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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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In Topic: Cassum Cabal / Morals... Are a point of view

Yesterday, 06:18 PM

His words dissipated among the people. He knew not all agreed. Psychology was not such a linear thing. But he was not a leader without logic. Turning away, he faced his protoge. The hilt was clipped back to his own belt, his eye meeting Varian's. A breath passed as Orex gazed.


"I feel no conflict. No hesitation..."


Orex rotated himself beside Varian and glanced at the children being ushered away.


"Potential. Raw and untapped. Potential to grow and discover. To create and help."


Orex peered deeper into the oscillating group of children.


"To spread and destroy."


There was a question for everything. Children were no exception, and their future certainly less so. Potential can mean many things. Children were a vague assortment of the end result. Whether Varian's sympathy and decision to protect them was a well-placed move would remain to be seen. In the meantime however, the day progressed. Orex turned away and began to navigate himself out of the slums, into the more developed underworld of Skism. 



In Topic: To Gaze Upon A Shortened Life

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

There were times, shut off and isolated, when Orex felt that fleeting stab at his core. The feeling that he's barely hanging on. He was exhausted. But it was more than an incessant insomnia. There were times when he was fatigued down to his roots. Alive only twenty-six years, and yet he felt aged beyond the grave. Pain ate away at him more than his own Mask, exhaustion threatened to force his legs into submission under him. But all of these things he kept buried, locked so as to avoid the detriment they brought. His surface was power and destruction. Logic and Scrutiny. But all things had a darkness.


"And there lies the cycle. The alpha male and the garden warrior. Their conflict spanning generations. The Sith constructing for the sake of their war-machine. The Jedi innovating to bring themselves closer to a peace they will never know."


Orex closed his eye. That pulsating pain washed over him in that moment, and he was reminded just how close he was. How close he always will be. The blood-shot grey revealed itself again as his eye opened.


"And it is not enough. It is not enough that we have to choose between war time technology bred to satisfy arrogance, or sit idly as monks twiddle their thumbs and bend to the greater governments. This Galaxy deserves what is available to it. We use the resources of our home planet to spread among the stars, and yet now that we drift between the dots, we refuse to use the Galaxy in the same way. We have lost our sense of expansion, buried beneath the blood of the needlessly dead."


Orex's vocoded speech drifted aimlessly into the dark tree trunks around the pair. His tone was solemn, bordering on calm exasperation. 



In Topic: The End of the Road [OPEN]

21 June 2019 - 04:10 PM

Orex's head slowly turned toward the rising ship. His anger broiled and teemed. His thoughts flashed to her insolence and ignored her innocence. He reached out with his charcoal hand, gripped the craft from afar, and pulled inward. The craft was torn from the sky and stubbornly sent careening into the pristine blades below. The moment it collided with the surface, it all disappeared


And his thoughts fell away.


Head turned, he watched as the defiant explorer's craft removed itself from the silent world, retreating into the abyss. His anger, frustration. Adrenaline and all else that accompanied him always, subsided. He was in control now. More so than in his earlier years. And yet regardless of how tight he gripped his being, the ruination within never left. Fragments of his younger self manifested themselves. The explorer was innocent. Her death unneeded. But the man deeper within him had no care for such things. The man within wanted only to avenge what was taken.


Orex turned his head to the complainer. The Jedi was inside, alive. Barely. Orex let out a slow breath through his mouth. He knew what tainted that breath. What he felt. Refused to confront it and instead returned to his previous state. One of stillness. Waiting.


Marina DeVoe

In Topic: Gerulus-Class ESC/01

19 June 2019 - 08:40 AM



Whoever fancies it, pls move this and the other two vessels to Factory :)

In Topic: Home Again

19 June 2019 - 06:50 AM

"Let my grandfather go!"


Orex turned his head toward the futile demand. Before he could respond, he was almost knocked off his feet by a push he hadn't noticed. Stumbling back, Orex took hold of the door frame he stood in to steady himself. His iron grip around the Jedi's father was unmoving, tightening as he composed himself. His blank expression was now one of anger, his gaze narrowing toward the Jedi. 


"What do you want? To capture and kill? Torture? That is the way of the Sith and your kind. Let my father go."




The word struck a nerve. One that altered Orex's mental state to something much less logical. On top of that, Orex had learned information he cherished. The man he held was the Jedi's father. Grandfather to the younger boy. A mother and son. 




With a clench of his free fist, the man in his grip cried out, then began to gasp desperately for air. Orex released him, only for the old man to collapse onto the floor, clutching his chest, mouth agape. Orex had wrenched one lung from its bronchus, rendering it useless. He calmly removed his hilt from his waist and ignited his blade. A stream of black and red burst from the emitter, filling the room with a low hum.


"Not quite."


Seo Linn