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Lucius Vinticus

Lucius Vinticus

Member Since 06 Jan 2019
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Home on the Range

10 January 2019 - 11:05 PM

From one of the portside hangar viewport of the Supremacy Class Star Destroyer Judicator the red ball that was Rilfor looked almost as angry as if the trooper was planetside. On approach it was clear that the atmosphere was trashed, swirls of maroon black that gave the rock the appearance of a large marble floating in the starry void. The surface delivered on the promise advertised by the sky, volcanoes dotted the landscape, occasionally erupting and forcing natives to shift across the planet like the ash floating around the stratosphere. Lucius took a breath as he viewed his homeworld from behind his helmet's permanent scowl for the first time since his family had left for Dosuun a few years prior. Probably the only human alive that could claim that unremarkable distinction, raised in a specialized bunker commissioned for his egghead parents by their benevolent benefactors. Now he was headed back to the surface with a contingent of his fellows on the most noble of armed marauding spacefaring pursuits, pirate hunting. 


Klaxons pulled him back to the task at hand, washing any thoughts of his family and pulling him fully into the present as his platoon rushed onto the waiting assault craft. The Star Destroyer had pretty much assured that this would be a trooper job when they'd only damaged the corvette class vessel that they claimed was responsible for the sacking and premature scuttling of several civilian craft unlucky enough to stop off in sector alone. Riflor was remote but it was still FO Space, and the Naval Brass diverted Judicator from SSD Battlegroup Epsilon shortly after confirming the initial report with a pair of long range scout craft, who observed the corvette skulking around Riflor's moons and occasionally trying to chase smaller vessels.


A pop hiss reverberated throughout the gunship's cold interior as the metallic ramp that served as a gangway between them and everything else closed. Lucius adjusted his hand on his G-11 as the clamps holding the gunship to the deck gave way and the pilot announced their new state of motion over the coms before launching them into the void. 

FN-4229 Reporting in

06 January 2019 - 06:22 AM

Hello all, getting back on the board and in the faction for the first time in forever. Got a shiny new stormtrooper locked, loaded, and ready to go. If anyone has any sort of threads conducive to a trooper feel free to give me a shout :D  

Lucius Vinticus-FN-4229

06 January 2019 - 06:08 AM

NAME: Lucius Vinticus- FN-4229
FACTION: First Order 


RANK: Private First Class- Stormtrooper Corps- Light Infantry 



Homeworld: Rilfor


AGE: 19


SEX: Male






EYES: Gray


HAIR: Brown


SKIN: White




Parents- Dr. Marcus Vinticus and Dr. Mariana Vinticus 


Kit- Armor= http://starwarsrp.ne...mour/?p=1520146

Rifle- http://starwarsrp.ne...e/#entry1680385


Grenades-x2 thermal detonator 

Pistol- Heavy Blaster

Melee- 8 inch vibroknife located above his handgun and on the right rear of Lucius's utility belt 








STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : 
Competent- For a boot he's sharp enough on his soldiering skills to probably not eat a bolt the moment he steps on a battlefield.

Perceptive- Pays close attention to his surroundings and reacts accordingly. Raised on a world hostile to human settlement efforts left a very low margin of error acceptable for even menial tasks. 


Brash- Has a tendency to hold his ground and speak his mind in situations where he should retreat or hold his tongue. IE- Picking a fight with a group in spite of being outnumbered 4 to 1, IE- Politely pointing out a junior officer's incompetence in a manner resulting in a near NJP. 

Tactless, withdrawn, suspicious of strangers- Being raised in such a rigid environment left little room for the social norms instilled in many during their childhoods and adolescence. Lucius will gratingly point out others flaws (particularly non troopers) and holds little regard for the opinions of others as long as he feels justified. Generally suspicious of folks motives until he's gotten to know them (More so to non troopers) 


APPEARANCE: Regulation hair cut, regulation height, regulation weight, regulation armor 

Born to a pair of First Order Scientists stationed on Riflor under government grant and protection, Lucius was raised and instilled with values indicative of someone who's entire existence was reliant on the patronage of his Imperial benefactors. They provided everything from the generous salary his parents received, to the advanced recycling systems and walls that allowed them to survive Riflor's harsh climate better than even the native Advozse. Both his parents and their superiors agreed that it would be better for the child's wellbeing and in the interest of state security to keep him under the facilities watchful eyes.Throughout his childhood Lucius saw the First Order as a civilizing force in a largely chaotic and unlawful galaxy that sought to disrupt the long term goals of the Empire and it's successors, valiantly struggled and bled for by like minded individuals for centuries past. Both of his parents promoted the worldview and any visitor to his parent's lab always wore a uniform of the FO variety. His parents attempted to teach Lucius more than the textbook standard chemistry but found their efforts mostly in vain, the child had a natural affinity for literature and historical learning; never expressing more than token interest in much else. For years he learned of the outside from holobooks and FO news vids, waiting for the day he could venture away from their precariously planted laboratory and out into the galaxy at large to help bring civilization to the reaches of FO space. 


Lucius's adolescence saw a spike in both the youth's responsibilities and a growing drive to join the Stormtrooper Corp despite his parents protests. The crackle of his father's stern voice became more frequently heard on his Environmental Suit's coms as he replaced melted bolts on filter vents and repaired exposed wiring from the more severe rock storms present on the volcanic world. Young Lucius ceaselessly, though respectfully maintained the plan that had been formulating in his mind for years. He wanted to enlist, he wanted to fight, and he wanted to kill. The most historical precedence he could find for those goals lay in the Corp. Shocktroopers that had helped conquered a thousand worlds in the name of their Legions. As he drew nearer to enlistment age his free time became consumed with physical training and whatever Stormtrooper related holo material he could get hold of. Though they had severe reservations about Lucius's decision making abilities they eventually accepted it, begrudgingly acknowledging their son's decision as correct after observing the zeal he displayed in working towards his ambitions. 


Lucius enlisted the same day his parents rotated back to Dosuun at the end of their twenty year rotation, shipping out within the month, his physical condition acceptable and his personal history readily available to the Stormtrooper corp via the FO governmental apparatus. He shipped out among a group larger than the totality of the number of people he'd personally met in his eighteen years. His head was still spinning from the sheer population of the Capitol when he was first screamed at and kicked in the solar plexus for allowing his eyes to wander during processing to an area not directly to his front. The following months were filled with similar harassment and discipline as the FO conditioned him into someone willing and able to execute the FO's will in conventional ground warfare through grueling PT ands live fire exercises. The periodic thinning of the herd initially shocked Lucius but his DIs' words eventually dug their way deep as any other trooper. "If they couldn't make it here they'd get you killed out there." At the end of it all he graduated a rank higher than he'd arrived for marksmanship and pt scores before shipping off to his first posting and encountering horrors that would haunt his mind more than he'd anticipated.