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#1903040 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Cay-Yo on Yesterday, 12:12 PM

Location: Copero, Copero City, Parliament Building, Communications Room
Objectives: Confront the abductor Scherezade deWinter
Allies: Jen'ari Empire
Enemies: CIS (Nearby: Scherezade deWinter , Srina Talon)
Equipment: Hooded Robe, Miniaturized Lightsaber (red)
Unit Strength: 50 Imperial Sith Troopers + Cay-Yo
Having missed his mark the Patitite lowered his shoulder and rolled across the pavement to break is fall, and quickly rebounded to his feet with the lightsaber still tightly gripped in his right hand "You dare mock me?!" he shouted with indignation as the woman attempted to mimic his people's war cry "The Jen'ari may be weak but I am strong!" he pounded his empty left fist against his chest "I am the most powerful of my people! I, who stood against all challengers! None shall defeat the Big Cay-Yo!" Cay-Yo resumed his efforts to defeat the strange Confederate woman, Force Dashing towards her with his lightsaber high above his head "Yi yi yi yi yi!" His plan was to dash well within her reach, using his size to his advantage, to get within her guard and strike at her legs. Clearly the aerial attack was far too easy to predict.
The troopers within the parliament building continued to shoot at those who were clearly not Jen'ari. The sergeant had conveyed his message but no response had come to him at this time "Who are you shooting at?" he asked through his platoon's communications channel "Confederates at the steps, Sergeant!" was the reply "How many?" the sergeant inquired "At least three!" responded the troopers. The sergeant paced up and down the empty hall in thought. Perhaps the Imperial forces had been already defeated? It had seemed the fleet was destroyed or scattered as no response had come from Governor Diarmid for quite some time. Cay-Yo had walked away from their post and left him in charge, perhaps the Jen'ari Empire had abandoned them? It was not unlike the Sith to care little for their underlings so this was perfectly possible. Sergeant Dial was ready to call for a retreat but paused before he spoke... this would be considered desertion. Should the Jen'ari prevail or come to rescue them they would be treated as traitors if they were not at their post. Could he risk that for himself and for his men? No, not at the present. He did not have full confidence that they had been left behind "Keep up the fight men, reinforcements will arrive soon." he lied.

#1902409 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Cay-Yo on 15 January 2019 - 10:49 PM

Location: Copero, Copero City, Parliament Building, Communications Room
Objectives: Confront the abductor Scherezade deWinter
Allies: Jen'ari Empire
Enemies: CIS (Nearby: Scherezade deWinter , Srina Talon)
Equipment: Hooded Robe, Miniaturized Lightsaber (red)
Unit Strength: 50 Imperial Sith Troopers + Cay-Yo
Cay-Yo had been briskly walking away as he was drawn to the location of the ever present disturbance in the Force, being Darth Metus. That was until he felt something brush against the hood of his robe then his feet leave the ground! Cay-Yo's legs rushed back and forth furiously "Ah! Let me go!" he exclaimed once he came face to face with Madalena Antares, a bubbly personality with a very large amount of deadly objects "I am Cay-Yo! A Patitite! You will rel-" his words were cut short as the troopers within the parliament building that had spotted the invaders began to open fire. As the Force barrier prevented the blaster bolts from hitting either Madalena or himself he struggled against her grip.
When safely behind the nearest cover, which Madalena had been walking towards, Cay-Yo lifted his arms and slipped down through his robe to the ground beneath. While still falling the Patitite drew his lightsaber and ignited it. The cherry red blade lit up his face once he jumped away from her, which was now fully visible. His skin was purple with glowing yellow markings across his face and head crest "You'll regret standing in my way!" his right hand brought the lightsaber blade against the pavement twice, creating narrow grooves before him, at the same time showering thin sparks into the air. Cay-Yo narrowed his eyes and with the Patitite war-cry on his lips he catapulted himself towards Madalena, spinning like a top, a red glowing blur "Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!"
Meanwhile the Troopers continued to fire their weapons at the direction of the ship that had landed. Within the Parliament building itself the sergeant of Cay-Yo's forces was in communication with wider command elements of the Copero ground forces. It was looking grim and he was certain of their pending defeat "Damn the Confederates!" he cursed and made his way to the communication console to see if he could make contact with the Jen'ari Fleet in high orbit, but communications were silent to him. The Sergeant took off his helmet and stood on the holopad, readying to broadcast a message to any official channels that would receive him. The trooper was a man in the later years of his forties, bald, and with a rugged face to match his long years of service "This is Sergeant Dial, Military Police Garrison 'Copero City', we are holding our ground at the Parliament building. Evacuation of VIPs was successful. We are not enough in number to hold this post. Requesting reinforcements or permission to regroup with Imperial forces elsewhere."

#1900854 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Cay-Yo on 12 January 2019 - 06:27 PM

Location: Copero, Copero City, Parliament Building, Communications Room
Objectives: The Disturbance in the Force
Allies: Jen'ari Empire ( Madison Liddell )
Enemies: CIS ( Coren Starchaser, Srina Talon, Darth Metus, & Co.)
Equipment: Hooded Robe, Miniaturized Lightsaber (red)
Unit Strength: 50 Imperial Sith Troopers + Cay-Yo
Stopped all that he was doing as the communication's consoles began to buzz about planetary shields having failed and multiple dropship and landing craft making their way to the planet's surface. Cay-Yo narrowed his eyes dangerously then turned around away from Madison Liddell and ended the Holo-Transmission with Diarmid. The acolyte hopped onto the consoles themselves and spoke to his troopers through it "This is Cay-Yo! The invaders are coming! Pull back into the building." At this point the troopers who were outside quickly moved into the Parliament building and barricaded the doors. The rioters outside began to scatter in fear as an unknown mood had over taken them and the local police outside who at this time could have cared less about preventing the riot or enforcing order. It was chaos. Soon the sergeant came into the communications room, bowed his head quickly, then spoke "My lord, we are in position to defend the interior of the building. But we do not have the numbers to keep those armies at bay for long. I highly suggest you activate the distress beacon."Cay-Yo considered the trooper for a few long moments then nodded in agreement "Yes! Yes, we will! Trooper have the leaders ran away yet?" A minute passed as the sergeant spoke through his comm to get a report on the evacuation while Cay-Yo activated the building's distress signal ( Darth Animus ), oncethe trooper had been given a response he looked back to Cay-Yo and nodded confidently "Yes, my lord. The evacuation was completed. The landing pads are vacant." The diminutive robed figure gave a cackle "Then let them come! Trooper you're in charge of the others. Do not fail me!" A quick salute was all Cay-Yo received as the dutiful Sith Trooper jogged off to organize the defenses of the parliament building.
Then that the communications room was filled with more information of the goings on outside. An apparent Jedi was playing some sort of music while strolling down the street. Cay-Yo gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in indignation at the man's arrogance "He'll get his!" he told himself aloud. He wouldn't be drawn out of the parliament building so easily, he had a job to do and as far as he was being informed by his own troops there wouldn't be much hopeful for a single man to break into the building - but Cay-Yo also never had seen a Jedi fight. The Patitite rubbed his temples with annoyance "Think! Think!" what could Cay-Yo do to increase his chances of success? He had fortified the building as well as he could with what office supplies the parliament building offered, his troops were under the command of a veteran soldier who would have a higher efficiency rate than Cay-Yo in all his newess could muster, and he had activated the building's distress beacon. More music began to come from the communication console "What is it with these invaders and their bad music?!" Cay-Yo shouted at the console before slamming his foot down on the Power Off button.
In the silence that ensued within the small room Cay-Yo felt it, something that pulled his attention to the corner of the room. It wasn't this empty corner, or the wall, or anything really in this building. No, it was something else entirely. This feeling pulled at him from somewhere deep in within which clearly was not a physical sensation. Cay-Yo narrowed his eyes, and jumped off the console "I have something I must do, stay with the troopers. I'll handle this." he said to Liddell in a tone that conveyed fully his conviction. The acolyte left the communications room, and briskly walked down the corridor past his troopers which were bustling around to orders he had not received. Cay-Yo's robe billowed out from under him as he jumped through a broken window at the front of the parliament building's lobby which had no doubt been caused by rioters pelting the structure with loose stone.
Cay-Yo had not been outside for quite sometime but not he could see it all, he could see the red streaks in the sky as pods and ships fell from orbit over the vast city-scape ( Darth Tacitus , Efried Halbrecht ). Around him he saw the dead and wounded Chiss from the riot strewn along the steps and in the streets. A building in a few blocks down was hit by some unknown artillery and began to collapse ( Allya Vi'Dreya ) He saw a woman standing there who was clearly not Chiss ( Srina Talon ), no she was not the source of the sensation. He saw a ship landing in the street adjacent to him ( Scherezade deWinter ) The Patitite's attention shift from her down the street on the opposite side. Yes, yes he could feel the draw once more. Cay-Yo hopped down each step one at a time as they were made for the average Chiss and not him, it was rather clumsy. Once he had hopped his final hop down the regal steps Cay-Yo pointed at the women, especially the one with the plethora of weapons "I don't know who you are, but do not interfere! I do not have time to defeat you now, buzz off invaders!" he warned in a stern tone before turning his back on her dramatically making the fringe of his robe splay out around him as he continued his quest for the source of the disturbance in the Force (Darth Metus). His steps were quick but short so he was not moving all that fast in comparison to the average person, so it would not need much effort to chase him down if they desired, but for his kind his steps were resolute, steady, and quick. He had probably moved all of 20 feet by this point.
"Blast them! Focus on the ship!" shouted a voice from the upper floors of the Parliament building as some of Cay-Yo's troopers had seen the ship land. Windows shattered and blaster bolts came raining down at a modest interval targeting the newest arrivals to the fray. While they were no marksman of note the Sith Imperial Troopers were not inaccurate at such a relatively short distance for combat. Those in the streets of next to the Parliament building would be needing to react (except for Srina Talon as they were not seen as hostile with no weapons drawn) but engaging Cay-Yo was clearly still a valid option.

#1899610 TriSpray

Posted by Cay-Yo on 10 January 2019 - 03:51 AM



  • Intent: To create an accessible First Aid product which allows characters and NPCs to treat themselves, or others, effectively from most flesh wounds until proper medical attention arrives. Combining the healing properties of Bacta with the convenience of a single use automatic spray.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Name: TriSpray
  • Manufacturer: Big Meds
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Homeworld (optional): N/A
  • Production: Minor
  • Modularity: No
  • Legal Status: Legal
  • Ingredients: Bacta, Sterilizing Agent, Topical Painkiller


  • Classification: Medical Supplies
  • Method of Consumption: Spray
  • Average Life: 30 minutes
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: Will cause hallucinations if inhaled.  



  • Near instant blood clotting on applied area
  • Restores small amounts of biological tissue over the course of 30 minutes, which will seal most minor wounds but will not seal major or grievous wounds
  • Kills 99% of known dangerous germs on applied area
  • Provides modest levels of pain relief


  • Healing effects only last for 30 minutes before the Bacta as well as the Painkiller wear off
  • Will not restore blood cells or brain cells
  • Will not restore large amounts of tissue
  • Painkilling agent is not strong enough to prevent every sensation of pain but rather takes the edge off

TriSpray was designed to make up for the fact that current emergency technology does not provide a single use, potent, and easy-to-use medical device to deliver the healing benefits of Bacta as well as the necessary wound cleaning power of most sterilizing agents in conjunction with a pain relief. Originally TriSpray would have been dubbed Bacta Now, however, after additional thought the use of sprayed bacta to treat modest wounds would not be enough to compete with alternate medical technology. Thus, the sterilizing agent and painkiller was introduced to the formula. TriSpray comes in a compact 30mL glass canister sheathed in rigid plastic. The contents are under pressure and puncturing the side will release all the contents. At the top of the TriSpray canister there is an aluminum ring shaped pull-tab which when pulled will begin to rapidly dispense the contents from the exposed hole. To operate effectively the user must point the top of the TriSpray at the wound, pull back the tab, and wait 2 seconds as the TriSpray is released. Once a TriSpray canister is used it can be disposed of.

#1899170 RT-MCP (WIP)

Posted by Cay-Yo on 09 January 2019 - 03:31 AM

Intent: An extremely modular vehicle intended for mass transportation of cargo and personnel. Essentially a futuristic train. Having the ability to pull enormous weights and dozens of cars ranging from passenger cars, gun cars, observation cars, food storage cars, research cars, and so on.
Image Source: None
Canon Link: None
Primary Source: None
Manufacturer: -
Affiliation: Closed-Market
Model: RT-MCP (Repulsorlift Transport - Mass Cargo and Personnel)
Modularity: Extremely modular in design, able to use a variety of different cars for differing purposes.
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel Frame & Exterior, Plastoid Interior, Wooden Furniture
Classification: Landspeeder
Role: Modular Mass Transport
Size:  Large - Extreme
Weight: Very Heavy - Extreme
Minimum Crew: 2 (1 Conductor, 1 Assistant)
Optimal Crew: 2 (Conductor & Assistant) + 1 Assistant Per 3 Cars (The ideal amount of people to operate the vehicle)
Propulsion: Repulsorlift
Speed: Average - Very Slow
Maneuverability: Average
Armaments: None - Average (Links: Blaster Cannon)
Defenses: Average (Links: Durasteel , Deflector Shield)
Squadron Count: None
Passenger Capacity: See Car Specifications under Special Features
Cargo Capacity: Extreme
(Detail briefly in a list format actual contents of the known abilities, special features, qualities of note. [Links: Vehicle Sensors, Approved Technology]If these are notable enough to be strengths, please add them to strengths. )
Pilot Car
  • Crew Quarters x2
  • Ground-to-Orbit Holographic Communicator
  • Holographic Planetary Map
  • Integral Small Deflector Shield
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Crew Car
Passenger Car
Observation Car
  • Starship rated Windows
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Provisions Car
  • 8 Ton Food Solid Weight Capacity
  • 2 Ton Liquid Water Weight Capacity
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Armored Defense Car
Cargo Enclosed Car
  • 300 Ton Weight Capacity
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Cargo Flatbed Car
  • 300 Ton Weight Capacity
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Vehicular Landing Pad Car
  • 15 Meter Pad
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Dining Car
  • Capacity 12
  • Luxury Amenities
  • Starship Rated Windows
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Secure Luxury Car
  • Individual lodging
  • Private Communications Network
  • Luxury amenities
  • Starship Rated Windows
  • 50% Increase of Durasteel plating
  • Integral Small Reflector Shield
  • Repulsorlift Base
  • Magnetic Quad Coupling
Infirmary Car
  • Extremely modular allowing the RT-MCP to undertake any mission in an all-terrain setting excluding deep water or aerial operational areas.
  • Narrow but long the RT-MCP can, with care, be used to transport mass amounts of cargo or personnel into areas where other extreme capacity planetary vehicles cannot due with width.
  • When being transported itself the RT-MCP can have its link (or chain of cars) detached from one another and stowed within suitable starships to be relocated
  • Mostly immune to conventional small arms attacks (Blasters, Blaster Rifles, Slugthrowers, Flamethrowers, Arrows)
(Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)
  • When carrying passengers across vast distances or research personnel they will require additional cars to support them (Personnel Cars, Food Cars, Medical Cars,etc) greatly lengthening the RT-MCP which comes with more limited speed.
  • The RT-MCP can of course be militarized with cars and used as a military transport however it cannot be used for front line combat as the RT-MCP is a large, easy to hit, and relatively fragile target when compared to purpose built heavy support vehicles like Tanks.
(Describe some of the histories behind the submission. Give us some idea of how it might perform its function, what it excels against and what some limitations of it are. This is where you talk about your idea, 
flesh it out over at least a good-sized paragraph, and address some of the ways it might be used or abused. For especially powerful or ambitious submissions, a very thorough description is recommended.)
The RT-MCP is inspired by real life trains and their evolutionary designs and modularity. Like the trains of today and the trains of the 20th century the RT-MCP would be able to transport goods and people across vast spaces in mass quantities simply not achievable by smaller or less modular designs (think trucks). Where a transport vehicle may be needed to move people and some cargo the RT-MCP could potentially move the people and all of their cargo. With enough crew and cars attached the RT-MCP would be able to effectively move a starship worth's of troops, small villages, or entire warehouse complexes by itself (although at greatly reduced speed and inversely greatly increased length due to the additional cars). This type of vehicle can thrive in just about any mission setting from exploration (no tracks required) to usual mass transit due to the ability of the owner to attach specific cars at a whim. It could, for some more combat oriented situations, be used as a mobile base of operations.
I see very few ways that this can be abused unless of course the person or people operating the vehicle decide that the combat limitations of the RT-MCP do not translate over to their specially designed "aftermarket" cars. A galaxy in an arms race tends to cause this so this is a possibility. People need to be responsible with limitations and while there are examples of armored trains being used in battle or being wholly designed for this purpose the RT-MCP is not. Any cars attached to the RT-MCP link for a weaponized purpose would be for the defense of the vehicle itself or used for limited, remote, attacks.
The RT-MCP is first and foremost a cargo vehicle meant to transport goods and people from one location to another. Additional cars are use-specific and meant to augment the quality of life of the RT-MCP in various settings.

#1898775 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Cay-Yo on 08 January 2019 - 01:45 AM

Location: Copero, Copero City, Parliament Building, Communications Room
Objectives: Maintain security of the Parliament Building, Continue the evacuation of the Politicians
Allies: Jen'ari Empire (Madison Liddell, Diarmid)
Enemies: CIS ( Coren StarchaserAmilthi Camlenn & Co.)
Equipment: Hooded Robe, Miniaturized Lightsaber (red)
Unit Strength: 50 Imperial Sith Troopers + Cay-Yo
Was still in the process of contacting the Governor and as his proclaimed ally came to get a report of the goings on he paused then looked to her "Invaders have begun fighting our fleet, the Governor here gave the order for evacuation of the leaders. Although he said nothing of the peasants so they're not allowed on the shuttles. They began to get angry and so we put them down." Cay-Yo put his arms behind his back and began to pace on the spacious (to him) holopad "I think they'll try to hurt our shields... hmm yes.. hurt them because they want on the planet!" the Patitite snapped his fingers and pointed at his ally "That's what I would do, ships don't capture planets. People do!" Cay-Yo began to pace once again but more swiftly his time. The tiny figure hustling around the pad may have been comical had the situation been different "Troopers... I don't have enough troopers!" then he realized that he did not know the woman's name "I am Cay-Yo, Acolyte of the Empire! Who are you?"
As Cay-Yo and Madison spoke SET continued to deal with the more violent parts of the growing riot while the Police dealt with the bulk of the frightened Chiss. Those that SET came into contact with, normally the ones throwing objects or trying to pull Police away from the line, ended up dead or seriously injured. This caused fear among the crowd to spread and this seemed to be by design rather than incompetence from SET. Who would dare throw a stone at servants of the Empire if the response was a swift death? This earned the troopers no small amount of bad blood with the people of Copero City who shouted at them about their oppressiveness and the injustice of preventing them to escape the city.

#1898117 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Cay-Yo on 06 January 2019 - 02:02 AM

Location: Copero, Copero City, Parliament Building

Objectives: Secure the Parliament Building, Evacuate the Politicians, Make Contact with Governor Daimid

Allies: Jen'ari Empire

Enemies: CIS

Equipment: Hooded Robe, Miniaturized Lightsaber (red)

Unit Strength: 50 Imperial Sith Troopers + Cay-Yo


The acolyte was met by one of the aids within the parliament building who frantically exclaimed "We have to evacuate! The members have already been notified by the governor!" to which Cay-Yo looked up at the Chiss and asked "So your leaders are running? Why do they abandon their people so eagerly?" This response was not what the aide was looking for and looked between the Troopers and the diminutive sith "You don't understand! If we stay he're we'll all die! You've got to do something! Take us to the evacuation point! Please!" one of the troopers looked down to Cay-Yo then back to the aide before interjecting "With respect, my Lord, our duty is to protect these Chiss. If there is an evacuation order we must help them." Cay-Yo threw his hands up dramatically "Fine! Fine! If running away is what you want, fine!" Cay-Yo looked over to the trooper that spoke to him "Trooper! Contact the others, all of SET will be here for the evacuation. But-" and he turned to look at the aide with a glare "Only the leaders. None of the peasants." Understandably this response did little to ease the frightened aid "Only the politicians?! What about me? What about everyone else? What are we supposed to do?" without letting Cay-Yo have the chance to respond the same trooper pushed the aide away with the center of his blaster rifle "You heard him, off with you! Don't let me or anyone else catch you trying to board the shuttle."


The aide scampered away and began to tell her colleagues that they wouldn't be allowed to evacuate, which began a small panic riot. SET quickly stepped in and began to disperse the crowed by force. Pushing away the Chiss that were assembling, using the butt of their blasters to knock the stronger ones away. The trooper that had been vocal again spoke, ordering the other troopers into action "Ten, and Seven - make sure those doors don't open. Thirteen if anyone tries getting into this hallway you blast them, you understand?" the only response back to him came from Ten "Yes Sergeant!" Cay-Yo was pleased with his choices and even more pleased with his troopers. They were so obedient and they carried out his orders better than he was hoping for! He could get used to this sort of feeling. Cay-Yo jumped onto a trooper's shoulder, quite the distance relatively speaking, and held onto his helmet with one hand "Trooper! Take me to the leaders!" and of course the trooper complied quickly.


The trooper quickly jogged down the hallways where Cay-Yo saw his other troopers blocking entrances as well as forcing the aides, janitors, and secretaries out of the building fiercely. The soldier which the Patitite was carried burst through an ornate double door to where plenty of the politicians fearfully chattered away over the news of the invasion force. Cay-Yo spoke loudly "Leaders! Leaders!" but his small voice was drowned out by the noise. The trooper below Cay-Yo hoisted his blaster into the air and fired off a single bolt into the air which impacted the ceiling loudly. This sound silenced the room, all eyes turned to Cay-Yo, and a voice called out from a far "What was that all about?!" Cay-Yo patted the trooper's helmet although the trooper would not be able to feel this then spoke again "Leaders! You are be evacuated to safety by the grace of the Jen'ari Empire, and the Emperor's most valiant SET. Do not fear, we will take good care of you. We will lead you to safety - shuttles will be waiting to take you to a secure location." With their greatest fears set aside the politicians slowly calmed themselves and began to ask the troopers who had just returned from patrolling on Cay-Yo's orders where they should go. Cay-Yo had no idea where the evacuation site was but the troopers under his command were more knowledgeable. SET began to efficiently escort the members of parliament to the evacuation site where indeed several shuttles awaited them guarded by Copero City Police and indigenous Chiss military personnel.


So far the evacuation was going smoothly. The members of parliament were being loaded quickly onto their escape shuttles, SET had regrouped all of their men into the building, and the panic riots were being dealt with as well as could be expected by such a small force. Accidents do happen though and thirty minutes into the evacuation twelve Chiss lay dead at the steps of the parliament building having been shot by SET when they attempted to enter the building by force. By this point Copero City Police had arrived to take control of the situation and to prevent the deaths of more of their people at the hands of the Imperial military police. Cay-Yo made his way to the communications room of the parliament building and sent a message to the governor himself, the holopad glowing to life as it took in the Patitite's form "Governor Diarmid, this is Acolyte Cay-Yo of the Jen'ari Empire. I lead SET and we have begun evacuation of your politicians. Do not fear Governor, I will protect your building." he spoke with pride and certainty.

#1896958 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Cay-Yo on 03 January 2019 - 01:09 AM

Location: Copero System, Planet of Copero, Planetary Capital

Objective: Enforcement of Imperial Orders, Asset Protection, Counter Espionage

Allies: The Jen'ari Empire

Enemies: Confederacy of Independent Systems

Equipment: Hooded Robe, Miniaturized Standard Lightsaber (red)

Unit Strength: 50 Imperial Sith Troopers + Cay-Yo



Cay-Yo was introduced to his platoon of military police troopers a few days prior to his arrival on Copero, bringing the endorsement required to command the fifty man strong unit. Their location was the capital of Copero and their objectives were simple. They were to ensure that the Imperial decrees were followed without failure by both the citizenry and military within the limits of the capital. They were to protect the assets within their jurisdiction whether they be VIPs, government buildings, or strategically significant installations. Additionally they were to actively seek out and eliminate suspected clandestine enemies of the Jen'ari Empire without hesitation to prevent effective espionage.


While his unit was numerically small they were diligent, trained, and most importantly loyal. Cay-Yo's physical stature left much to be desired for his ability to fulfill his objectives but his men were more than sufficient to make up for this short coming. What Cay-Yo brought to the table was tenacity and a fervent desire to succeed along with the Force. The acolyte had given orders to his unit, now dubbed the Security Enforcement Team (SET) to encourage cooperation from the local Chiss, to create regular patrol routes around the most important infrastructure locations in pairs (2 man groups). No more than 24 SET Troopers (12 Pairs) were on patrol at a time with the remainder of SET, including Cay-Yo, guarding the primary government building. Bringing the total to 24 Patrolling and 26 Guarding SET Troopers within the capital. With regular radio check-ins every half hour and intersecting speeder routes for ease of reinforcement SET had created a net of conspicuous security. An uninspiring standard formation but one that had proven itself to be effective with law enforcement since the doctrine's conception.


#1890259 Life in The Jen'ari Empire - Sandbox Thread

Posted by Cay-Yo on 08 December 2018 - 11:43 PM

The imperial scout vessel made it's approach to the planet's spaceport, appearing unscathed and well maintained. It showed no signs of the chase that had taken it far from Imperial space while being hunted by the Chiss interceptor. The pilot gave the landing information to port traffic control which cleared him for landing with hiscargo. Once the ship landed and the pilot opened the ramp the scout escorted Cay-Yo to the landing pad from the vessel. Cay-Yo was approached by an low-ranking officer who greeted him appropriately as a guest to which Cay-Yo folded his hands behind his back and nodded in thanks. The diminutive Patitite was extraordinarily small compared to most species in the Galaxy and this made it rather awkward for the officer to keep pace with Cay-Yo without quickly leaving him behind in stride.


"I will be taking you to those who have a place for you, Cay-Yo." the officer informed Cay-Yo as they walked slowly out of the space port's walls "You may find Jena'tes to be foreign to your particular experiences... however I am certain that you will find the accommodations fitting." to which Cay-Yo responded "I am not here for comfort, I want to meet these people I was told would make me powerful. That is the reason I am here." clearly the officer was not unfamiliar with demands being made of him and responded in an even tone "You will be received by whoever you're intended to be received by, when they intend to receive you. Until that time I will be your escort."


(OOC: This is my character's introduction to the Jen'ari Empire from his home planet. He was brought by an Imperial scout who recognized his force powers. This is open to anyone.)

#1890098 Cay-Yo

Posted by Cay-Yo on 08 December 2018 - 02:15 AM

NAME: Cay-Yo

FACTION: The Jen'ari Empire

RANK: Acolyte

SPECIES: Patitite

AGE: 23

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 0.4 meters (~15.75 Inches)

WEIGHT: 141.74 grams (~5 Ounces)

EYES: White sclera with Orange (bio-luminescent) irises, sclera glow dimly the color of the iris in darkness

HAIR: None

SKIN: Purple with yellow bio-luminescent stripes.





STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Cay-Yo suffers from what all his people suffer from, a comparatively negligible physical capacity. In the greater realm of the galaxy the Patitite are not known for their strength, if they are known at all. Further Cay-Yo is quick to take insult from those he presumes are treating him as inferior due to his species. After all, Cay-Yo has the Force, how many - no matter their size - can say the same? He is not defined by his size but by his determination, and in Cay-Yo's mind he is formidable. Cay-Yo has a natural knack for technology just as most Patitite have been shown to have, although this does not mean he is a technological prodigy nor is he especially talented.


APPEARANCE: Cay-Yo is an averagely sized Patitite. Cay-Yo wears a large cloak and hood in the traditional dark side style which obscures his face, and heavily outlines his head crest. Beneath the shadows of his hood his face emits a golden glow from the bio-luminescent stripes that cover most of his body. Beneath the robe he wears a grey sleeveless shirt, black loose-fitting pants, and black boots. Cay-Yo's stripes are arranged symmetrically with three stripes on his head crest. The middle stripe bisecting his face down to the tip of his nose, the other two on the left and right of the middle stripe lead down past the eyes to the cheek bone. A single stripe from his jawline flows upward towards the corners of his mouth on each side of his face. He has two equally spaced yellow stripes on his upper arm, five equally spaced stripes horizontal on each leg, and three stripes on either side of his torso connecting only at the spine.



BIOGRAPHY: During the expansionist war between the Jen’ari Empire and the Chiss the planet of Patitite Pattuna became involved with an interstellar chase between an Imperial scout ship and a Chiss interceptor. The scout craft was probing neutral space for signs of weakness from the Chiss fleet defenses when it was suddenly pursued by an interceptor craft patrolling the exact same systems on a counter-intelligence operation. Being outgunned the Imperial scout vessel followed protocol and attempted to break contact with the interceptor. The Chiss interceptor was given orders to pursue the scout ship until given further orders from sector command. Thus, the great race began leading to several different systems while straying further and further from Jen’ari and Chiss space until it arrived in the Bright Jewel Sector – home to the famous sector capital of Ord Mantell. Knowing the interceptor crew would most likely expect the scout vessel to land on Ord Mantell due to it’s neutrality, the Imperial scout instead moved to the next system within the sector to land on the obscure planet of the Patitite. Initially found in the Clone Wars by Republic droids the coordinates were logged, and the inhabitants detailed in a rudimentary manner and were listed as mostly harmless with no known predators of note for hostile wildlife. This made an idea location to hunker down and wait for the Interceptor to lose the trail. Once the scout had landed the craft, he was met by the native population who greeted him warily. The scout explained that he would be leaving the planet soon and had no intention of staying, and that he meant the Patitite no harm. During the few nights that the scout stayed on planet the natives brought to his attention a powerful Patitite known as Cay-Yo who commanded respect from his peers due to his supernatural abilities. The scout was intrigued by this and secretly believed that the Patitite was a force adept, and that bringing this “Cay-Yo” to the Sith may lead to a promotion. Requesting to have an audience with Cay-Yo the Patitite agreed and brought him to the famed native. There meeting was full of discussion on topics involving Cay-Yo’s abilities, the origins and purpose of the Jen’ari Empire, and what Cay-Yo could become if he agreed to return to the Empire with the scout. Cay-Yo agreed quickly to the proposition, seeing no reason to refuse the invitation. Cay-Yo also believed that with the help of the Jen’ari perhaps one day he could return to Patitite Pattuna and rule as the infamous Hay-Zu did during the Clone Wars – but instead of being feared and reviled by his peers, glorified as a bringer of a new era.


Founding of Big Meds


Invasion of Copero (CIS v TJE) 



SHIP: None