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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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Wanna be an Emperor?

21 June 2019 - 04:40 PM

Hopefully the title filtered the interest of any of you already more occupied. So if you're here with genuine interest and the time to act on it, have a read.


The Cassum Cabal is a group of Four individuals. Powerful Force Users with a bold vision for the future of the Galaxy. It's an equal circle that in its spare time, dedicates itself to the growth of each member, in power, strength and knowledge. Its primary job however, is to govern everything below it. Namely The Emergence Empire and The Avilok. 


Unfortunately, my previous members, except one, fell out of activity. So that leaves two free spaces. If you fancy it, you'll start out as an Inferiex. Orex your mentor, guiding you into a life of Power, Nihilism and disdain for both Jedi and Sith. Training complete and after your final test, you're a Superiex. An Emperor alongside the other three. In control of a growing Empire and a vast array of beings. 


It's late and my description is poor. If you have an interest, hit me up on Discord or here and I'll explain with better coherency in the morning :)

Avilok | AS-1 Lightsaber

17 June 2019 - 06:39 AM




Intent - A standard Lightsaber produced for Avilok Combatants and recognised Students


Image Source - SaberForge (Personal Design)




Manufacturer - EEC (Avilok Branch)


Affiliation - The Avilok


Model - AS-CHO-1


Modularity - Crystal(s)


Production - Semi-unique


Materials - SongsteelSkist Kyber, Cortosis Hilt Overlay




Classification - Lightsaber


Size - Slightly Above Average


Weight - Very Light


Special Features


Songsteel - The hilt is made of Songsteel, making it extremely light and resistant to lightsaber strikes


Skist Kyber - The Kyber crystal originates from the caverns around The Rupture. It is characterised by its distinctive Black core and passive Draining effect.




Lightweight - The use of Songsteel makes the lightsaber very light and maneuverable.


Cortosis Overlay - The hilt is overlayed with a layer of Cortosis. Contact with most lightsaber blades will result in deactivation of the touching blade.


Skist Kyber - Powered by a Skist Kyber crystal, the lightsaber has a passive Draining effect 


Underwater - Every AS-1 features Bifurcating Cyclical Pulse ignition




Cortosis - Clashing with Cortosis will short and deactivate the blade


Stronk Materials - Materials such as Phrik, Beskar, Songsteel and the like will stop an AS-1 blade.




Manufactured in the Grand Academy's left wing, the AS-1 is the standard sabre issued to Avilok Students upon admittance to the Avilok. Lightweight and Lightsaber Resistant in the hilt, the AS-1 is slightly longer than the average lightsaber. Its length accommodates more aggressive, less elegant forms, though not too long as to heavily restrict the use of something more agile. The Sabre is designed to function underwater but does not excel against lightsaber resistant materials and is liable to short out upon contact with Cortosis.


The Sabre is first given to students empty. Full admittance into the Avilok's lower ranks is denoted by a student's ability to survive attaining a crystal for their sabre. The caverns in which Skist Kyber grows are dense with a passive Force Draining due to the nature of Skist Kyber. Once powered, AS-1's emit a Black Core with a corona that is influenced by the user. The Corona is not limited in what colour it can convey. The Lightsaber itself, when a crystal has been installed, exudes a passive Draining that student's must familiarise themselves with, lest they are at a detriment in life and combat. 


17 June 2019 - 04:14 AM

Which Planet?



Scatter Cloak

13 June 2019 - 03:51 PM




Intent: Provide Emergence Recon Droids with a lightly armoured, camo cloak


Image Source: Pinterest


Canon Link: None


Primary Source: None




Manufacturer: EEC


Affiliation: The Emergence Empire 


Model: LA-SC


Modularity: Digitally altered camo display


Production: Minor






Classification: Sensor Scattering Light Armour


Weight: Light




- Blasters: Average

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Very Low

- Other: 


EMP/ION - Average



  • Heat - Average
  • Cold - High


Sonic - Average




Micro-displays - The visible camo of the cloak is not a factory feature. It is altered digitally at the whim of the Droid owner.




Ferrosphere Paint - Ontop of the rudimentary camouflage through the use of digital camo, the cloak is infused with Sensor-scattering Ferrosphere paint, allowing it to avoid detection by simple scanners




Armourweave - The cloak is not intended to provide meaningful protection. Its armourweave structure offers simple protection from inferior weaponry




The Scatter Cloak is a key aspect of the EDA's Recon branch. Infused with Ferrosphere and woven with a digital fabric, the armourweave Scatter Cloak can change its camo display in response to a change in environment as well as at the whim of its droid owner. All while scattering most simple scanners, keeping Recon Droids off of enemy radar, and out of sight. 

Double Post

13 June 2019 - 03:51 PM