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Lucius Vinticus

Lucius Vinticus

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In Topic: Hello, absolute newbie needs help!

07 January 2019 - 12:06 AM

Lin Pal'Ud


Hello and welcome, being a non force user will not in any way affect your ability to participate in pretty much any activity besides using the force. Personally that's pretty much all I write and there are plenty of others with Non-FUs as their primary character, the site is pretty accommodating to whatever type of story you'd like to create/join in on.:D

In Topic: Paid in Full [First Order/Atrisian Commonwealth]

06 January 2019 - 10:41 PM

Location: Gunship Hangar Bay 




Klaxons awoke Lucius from a dreamless slumber in one of the many barracks aboard the gigantic five kilometer long space monster that he and thousands of his fellows found themselves aboard. It'd been a mostly standard run from what most of the old timers had said, some patrolling, some contact, but nothing terribly serious. No one in Lucius's platoon had been slagged at least. The trooper went about putting on his armor as the rest of his squad did the same, they'd only just gotten back from a twenty nine kilometer ruck in full gear around the ship's interior a few hours prior. Not that anyone showed it. A few of the younger men had barely concealed annoyance but knew better than to complain, nobody would care to listen and such things could bring into question a troopers dedication. They weren't guaranteed a regular sleep schedule when they'd enlisted. 


Lucius jogged with his platoon towards his company's staging point in the hangar bay, forming up and taking his position near the gunships that would serve as boarding craft in the event of ship to ship combat. No one had told anyone anything yet and the forty three stormtroopers stood silently, awaiting further instructions and wondering privately what awaited them. The CO appeared at the front of their formation and informed them that they were on standby for potential boarding by the Supreme Commander himself. Lucius shifted uncomfortably at the mention. He had an innate distrust of any manipulator of matter of most stripes. The advantages such a being had over someone such as himself and his fellows could be immense, if even half of the stories whispered around the barracks were true. 

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

06 January 2019 - 09:33 PM

Saw it for eight bucks on Psn and figured "why not". Pretty decent so far, awesome visuals, feels Star Warsy. Not a fan of EA particularly but I'd rather vote with my dollar for more Battlefronts as opposed to some of their other titles. 



In Topic: The Beauty of Incomplete Things | The First Order

06 January 2019 - 05:08 PM

Iris- Upper Deck, Starboard side

Equipment- Standard issue Blaster Rifle and Sidearm, Infantry Ruck, Vibroknife



Lucius stood among the veritable throng of First Order personnel waiting to board speeder transports with a relativity apathetic disposition. Lines still tended to cause the trooper to become a touch spacey, disappearing a portion of his attention to the part of his brain that regulated daydreams and wandering thought. He figured it had something to do with a social anxiety issue of some sort bred into him through years of only interacting with a handful of individuals at any one time. Lucius ignored the thought and stowed it deep within the recesses of his mind, such weakness wasn't befitting of a trooper and he wouldn't allow it to creep up for more than a few moments before flinging it down a pit. 


The sun glared down like the eye of an angry god, reflecting brilliantly off both the dunes and the deep blue of the river the Iris had settled near. Apathy was washed away in a single moment as awe took hold. Spending most of his life in a self contained bunker had left him with a deep appreciation of any nature he got to see without an environmental suit constricting his movements. Lucius smiled behind the monolithic Stormtrooper visor and felt a deep wave of contentment working it's way to the surface, the eternal shifting but largely constant topography of celestial bodies gave him a strange feeling of peace. The river would shift and the dunes would rise and fall with the slow progress of the ages but the essence of the world would be maintained at least centuries after his own corpse had returned to the ecosystem of one world or another. 


His musing were interrupted when the tell-tale click clank of a falling trooper snatched his mind and eyes to roughly half a meter in front of his position in the line. A man with a cane (Luther Ando) sauntered smugly best he could onto the speeder the before mentioned line was for. Lucius let out a chuckle as his comrade picked himself up and took his position in the speeder before placing himself near the thus far unidentified cane man. He tapped the Private in the driver's seat and then tapped underneath his own helmet's visor when the private turned about in his seat. The private nearly grumbled but stowed it, apparently taking minor offense at the teasing, a universal sorta "Pay attention to what your doing before you embarrass your fellows dumbass" gesture. Lucius snorted and settled in for the ride feeling a bit of amusement for picking at his thin skinned brother in arms. 


A woman larger than any he'd yet encountered (Zarha DT-313) berated the driver for the second time in minutes before placing herself in the speeder, noticeably causing it to lean to one side. Lucius laughed and tapped his left hands index and middle fingers onto the right side of his chest, a symbol that some who'd spent large amounts of time in EVA near certain systems would recognize, a thanks of sorts for the continuing harassment of their sensitive chauffeur.