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Jerec Asyr

Jerec Asyr

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In Topic: We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

Yesterday, 01:14 PM


ENEMY: Vanessa Vantai
ALLIES: Dax Fyre Kimiko Taiyo


Comms reception was still, by design, down. All the way down. That hostile transmission wasn’t getting through - but coordination, apart from the details of the Starburst tactic, remained a challenge. And not just coordination.

All that to say, by the time Jerec and corvette X1 knew X2 was in trouble, the other corvette resembled a tin can. A spark and a flare told him X2 had just lost its shields, too. Good thing it remained, like the other ships, too far away for the Sith guns.

But not too far away from the unknown weapon. Some kind of MCPS, maybe? Those were supposed to be mythical. An extreme-range tensor field? A nauseated fear roiled in Jerec’s gut as he considered the stronger possibility that this was a Sith Lord at work, one strong enough to reach out and grip a starship from outside turbolaser range.

On the other hand, it looked like the weapon or Sith Lord could only target one ship at a time. X2 was in real trouble, but -- he squinted at the long-range sensors -- K2 had cancelled its retreat with the pressure off.

On the other hand, that silver lining objectively sucked. Given enough time, whatever-it-was could pick off the smaller ships one by one and kill hundreds.

But on the other hand, the Sith commander had just run out of time entirely.

Admiral Aviccu’s scarred flagship D1 exited hyperspace behind the XoXaans, as the Sith had no doubt anticipated. It did so, however, at long range, where it couldn’t shoot the XoXaans nor the XoXaans shoot it.

And it appeared in a cloud of dozens upon dozens of starfighters.

Comparable fighters poured from the other ORC ships. Two hundred fresh, undamaged attack craft, significantly outnumbering the XoXaans’ ten-squadron contingent, began to close in from all directions. The Sith pilots might have the discipline to maintain precise and risky formations while under the noise of the sustained EM probe bombardment, but that had only been half the probes’ chaotic job.

The other half was to unutterably bork both visual and sensor-based targeting of the incoming fighters, giving them real cover to close the gap without getting torn apart. The capital ships’ last wave of hundreds of EM probes offered further cover, racing ahead of the fighter formations. All of the above, sans capital ships, closed in on the Sith battleships at the heart of the bubble.

A Nagata-class corvette torpedo bomber could pull 60MGLT, comparable to a bomber. Nothing special, but enough to join the charge. As X2 peeled away to potential safety, Jerec spun X1 and dived toward the red ships.

He couldn’t do a darn thing about contacting the other ships, not with external comms down, but he routed his personal music files through X1’s intercom. He knew they felt as he felt. This had been part of the plan.

Strident war music blared out through X1’s cramped halls, representing the enemy: implacable, seemingly untouchable. Sensors indicated that, despite the ongoing bombardment from the heavy cruisers’ long-range turbolasers, no enemy ship had taken damage. Not so much as a scuff on the paint.

But as the starfighter hellstorm converged on the big ships - none of which had any gun smaller or more maneuverable than a heavy turbolaser, totally unsuitable for surviving small craft - a lonesome and defiant fiddle wove its way into the harmony.


In Topic: We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

13 May 2019 - 01:27 PM



ENEMY: Vanessa Vantai

ALLIES: Dax Fyre Kimiko Taiyo



The XoXaans hadn’t managed to significantly narrow the long-range gap between them and the Majestics, so when they turned to broadside, that gap grew even longer. The SBeam cannons’ average range couldn’t really bring full power to bear on such a distant target.


But even at such diminished capacity, five small Star Destroyers’ worth of broadsides tore into the back end of M1 like a hungry Hutt at a buffet.


Plasma blasts washed over the shields and punched through the fleeing heavy cruiser’s hull. M1’s engines coughed and struggled, hurting its acceleration. If the XoXaans hadn’t sacrificed all that relative velocity to bring their broadside cannons to bear, they’d likely have approached standard weapons range. If they turned again, they might be able to catch it. For now, however, the kiting Majestics kept hammering away at the Corrupter and the close-in fighter screen with their long-range batteries, largely outside the effective reach of even the SBeam broadsides.


Frigate K2, however, was not so lucky. It had no way of countering or even clearly diagnosing the titanic stresses that a Sith Lord was applying to its hull. Its captain, absent Admiral Aviccu’s guidance, gave the order to pull away from the ‘bubble’ formation around the enemy and head for the potential safety of the other ORC fleets.


Meanwhile, unanswered, hundreds of electromagnetic probes washed over the five XoXaans from all directions. Sensor noise and physical contacts ripped through carefully coordinated starfighter screens, radically increasing chances of collision and confusion. A second wave of probes followed to cement the chaos at the heart of the bubble.


As of now, all TF scarlet ships -- other than the drifting rubble of frigate K3 -- remained outside standard weapon ranges.


In Topic: Darknet Cage Match Round Two: WIN A BUS

13 May 2019 - 12:49 PM

Round Two fights are UP.

In Topic: We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

11 May 2019 - 12:45 AM


ENEMY: Vanessa Vantai

Aviccu, Jerec realized, was taking a serious risk upon himself and his command ship. The Nebula designated D1, fighters still in its hangars, was facing down two XoXaans by itself. It couldn't last long.

Long enough, though. The other three XoXaans had committed to getting kited. The faster Majestics were now running away at pretty much the exact same speed as the XoXaans and their hard burn. That consistent distance, just outside standard weapons range, severely blunted the edge of the XoXaans’ guns - but was quite comfortable for the Majestics’ long-range cannons, quite a few of which could point backward. Meanwhile Jerec's own X1 and the other support ships maintained the ‘bubble’ - the vaguely spherical formation around the Sith fleet, outside standard weapons range. The only ORC ship inside the bubble - inside the effective range of the Sith guns - was D1, the Nebula.

Everything was going great until the ECM and comms security panels lit up like Life Day trees.

Far away, at the corner of Jerec's field of view, frigate K3 detonated abruptly as malicious data cracked its reactor safeguards. Everyone started talking at once, but Aviccu's voice cut through. “Sandworm,” he said. That was all he needed to say.

These ships had solid information security measures. By and large, they'd held back the Sith data weapon, but couldn't hold for long. Hence the order to cut comms and follow the plan called Starburst. Half the noise disappeared. The other half started to calm down. Jerec listened with half an ear. Starburst meant he had an awful lot of other things to do.

For one thing, while only the Majestics had weapons that could operate at these distances, every ship in TF Scarlet carried long-range anti-missile EM probes. In bulk.

Granted, nobody was firing missiles. Jerec wasn't even sure XoXaans HAD missiles, though you never knew with modded versions like this. But a few hundred agile little ECM spoofers would make a stupid amount of sensor noise as they converged on the XoXaans from all directions.

The XoXaans, and their relatively close-to-the-chest starfighter screen.

This part of Starburst didn't really have a hope of blinding the big ships, even if it might throw off targeting or some such. No, the goal was to rattle those pilots, get them on edge about what might be hiding in the incoming wave of noise and sensor contacts. Maybe even get them running into each other, in a perfect galaxy.

And as the confusion converged and the kiting Majestics kept hammering the XoXaans with big, nasty, basically unanswerable guns, Aviccu's battered Nebula flickered away into hyperspace.

OOC note: The first wave of EM probes, which is the only one this post covers, is basically harmless and there's nothing hiding in it.

In Topic: We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

10 May 2019 - 03:50 PM


ENEMY: Vanessa Vantai


TF Scarlet shared a variety of data between its ships. At the helm-slash-conn of Corvette X1, Jerec eyed that data. The Sith forces comprised five identical red Star Destroyers, all of an unfamiliar make. To his eye they looked like modified XoXaans, the newer ones: tough brawlers, each a match for Admiral Aviccu’s Nebula. On the plus side, they were advancing slowly, and XoXaans were fearsome at standard ranges but fairly terrible at long ones like this.

Which meant Aviccu could take one of two strategies. Either he could hammer the XoXaans until they got close enough to seriously fire back and eradicate TF Scarlet...or he could kite. The Majestics had a serious complement of long-range weapons and were more than fast enough to stay ahead of the XoXaans. The problem was going to be the Nebula, not exactly known for its speed. If Aviccu could square that circle, the Majestics could probably kite one or two of the XoXaans to death and even the odds.

“This is Admiral Aviccu to all ships,” said the massively eyebrowed alien. “Starburst.”

Jerec yanked on the controls and the X1 soared straight up relative to the shared plane of the two fleets. The other vessels scattered too, except for the Majestics, whose long-range cannons hammered at one of the XoXaans. The Majestics began to turn; their broadside and aft mounts could do quite a solid job against chasing ships. And they’d need to. As for the rest of TF Scarlet, the idea was to scatter and build angular velocity, make themselves difficult to target. All of TF Scarlet except D1, that is. The sluggish command ship reoriented, but Jerec didn’t have the first clue toward what. But the bulk of the task force was turning into a bubble with the XoXaans in the middle, just outside standard weapons range. Only the Majestics could seriously engage the XoXaans at long range, so it wasn’t exactly encirclement. More like patience.