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Bothan Has Returned

05 June 2019 - 07:40 PM

My dissociative tendencies have been kicking my imagination's metaphorical furry Bothan butt as of lately, so I'd probably suck at any roleplaying that happened, if it even happened to begin with... Life has been hectic for me in general, as well.


All of that brief and now set aside, I hope you all have been doing well, and that the Mouse hasn't been keeping you all too downtrodden. Long live Imagination, after all.


With Love,


~Riskyr Trafnal

Other Forms of Sci-fi and Fantasy

25 December 2018 - 02:55 PM

This morning finds me watching a history of the book series Redwall, which I'll link here for anyone who might be interested:



As some of you may know, fandom-wise, I'm a former furry who spent (or wasted, take your pick) thirteen years amongst other fans of the Anthropomorphic Animal genre, spending the years on and off engaging in reading, rolepaying, observing art of every type (I was a stupid teen, and lets leave it at that). Over the years, I didn't exactly fit in properly, and I kept on waiting and searching, hoping for a sign of a culture which might embrace epic worldbuilding along the lines of Redwall or even of the more basic variety, like that found in the Ironclaw RPG or the video game Armello. Over thirteen years, all I can say is that furries, out of all the "nerd" niches, are the least mature and most vainglorious of people you'll ever encounter. Sure, I met one or two exceptions to that rule (only one of whom I'm now in long-term contact with), but, for the most part, I waited in vain to search for epic, Tolkien-esque worldbuilding that largely wasn't to be found at all. Don't get me wrong: in short, I still LOVE anthropomorphism - it's one of the oldest and most untapped sources of nerd literature and worldbuilding that has ever been available to humanity as a whole, and its rarely been explored and properly fleshed out, even (or ESPECIALLY) by the people who claim to be its most ardent fans.


All I can say, after thirteen years among them, is this: to any of you who are parents, keep your kids away from the "Fandom" that has sprung up around Anthropomorphic creatures. Let's just say that that infamous CSI episode was waaaaay more accurate then most have been led to believe about it; I've never even been to a convention (and I never plan to go), but I urge you to listen to the news outlets who tell you that they are far from kid-friendly, just beneath the surface. Protect your kids and set limits, parents. I can't recommend this enough. It's all nothing more then a collection of the largely unimaginative run by pornographers behind the scenes.


Let me share with you a few of the other genres and characters that I've grown to love. In addition to enjoying Anthropomorphism's relatively untapped storytelling and worldbuilding potential, I'm something of a Trekkie (though not nearly as hardcore as the more extreme fans - it always took second place to Star Wars, IMO), having enjoyed Voyager and The Next Generation the most out of all of the series and episodes I've watched, thus far. Medieval storylines are the basics of some of the works we still enjoy to this day, and I can pore over the essence of those and derive great joy from them. I'm a HUGE fan of sci-fi and fantasy anthology stories, especially with a nice amount of worldbuilding and philosophy thrown in. The works and imagination of Osamu Tezuka have always held a special place in my heart, too, though I've largely avoided the rest of the anime/manga genre, as a whole. I'm a huge fan of classical mythology from every culture around the world, and any fiction that delves into myths (such as Hellboy comics) is always fun to read and share with others. Otherwise, out of all of the varied comic-book universes, the exploits of Batman have always fascinated me the most, and I've followed that character's many incarnations religiously ever since enjoying Batman: TAS way back in my childhood.


All of that aside, what other forms of sci-fi and fantasy do you guys delve into (and possibly roleplay in?), apart from Star Wars?


P. S. - Merry Christmas, everyone!

How Was Your Evening?

23 December 2018 - 11:08 PM

The time to unwind comes after a long day. Should anyone feel up to it, tell me how your evening went before you get ready for bed and, by extension, the next day.


This evening, the grouch that is me went to visit an old friend of the family, his wife and his two (OVERLY) energetic kids. We ate at a local Mexican food joint, and I enjoyed my two red chili chicken enchiladas... I'm not normally a people person, but I do enjoy languishing in a public area and people watching (I'm weird like that)... That's how I spent my evening, in short.


How was yours, by contrast?

Relarin Kiiensarik

22 December 2018 - 05:21 PM



(Work in progress. The costume looks pseudo-mercantile, so that's why I picked this nice image).


Name: Relarin Kiiensarik


Faction: Formerly an information broker for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, currently Independent (a merchant's personal assistant and spy).


Rank: N/A


Species: Amaran


Age: 22


Sex: Female


Height: 4'2


Weight: 77 lbs.


Eyes: Right is violet, while the left has been replaced by a cybernetic disk bearing a green photoreceptor.


Hair: Silver


Fur: White, with fiery red on the tip of her tail.


Force sensitivity: No.




Unnaturally Calm: Stoic in her demeanor, few beings have ever seen this little vulpine break down over anything. Relarin has even faced down blasters, only to merely raise an eyebrow in response and, with a snap of her fingers, silently give her droids the order to kill the thieves who were threatening her.


Slicer: All that time with computers and the Holonet may have rendered the vulpine socially inept, but she is well-versed in obtaining, comparing and contrasting datafiles on practically any subject, within reason and for the right price.


Droid Scavenger: Relarin is knowledgeable on nearly every aspect of droid model and their respective inner workings due to her early childhood, and those skills were further enhanced during her time serving the Separatist Alliance.


Unassuming: The short, quick-moving Amaran is rarely perceived to be a threat when amongst civilians and without the presence of her battle droids.




Antisocial: Relarin simply doesn't like to be around organics, and is cold and to-the-point whenever she must deal with anyone besides her employer.


Physically Weak: At just over four feet tall and dedicated to machines, searching the Holonet for both legal and illegal streams of information and droid logistics and repair, you've certainly got a great many strengths - but the ability to choke out a Gamorrean while curb-stomping a Wookiee isn't one of them.


Untrusting: Save for her current employer, this unusual little Amaran doesn't trust another living being, preferring the uncaring company of refurbished battle droids and computers rather then the presence of other organics, who are only as useful as the information they might supply.


Appearance: Bearing a less-then-common snow-white coloration (to say nothing of her shoulder-length silver ponytail) and belonging to an uncommon species outside of a certain sector of space means that this little Amaran stands out, whether she wants to or not. In addition to this, missing an eye and bearing a top-of-the-line replacement over the empty socket - a gift from her Grandfather - tends to turn heads, as well. The short Amaran, however, is usually left well alone, as most live in fear of the Neimoidian who employs her. The contingent of refurbished battle droids at the Amaran's beck and call during her outings for her Master are more then enough to ensure that the demure, petite and tomboyish little female is safely ignored, and Relarin prefers it to stay that way.




Items and Equipment: SE-14C blaster pistol, comlink, research datapad, mercantile datapad, LaserHone Talon vibrodagger, A99 aquata breather/rebreather.






Bounties Collected:



What makes a good mentor?

22 December 2018 - 01:43 AM

More fun ideas to toss around in our heads! This time, I'm wondering about what makes a good teacher, and what makes a good student... Do you prefer these types of relationships to be of a more serious nature, or do you like to mix in comedy? Myself, I prefer a balanced approach between humor and seriousness, akin to what Anakin and Obi-Wan had in the prequels. An always beloved trope I enjoy is between a vastly older and a vastly younger character, and if they're of opposite genders, the dynamics and especially the humor are all the more enjoyable, I've always believed. The emotional and psychological differences between men and women can lead to some downright silly scenarios, at times, and makes for great humor as well as touching scenes of affection! Differences between species' cultures (if they're conformists, anyway) can be fun to emphasize, akin to Legolas and Gimli, for example. However, that only works if your character in question feels a sense of kinship with his/her own species - an alienated character simply doesn't care about the cultural norms of their own kind and doesn't feel the need for "representation" at all - its a moot point for them. Also, what are the best things a teacher can learn from a student? Or the student from the teacher? Discuss below!


I'd say more then just basics, but my Bothan Fluffbutt is tired, so I'll catch you guys in the morning! Everyone have a great night, and I look forward to what you all will bring to the discussion! Happy creating and worldbuilding, my fellow Nerds.


EDIT: Good morning, everyone!