and address the very serious issue of IC Story suffering to OOC Strategy that we would beat around the bush. I don't think anyone is truly convinced this is IC alone, no OOC targeting at all. As it stands in character time is not tracked 1:1 for ooc time. Meaning that the invasion could, in character, take place directly after the events of the previous thread while giving 1 or 2 real-time days for people to actually have the time and effort to participate in another thread. There is no race here. There is no prize to wiping people out. Gaining hexes for the sake of hexes is not what this should be about. And neither should be punishing people for the audacity of RPing the opposition in a universe which hinges off that interaction.


It should be about creating a story that people can enjoy. Again, Copero, that was my very first experience on the site and it will always stick with me how depressing the TJE chat became. The motivation to play was zapped from them and for what gain of anyone else? They were destroyed for existing under Vyrassu - a person who I was not a fan of myself. They did not deserve that.

In Topic: What MMOrpgs do you play?

26 June 2019 - 01:44 PM

Main Elder Scrolls Online


Trying to get myself into Guild Wars 2


Played Albion Online

Played Runescape

Played Perfect World International

Played Mabinogi

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