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In Topic: The Sounds of Anvil

Today, 05:35 PM

Fate must truly have led him here, as the women at the building which he had readed by now greeted him like a guest they had expected. The ways of the force were unfathomable and brilliant at the same time. As the Shistavanen stepped closer he bowed in respect and greeting. Aside from the women's appearance he also picked up their scents which told a story of their own, of strong bodies and wills, no fear or doubt noticeable.


Curiosity showed in the yellow wolf eyes, as they took in not only the appearances of the people present but also the architecture of the building, he followed the tall Valkyri inside. At the sight and smell of the food his stomach reminded him with a wolfish growl of the hours spent without eating. Inspite of his hunger he waited according to wolfish etiquette for others higher in the hierarchy to take from the food first, while taking in the odour of the hearty meal.


"Thank you for your warm welcome and the food", the wolfman yelped trying to cover his embarassment, but still appearing a bit sheepish. "My name is Ronak and I am here as a searcher, but I do not know what the Vur Tepe temple or the Je'daii Order is. I just ended up on this planet by chance. So, could you please explain a bit about this place to me?" Honest curiosity was clear from his voice and appearance.



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In Topic: Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

Today, 05:13 PM

With 4 enemies searching for him and no idea, if and when help from any of his allies would arrive, Ronak decided to get deeper into the forest. His eyes scanned the environment for any hiding spot and he got lucky finding a burrow possibly housing some local wildlife. The scent told of the dwellers presence hiding in it - the same kind of beasts as the one he had killed out of mercy earlier this day. Reaching out to them with the force he appeased the local beasts enough that they would neither attack him nor squeal loudly when he would hide in their den. "Keep silent, my friends and let me hide here", he growled in a low voice.


Fur pressed against fur, a snout against his muzzle, as he heard his persuers search the area. One briefly stopped close to the den, but was quickly discouraged by an angry grunt from one of the beasts. "Help me attack them!", he pleaded with the beasts, again reaching out to them with the force. The did not require much urging, as this went along with their instincts to defend their home.


The first of the soldiers was too surprised by the 6 beasts scurrying from the burrow to be able to defend himself against being taken off his feet and trampled. His comrades were starting to panic, as they could not find the source of their new attacks. This was Ronak's chance to taking them out one on one while the beasts took care of the distraction and even trampling a second mercenaries. Respecting Lady Kay 's wish he tried to knock them unconscious and bind them instead of killing them outright.


"Who do you work for? How many credits are they giving you for this? My team has the upper hand. Your chances of getting out with all of the Tin-Tin are very small." Ronak could hear the voice on the comm, but it took him a moment to realize the actual meaning of what he had just heard. Who was with Lady Kay now and betraying them all?


Ronak had kept and eye at Orex Mauda and Darth Harbinger in order to support them in their fight against Darth Zurvan and keep their back free when they had engaged their dark force opponent. Harli Hayes had knew well enough to not consider her a traitor for even a moment. Lao Tzu had been sneaking around and not seemed to be part of the coordinated assault. Lev Orlova was a skilled mercenary and could be the one to change sides, aside from that he was who knew where currently giving them inputs which could be right or wrong. Both could be the one. And then there was the droid @HK-51. The metal creature with no scent or signature in the force to give away its emotion - he was wary of them in general. This one was no exception.


From his perspective deep in the forest he could not see the village or who was fighting their against whom. However, the exit from the tunnels were hidden out here, one of them he knew and had used earlier and intended to use now. While Lady Kay might know where the Tin Tinna were hiding and could thus distract her capturer and lead him in circles and wrong ways, he had a good method of detecting creatures in cave networks without sight or an overview being able to help - a sensitive nose.


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In Topic: The Sounds of Anvil

19 February 2019 - 05:42 PM

The predator hunting his prey is neither good nor evil, nor is the prey being hunted termed by any such terms. Both exist in a cycle of life and death balanced - for without the prey the hunter would die, without the hunter the prey would reproduce too fast killing themselves by overusing their own nourishing nevironment. The real hunter took no more than he needed, never bereft the prey's herd of their strongest but rather their weakest members strengthening them through his actions. Neither did he selfishly gourge himself in blood or lust for the suffering and joy of killing as the Sith did, no did he believe that not culling the weakest among his prey improved the herd's strength as a whole more than taking them out to improve the other's living condition, as the Jedi did. Nature had a balance and so had the force - that was what Ronak believed. Without light, no shadows could be cast, without darkness light lost its meaning as a contrast. What he had not found was a way to lead him towards such balance and stability between the extremes of light and dark in the ways of the force.


But it seemed the force had found a way of its own to guide him towards such a goal. When the smuggler's ship he worked on to earn his passage got stranded on the planet Tem he had felt an urge deep inside him driving him forward through the lava lands. Panting and suffering from the heat even more due to his fur, the Shistavanen scout searched for a way through this harsh terrain to lead him where his inner voice, the force whispering to him, called.


The harsh cry of a flying predator split the air, as he dove to attack a small critter on the ground. "My friend, could you tell me where a home of two-legged dwellers such as me can be found", he asked with a growling voice reaching out to the beast with the force. The predator fixed him with orange eyes glowing like the lava flowing in some parts of the planets he had crossed before. Offering a chunk of dried bantha meat as a bribe finally turned the beast onto his side. Gulping down the meat it screeching approvingly. "Show me the direction!", Ronak asked it gently.


With another screeching cry the beast soared into the sky and started to turn into a direction, circling after a while to give the earth-bound hunter a chance to catch up with it. Briefly, the wolfman considered running on all fours to increase his speed, but decided against it to keep an eye on his guide more easily. In such a way, he was led through the territory for several hours, before a peculiar sound reached the sensitive ears of the wolfman: metal clashing onto metal. Was there a fight going on? But duelled with pure metal weapons nowadays?


Reaching a knoll, Ronak could finally make out the source of the sounds: an actual forge! The screech of his flying guide made him turn back to him and thank him with words and another meat piece, before turning to the mysterious location. This was the place where the force had led him to meet who fate wished to introduce him to. You will never know, before you take the first step and approach your fate.


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In Topic: Uncovering the Past

19 February 2019 - 04:56 PM

Ronak could sense Valad Yar reach out with the force and probing the environment in much more skilled ways than he knew himself. Cave systems could be vast, but typically they occurred where water had access unless they had been created by volcanic or tectonic activity. Thus, staying close tot the river and its canyons seemed the most reasonable place to start a search for the wilderness expert. Refraining from probing on the force level himself to not interrupt or bias Valad Yar's search, he kept his keen senses trained on the wilderness around them, scanning the hillsides and valleys with sharp eyes, sniffing the air regularly to detect any intruder upwind from their own position.


In the distance, he could make out a city's silhouette. But this would not be the target of their search, unless he had understood something about this mission completely wrong. Immediately he pricked his ears, as he heard Valad Yar's voice split the ambient sounds around them by asking a peculiar question: "Tell me, have you heard of an object known as a Thought Bomb...?" Ronak thought about this for a moment, before growling an answer: "I'm no expert for Jedi or Sith history and my people have always lived quite withdrawn from the rest of the galaxy. But it sounds like some Sith weapon to me. Pacifistic Jedi wouldn't build something called a bomb after all", he added a bit sarcasticly. "What is it?", came the curious question as an after thought.



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In Topic: Sun and Shadow [SJO Exploration]

19 February 2019 - 10:38 AM

“It’s much more than that, my friend. It’s about discovering and learning about past cultures. The artifacts certainly help, but they’re merely a piece of the larger puzzle. And be careful of merely digging – it’s easy to damage things if you’re not cautious. Use these!", Cassius Droma explained and placed the tools into Ronak's hands. Curiously he eyed the brush and a trowel. How could you ever efficiently dig with this small thing? But he refrained from asking the question aloud and turned to follow them, intent to learn from observation rather than asking such an embarassing question. The brush made sense at least for getting rid of sand and dust.


As he kept an eye on the young one, he noted that Milla Ordo handed the counterpiece of the bracelet to Sabine Galen that she had also worn on Lothal. That it was meant for keeping track of her was news to him, but it made perfect sense for keeping the bright girl safe. Following them to the ceremony site showed that the planet was indeed vastly empty and their digging site the only place of interest is this desert landscape within several miles radius.


As Cassius Droma released his probe droid Ronak had to consciously control his dislike and refrain from snarling at the metal things. What quieted him was that the really looked more like tools than humanoids. The Shistavanen preferred to rely on his own senses rather than a machine's ones. Looking around intently he inhaled deeply to pick up any scents. Of course he could detect his party members whose scents he knew by now, then there were the machines and beyond that was something musky and decaying, a smell not unexpected where ancient burial chambers were nearby - although it smelt almost too intense for long unopened tombs.


The markings looked interesting, but he had no experience with code breaking and neither with ancient languages. Patiently, he waited until the real archeologists had finished their exchange before he voiced his concern to the two: "You said that the tombs should stay preserved. But I can smell some intense scent of decay. It could be just an animal's cadaver, although I did not note any life forms yet. But it could also be that something cracked an opening into the tomb site - most likely something natural like an earth quake. Should we check this out?"



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