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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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#1956940 To Gaze Upon A Shortened Life

Posted by Orex Mauda on Yesterday, 05:17 PM

There were times, shut off and isolated, when Orex felt that fleeting stab at his core. The feeling that he's barely hanging on. He was exhausted. But it was more than an incessant insomnia. There were times when he was fatigued down to his roots. Alive only twenty-six years, and yet he felt aged beyond the grave. Pain ate away at him more than his own Mask, exhaustion threatened to force his legs into submission under him. But all of these things he kept buried, locked so as to avoid the detriment they brought. His surface was power and destruction. Logic and Scrutiny. But all things had a darkness.


"And there lies the cycle. The alpha male and the garden warrior. Their conflict spanning generations. The Sith constructing for the sake of their war-machine. The Jedi innovating to bring themselves closer to a peace they will never know."


Orex closed his eye. That pulsating pain washed over him in that moment, and he was reminded just how close he was. How close he always will be. The blood-shot grey revealed itself again as his eye opened.


"And it is not enough. It is not enough that we have to choose between war time technology bred to satisfy arrogance, or sit idly as monks twiddle their thumbs and bend to the greater governments. This Galaxy deserves what is available to it. We use the resources of our home planet to spread among the stars, and yet now that we drift between the dots, we refuse to use the Galaxy in the same way. We have lost our sense of expansion, buried beneath the blood of the needlessly dead."


Orex's vocoded speech drifted aimlessly into the dark tree trunks around the pair. His tone was solemn, bordering on calm exasperation. 



#1956382 Wanna be an Emperor?

Posted by Orex Mauda on 21 June 2019 - 04:40 PM

Hopefully the title filtered the interest of any of you already more occupied. So if you're here with genuine interest and the time to act on it, have a read.


The Cassum Cabal is a group of Four individuals. Powerful Force Users with a bold vision for the future of the Galaxy. It's an equal circle that in its spare time, dedicates itself to the growth of each member, in power, strength and knowledge. Its primary job however, is to govern everything below it. Namely The Emergence Empire and The Avilok. 


Unfortunately, my previous members, except one, fell out of activity. So that leaves two free spaces. If you fancy it, you'll start out as an Inferiex. Orex your mentor, guiding you into a life of Power, Nihilism and disdain for both Jedi and Sith. Training complete and after your final test, you're a Superiex. An Emperor alongside the other three. In control of a growing Empire and a vast array of beings. 


It's late and my description is poor. If you have an interest, hit me up on Discord or here and I'll explain with better coherency in the morning :)

#1955732 Home Again

Posted by Orex Mauda on 19 June 2019 - 06:50 AM

"Let my grandfather go!"


Orex turned his head toward the futile demand. Before he could respond, he was almost knocked off his feet by a push he hadn't noticed. Stumbling back, Orex took hold of the door frame he stood in to steady himself. His iron grip around the Jedi's father was unmoving, tightening as he composed himself. His blank expression was now one of anger, his gaze narrowing toward the Jedi. 


"What do you want? To capture and kill? Torture? That is the way of the Sith and your kind. Let my father go."




The word struck a nerve. One that altered Orex's mental state to something much less logical. On top of that, Orex had learned information he cherished. The man he held was the Jedi's father. Grandfather to the younger boy. A mother and son. 




With a clench of his free fist, the man in his grip cried out, then began to gasp desperately for air. Orex released him, only for the old man to collapse onto the floor, clutching his chest, mouth agape. Orex had wrenched one lung from its bronchus, rendering it useless. He calmly removed his hilt from his waist and ignited his blade. A stream of black and red burst from the emitter, filling the room with a low hum.


"Not quite."


Seo Linn 

#1954619 Gorog-Class Carrier VDT-04

Posted by Orex Mauda on 15 June 2019 - 09:06 AM

Gir Quee


Yes :)

#1954322 To Gaze Upon A Shortened Life

Posted by Orex Mauda on 13 June 2019 - 04:35 PM

Jairdain spoke and Orex clenched his jaw. If this were any other individual, he would likely have cut them down by now. But he stayed in the grips of conversation simply because she interested him. And yet even that did not quell his anger. 


"Once upon a time" Orex spoke with intensity, a middle ground between rage and exhaustion. 


"Once upon a time they were Gods." Orex turned, his hand conveying his speech.


"Drop a spotless block from the sky, and the primitive inhabitants will worship it as a God. Pray and bestow gifts upon it. Do they get a return for their efforts? No. Do they notice this? Not at all. The Jedi had their time. They flourished when we were all primates kicking each other. A robed man with the power to bend his environment is naturally a God to a man with the power to throw a stone. But the people do not throw stones any longer. They traverse the Stars as often as they walk to the market. The Jedi are a bygone era. They exist now out of sentiment. A homage to a lost memory"


Orex frowned, exploring his own thoughts further.


"Are the Sith similar? Of course. Are they more destructive? Objectively. The Sith annihilate planets and slaughter crowds to satiate their hate. The Jedi are far from such actions. Yet they are equally as destructive. They slow the people down, they grip them in unmoving dogma. They seed propaganda, catalyse wars. To the naiive and unintelligent, the Sith are more destructive. Look closer and you will soon realise that the Jedi are no different, their destruction is simply more complex and drawn out. You choose to avoid their dogma, and I respect that. I hope you continue as such when this Pipe-dream becomes a reality. For your own, and your kin's sake"


Orex's eyes passed over Jairdain. The quiet winds blew over his Face, reminding him of where he was and why. She was a disturbance. Perhaps he had told her too much. But he didn't worry himself over slipped information. His name traced back to a broken slave child and, very vaguely, criminal enterprises on Coruscant. He was insignificant in legal terms, and unknown beyond this. So for now, he would indulge in a conversation with a figure he deemed inconsequential.



#1953640 Common Appetite

Posted by Orex Mauda on 11 June 2019 - 04:41 AM

Orex clenched his jaw. There were those who simply answered, and those who diverted. The latter he didn't enjoy conversing with. Nevertheless he chose to indulge the individual's curiosity. After all, boundless curiosity was something Orex was guilty of. Among other things.


"No artifact is lost unless it is destroyed. His Holocron was waiting to be found. From what I saw of it, it had already been found some time in the past. Although whoever that was evidently had no interest in the Sith. I did. And we spoke. For a creature of infinite darkness, he was surprisingly coherent".


Orex felt Nihilus poking him. Seeding him with his whispers and his temptations. Such things he had kept under a tight rope for years. As he spoke about him, the whispers grew.


"We spoke and I learned of his past. Where he lurked, who he existed beside and his ultimate demise. He told me where he placed himself and where he could be found. So I sought him out and I discovered his Mask. And just as he had said, he lay dormant inside. Instead of speaking to a representation of him, I now had the being itself. I took the Mask and I meditated with it. Through meditation, I communicated with him.."


Orex reflected on that occasion. The conversation that changed him forever. Nihilus' power extended through speech alone. Communing with his Mask was equitable to speaking to him in the flesh, and it changed Orex.


"Nihilus was not a Sith. He couldn't have cared less for them. He regarded their existence as much as the next soul he devoured. He was.. is nothing more than destruction with legs. When I detailed my own stance in the Galaxy, my plans et cetera, he was indifferent. However, when he realised that I was offering a medium through which he could exist again, persuasion was no longer necessary. He bound a portion of himself to my Mask. We exist in a tentative harmony."


Orex stopped. Nihilus was vocal now. Silence was his preferred state. When Orex spoke of their relationship, he surfaced himself. Out of concern? Maybe. But a man no longer a man is an entity difficult to discern.


"He ravaged this Galaxy once. I have given him the opportunity to return."


Orex stepped forward, a solemn concern in his eye, though barely noticeable.


"You ask how he hasn't devoured me yet."


Orex considered removing his Mask. But did not. He simply tapped it as he spoke.


"All negotiations come at a price. I gave him this part of me, and he eats away at it always."


He straightened and composed himself. Having divulged everything the individual wanted, Orex probed the man with curious eyes.


"I've answered your questions. Answer mine. I feel your hunger. It's more than a drain, it's an echo of him and you recognise it. Who are you, and how have you come to gain the appetite."


Dax Fyre

#1953639 Home Again

Posted by Orex Mauda on 11 June 2019 - 04:20 AM

A bolt flew toward Orex and collided with the doorway. Orex looked at the hole it made with a hint of surprise and anger over his face. His head turned to face the man who fired the bolt. Without a word, Orex's arms snapped forward, hand outstretched. Anger poured from his being and he dragged the man into his grip, throat in hand. He pushed the man onto his knees and moved the Force through every intricacy of his body. It had been a while since he had practiced that which he specialised in. The manipulation of that which makes a body. He looked up at the pair stood before him and began to tighten his grip around the Father's throat.


"There is a light here.. Step forward, Jedi"


He passed his stare between both the young blonde and her brother. He knew which one he was here for, but a game was being played and he was going to enjoy it.


Seo Linn

#1952592 SWRP: Rules of War

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 01:45 PM

Jay Scott Clark


Honestly I never considered the capacity many of these people have to do awful things.


Looks I'm gonna need a special camp  or two

#1952585 Common Appetite

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 01:18 PM

With gloved hands clasped behind his back, Orex did not turn from his angle toward the sea. His gaze drew away from the oceans and turned in toward his shoulder, the man he sought lay now in his peripheral vision.


"We are not. But in terms of nature, we are very much a pair." The Mask vocoded his voice, artificial and baritone. He turned to face the man he had come for. His appetite stretched throughout the Galaxy, though it could only truly be felt within arms reach. But Orex was much more attuned. The man's own cut in the Force screamed out to Orex regardless of distance. And he was here now, drawn countless light years. 


He slowly moved toward the man. His own aura proving vastly superior, though Orex could feel the other like a chunk of coal on his tongue. It was this that he was drawn to, but it was the life he fed on. He stopped short of the man, gazing into his eyes. The whole thing was a charade, a game. Orex's proximity to the man and his deliberate gaze into his eyes, all a test. Orex was placing his hand in the water, and seeing whether it would fall away, or remain stable. HIs proximity was a perpetual jaw devouring life, his Gaze a black hole that consumed what it was placed before. Both together would prove an ample demonstration of the man's ability. 


Dax Fyre

#1952576 To Gaze Upon A Shortened Life

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 12:42 PM

Orex lay silent as Jairdain spoke. He looked past her with unfocused eyes, thinking as she spoke. He could only agree with what she was saying. She was intelligent, her thoughts did not lack depth. 


"The Jedi and Sith have theirs as well".


Anger flared immediately. Orex's eyes focused and they snapped to Jairdain. He waited for her to finish, allowing her to present her point. It was a conversation after all. 


"Neither have any place in this Universe!" Orex growled. His Mask vocoding his speech and distorting the anger behind it to something more twisted. He waved his hand, one that was tense and rapid.


"Light and Dark. Both are integral to the function of our Galaxy.." Orex began to walk past Jairdain again, moving towards his original spot. "But for a group to take command of either and proclaim themselves the priest of their respective shade is wrong. Those squabbling children have given themselves nothing more than names. As powerful as they are, the benefit they bring to the people is zero. They destroy as much as they repair and hurt as much as they heal. All in the name of the Force. As if collectively, they are Gods."


Orex turned again to face Jairdain, his voice low.


"There Were Gods. No longer. Their time has passed, so has the time of these pathetic religions. Those men and women could move stars, consume planets and conquer Galaxies. Now they sit in politics, fighting eachother over meaningless goals at the expense of us all. You Jedi are clinging to a history of failure and shrouded deception yet making yourselves believe in a guise of Unity and Harmony. The Sith, much the same. Warriors and Rulers in their time. Now they wallow in the Dark Side driving a War Machine that only exists to bring some form of reassurance to their blind arrogance". Without shouting, Orex's anger was palpable. He turned away from Jairdain and gazed into the endless trunks of trees.


"My name is Orex Mauda"


He turned his head to his shoulder, placing Jairdain in his peripheral vision.


"And it is my promise to this Galaxy, that these useless children are silenced."


Many had tried, many had failed. Orex understood this. Yet his determination was unwavering.



#1952572 Gladiator (tug-of-war +500 -500)

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 12:21 PM


#1952570 Gladiator (tug-of-war +500 -500)

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 12:19 PM



Marina DeVoe

Dax Fyre


Tathra Khaeus

#1952436 I Make Company Logos

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 05:50 AM

Chance Bonaventure



#1952433 SWRP: Rules of War

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 June 2019 - 05:40 AM

Jay Scott Clark

Asaraa Vaashe 


So no rules.


Well that's awfully boring. Was looking forward to being sent countless letters regarding "The blatant and outright abuse of Article X" After wiping out a frustrating population.


Hey ho.

#1952154 I Make Company Logos

Posted by Orex Mauda on 06 June 2019 - 09:11 AM

Chance Bonaventure


Ah you did say 10 minimum. Missed that.


Your credits will be put to good use