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Member Since 07 Jan 2019
Offline Last Active Mar 16 2019 01:13 PM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
The Je'daii Order

  The Je'daii Order     There is no ignorance, there is knowledge There is no fear, there is power I am the heart of the Force I am the revealing fire of light I am the mystery of...

  • Members: 65
  • Created: 24-January 16
The Jedi Praxeum

The Jedi Praxeum is a small, but growing collection of Jedi who have grown dissatisfied with how the code has been all too frequently misinterpreted and abused for personal and political agendas.J...

  • Members: 105
  • Created: 14-May 18
The Starbirds

Nations die and another rises, as the light eclipses and dusk sets over the galaxy, others push to fill the void left behind. Even in the night starlight exists, innumerable. The Starbirds are one...

  • Members: 6
  • Created: 11-October 18