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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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P1H Heavy Battle Droid

Today, 09:36 AM



Intent - To provide The Emergence Empire with a Heavy Battle Droid


Image Source - Pinterest


Role - Heavy Infantry Unit


Links - The Cassum Cabal / The Emergence Empire / P1H Heavy Battle Droid




Unit Name - P1H Heavy Droid Infantry


Affiliation - The Emergence Empire


Classification - Heavy Infantry


Equipment - 12" Vibroknife, EB1 Battle Rifle, Shoulder Mounted Turbolaser


Description - The P1H is less of an upgrade, and more a designated force. Meant to occupy the Frontlines alongside the P1, the P1H uses its powerful shoulder-cannon to pull chunks out of opposing Infantry




Unit Availability - Common


Unit Size - Medium


Unit Experience - Trained


Combat Function - Heavy/Siege infantry, the P1H provides lethal shelling behind the P1 and anti-vehicular support. When taking a facility or moving on enemy fortifications, the P1H is used more as a Siege Tool, breaching heavy doors or putting holes in walls. 




Rapid Adaptation - The P1H learns fast, very fast. A battalion in one battle will be noticeabley different in the next, carefully analyzing what mistakes its fellow droids had made and quickly recognising how to counter such actions.


CIS What? - The P1H and subsequent models are nothing like the droids of old. Having mastered the production of advanced warfare technologies, The Emergence Empire's factories produce Strong, Sturdy Droids that are leagues above those that fought on Geonosis and Naboo


Bazooka Billy - A lethal Shoulder-cannon is mounted on the P1H. This cannon tears through Infantry and delivers adequate damage against Vehicles to provide effective Infantry Support.




Galaxy Note 7 - The Brain in the head of every P1 is a super-advanced piece of kit. Except for when it randomly destroys itself. Although not a common occurrence, the spontaneous melting of the brain is an issue.


EMP/ION - The Brain itself is resistant to such devices. But there is a loophole. The Brain destroys itself if the Host Body is shutdown, which itself happens to not be EMP/ION Hardened. Disable the Body and the Brain dies.




It's been 4 years since production on the Proeliator Battle Brain and its host body began. Over the course of those years, factories had been set up in numerous places across the Galaxy, notably Coruscant and Quarzite. Mines and Caverns disguising as simple workplaces had black-sites in which they stored the growing numbers of Dormant Droids. And now, they've been activated.


The Emergence Empire, the Prime Project that all of Orex's other endeavours fed into has finally been realised, and the vast storage facilities he set up are slowly being emptied of their contents. An Army of sophisticated Droids prepared to lay waste to those that threaten the new age of Science, Knowledge, and the extermination of all things that hold these values back. 

Getting There!

21 April 2019 - 12:47 PM

Hi Hi. So our Capital Planet has been under the works for a good few days now because ohh my god does that take a while. A lot longer than I was expecting. But it's pretty much done.


So with Skism's Approval comes the brunt of our operations. Myself and @Valiance are working up The Emergence's Secret Police type Agency. The ISB of our Empire. 


Along with that, Fleet Design will be next. I'll work out why I've got a "Forum Limit" on this Faction. Once I've deduced whatever it is I'm doing wrong, I'll slap a Factory Submission forum in and you lot can throw your ideas in the mix cause ngl subbing on my own is a painfully slow process. 


SO basically, Skism brings with it everything else. I'll be able to resume posting in Threads, we'll all start getting much more involved in the Galactic Stage. We'll grow and then bish bash bosh, ideal situation we go Major and become one of the key players in the Galaxy!


Just need Skism.. ._,

Exapo Shipyard

21 April 2019 - 10:32 AM




Intent: To sub the Exapo Shipyards in Orbit of Skism


Image Source: Pinterest


Canon: No


Primary Source: None




Shipyard name: Epifan Shipyards


Classification: Orbital Shipyard


Location: Skism


Affiliation: The Emergence Empire / The Cassum Cabal


Population: Automated


Accessibility: Accessible only to Navy Personnel and Cabal Members



  • Exapo consists of a Core surrounded by Three Superiex-Size Docks. The Core contains the Antimatter Reactor that powers the Shipyard along with three Construction sites for Corvette Chassis'. For any construction above the size of Corvette, the three Primary Docks are employed. 







  • Corvette up to Superiex size



  • Light to Heavy


  • Light up to Battle-Cruiser


  • Light toHeavy


  • Light to Heavy

Star Destroyer:

  • Sars-Class up to Superiex Class


Specialty: Superiex Class Star Destroyer


Output: High 


Market: Military


Points of Interest



  • The most important part of Exapo. The Core contains the Antimatter Reactor that powers the shipyard along with three construction sites for Corvette or smaller chassis

Docks 1,2 and 3:

  • Where all Major Construction takes place. These docks are large enough to produce tens of Corvettes at a time, or a Single Superiex-Class Star Destroyer Each





  • Permanent P1 Battle Droid Presence
  • Armed Worker Droids
  • Turbolaser Batteries
  • Fighter Squadrons in area







Construction on Exapo began almost immediately after the Emergence arrived on Skism and took over the Government. Soon after completion, designs kept un-used for years finally saw reality. Now, Exapo produces the majority of The Emergence Fleets.

Epifan Shipyard

21 April 2019 - 08:12 AM




Intent: To sub the Epifan Shipyards on the surface of Skism


Image Source: Pinterest


Canon: No


Primary Source: None




Shipyard name: Epifan Shipyards


Classification: Planetary Shipyard


Location: Skism / E. City


Affiliation: The Emergence Empire / The Cassum Cabal


Population: Heavily Staffed 


Accessibility: Public Access Restricted 



  • Epifan exists mostly underground. On the surface it is a collection of Holes. These structured pits contain smaller starships such as Fighter/Bomber craft and Civilian Ships. Epifan works in Levels and so those placed in these pits are normally undergoing the final touches. Once complete, these pits launch the finished craft into the air where it then travels to where it needs to go. 




  • Civilian Craft (Small to Medium)
  • Military Craft - Fighters, Bombers, Interceptors, Transports. (Small Scale)
  • Engines
  • Components 


Specialty: Mauda-Templar Drive Type Plasma Engines


Output: High 


Market: Military


Points of Interest


Level 1: The lowest level of Epifan. Here is where raw material is refined and the essentials of Spacecraft are constructed. This level is normally responsible for Plasma Engine Plumbing and Chassis Construction. This level contains the most Pollutants and is commonly regarded as the most unpleasant work station.


Level 2: Chassis and the core works of Engines are moved up to this level for Superstructure Design. Here, Engines are clad in plating and Chassis are given more Body-work, namely Armour and Hull Construction. 


Level 3: The majority favourite level. Here is where Stress Testing occurs and Engine Nozzles are constructed. The Frasium underside of Military Spacecraft is blasted with High-Energy Stress, Armour is pelted with Bolts, Slugthrowers and, as pertaining to Worker Entertainment, anything anybody can pick up. What passes the rigorous testing is then copied, redesigned to Full Integrity and added to the Hull. 


Level 4: Construction of Components occurs here. Empty Hulls and near-complete Engines are passed up and placed in waiting while Micro-Cameras, Weapons, Wiring and Retractable Cockpit Shields are built, tested and added to the overall structure. Engines are fitted with Electromagnetic Accelerators and the Magnets necessary to keep the Gamma-Ray Plasma Flow from interacting with the Engine Throat through which it passes. 


Engine Testing: Commonly known as "4.5" to the Workers, located closer to the surface, Engine Testing is, as the name implies, dedicated to the testing of newly-constructed Engines. This level is of particular Security Interest as it contains numerous Antimatter Reactors that are designed specifically to feed Engines placed on Test Stands. Sabotaging this level may result in catastrophic release of Energy. 


Level 5: Or the Surface-Level (though still deep underground). Here, complete Spacecraft are placed onto their Skyward Rails (See Image). While here, final touches such as Decals, Interior Design and Operations Testing (Flaps, Electronics, Power up, Power Down etc) occur. Once complete, the 'Railed' Spacecraft is given a once over, then thrown skyward where it subsequently ignites its engines and leaves the Atmosphere to join the Fleet, or station itself at the Exapo Shipyard if awaiting Fleet Orders. 





  • Idenity Cards are used to permit access into any of the 5 Levels, also On-Site
  • Engine Testing, or Level 4.5, requires specialist Identity Cards. This level also has a much higher security presence of Security-Type P1 Battle Droids due to the High-Risk energy densities present
  • Constant Security-Type P1 Droid Presence at every level



The S'kiss species have always been very Isolationist. As such, their Off-World endeavours were very limited. Epifan was the only Skist Shipyard in operation and was much smaller than it is now. Investment in the Space Industry was very limited and so Epifan produced only small-space, Hyper-Incapable Craft for limited exploration of the Solar System. 


Post-Emergence, Epifan has become a major Planetary Shipyard, expanded significantly with a large amount of the Planetary Budget being dedicated to the construction of advanced Military and Civilian Ships. 



Emergence City / E. City

20 April 2019 - 03:59 PM




Intent: To sub the Capital City of the Skism Ecumenopolis


Image Source: Pinterest


Canon: No


Primary Source: None




City Name:  Emergence City / Colloquially - E. City


Classification: Capital City


Location: Skism


Affiliation: The Emergence Empire / The Cassum Cabal


Population: Heavy


Demographics: S'kiss 


Wealth: Wealthy

  • Strong internal economy due to Isolationist Government (Pre-Emergence)


Stability: Medium

  • Formerly High. Religious Persecution has generally reduced public opinion of new Government


Freedom and Oppression: Heavy Religious Persecution



  • A colourful city layered in Snow, E. City is the bustling capital of the Skism Ecumenopolis. Neon, Adverts, Technology and floating cities populate the eyesight of any pedestrian.


Points of Interest:




E. City began as one of the first settlements of the S'kiss people during their Hunter-Gatherer era. As the S'kiss evolved, so did this settlement. Thousands of years passed and the settlement of a few huts grew to Farms, Homes, Castles. Standing for hundreds of thousands of years more, E. City would eventually find itself looking much more like a Metropolis. As one of the oldest species in the Galaxy, the S'kiss eventually turned their home planet into an Ecumenopolis. While this consumed what would today come to be known as E. City, it remained the most valued, populated and important sector of the new Ecumenopolis. Earning it the de-facto position as Capital.