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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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#1936843 The End of the Road [OPEN]

Posted by Orex Mauda on Today, 01:10 PM

If there was anything that attracted Orex across the Galaxy like Knowledge, it was Nothing. Orex's core was a turbulent void, intensified by the portion of Nihilus that resided within him. It was, paradoxically, a chaotic and angry pit of Nothing. And it was this that attracted him to the corners of the Galaxy that were devoid of life. Often he allowed himself to drift aimlessly in the darkness of space, meditating, thinking. But sometimes he found himself in places like these. 


He had landed The Myrkur  in the endless grass expanse hours before. But he had not left it. He remained inside, sat at the helm staring out of the bridge, consumed in thought. He had come here to meditate and so far he had not even gotten up from his seat since he left Mandalore. He was heading to Skism in the Outer Rim but had elected to take a detour and.. address himself further. Before beginning training of his Apprentice. Slowly however, reality was seeping into his mind, his thoughts becoming increasingly transparent as he subconsciously pulled himself from Contemplation. 


With a breath, he slowly stood and pulled himself around the pilot's seat, heading out of the bridge. The boots of his armoured cloak traveled along the pristine metallic floors with one resounding thud after the other, only stopping when the boarding ramp whirred open and allowed him to descend onto the endless grass below. 


Orex walked straight ahead until he could no longer see the Black Corvette he arrived in. He slowed himself to a stop, lowered, and sat down. He pulled his Lightsaber from his hip and held it above his knees and ahead of his chest with the Force. 






Meditation gripped him and he began immediately to fall into himself. Before now, he was contained, but in meditation, he allowed every morsel of his energy to flow. It gushed off him in waves, sweeping over the green like a child let loose. But the green didn't last long. It began to fade and shrivel. Soon, his environment decayed. Like the fading light of the hidden sun, the Grass took on its own darkness. Bathed in the shadow of the evening world, they were now bathed in the physical shadow of Orex, becoming as black as the creeping night sky. 


His Lightsaber began to separate. Slowly it fell away and exposed all that it was comprised of, and in the centre floated Decimated Core. Spinning, Orex spoke to it, and it spoke back. In a sense. They conversed, and Orex explored what came crawling up from his own depths. 


Darius Sedaire

Marina DeVoe

Kirie Ito

#1936723 Imperial Dust

Posted by Orex Mauda on Today, 08:53 AM

Orex's head watched as transport craft descended from outside the planet. It was clear now that whoever had come, had done so on a mission. He felt the darkness of another continue to approach, coming closer yet never quite close enough. It remained distant but was undoubtedly on the planet. He turned from the sea and made his way up the beach, seeking out a good vantage point. 


Orex quickly navigated through the ancient grass and bushes, finding himself atop a rock overlooking the beach. Scanning the waters, he laid eyes on a small collection of droids and deconstruction equipment. A coincidence he had no interest in entertaining. He was here to assess the value of this world, and now somebody had not only arrived doing the same thing, but was taking action. His anger slowly boiled as he gazed at the various Officers and Droids making their way back and forth across the sands.


And then he saw her.


Rage filled his chest and was coursing through his veins. The woman he had encountered on Abafar, but this time Demitry was not with him. He knew he should not have left without finishing her. Regardless of the injuries he sustained, she should have died there. And now she was here, of all places.


She spoke to what looked like an officer briefly, who then went on to initiate a search party. She knew he was here, he could feel it. They could feel each other. Orex's anger spilled over and began to detriment logical thought. His mentality switched. He was not going to tolerate another incursion. She would Not interrupt his searches again. Without allowing another minute to pass, he dropped from his vantage point directly in front of Iniquitous Ren and her search party. With an un-ignited lighsaber in hand he began to reach out and infect the bones and joints of those vulnerable.


Landing with a muffled thud onto the sand, Orex locked eyes with Iniquitous, allowing his Mask to do its work. He was almost shaking but kept his anger contained for the time being. He allowed a moment to pass before he spoke, watching for any movement from the party. When he finally spoke, his deep, artificial voice reverberated with a quiet rage.


"I will not let you interrupt me again. You are interfering in the greater future of the Galaxy. I will not tolerate it."

#1935961 Getting There!

Posted by Orex Mauda on 21 April 2019 - 12:47 PM

Hi Hi. So our Capital Planet has been under the works for a good few days now because ohh my god does that take a while. A lot longer than I was expecting. But it's pretty much done.


So with Skism's Approval comes the brunt of our operations. Myself and @Valiance are working up The Emergence's Secret Police type Agency. The ISB of our Empire. 


Along with that, Fleet Design will be next. I'll work out why I've got a "Forum Limit" on this Faction. Once I've deduced whatever it is I'm doing wrong, I'll slap a Factory Submission forum in and you lot can throw your ideas in the mix cause ngl subbing on my own is a painfully slow process. 


SO basically, Skism brings with it everything else. I'll be able to resume posting in Threads, we'll all start getting much more involved in the Galactic Stage. We'll grow and then bish bash bosh, ideal situation we go Major and become one of the key players in the Galaxy!


Just need Skism.. ._,

#1935640 Invest in Kuat.

Posted by Orex Mauda on 20 April 2019 - 11:53 AM

Quintus Kuat


Consider investment from a shadowy, currently Single-Planet Empire in the corner of the Outer-Rim



#1935639 Bryn'adûl | Raid on Vasar

Posted by Orex Mauda on 20 April 2019 - 11:45 AM

The Bryn'adul were pulling back, deeper into the City. Orex and 100 of the most Elite Soldiers the Cabal had invested in were now entering the City.. or what was left of it. From where they were, it was comparatively quiet. That eerie, unique silence that drifted on the tail-edge of Battle. The odd crumbling, spark or falling metal permeated the air while further on the sounds of constant firing and suffering drew louder and louder. The Vof Vorn in their rapid thoroughness managed to keep the pace while simultaneously sweeping the surrounding Buildings and alleys. Every now and then a small squad would disappear into a ruined structure, only to return after the sounds of desperate civilians were Silenced.


Deeper into the City


Even if you were blind and deaf, the conflict would not have escaped you. The Vof Vorn had broken off into small squadrons, populating Alleys and whatever Empty Building they could find, Orex however, was alone.

He had extinguished his lightsaber and was now sticking to what shadows he could find. They were vastly outnumbered, every single organism in this city was currently an Enemy and so to be out as quickly as possible was essential. 


Bolts flew in every direction, some finding their way near Orex, most resting in the crumbling buildings around them. Orex ducked into one of the more stable structures, whipping around the various corners until he found Stairs. Two to Three steps at a time he ran, soon kicking open a door onto the Roof. Emerging into the sunlight he found himself behind a pair of Corellian Marksmen, already facing him. He ignited his Black/Red Blade just as they both raised their blaster rifles to fire. He stood his ground for a moment, batting the incoming bolts away, but soon extended one palm while the other occupied his Lightsaber. His free hand wrenched one of the soldiers from his crouched position at the edge of the building, dragging his throat into his grip. He placed the Corellian between himself and his comrade, using him as a meat shield for the one or two bolts subsequently fired. With holes in his back, Orex dropped the Corellian and paced toward the other. In one motion he deflected the desperate discharge, brought his saber back around and swung it across the Marksman's head, separating it from the Mouth up. Orex managed a single breath when a searing pain punched into his lower back. He spun around to see the first still alive, sat up and gripping a Blaster Pistol in trembling hands. Orex reached out, tore the pistol from his hands and allowed to careen over the edge, onto the battlefield. He maintained his attention on the helpless Corellian, one who now had his Joints and Bones under the grip of the Force. In one clench of his fist, the Corellian's back snapped almost 90-degrees forward, smashing the helmeted-head into the ground between his knees. 


Orex scouted from his vantage point only briefly. Looking down the street he saw the core of the Battle. A weathered AT-AS and the majority of the Corellian Force, slowly pushing back the thin line of Bryn-adul. But this wasn't why he was here. He looked down over the edge and gazed at the vast collection of Corpses. Corellian and Bryn'adul alike. THAT, was why they were here. He stepped over and landed with a cracking thud on the street below. 


"Begin pull-back and pick up what primate corpses you can find. Kill anything alive, regardless of our entrance, we can't be seen"


Orex spoke on the open channel to all present. He glanced over the streets and sky briefly, then grabbed the first Bryn'adul he saw and began dragging it along as the Cabal slowly made their way out of the City.


Marcus RailTathra KhaeusKartus LokNaramphraJend-Ro QuillCarter Pierce 


OOC - Lesser quality than most my stuff. I've been out of threads for a while lol

#1935286 The Faction Discussion

Posted by Orex Mauda on 19 April 2019 - 10:44 AM

I'll try and offer a balanced opinion coming from a 16 year old who's been here for 4 months and has zero experience with SWRP History aside from what I've read of Lore.


I like to think of the Faction System as basically the same as real-world Business. It's tough, it's ruthless, and never is it a short-term effort. Those who start a business with the goal of it being something big and influential know that their efforts need to compound over an inevitably long time. If they don't make efforts with this in mind, they will fail. I started a Clothes Brand LITERALLY on a whim. It was a joke. And evidently a poor one because has it succeeded? lmao don't even need to answer that one.


When it comes to the Faction System specifically, it really works like any Market. The Big Three have the largest percentage shares. This draws the majority of audience and makes Entry Cost high for beginners, They dominate the market and are each other's rivals, with potential rivalry from outside having a very low probability. They have undoubtedly worked hard to get to their positions. Yes, TSE had a jumpstart and the SJO entered a quiet market, giving them an advantage at the time, but they have put in the necessary effort to grow and maintain their positions. There's no Nepotism involved so I can't say there's unfair growth.


When it comes to new factions, perhaps what Kei Raxis is pointing out is something similar to the pre-2010's Space Industry. When SpaceX was just coming into the Market, it was dominated by the Big Three; NASA, Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance. It was dominated by the Government, making Private Endeavours almost suicide. Of course Elon Musk identified this, stated it was wildly unfair to any beginner Private Agencies and Sued NASA for it several times.


Now I'm not saying abuse Carnifex, Metus and Vaashe with DM's and Legal Action. This isn't the Space Industry. But what SpaceX did was be Unique. This applies to any Business (Or in this case Business-Like) Endeavour. Being Risque, Loud and offering things nobody else does works out for the majority.


TL/DR: It's hard work and having the Market dominated by TSE, CIS, SJO makes entry very difficult, but like any business, a growing faction needs to be unique, have opportunity for interesting stories and an active leadership. These things, along with longterm hard work, I think, will inevitably see the success of a Faction regardless of the Majority Share being in the Three.


So I agree with Kei in that it is dominated by the Long-Standing trio, but how would it be in a real Galaxy? Very similar. And in any reality, it would be hard work to grow. Minor Factions have the ability, they just need something special, and a lot of work.

#1934956 Compliment the Person Above You!

Posted by Orex Mauda on 18 April 2019 - 12:05 PM

I have to go pee. *skedaddles out of thread*



Couldn't even appreciate my striking Jawline>:(

#1934910 Compliment the Person Above You!

Posted by Orex Mauda on 18 April 2019 - 09:38 AM

Kaine Australis


Oh wow haha thank you.


That was actually very flattering.


I admire your Bio, very structured and pleasing to look at 

#1934603 Perhaps the archives are incomplete

Posted by Orex Mauda on 17 April 2019 - 02:26 PM



I'm compelled to plug my own things lol


If you want to hop into a New Faction that intends to go Major, give The Emergence a look :)

#1933928 The Great Chaos Substance Fest (Open)

Posted by Orex Mauda on 15 April 2019 - 04:34 PM

Orex's head snapped up when he heard the ignition of a lightsaber. He stopped moving when he found it mere millimetres from his throat, the warmth of the blade feeling like a blanket over his body. The brief distress he felt was quickly replaced by the urge not to laugh. Although he understood the threat, looking down at the blade, he saw only a long, glowing collection of fingers, several of which were reaching for his throat in a tickling motion. His eyes returned to Iniquitous who was staring at him, rage in her eyes. 


Orex was silent for a moment, until laughter began to escape his closed mouth. His only exposed eye was tearing up as he tried desperately to contain his emotions, but failing miserably. 


The Blade retracted and Orex sunk back into his seat, laughing hysterically. For the moment he ignored Iniquitous, occupied entirely by his raging hystericals. 


"No no.. It's okay.Happens to the best of us"


His statement was barely warranted, but he somehow found it hilarious and burst into another round of laughter. He wiped away the tears from his eye and looked back to his Old Enemy, now a new Friend. Just as he did, Bone Spice disappeared up her nose. He grinned at the sight of Iniquitous enjoying herself. She didn't suffer the effects immediately, but Orex was lost. He simply stared at her until she felt it. A permanent grin across his face.


Soon enough she smiled and fell into him, laughing just as he had been. Iniquitous pointed to a Womp Rat on his head, which Orex took completely seriously. He leapt out of his seat and started scratching at his skin and Mask trying to bat what didn't exist from his head. Once he realised there was nothing there, he burst into laughter and fell on the floor. He raised his hands above his face, watching as his burnt flesh flowed and seemingly melted from its structure. His eyes widened as the Spice began to take full hold of him, his hands twitching while he stared at them.


Iniquitous Ren

#1933794 The Great Chaos Substance Fest (Open)

Posted by Orex Mauda on 15 April 2019 - 08:00 AM

Orex slowly pulled his head from its sunk position, dragging it around to face the source of the noises. His eyes were wide and his mouth open. When he finally made eye contact with the woman behind the fingers, his eyes somehow managed to widen even further. A mixture of surprise, threat and glee washed over his face simultaneously. 


"Noo Wayyyy! I thought I killed you! Haha.. hhhh"


The wave of emotions had been amplified tenfold by the drugs. His mind essentially gave up for a moment and his head sunk back to its original position. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Orex returned to reality and looked back up. Staring at Iniquitous he could See the Force warping around her. He leaned his head in and peered into her face, which by this point was flowing into all manner of species. He was tripping, very hard.


"Sit... Sit Down! Have a Drnnkk, Drink! Maybe a bit of uhhhh.. Glitterstim!"


Orex was excitedly tapping the seat next to him, inviting the woman who almost killed him, and he had almost killed, to sit next to him. Hatred was gone, replaced by hallucinations and dopamine.


Iniquitous Ren

#1933052 Bryn'adûl | Raid on Vasar

Posted by Orex Mauda on 13 April 2019 - 08:25 AM

Having originally assumed they were hidden, the warning from the A.I Systems came as a surprise,


"Myrkur Targeted by: Capital Vessel"


There was no description for the Bryn'adul Capital Ship. Although a well-established force in the Galaxy, their technology was as yet unrecognised by any systems. Orex turned from the other Superiex and waved a hand,


"Take us down to the centre of the Conflict, Full Throttle".


The Myrkur adjusted itself, deploying its Bridge Shield and activating the hundreds of micro-cameras throughout the hull to provide the Pilots a holo-display within the now isolated bridge. Pointing nose first towards the Planet. The brief second of silence was broken by the aggressive activation of the Impes Engine propelling it. Its speed was unrivalled and thus ignored any shelling attempts from the enemy as it charged toward the upper atmosphere of Vasar. Entry into the planet was denoted by a tremendous Sonic Crack throughout the air, followed by the Bellowing Whisper that the Plasma Engine produced in a sound-sensitive medium. Behaving more like a powered Meteor, the Myrkur was encased in a flaming inferno as it punched through the billions of air-particles. 


It began to slow, but only slightly. Pulling up so as not to collide with any of the remaining buildings, the Corvette rocketed just above the battlefield, pulling up piles of dust, debris and air as it passed overhead. Its 8 hidden cannons now elevated from the Hull and indiscriminately fired on everything below them, littering the ground with hyper-velocity bolts to provide confusion and pressure while it figured out where to land. 


In a swift maneuver, the Myrkur tipped up and aero-braked with its underbelly, simultaneously whipping around to face the battlefield. It lowered itself just above the ground and opened its ramp, out which dropped Orex Mauda and those of the other two Superiex who had decided to follow him, closely followed by 100 Vof Vorn. 


With a thud, the Boots of Orex's armoured cloak collided with the ground moments after dropping from the hovering Corvette. They were on the outskirts of the Battle, careful not to drop anywhere too public. Orex pulled his Saber from his hip and ignited it, a Black blade bursting from its emitter surrounded by a misty red. Immediately, he and the Vof Vorn made their way into the City on foot.


Marcus Rail | Carter Pierce | Tathra Khaeus | Kartus Lok






#1932371 Matters regarding the Eternal Empire

Posted by Orex Mauda on 11 April 2019 - 05:26 AM

I mentioned settling on Zakuul. That is no longer an option. Why? The Eternal Empire is back. I don't at all doubt their rise and I am confident that their appearance now will be followed by rapid growth and development. And this is a good thing.


If you are not aware, the Eternal Empire is a heavily technocratic government. They are neither Light nor Dark. They behave only to further practical goals. During their original rise to power they persecuted religious fanaticism by exiling the Scions of Zakuul and proceeded to utilise a highly advanced A.I Fleet to tear across the Galaxy and demolish.. everybody. So much so that they forced the Republic and Sith Empire into an Alliance. 


If this doesn't sound like exactly what we are pursuing, then I don't know what does.


I intend to see that their rise is unhindered. Once they gather their strength, and us gather ours, I wish for us to enter into an Alliance. Our combined Empires, with aligned interests and military might, will be an unstoppable force to bring about a new age of enlightenment and intellect.


We need to start as soon as Possible.


(What do you think? Ravenous Demitry Draskovits)

#1930973 Bryn'adûl | Raid on Vasar

Posted by Orex Mauda on 07 April 2019 - 12:20 PM

Amidst all the chaos on the ground, a Black Corvette burst out of Hyperspace in low-orbit of the Sieged Vasar, the red Plasma Engine throttling down to allow for a moments reconnaissance. As Warfare tore across the surface, a calm air befell the Bridge in which the three Superiex of the Cassum Cabal stood. Of the three, Orex stood before them, hands clasped behind his back, moments away from giving a briefing. What had drawn the Cabal out of their shadow was the source of Vasar's current chaos. The lumbering primates known as the Bryn'adul. Their actions had been known to Orex for a while, but how they came to be was a mystery he had only uncovered recently. He turned away from the Bridge Windows to face his close associates.


"The only thing equal to Knowledge, is Science. And the creatures that are tearing the Vasar people apart are of great Scientific value. This is why we are here."


Orex waved his hand, to which a Holodisplay responded. Flashing across the Bridge Windows with models and holo-net images of Bryn-adul creatures. Abominations to anybody else, but intrigues to the Cabal.


"What are known as the Bryn'adul, Galactic Boogeymen, are in fact the results of sophisticated Genetic Manipulation. I suppose Sophisticated is up for debate but regardless, through Genetic Science, these primates ravage worlds with a vast array of complex organisms, some reminiscent of the Yuuzhan-Vong being literal Biological Weapons. We are here to take one. With a live specimen and successful research could see our future power much greater."



Demitry Draskovits

#1928899 April's Member of the Month

Posted by Orex Mauda on 01 April 2019 - 02:29 PM

Filling out SAEVUS will give me enough subs to get it next month I reckon