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In Topic: Hunters Needed

13 March 2019 - 03:58 AM

Gypsii andTheide 

Theide and I have worked together already and I would gladly join him again as partner on a hunt!

In Topic: Above the treetops [SJO Exploration]

13 March 2019 - 03:54 AM

As Bekk Mag'ra asked him about his senses' capabilities, the wolfman found himself grinning inspite of himself baring wolfish teeth while doing so. This was a question he had never been asked before. "I'm a scout and forests are my home territory. I can track by sight or even sniff our way back blindly, if the need arises", he growled with humour playing in his voice.


Ronak's ears twitched, as he perceived the sounds of foot stepshurrying on the muddy terrain and straigthened up quite delighted to see Sabine Galen approaching them. Confirming that she still had the receiver was a great relieve for him. Now, worrying about losing Milla Ordo , as it had already happened to him once, would not be that much of a worry anymore.


Something potentially dangerous was acting out there, some of their crew members in those escape pods were missing and would have to be brought in in joint efforts. "Even if we would be more efficient when splitting up, we do not know what is out there and we have to bring back our comrades in the escape pods who might be injured and would have to be carried. It is probably better to go out there as a single group. The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack, my people say. We better not weaken that strength", the Shistavanen suggested looking from Audren Sykes to Bekk Mag'ra to Sabine Galen and finally with a reassuring smile to Milla Ordo .


Gazing towards the dense jungle which surrounded their crash site on all sides where the trees had not been smashed by the crashing craft, he took stock of his equipment. His belt pouches held basic first aid material, dried meat and multi-purpose knife, attached to the belt he had a rope, vibroknife and blaster pistol. Those should suffice for their current situation, there was no time for gathering material now, when their stranded fellows needed their aid. Not being a Jedi padawan himself, Ronak wore his leather vest, breeches and boots for protection and a shawl around the neck.


Cassius Droma

Cyrus Nova

In Topic: Above the treetops [SJO Exploration]

12 March 2019 - 11:02 AM

That Sabine Galen still had the receiver sounded fitting for the bad lcuk they had today. Following Milla Ordo after her good suggestion about having the others at the ship scan the environment first, the wolfman stood a step behind the girl when she turned to the Jedi. Being not one of their ranks, he treated them with respect, but thought that it was up to their members to speak up first.


"I'm not a minder, but it looks like she already knows this one. I think I'll go with you actually, two pairs of eyes are better than one and we don't know the local fauna situation." Ronak's ears picked up the words, but unlike many mentionings of him he had heard before, they held no derisive undertone. "I am Ronak. I worked as a scout for Master Galen and his team on a previous mission", he decieded to introduce himself to ease things up. In slight suspicion, he glanced at the droids. Even if they were useful, he just could not bring himself to put trust into metal things as much as into living creatures.


As Audren Sykes tilted his head, the wolfman pricked his ears in trying to detect any possible indication of what the man had picked up. Being neither as sensitive nor finely attuned with the force, the wolfman did not sense the soft disturbance, but his sensitive ears picked up a rustling in the trees, not too close by to be in direct visible range. Also something had changed in the environment: many birds were soaring and flying, maybe fleeing in one direction. Something was off, this much he could sense.


"The birds behave strangely, as if something disturbed the wildlife around here, many leaving this direction", Ronak pointed in the direction where the animals had come from, "and going in this one. Should we check out what disturbed them?" Turning to @Bekk Ma'gra he added: "Can your sensors pick up anything in this direction."


In Topic: Hunters Needed

11 March 2019 - 10:32 AM

I am interested, as a specialised scout, hunter and force imbued beast tamer I hope to be a support for your group. What kind of beasts would we be talking about?

In Topic: A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

10 March 2019 - 03:37 PM

It had been a while since Ronak had joined the meeting of rebels and received the device connecting him to the rebel network. Months of silence had made him think that they had no use for a youngster with little skill and less social standing, but then the Frielle Kinniak had called anyone to action who was willing to help. Willing he was, but a ship he did not possess and a secret rebel place was not a place to easily get to by hitchhiking. Luckily, the device connected him to some other rebels and one had reacted to his call for support: Eliza Steele . When the Corellian had picked him up, the wolfman had been quite surprised but also more than grateful for the help.


Now, he was sitting behind her and her Wookie co-pilot and admiring their skill in maneuvering their swift freighter. "We've arrived, kid. Should only take us a bout ten minutes to get down as we already have a clearance code to land at the rebel base. You're not the only valuable asset we two are transporting" , the smart woman told him with a smirk. What that was supposed to be Ronak had no idea, but she had been friendly enough to help him out, so he had no reason for distrust. "Tell me how I can help!", he growled in a friendly way to offer his help. The Wookie Rahl roared something the wolfman failed to understand and glanced towards Eliza Steele in a way of asking for a translation.