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Mig Gred

Mig Gred

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In Topic: Divergence; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Kiros

Yesterday, 06:43 PM

Objective: Play with fire.

Allies: UCM
Enemy: CIC and allies, Scherezade deWinter Lannik Hayes
Tags: Azure Djitred Nicair Claden Taru Cadera Valdus Bral Adenn Kyramud 


Mig muted his helmet for a moment so he could bust out laughing. B1s. Always fun to play with. He'd met a free droid or two that were B1s, but they had brains thanks to their years. These droids had none of that. A Bantha was probably smarter than them. And then he laughed again as Azure laid her plan. This was just great. He loved messing with opponents like this, but he had bigger fish to fry, and the idiotic droids had made a massive opening. He slipped through now with easy.


Using the vegetation to hide his movements, and the Force to guide him, Mig slipped through the trees and brush to get closer to his target. He looked around at those who led the attack, and soon found the group. Osik! Lava canno.... Wait. This could be good for him. He just had to play it right.... Mig hatched another quick plan, and quickly went to work. He focused on a tree ahead of the attacking group, focusing on heating the air around the trunk and pulling more air into it. And then... success! The trunk's base lite on fire, and Mig quickly pulled the tree down in there path. He was hoping they'd be confused. Then from the trees he spoke up to them.


"My Buir told me never to celebrate death. While it's a part of a warrior's life, you shouldn't celebrate the taking of one's life." What would sound like just words was actually a plan, but would they do what he thought they would? Only time would tell.

In Topic: Divergence; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Kiros

15 August 2019 - 02:10 PM

Objective: B1 fun!

Allies: UCM
Enemy: CIC and allies, Scherezade deWinter 
Tags: Azure Djitred Nicair Claden Taru Cadera Valdus Bral Adenn Kyramud 


Mig looked over to Azure, nodding and patting her shoulder as she kept the plants at bay.


"Thanks Vod. Let's get moving." Mig quickly moved into the jungles, ready for a fight. If deWinter wanted to brag on killing Mando'ade, he wanted to take her out. As Mig walked through the woods, he heard the distinct clanking sound of B1 battle droids. This would be fun. B1s were dumb as Bantha Poodoo, and Mig already had some ideas. He slowly walked up, seeing some opening and quickly using one to slide in. If undetected, Mig would begin his plan. The Alor walked quietly looked for a group of droids, and quietly sliced into a tree with the lightsaber edges of his Trayc'kad. Mig then waited, closing his eyes and focusing on the tree. He then did his best to mimic one of the B1s.


"Hey! I found a Mandalorian. I think one of those wasps got them." If the droids started to come closer, Mig quickly snapped the cut tree's trunk, and sent it crashing on the walking scrap piles. "Di'kut beskar'ade. (Stupid droids.)"

In Topic: Divergence; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Kiros

14 August 2019 - 06:31 PM

Objective: Stop deWinter!

Allies: UCM

Enemy: CIC and allies, Scherezade deWinter

Tags: Azure Djitred Nicair Claden Taru Cadera Valdus Bral Adenn Kyramud


Mig glared as he tried to understand what he was supposed to be doing, and how this game was even supposed to work. It was then that a communication came in. deWinter. He remembered her little speech from Taanab. And now she was calling all the Mandos here out. Mig’s Buir always told him biding time for the right moment wasn’t lacking honor, it was being a good leader many times. Now though.... Mig grunted, putting on his helmet and looking to Leddie.

“Stay here. Stay safe.” The girl just nodded as Mig looked at the others. “Couldn’t figure this game out anyway.” He then walked for the bunker exit. He was going for deWinter. He wasn’t going to let her hunt any more of his Vod! Be it by peace or by blood.

(Sorry it’s short. Mobile post.)

In Topic: It's not Obroa yet! (UCM dom of Obroa-Skai)

13 August 2019 - 12:07 PM

Mig looked to the trooper nodding at him as he looked around. 


"Well, @Venandi , it's nice to meet ya. Thank you for keeping this place safe. You definitely put up a fight." Mig quickly walked over to a monitor, typing some keys in to see if there was anything that had ended up corrupted after the fight. He hoped that maybe he could retrace any lost files. At least see if any could be retraced from other existing files.


Azure Djitred Adenn Kyramud Nicair Claden Dezorath

In Topic: Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

13 August 2019 - 10:00 AM


Location: The Capital

Allies: UCM

Enemies: CIS

Tags:  Stardust Solus Skirae Kat Decoria Aditya Fitz Kierke Tamar Fitz Kierke Voph Adenn Kyramud Veiere Arenais Adron Malvern Taozi Fuyuan Corran Conner Krest Livia Maddox Gerhard Manndorf Srina Talon Xobos Yakieer Cypher Rage Allya Vi'Dreya Luna Terrik Gianna Aegis Orn Pharr

Gear and Forces: Bio + Mando'ad'jetiiBasiliskEnigmaGred Fleet, a V1 astromech


Mig was quick to jump away from the lightsabers as they came. How did the Sith still have this much focus. Mig had thrown Daxton Bane into the wall for crying out loud! That was it. He had to finish this. Mig closed his eyes, keeping his focus. He drew as much of the Force as he could and released another, powerful burst of Force Lightning. "You may get rid of me, Sith, but you'll never end us all!"