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The Star Spire

25 April 2019 - 08:50 PM


  • Intent: To create a trade hub location for the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the planet of Geonosis so that there will be a clear center of trade for not only the planet but for the wider faction space.
  • ​Image Credit: N/A
  • Canon: N/A 
  • Links: N/A
  • Special Note: The Points of Interest are arranged in order of height. The top of the POI will be the top of the star port while at the bottom the the areas marked with a "-" of the same color will be parallel to one another.


  • Spaceport Name: The Star Spire
  • LocationGeonosis
  • Affiliation: Ministry of Commerce, Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • ClassificationGalaxy Class
  • PopulationHeavily Staffed
  • Accessibility: A widely known location and famed for being a monument to trans-stellar trade the Star Spire is also renown for its heavily guarded airspace. The greater the symbol the more attractive to destructive forces.
  • TrafficCongestedthe Star Spire's traffic is handled by an enormous team of air traffic controllers to handle the large amount incoming vessels and outgoing vessels with diligence to prevent accidents.
  • Description: A glimmering mirror-like silver spire reaching 9,000 meters into the red haze of its host planet, Geonosis. From the top of the spire downward in a tight spiral are numerous hangar bays. The largest hangars are located at the base of the star port while the smallest are sized for light freighters, shuttles, and so on. In the massive footprint of the colossal structure is a shining port-town.


  • Executive Hangars Custom made hangars to accommodate expensive diplomatic shuttles these hangars are shielded with space borne carrier shields as well as ray shields to prevent unauthorized entry. Ensuring maximum security of their guests the Star Spire security forces have a dozen guard checkpoint per each of these hangars. The Executive Hangars sit at the top of the Star Spire.
  • Traffic Management Center The Traffic Management Center or TMC is a two floor operational area dedicated to the safe routing and information distribution to pilots disembarking from and en route to the Star Spire. It is here that the operational efficiency of the Star Spire is drawn. Decisions made here are paramount to decrees made by the Vicelord himself, while within it's airspace, as failure to comply is met with arrest, sanctions, confiscations, or the order for termination - the destruction of a vessel for presenting an uncontainable threat to the Star Spire and it's denizens.
  • Comet's Reach The Comet's Reach is a highly exclusive upper level floor of the Star Spire which is of an ultra modern design used to host trade related conferences with the Confederacy's upper echelons. The Comet's Reach provides a stunning view of the planet below and is not for the faint of the heart to view from the windows. The Comet's Reach is characterized by the amphitheater like room with three tiers, and central podium, centered on the logo of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This amphitheater can hold 500 seated occupants. This is the highest level of the Star Spire which occupied by those who are not pilots, maintenance droids, cargo handlers, or employees of the Traffic Management Center.
  • Embassy of Commerce Below the renown Comet's Reach is the Embassy of Commerce staffed by employees of the Confederacy's economic administration, the Ministry of Commerce. Here the ministry can put into effect the trade agreements forged by the representatives who meet just above them. The Embassy of Commerce is comprised of four floors and houses 1,000 employees.
  • Light Freighter Hangars These hangars are designed to fit two Light Freighter type vessels simultaneously although they could also be used to hold a single medium freighter should there be an emergency. Fully staffed with repair droids, cargo handlers, and medical staff in case of emergencies. These hangars comprise the upper tiers of the Star Spire and are gated by shielding common in space borne carriers to keep organic species that are sensitive to high altitude comfortable.
  • Pilot's Resource Center The Pilot's Resource Center is not a simple floor but a four floor complex used for the caring of organic pilots. Within the four designated floors between the Light and Medium Freighter Hangars is a clinic, dining facilities, and payment center.
  • Medium Freighter Hangars These hangars can fight not only one medium freighter but two simultaneously. These hangars make up the majority of the Star Spire's hangar collection. They are fully staffed with repair droids, cargo handlers, and medical staff to treat pilots and their crew should accidents have occurred in transit or landing. While they can be closed with a single automatic closing gate, the traffic in and out of these hangars are so great that this is rarely used unless the hangar is undergoing maintenance.
  • Star Spire Defense Hangars This location would not be feasible without on-site defensive interceptors. The hangars house a collective of twelve (12) squadrons for the sole purpose of defending the Star Spire and the Port-town of Spire. Starfighters are scrambled from this location on the orders of the Traffic Management Center.
  • Nebula Hangars Some of the largest hangars to ever be built could fit a dozen medium freight starcraft. These cavernous rooms are so vast that to transverse the width of them is to require vehicular transport. These are the lowest of the hangars along the spire. Vessels that require such hangar capacity are cleared two days ahead of arrival so that the airspace is reserved for their lumbering hulls. When not in use the Nebula Hangars are closed off with titanic double gates that slide across rails.
  • Mass Transit Center The Mass Transit Center or MTC is the central location where airspeeder taxi services and airbus services are deployed from. Several locations throughout the city are dotted with receiving platforms. This location is treated as a low security area to allow for the quick movement of goods and individuals.
  • Palace of Commerce The Palace of Commerce is so called as it comprises the lowest levels of the Star Spire and is fully dedicated to trade. Tens of thousands of traders of all sorts gather here at the base of the star port to buy and sell hundreds of millions of credits daily of weapons, materials, consumable goods, starcraft, landspeeders, and airspeeders. This is the lowest civilian accessible location of the Star Spire and is heavily patrolled by security forces.
  • Port-town of Spire The Port-town of Spire, officially known as the Autonomous City of the Star Spire , is a city of merchants, employees, craftsmen, innovators, and corporate directors who all work at the Star Spire. This city is expansive, circling the base of the Star Spire and sporting a population of a million. Several spire like buildings jut out from the surface but pale in comparison to the height of the Star Spire itself. This city is administrated by the Ministry of Commerce of the Confederacy of Independent Star Systems. This was done to symbolize that while the Star Spire is located on Geonosis the Star Spire is the Confederacy's feat and not the possession of one system.
  • Trade Enforcement Office The Trade Enforcement Office resides within the Port-town of Spire and acts as both civil and customs enforcement. Trade Enforcement Agents are mostly organic species in demographics with supporting operations provided by droid counterparts. Sporting only a blaster pistol and plastoid breastplate they are not intended to carry out militant operations outside of the city.
  • Residential District From the very first months of construction there had been those who jockeyed for permanent living space near the starport. Planners set aside a ring like district inside of the port's defenses for permanent habitation. Mass living arrangements are erected in the shape of spires which can house hundreds of influential merchants and pilots in near luxury conditions. This area while economically prohibitive is open to the public.
  • Subterranean Maintenance Systems Beneath all the grandeur of the starport is a vast labyrinth of interconnected passage ways and cavernous mass transit system purpose built for the defense of the starport in the event of an attack. Essentially a bunker town the Subterranean Maintenance Systems publicly known as the SMS isexplained to most as glorified maintenance and support structure access points to hide the true nature of this crucial defense apparatus. Within these hidden warehouses and passage ways reside the power systems and control systems for the starport's turbolaser batteries, droid activation and information dissemination arrays, and a small army of B-Series B1 Battle Droids.
  • Joint Operations Secure Location The Joint Forces Secure Location (JOSL) was built with the intention of providing the Knights Obsidian and Dauntless Commandos a secured location to utilize between deployments based from the Starspire or in the case of a catastrophic planetary event a refuge for both to reconvene. This location is the size of a standard starship hangar with room enough to house 200 and several years worth of food, ammunition, and medical supplies. Knowledge of the JOSL is regulated to the senior Knights Obsidian or Dauntless Officers.

SECURITY: Maximum (list defenses, troop #, turrets, shields, etc)

The Star Spire was imagined by the opulent merchant class and multiple technology guilds of the Confederacy to be an outward symbol of strength and prosperity to the galaxy at large. As the Confederacy had been reborn and it had seen successful expansion to include multiple systems and sectors very few architectural monuments to success were ever erected. The birthplace of the Confederacy was not as grandiose as it could be. Vicelord Metus was petitioned for permission to build the starport in honor of the Conferderacy's success. Although he was and remains skeptical of the exorbitant cost of the project he approved the construction of the Star Spire.


Construction was swift with battalions of droids used in labor every single second of the day, materials poured into Geonosis on a scale that had not been seen in centuries. Within months the super-structure of the star port had been pieced together. Along with it came the first settlers around the port creating the Port-Town of Spire, further funding the project for prime office space and trading rights. Construction concluded a year after it had begun.

Gem Guard

03 March 2019 - 12:46 AM

NPC Combat Unit Template 3.0
This template should be used to construct combat units and is ideal for mercenary groups, military combat groups, private sector forces, royal protection details, and other combat units with specific tasks/missions/designations that make up a larger cohesive army for factions. This template is NOT for entire armies.

  • Intent: To create a unit dedicated to Cay-Yo as well as the foundational lore for a lore into Cay-Yo's attempts into making the Patitite a recognized people.
  • Image Credit: -
  • Role: This is a loyal band of elite Patitite warriors from Patitite Pattuna that have decided to follow Cay-Yo into battle. Mainly a protective detail.
  • LinksPatititePatitite Pattuna


  • Unit Name: Gem Guard
  • Affiliation: Cay-Yo
  • Classification: Melee Specialists, Protection Detail
  • Equipment:
    • Durasteel Sword (5.5 Inches)
    • Kyber Crystal Head & Gold Shaft Pike (2.5 Feet)
    • Purple Plastoid Breastplate with golden scroll work
    • Purple Forearm & Elbow Guards with golden trim
    • Purple Plastoid Shin & Knee Guards with golden trim
    • Purple Patitite Face-Shaped Mask with golden accents
    • Black Hooded Swallowtail Cape
    • Black Shirt & Pants


  • Description: Finely dressed in rich purple, gold accented, armor and black clothing these masked warriors are famous for their martial prowess despite their diminutive size. Taking the traditional melee combat of the Patitite and refining it to a quasi-religious code of practice the Gem Guard are named after the sector from which Patitite Pattuna is held - the Bright Jewel Sector. While there is more than one Gem Guard unit there are not many to go around. It is rare enough to find Patitite let alone those who would willingly devote their lives to following Cay-Yo then further living by the codes of conduct devised by Cay-Yo and his Gem Guards.

COMBAT INFORMATION: The combination of Unit Size and Availability below is the indicator of how numerous your unit is. Stormtroopers for instance would be considered Large/Common, while Rogue Squadron would be a Small/Unique unit. Majority Force User Units are prohibited from being Common or Large. The stronger and more specialized your unit is (FU or NFU), the smaller and less common it should be.

  • Unit SizeSmall (6 Individuals known as Fragment)
  • Unit AvailabilityRare
  • Unit ExperienceElite
  • Combat Function: To accompany Cay-Yo into battle. If Cay-Yo is leading an infiltration team or attempting to head to the front lines this unit will do their best to assist Cay-Yo in his objective through use of their melee prowess. While competent their physically small size means that the unit will normally rely on numerical advantage to quickly defeat a foe, making use of their pikes to stab their targets into a particular advantageous direction. Lacking in any form of ranged weaponry they require allied units or individuals to deal with distant threats. Gem Guard operate in 6 Patitite teams known as Fragments.


  • Melee Specialists: Melee combat is the primary form of conflict on Patitite Pattuna and thus has made the Patitite particularly skilled in this area of battle as the majority of the universe has moved onto ranged weaponry such as blasters or lasers.
  • Our Saga: While not suicidal the Gem Guards will stand by their leader or objective till the very end. The Patitite are not known for their regard for being fearful in the face of overwhelming odds or large foes. This mixed with their tendency for armed conflict has made the idea of a glorious death romantic in their minds.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: As individually skilled as they are the Gem Guards know that the chances of just one of them defeating a competent opponent on the field of battle in a timely manner is slim. These warriors fight together using group tactics to distract, encircle, and slay their foes.


  • Relatively Weak: The strongest Patitite is not physically as strong as the average Ewok let alone Human. About the only comparable sentient species in terms of strength would be the Zilken.
  • A More Civilized Age: The Patitite may have the capacity to create and utilized weaponry the Gem Guard prefer the more popular (among Patitite) and traditional melee weaponry. While not hapless in ranged combat they are untrained and out of their depth against all ranged units except for Rabble.

The Gem Guard is a band of elite warriors recruited from the warriors of Patitite Pattuna to follow Cay-Yo and his contrived code of honor known as the "Grand Gem". The Grand Gem is a list of tenets written by Cay-Yo through what he believes as enlightenment given to him via magic (the Force, although he does not recognize it by that name).

  1. Loyalty is Heroic
  2. Heroes are Glorious
  3. Glory is Battle
  4. Betrayal is Death
  5. Cowardice is Inglorious

As can be readily seen the Grand Gem emphasizes loyalty between the Gem Guards as paramount with disloyalty being punished by death. The Gem Guard eagerly await battle to pursue glory with their Fragments so that they will be known as heroes. To this end each Gem Guard continually practices for battle and ponders on the deeper meanings of the Grand Gem creed. Unknown to Cay-Yo and the Gem Guard their creed vaguely resembles contemporary Force Religions and past Force Cults.


As a military force the Gem Guard is ideally deployed near their objectives so as to give the enemy as little time as possible to use their inevitable range advantage against the Guard. The Gem Guard preform front combat duties on a more general scale when attached to a larger infantry unit that they can use as distractions and cover against their larger foes. Close Quarters combat is where the agile Gem Guard thrive.


The Gem Guard through discipline and willpower will do their best to preform professionally although those Patitite that are newer to the Guard can be quite outwardly enthusiastic about the prospect of battle.

"Moonbeam" Interceptor

28 January 2019 - 12:03 AM


  • Intent: To create a personal Starfighter for Cay-Yo.
  • Image Source: I made it in MS Paint... don't judge me!
  • Canon Link: -
  • Primary Source: -


  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Cay-Yo
  • Affiliation: Cay-Yo
  • Model: "Moonbeam"
  • ProductionUnique

  • Material: Durasteel, Ion Thruster Components, Scaled down Starship components, Glass, Rubber, Fabric, Plastic, Copper


  • Classification: Interceptor
  • Length: 1 Meter
  • Width: 2 Meters
  • Height: 50 Centimeters
  • ArmamentLow
  • DefensesVery Low
  • Squadron CountNone: 1
  • Maneuverability RatingExtreme.
  • Speed Rating Very High
  • Hyperdrive ClassNone


  • Standard Life Support System
  • Magnetic Landing Gear
  • Dual Ion Thruster Engine
  • Durasteel Frame
  • Durasteel Covering
  • Reinforced Glass Cockpit
  • Fleet Communication Radio
  • Minimal Navigational Display


  • Dual Joystick Steering Input System
  • Electric Sphere Projector


  • Electric Sphere Projector: This weapon was specially designed for this interceptor. Due to the small size of the vessel it is improbable that the weaponry it could potentially carry could destroy its intended targets. Therefore the ESP was designed to disable the Moonbeam's targets instead of destroying them outright. This is achieved by projecting or "shooting" a powerful electric sphere into a target (ideally the engines) in hopes of creating enough electrical disturbance that the ship's systems shut down. The shutdown of the vessel is completely up to the systems that ship contains. Anti-EMP systems will make a difference.
  • U-Turn Is Always Possible: The Moonbeam is a marvel of agility and speed. This starfighter can easily run in tight circles around other larger starfighters. To try and make the most of the ship's dexterity the Moonbeam is controlled by the pilot, who is laying on their stomach, with two joysticks for maneuvering. These sticks also contain the trigger and various other buttons for ship systems.
  • Easily Overlooked: Stealth by size! While enemy ship sensors may pick up the Moonbeam's signature it is unlikely that, in the void of space, the naked eye will be able to acquire a visual on the diminutive vessel - especially at speed.
  • Speed Demon: The Moonbeam can reach incredible speeds in a very short amount of time and will be able to outpace other starfighters except for the quickest Interceptors.


  • Non-Lethal: The Moonbeam is not equipped with lethal options. The ESP is its only weapon. Unless the target falls into planetary orbit, struck by another ship, or is destroyed by debris it is wholly impossible that the Moonbeam's ESP will destroy the ship or its occupants.
  • No Shields: There is only so much you can pack into something so small, and a shield generator is not one of them.
  • Weight-class Limitations: More so than with most any other vessel the Moonbeam will find it hard to punch above its weight class. Bombers, Fighters, Light Freighters, Dropships, and other Interceptors will be the only targets that this vessel can engage with certainty.
  • Compact: When something so compact is hit with something so randomly destructive, say a blaster bolt, it is bound to hit something vital. Critical damage is almost guaranteed if the Moonbeam suffers even a glancing blow.

Description: The Moonbeam is, at the time of its creation, the only space worthy vessel in the galaxy made specifically for a Patitite pilot. As the Patitite are a small species the Moonbeam reflects this in its unusually compact design. The advantages to this small ship is its unrivaled maneuverability and its considerable speed. The disadvantages are draw from this. Being a small vessel there is only so much room for technology to be equipped, especially since nanotechnology is uncommon. These limitations have prevented the installation of power sensor systems, shields, ECM, heavy hitting torpedoes, hyperdrive, and large blasters. Instead the Moonbeam is equipped with a custom integral weapon, the Electric Sphere Projector or ESP. The ESP is a disabling weapon designed to cripple the electrical systems of starfighters via small spheres of highly condensed electrical energy. While it may take several hit for the ESP to cripple a starfighter the ESP has a moderately quick rate of fire of about 1 sphere per second.


Abuse for the Moonbeam would entail not taking a single reasonable hit in a combat between it another player pilot. It is not credible to believe that another pilot could not land a single, if not glancing, blow on another ship no matter its speed or agility unlessthe starfighter they are piloting is woefully inadequate to combating the Moonbeam's strengths - such as a dropship. Starfighters with mostly balanced speed, arms, agility, and defenses will also find it hard to land hits on the Moonbeam as those vessels are typically too slow to keep up or position themselves advantageously. This does not mean those vessels are defenseless, rear-facing weaponry will still pose a credible threat to the Moonbeam.


ECM, EMP, Mines, and Flak would be particularly dangerous to the Moonbeam as they are usually based off AoE and the Moonbeam does not have an answer to these threats.


27 January 2019 - 09:03 PM



  • Intent:  To create a standard weapon for the C-Series droids.
  • Image Source: -
  • Canon Link:  -
  • Primary Source: -



  • Classification: Laser Weapon
  • Size: Very Small
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: 50 Uses
  • Reload Speed: Very Slow

  • Effective Range: Personal (Blaster Pistol)
  • Rate of Fire: Extreme
  • Stopping Power: Very Low
  • Recoil: None


  • Backpack Powercell with Cord
  • Handheld Laser Emitter
  • 10 Beam Burst


  • Rate of Fire: In a world of semi-automatic blasters this weapon can fire 10 individual beams of energy in the time it takes to shoot 2 blaster bolts.
  • Searing: The weapon uses a needle thick beam of photons to burn away flesh and material. Against most biological material the beams are highly effective.
  • Recoiless: The weapon utilizes not ionized gas but pure light focused by a series of lenses. This type of weapon would produce no recoil.


  • Low Stopping Power: This weapon is not a blaster and works off of photons. There would be no weight behind the beams. Additionally the beams are the thickness of a needle with the penetrating power of just a few millimeters into most mundane metals.
  • Reloading Method: The weapon sources power from a powerpack within a fabric backpack attached to the user by two shoulder straps and a waist strap. A cord connects the laser emitter to the backpack's powerpack. The powerpack must be completely removed from the backpack and a new pack place within before the weapon is able to reload.
  • TinyThe weapon was designed for use by Patitite and the C-Series droids made in their image. It is unsuitable to use by most species that are not of comparable size.

The CY-L1 is a weapon designed for use by the C-Series battle droids modeled after the Patitite of Patitite Pattuna. It utilizes a comparatively large powerpack for its weapon size to create focused beams of light that burn through organic material with ease. The powerpack for this weapon is stored in a fabric backpack attached to the uses back via three straps; two shoulder straps and a waist strap. From the backpack is a braided power cord that connects the handheld emitter (two hands required) to the backpack.It is usable in most liquid environments such as aquatic worlds, but is only half as potent. It is also usable in the vacuum of space at full power.


Abuse is possible if the penetrating power of the CY-L1 is overstated in regards to use against metallic materials. This is very much an anti-biological weapon (fabric, plants, wood, flesh, bone, etc.).

C-Series Droids

27 January 2019 - 09:01 PM



  • Intent: To create a new mass-produced infantry droid series for the Confederacy of Independent Systems to bolster the droid army and replace aging B-series battle droids in some regards.
  • Image Source: -
  • Canon Link: -
  • Primary Source: -



  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 198 Grams
  • Height: 40 Centimeters
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: None
  • Misc. Equipment: Night Vision


  • Thumbs and Fingers
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Plastoid Casing
  • Combat Droid Programming
  • Combat Droid Command Programming
  • Galatic Standard Audio Projector
  • Galactic Standard Audio Receptors (2)
  • Visible light Receptors (x2)
  • Low-Light Vision Enabler (x2)
  • C-Series Standard (C-S) Variant
  • C-Series Tactical (C-T) Variant


  • Dime a Dozen: The C-Series droid uses less expensive materials and far less material in general when compared to the B-Series battle droids of the historical CIS Droid Army. This means that C-Series droids can be produced for a fraction of the cost of a B-Series, allowing those resources to be used on other projects.
  • ModularWhile the small frame of the C-series does not allow for many integral hardware options the functioning fingers and thumbs of the C-series, like the B-Series, allows the C-series droids to wield a variety of weaponry.
  • Small Targets: The C-Series droids are modeled after the Patitite of Patitite Pattuna and thus are extremely small when compared to other species of the Galaxy. For those without steady aim hitting these droids may prove challenging.


  • Fragile: These droids have non-steel frames and glorified plastic for armoring. In terms of combat a single hit from a sturdy hit from a metal pipe or a single blaster bolt from a holdout blaster would be enough to completely destroy the droid.
  • Short: With such a short height these little machines can be impeded by any large obstacle such as a three foot wall.
  • Special WeaponryThe C-Series droids can only use weapons suited to their size and specifically designed to be used by either Patitite or the droids themselves.

The C-Series droid is a diminutive sleek combat droid modeled after the Patitite of Patitite Pattuna. The droid stands 40 centimeters from the top of its triple pronged head-crest to the feet. The droid is painted a purple color with three horizontal yellow stripes on its torso. What makes the C-Series versatile is the functional hands and general combat programming borrowed from B1 droids. Each hand has three fingers and a thumb. The eyes are yellow circles placed into the otherwise featureless blank mask-like face of the droid. The C-Series droid comes in currently 2 Variants the C-S and the C-T which stand for C-Series Standard and C-Series Tactical respectively. The C-T variant is visually identical to the C-S variant with the exception of of a single vertical yellow stripe that bisects the face of the droid between its photoreceptors. The C-T variant mirrors the role of the OOM Command unit, directing C-S droids to complete objectives and planning strategy.


Due to the fragility of the C-Series I doubt abuse could be had with them unless the player using the C-Series decided that Small Targests means untargetable.