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In Topic: The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Yesterday, 06:11 PM


Location: CIS Fleet, Orbit around The Dread Queen

Objective: Intercept Blockade Runners

Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Darth Metus

Enemies: -

Vessel: Moonbeam (Interceptor, see Signature Link)



The small interceptor orbited around the much larger and impressive super star destroyer, The Dread Queen, as Cay-Yo had assigned himself the role of intercepting small starcraft (Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers, Small Shuttles) who attempted to run the blockade near or around The Dread Queen's perimeter. The Moonbeam as his ship was called was barely armed but it was quick and almost unparalleled in it's maneuverability.


Cay-Yo had heard Metus' speech and thought it was fitting, if not a little intense. He did not see this as an investigation. The Patitite saw this as an impending conflict that he wanted to be a part of. And why shouldn't he be eager? Ever since Eshan he had wanted to know more about the power of these tall beings and now he'd have a front row seat to their power in space.


"This is Cay-Yo, I'm flying around your ship, don't crush me." Cay-Yo said over his fleet radio to The Dread Queen in hopes that the communication's officer would pick up his friendly transmission.

In Topic: Strange Terrain | CIS Invasion of TJE-held Zonmira

17 March 2019 - 01:03 PM


Location: Vanguard Hangar

Objective: Establish Space Superiority

Allies: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, Voph

Enemies: The Jen'ari Empire

Ship: Moonbeam (See Signature Link)


Cay-Yo had no love for the Jen'ari, they had abandoned him on Copero to fight the Confederacy by himself despite repeated requests for aid. He doubted that he would ever cross paths with those who betrayed them, as elusive as they seemed to be, but here he was "I'll show them! Cay-Yo will get the last laugh." he nodded to himself defiantly as he grabbed the joysticks that controlled the Moonbeam. The small interceptor's engines powered up and the interior of the ship illuminated dimly "Moonbeam ready." he reported to the hangar's flight control as the entire hangar waited for the order from the bridge.


Cay-Yo could not hear much of the speech from inside his starfighter but he had heard enough to know that this was personal for more than a few of the Confederate commanders. Once the order was given the hangar, which was roaring with the sounds of multitudes of starfighter engines, began to clear swiftly. Cay-Yo had been told the Moonbeam would be the last to launch due to the irregular size it posed a risk to the other pilots "Going!" the Patitite declared triumphantly as he was given the green-light.


Now that he was free to fly around the formation among the other starfighters he noticed a distinct lack of intercepting fighter formations making their way towards them. Perhaps this would change "Where are they? I don't see anything!" he complained in disappointment.

In Topic: Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

14 March 2019 - 11:38 AM


Location: Welcoming Party

Tags: Valencia Hadley



Cay-Yo looked initially surprised that Valencia had heard of him, had he really gotten that much recognition already? It would be safe to say that Cay-Yo was quite thrilled at the big leap from Jen'ari Empire POW to famous Confederate warrior! The Patitite folded his arms over his chest and with a big grin on his small face he announced to his conversational partner "It is nice to meet you, Valencia Hadley."


As Valencia made her recommendation to the rest about starting the talks Cay-Yo agreed eagerly "Oh yes, time for the Bigs to talk." Now finally they would get to reason they were all here! Although out of his element he was confident that he could conquer this battlefield as well! On his long road towards self improvement, power, and creating a new future of the Patitite of Patitite Pattuna perhaps learning how to convince others through words alone would be a helpful addition.

In Topic: Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

10 March 2019 - 12:17 AM


Location: Welcoming Party

Tags: Valencia Hadley



Looked up to the woman that had approached him, claiming that she had heard about him "Have you? I have fought on Copero and Eshan, so I suppose I'd be famous." the Patitite swelled up a bit putting his hands on his hips confidently "I am Big Cay-Yo, the most powerful Patitite, Knight of the Gizka, and owner of Big Meds. We sell bandages." he explained then pointed towards the array of strange golden medals on his right breast "I am important." Cay-Yo motioned to the woman politely with his left hand "And who are you?" he was not well acquainted with anyone except for Madalena, the Exarchs, and Cardinal. 

In Topic: Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

09 March 2019 - 02:08 AM


Location: Welcoming Party

Tags: -



Cay-Yo had never been to a diplomatic meeting such as this before and therefore unsure of what to expect. He could assume that the leaders of each side would leave much of the legwork to the lower tiers of the delegation to handle, only truly negotiating the top of the list topics. The Patitite wore the same uniform he had worn, although repaired and cleaned, in the invasion of Eshan. This included the array of little gold medals and the durasteel sword sheathed on his left hip.


Moving past others into the Welcome party he did not try to attract too much attention to himself, only every now and then giving answering those who asked who he was and what he did "I am Cay-Yo, I sell bandages." he'd reply to them all. Perhaps the others would be more experienced in this matter but for now all that Cay-Yo wanted was to know where exactly this meeting would take place. He was here for the negotiations, not the handshakes - besides he didn't want to hurt anyone with his titanic grip.